Papers from 2010

Gender opportunity recognition and the role of internal networks, Rodney Farr-Wharton and Yvonne Brunetto

The creation and growth of information technology communication (ICT) industrial clusters: the New Zealand case, Malcolm Fraser and Stephen J. Kelly


Fund rating model based on finite normal mixture distribution, Zhangpeng Gao, Shahidur Rahman, and Shafiqur Rahman

Measuring mutual fund performance using return-based style analysis, Zhangpeng Gao, Shahidur Rahman, and Shafiqur Rahman

Empirical evidence for the unique characteristics of sport tourists, Pat Gillett and Stephen J. Kelly


Australian higher education institutions transforming the future of teaching and learning through 3D virtual worlds, Sue Gregory, Brent Gregory, Matthew Campbell, Helen Farley, Suku Sinnappan, Shannon Kennedy-Clark, David Craven, Deborah Murdoch, Mark JW Lee, Denise Wood, Jenny Grenfell, Angela Thomas, Kerrie Smith, Ian Warren, Heinz Dreher, Lindy McKeown, Allan Ellis, Matthew Hillier, Steven Pace, Andrew Cram, Lyn Hay, Scott Grant, and Carol Matthews


Nominal exchange rate neutrality: the case of Australia, Chris Harbinger and Albert Wijeweera

A content analysis of financial ratio disclosure by Australian listed ICT companies, Jennifer L. Harrison

Delving into agility: its components and impact among small ICT firms in Australia, Jennifer L. Harrison and Stephen J. Kelly


Perceived environmental uncertainty's effect on commitment in business-to-business channels, Jennifer L. Harrison and Stephen J. Kelly


Adjusted earnings: an initial investigation of EPS disclosures in annual reports, Jennifer L. Harrison and Anja Morton

Gender and careers in science and engineering, A Hebbani, A Roan, Robert I. Westwood, and C J. White

A review of policy and economic instruments for peak demand management in commuter rail, Liesel Henn, George Karpouzis, and Robert Keith Sloan

The need for process referencing via collaboration for Australian universities in delivering quality education on foreign campuses, Dennis Howard

Dialogical ethnography: quality and contribution of ethnography in organisation studies, Gavin Jack and Robert I. Westwood

Addressing governance, accountability and performance monitoring issues in partnerships: can 'Infrastructure Australia' provide a strategic response?, Judy A. Johnston and Alexander Kouzmin

Addressing governance, accountability and performance monitoring issues in partnerships: can 'Infrastructure Australia' provide a strategic response?, Judy A. Johnston and Alexander Kouzmin

Crisis opportunism: bail outs and E-SCADs in the GFC, Judy A. Johnston, Alexander Kouzmin, Kym Thorne, and Stephen J. Kelly


Crisis opportunism: bailouts and E-SCADs in the GFC, Judy A. Johnston, Alexander Kouzmin, Kym Thorne, and Stephen J. Kelly

Moral hazards, crisis, bail outs and E-SCADS, Judy A. Johnston, Alexander Kouzmin, Kym Thorne, and Stephen J. Kelly

Skilled migration forum interim report, Deborah Joyce and Roslyn Cameron

A discriminant model of the antecedents of performance in export ventures, Craig C. Julian

The key antecedents of entrepreneurial behaviour and its significance for international marketing: a study of university students in Croatia, Iceland, Turkey and the United Kingdom, Craig C. Julian


The market orientation-marketing performance relationship – the empirical link in international joint ventures, Craig C. Julian


Role of trust revisited in International Joint Venture (IJV) top managment teams, Craig C. Julian, Renee Wacheter, and Carolyn B. Miller


Calling on Jefferson: the 'custodiary' as the fourth estate in the Democratic Project, Andrew Kakabadse, Nada K. Kakabadse, Alexander Kouzmin, and Kalu N. Kalu

Auditing moral hazards for post-global financial crisis (GFC) leadership, Andrew Kakabadse, Alexander Kouzmin, and Nada K. Kakabadse


Radio-frequency ID and human tagging: newer coercions, Nada K. Kakabadse, Alexander Kouzmin, and Andrew Kakabadse

Sustainable airport infrastructure: balancing infrastructure for the airport metropolis, Robyn L. Keast, Douglas C. Baker, and Kerry A. Brown

