Papers from 2006


In exile in my mind, Stewart Hase


Overcoming barriers to knowledge management: visiting the dark side of organizations, Stewart Hase, Shankar Sankaran, and Alan T. Davies


Developing learner capability through action research: from pedagogy to heutagogy in the workplace, Stewart Hase, Boon Hou Tay, and E Goh

Developing management skill using action research: moving beyond skills and competency, Stewart Hase, Boon Hou Tay, and E Goh


The strategic value of oscillating tie strength in technology clusters, William P. Hebbert, Robyn L. Keast, and Kavoos Mohannak

Strategic planning for regional economic development – a portfolio approach for regional planners, D Howard and Jennifer L. Harrison

Postcolonialism and the politics of qualitative research in international business, Gavin Jack and Robert I. Westwood

Comedians at work: managing and organising a comedic performance, Allanah Johnston and Robert I. Westwood

A future research agenda for international joint ventures in South East Asia, Craig C. Julian

An examination of the relationship between control, partners needs, commitment and conflict in international joint ventures (IJVs), Craig C. Julian

Export marketing performance: a developing country versus developed country perspective, Craig C. Julian

Product characteristics and IJV marketing performance, Craig C. Julian

The concept of marketing orientation and its role in international joint venture (IJV) success, Craig C. Julian

The internationalization of Australian firms: the empirical link between entry mode selection and barriers to internationalization, Craig C. Julian

The empirical links between industry structure, strategy, marketing capabilities, market learning and brand performance, Craig C. Julian, Aron O'Cass, and Jay Weerawardena

Entrepreneurial aspirations: a five country study, Craig C. Julian and Siri Terjesen

International joint ventures (IJVs): does heterogeneity make a difference?, Craig C. Julian, Renee M. Wachter, and Carolyn B. Mueller


Adjusting to new ways of working: experiments with service delivery in the public sector, Robyn L. Keast and Kerry A. Brown


Mixing state, market and network governance modes: the role of government in "crowded" policy domains, Robyn L. Keast, Myrna Mandell, and Kerry A. Brown


Participatory evaluation: a missing component in the sustainable social change equation for public services, Robyn L. Keast and Jennifer Waterhouse

Strategising in dynamic markets dominated by disruptive innovation: an analysis of small ICT firms, Stephen J. Kelly, Jennifer L. Harrison, and Steven NJ French

Australian Regional Tourism Convention, Norfolk Island: overview of findings: Destination Workshops, Meredith Lawrence and Simon J. Wilde


Evaluating network arrangements: toward revised performance measures, M P. Mandell and Robyn L. Keast


Guest perceptions of hotel loyalty, David DM Mason, Carmen Tideswell, and Elizabeth Roberts

Short-skirt/long jacket: the invocation of popular culture in organisational socialisation practices, M McKechnie and Robert I. Westwood

A Kleinian analysis of organisations: implications for competitive activity, J McManus and Robert I. Westwood

Demystifying the links between the VET and higher education sectors, Peter Miller


The inspirational leader: how to motivate, encourage and achieve success, Peter Miller

Crafting a community: case study, Simon J. Pervan

Easy exchange: case study, Simon J. Pervan

Soap operas in New Zealand and the US: product placement strategy and consumption imagery, Simon J. Pervan and Brett AS Martin


The theoretical underpinnings of emotional dissonance: a framework and analysis of propositions, Brendan Phillips, Thomas Tsu-Wee Tan, and Craig C. Julian

A 'region' that learn? cluster and network measurement for policymaking in Wales: meeting the needs of stakeholders, David G. Pickernell, Patricia A. Rowe, K L. Brown, Robyn L. Keast, and Michael John Christie

Examining a model of on-line auction adoption: a cross-country study, Mohammed Quaddus and Jun Xu


Continuous quality improvement in Australian aged care facilities, Devi Ranasinghe and Peter Miller


Australian elite leaders and intuition, Martin Robson and Peter Miller

Using voice in a virtual classroom: the experience and reaction of first time student users, Stephen Rowe


Audiographics moves to the web, Stephen Rowe and Allan Ellis


The evolution of audiographics: a case study of audiographics teaching in a business faculty, Stephen Rowe, Allan Ellis, and Tran Quoc Bao


Engaging indigenous communities: towards a policy framework for indigenous community justice programmes, Neal Ryan, Brian Head, Robyn L. Keast, and Kerry A. Brown

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based event notification system architecture for telemedicine applications, Anwar Sadat, Golam Sorwar, and Morshed U. Chowdhury

What impact will the Research Quality Framework have on knowledge production and diffusion in Australia’s new generation universities?, Gita Sankaran, Stewart Hase, and Shankar Sankaran

Industrial relations in Australia: work and workplaces, Richard Sappey, John Burgess, Michael Lyons, and Jeremy Buultjens

The implications of greater community involvement on perceived satisfaction levels of local government service provision, Don R. Scott

The interaction between attachment and involvement in assessing community satisfaction for a non-profit service provider, Don R. Scott and Peter Vitartas

Fast and adaptive block-based motion estimation for video coding, Golam Sorwar and Manzur Murshed


The influence of goal orientations, individual traits and anxiety on the self-efficacy of new web conferencing software, Peter Vitartas

The relationship between community involvement, attachment and trust and perceived satisfaction levels of local government service delivery, Peter Vitartas and Don Scott

Elements of timestyle based on consumers' perceptions, Peter Vitartas and Don R. Scott


Administrative and academic female, middle managers in higher education in Australia: opportunities for development, Michelle Wallace

Report of the working party on delivery models of special education, Michelle Wallace


The paradox and the price: female academic managers in a changing tertiary education context, Michelle Wallace


Does industry matter? examining the role of industry structure and organizational learning in innovation and brand performance, Jay Weerawardena, Aron O'Cass, and Craig C. Julian