The mobile skilled workforce: optimising benefits for rural communities, Sue Kilpatrick, Peter Vitartas, Michael Homisan, and Susan Johns


A post-carbon aviation future: airports and the transition to a cleaner aviation sector, Robbert Kivits, Michael B. Charles, and Neal Ryan

Contexts, hybrids and networks governance: a comparison of three case studies in infrastructure governance, J Koppenjan, Robyn L. Keast, M Mandell, and Kerry A. Brown


Does size matter in Australia?, Michael Kortt and Andrew Leigh

Business competencies and public management in a changing global environment, Alexander Kouzmin


Integrity in public affairs, Alexander Kouzmin


Symposium the dismal (delusional and dangerous) 'science' of economics and the 'capture' of public administration: introduction: after the neoliberal 'babble' and the 'silence': alternative voices/narratives for economics in crisis, Alexander Kouzmin

The GFC and re-regulation and reform, Alexander Kouzmin

The state in a post-crisis world: challenges to be faced, Alexander Kouzmin

Market fundamentalism: from de-regulation and privatization to financial fraud in the criminogenic, neo-liberal state, Alexander Kouzmin and John Dixon

Refocusing the problematics of “invisibility”, oligarchy, values and cyberspace in neo-liberalism, Alexander Kouzmin and Kym Thorne

Consumer acceptance of hybrid electric passenger vehicles in Australia, Martin J. Kunst, Stephen J. Kelly, and Melanie Thomas

Boards characteristics, audit committee, external auditor and earnings management, Yongqing Li, Ian Eddie, and Jinghui Liu

Boards characteristics, audit committee, external auditor and earnings management: Chinese evidence, Yongqing Li, Ian Eddie, and Jinghui Liu

Share types and earnings management: evidence from Chinese listed companies, Yongqing Li, Ian Eddie, and Jinghui Liu

Adopting synchronous audiographic web conferencing: a tale from two regional universities in Australia, Birgit Loch, Shirley Reushle, Nicola Jayne, and Stephen Rowe


Collaborative approaches to moderation of assessment in transnational education, Saadia Mahmud, Michelle Wallace, Gavin Sanderson, Parvinder Hukam-Singh, Carmela Briguglio, Thavamalar Thuraisingam, and Shelley Yeo


Regional industry diversity and its impact on regional unemployment, Stephen Mason and Dennis Howard

The role of organisational capacity in the knowledge-based transformation of Brisbane, Australia, Roisin McCartney, Tan Yigitcanlar, and Robyn L. Keast

Collaborative education in Malaysia: a case study, Peter Miller

Collaborative education in Singapore: a case study, Peter Miller

Developing research supervision capacity in Hong Kong, Peter Miller


Global discipline confusion in management and business related doctorate programmes, Peter Miller

Research supervisor professional development in Singapore, Peter Miller

Singaporean research supervisor professional development, Peter Miller

Doctoral research in management and business in Hong Kong, Peter Miller and Raymond Cheng

The SCU and HKIT collaborative education agreement, Peter Miller and Raymond Cheng

A survey of quality management systems with special reference to certain modern tools, Peter Miller and E Lau

Doctoral research in management and business in Singapore, Peter Miller and Cheng Hwa Lim

Determinants of customer satisfaction in the Malaysian banking sector, Peter Miller and V Paramsothy

Doctoral research in management and business in Malaysia, Peter Miller and Anthony Selvanathan

Professional development opportunities for Malaysian based doctoral supervisors, Peter Miller and Anthony Selvanathan

The empirical link between market orientation and performance in Indonesian export market ventures, Osman Mohamad, Craig C. Julian, Zafar U. Ahmed, and Sefnedi

Developing a performance management process for Australian professional football league players, Val Morrison and Dave Arthur


The value of sport and physical recreation to Tasmania, Paul Muller, Alexis Wadsley, David Adams, David Arthur, and Bruce Felmingham

Away from home recycling: factors affecting intention, Kate Neale and Peter Vitartas

The role of perceived behavioural control in away-from-home recycling, Kate Neale and Peter Vitartas


Social clubs and social capital: the effect of electronic gaming machines in disadvantaged regions on the creation or destruction of community resilience, David G. Pickernell, Robyn L. Keast, and Kerry A. Brown


E-loyalty: its antecedents implications and differences between developed and developing countries, Ponirin, Donald Scott, and Tania von der Heidt

Learning and teaching beyond four walls: choosing autoethnography to report the case, Stephen Rowe

Moving beyond four walls: a fully online delivery model, Stephen Rowe and Allan Ellis

Interpretations of comparability and equivalence around assessment: views of academic staff in transnational education, Gavin Sanderson, Shelley Yeo, Thavamalar Thuraisingam, Carmela Briguglio, Saadia Mahmud, Parvinder Hukam Singh, and Michelle Wallace

Pro forma earnings: examining voluntarily disclosed earnings measurements in corporate communication devices in light of informativeness versus opportunism, Elisabeth Sinnewe


Fraud risk factors and auditing standards: a call for the replication of empirical research in an Islamic environment, Tumpal Wagner Sitorus and Donald Robert Scott


Group perceptual fraud symptoms differences: a multi-group model analysis, Tumpal Wagner Sitorus, Donald Robert Scott, and Anja Morton

Adoption and penetration of synchronous audiographic web conferencing at an Australian university, Keith Sloan, Stephen Rowe, and Terry Sloan


Advanced telemedicine system using 3G cullular networks and agent technology, Golam Sorwar and M Ameer Ali

Electronic medical prescription: an overview of current status and issues, Golam Sorwar and San Murugesan


Higher education branding: importance of and differences between private and public university students’ views, Deborah F. Spake, Eileen Wall Mullen, Matthew Joseph, and Simon J. Wilde

Australian Generation Y: building their identity through home ownership, Melanie J. Thomas and Stephen J. Kelly

Discourses for a new la convivencia in post 9/11 hegemonies, Kym Thorne and Alexander Kouzmin


The USA Patriot Acts (et al.): convergent legislation and oligarchic isomorphism in the 'politics of fear' and state crime(s) against democracy (SCADs), Kym Thorne and Alexander Kouzmin

Building industry - academic research collaborations, Peter Vitartas

Capital works procurement practices of Local Governments of Northern NSW, Peter Vitartas

Remote retail shopping behaviour: the role of travel time and perceived time pressure, Peter Vitartas


Shopping time - studies from Australia, Peter Vitartas


Factors influencing local government capital works procurement: developing a research agenda, Peter Vitartas, M Flynn, Kerry Brown, and F D'lima


An exploratory study on assessment of creativity in first-year undergraduate marketing units, Tania von der Heidt


Experiential learning and assessment in first-year undergraduate marketing units: an exploratory study, Tania von der Heidt

Integrating sustainability in the business curriculum: an exploratory study, Tania von der Heidt


Sustainable business makes sense, Tania von der Heidt


The truth about modern marketing, Tania von der Heidt

Cognitive dissonance and individuals' response stratgies as a basis for audience segmentation to deduce factory-farmed meat consumption, Tania von der Heidt, Iris Bergmann, and Cecily Maller

High speed rail: strategic information for the Australian context, Tania von der Heidt, Pat Gillett, Chris Hale, Philip Laird, Alex Wardrop, Robert P. Weatherby, Charles Waingold, Michael B. Charles, Ian Rossow, Dale Coleman, Bala Ramasokeran, Rocco Zito, Michael Taylor, and Adrian Pollock

A method for measuring excessive environmental regulatory burden in the Australian rail industry, Tania von der Heidt, Jianxiong Wang, and Michael Charles

Attraction and image for the Australian rail industry, Michelle Wallace, Neroli Sheldon, Ian Lings, and Roslyn Cameron


The potential impacts of high speed rail on regional economic development in Australia: towards a multi-regional input-output approach, Jianxiong Wang and Michael Charles

Application of the input-output model to the analysis of socio-economic impacts by different transport infrastructure investment in Australia, Jianxiong Wang and Michael B. Charles


‘I feel like a foreign agent’: NGOs and corporate social responsibility interventions into Third World child labor, Robert I. Westwood, Farzad Rafi Khan, and David M. Boje

Culture change for a sustainable future: strategy, culture and subculture in Queensland Health, Robert I. Westwood, N Paulsen, P A. Rowe, T Bramble, and P D. Renfrow

The organisation of hell: the hell of organisation, Robert I. Westwood and E Wray-Bliss