International business and management studies as an orientalist discourse: a postcolonial critique, Robert I. Westwood

Shiny, happy people or eros rampant: re-configuring motivation theory?, Robert I. Westwood, D Boje, J Brewis, S Linstead, and A O'Shea

Predictors of performance: psychological testing and susequent performance of NSW police service recruits, Robert I. Westwood, R Wood, J Crawford, and R Rawlings

The economic value of community facilities projects to the Coffs Coast Regional economy: a regional input-output analysis: report to Economic Development Unit, Coffs Harbour City Council, Simon J. Wilde and Stephen Mason

Breaching Merton's Code: public research scientists coping with commercialisation, R Wong and Robert I. Westwood

Papers from 2005

Malaysian exporters' and non-exporters' perceptions of the various barriers to export, Zafar U. Ahmed, Craig C. Julian, and Abdul J. Mahajar


Desktop video-assisted music teaching and learning: new opportunities for design and delivery, Allan J. Anderson and Allan Ellis

Analysis of transport needs at Coffs Harbour Education Campus, Bruce Armstrong

Managing your business through effective IT management - secure it or lose it, Bruce Armstrong and Tim Comber


Validation of a computer user satisfaction questionnaire to measure IS success in small business, Bruce Armstrong, Gerard J. Fogarty, Don Dingsdag, and Julian Dimbleby


Coffs Coast visitor survey: report to Coffs Coast Tourism Association, Bruce Armstrong, Stephen Mason, Don Fuller, Johan Richard Edelheim, and Simon J. Wilde

Evaluating implementation of the voluntary responsible gambling code of practice in Queensland, Australia, Helen Breen, Jeremy Buultjens, and Nerilee Hing

Facilitators and impediments arising from the introduction of a voluntary responsible gambling code of practice in Queensland, Australia, Helen Breen, Jeremy Buultjens, and Nerilee Hing


Social services policy and delivery in Australia: centre–periphery mixes, Kerry A. Brown and Robyn L. Keast


Academics’ responses to the implementation of a quality agenda, Yvonne Brunetto


Implementing business policies within the Australian context: the role of economic development officers within local government, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton

The impact of gender on opportunity recognition of entrepreneurs: the implications for the productivity of non-social networks, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton


The impact of NPM on the job satisfaction of Australian public sector employees, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton


The role of management post NPM in the implementation of new policies affecting police officers’ practices, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton

Education and Indigenous tourism: an exploration of a Southern Cross initiative, Jeremy Buultjens and William E. Boyd


Tourism and its implications for management in Ruhuna National Park (Yala), Sri Lanka, Jeremy Buultjens, I Ratnayake, A Gnanapala, and M Aslam

Public sector initiatives for Aboriginal small business development in tourism, Jeremy Buultjens, Iain Waller, Sasha Graham, and Dean B. Carson

The mature aged in transition: innovative practice for re-engagement, Roslyn Cameron

Trajectories, transitions and transformations, Roslyn Cameron

A minimum dataset (MDS) specification for monitoring engagement of Indigenous enterprises in tourism, Dean B. Carson, Sarah Beattie, and Jeremy Buultjens

Identifying successful e-branding strategies in Thailand, Sunti Chirawatthanangkoon and Stephen J. Kelly

Community entrepreneurship in action, Michael John Christie

New directions in social entrepreneurship, Michael John Christie and Benson Honig


Social entrepreneurship: new research findings, Michael John Christie and Benson Honig

Sharing the vision: aligning micro-finance agencies with new technology based SMEs, Michael John Christie and Patricia A. Rowe

Community entrepreneurship issues in the implementation of networks for public policy, Michael John Christie, Patricia A. Rowe, and David G. Pickernell


Testing relationships among variables measuring credit management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Margaret Frances Drever and Bruce Armstrong

Promoting communities of practice in transnational higher education, Lee Dunn and Michelle Wallace


A profile of problem gambling clients in Northern NSW, Barry Evans, Yvonne Corrigan, Jeremy Buultjens, John Haw, Nerilee Hing, and Helen Breen

Rejuvenating a maturing tourist destination: the case of the Gold Coast, Australia, Bill Faulkner and Carmen Tideswell


The abundance of simple business models on the World Wide Web, Michael Featherstone and Allan Ellis

Crafting strategy in dynamic markets: the case of small software businesses, Steven NJ French, Stephen J. Kelly, and Jennifer L. Harrison


Destination choice - visitor behaviours in a coastal tourism destination on Australia’s east coast, Don Fuller, Bruce Armstrong, Janet Hanlan, Simon J. Wilde, Stephen Mason, and Johan Richard Edelheim


Ecotourism and Indigenous micro-enterprise formation in northern Australia opportunities and constraints, Don Fuller, Jeremy Buultjens, and Eileen Cummings


Destination decision making and consumer demands: identifying critical factors, Don Fuller, Janet Hanlan, and Simon J. Wilde


Market segmentation approaches: do they benefit destination marketers?, Don Fuller, Janet Hanlan, and Simon J. Wilde


Destination decision making and consumer demands: identifying critical factors, Janet Hanlan, Don Fuller, and Simon J. Wilde


The travel destination decision process and the relevance of segmentation studies to the marketing of regional tourism destinations in an Australian context, Janet Hanlan, Don Fuller, and Simon J. Wilde


Image formation information sources and an iconic Australian tourist destination, Janet Hanlan and Stephen J. Kelly

The impact of environmental uncertainty and dimensions of strategic orientation on the perceived importance of broad scope information, Jennifer L. Harrison

The relationship between financial management and performance in the dairy farming industry, Jennifer L. Harrison

Action research and action learning: a post post-modernist opportunity, Stewart Hase