Papers from 2011


Antarctic krill as a source of dissolved organic carbon to the Antarctic ecosystem, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, Carlos M Duarte, Antonio Tovar-Sanchez, Marcos Pastor, Burkhard Horstkotte, Sebastien Lasternas, and Susana Agusti

2011 Limnology and Oceanography 56:2 521-528.


Lead-210 and Beryllium-7 fallout rates on the southeastern coast of Brazil, Christian J. Sanders, Joseph M. Smoak, Peter H. Cable, Sambasiva R. Patchineelam, and Luciana M. Sanders

2011 Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 102:12 1122-1125.


Anthropogenic source assessment of 226Ra and 210Pb in a sediment core from the Cubatão River estuary (SE Brazil), Luciana M. Sanders, Christian J. Sanders, W Luiz-Silva, Wilson Machado, Emmanoel V. Silva-Filho, and Sambasiva R. Patchineelam

2011 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 287:3 729-732.


Uranium and barium cycling in a salt wedge subterranean estuary: the influence of tidal pumping, Isaac R. Santos, William C. Burnett, Sambuddha Misra, I GNA Suryaputra, Jeffrey P. Chanton, Thorsten Dittmar, Richard Peterson, and Peter W. Swarzenski

2011 Chemical Geology 287:1-2 114-123.


Groundwater or floodwater? Assessing the pathways of metal exports from a coastal acid sulfate soil catchment, Isaac R. Santos, Jason de Weys, and Bradley D. Eyre

2011 Environmental Science and Technology 45:22 9641-9648.


Radon tracing of groundwater discharge into an Australian estuary surrounded by coastal acid sulphate soils, Isaac R. Santos and Bradley D. Eyre

2011 Journal of Hydrology 396:3-4 246-257.


Diel coral reef acidification driven by porewater advection in permeable carbonate sands, Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Isaac R. Santos, Ronnie N. Glud, Damien T. Maher, Dirk V. Erler, and Bradley D. Eyre

2011 Geophysical Research Letters 38:L03604 1-5.


Tracing submarine hydrothermal inputs into a coastal bay in Baja California using radon, Isaac R. Santos, Carlos Lechuga-Deveze, Richard N. Peterson, and William C. Burnett

2011 Chemical Geology 282:1-2 1-10.


Groundwater sources in a permeable coastal barrier: evidence from stable isotopes, Axel Schmidt, Isaac R. Santos, William C. Burnett, Felipe Niencheski, and Kay Knoeller

2011 Journal of Hydrology 406:1-2 66-72.

Versauerung des meerwassers durch anthropogenes CO2, Kai G. Schulz and U Riebesell

2011 Warnsignal klima: die meere - anderungen & risiken.


Origin of rare earth element anomalies in mangrove sediments, Sepetiba Bay, SE Brazil: used as geochemical tracers of sediment sources, Emmanoel V. Silva-Filho, Christian J. Sanders, Michel Bernat, Ana MG Figueiredo, Silvia M. Sella, and Julio Wasserman

2011 Environmental Earth Sciences 64:5 1257-1267.


Cellular pH measurements in Emiliania huxleyi reveal pronounced membrane proton permeability, K Suffrian, Kai G. Schulz, M A. Gutowska, U Riebesell, and M Bleich

2011 New Phytologist 190:3 595-608.


Air-sea CO2 fluxes along the coast of Chile: from CO2 outgassing in central northern upwelling waters to CO2 uptake in southern Patagonian fjords, Rodrigo Torres, Silvio Pantoja, Naomi Harada, Humberto E. González, Giovanni Daneri, Máximo Frangopulos, José A. Rutlant, Carlos M. Duarte, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, Eva Mayol, and Masao Fukasawa

2011 Journal of Geophysical Research 116:C9.


Nitrogen versus phosphorus limitation in a subtropical coastal embayment (Moreton Bay, Australia): implications for management, Fred Wulff, Bradley D. Eyre, and Ron Johnstone

2011 Ecological Modelling 222:1 120-130.

Papers from 2010


Cross-habitat impacts of species decline: response of estuarine sediment communities to changing detrital resources, Melanie Jane Bishop, M A. Coleman, and Brendan P. Kelaher

2010 Oecologia 163:2 517-525.


Use of automated radon measurements for rapid assessment of groundwater flow into Florida streams, William C. Burnett, Richard N. Peterson, Isaac R. Santos, and Richard W. Hicks

2010 Journal of Hydrology 380:3-4 298-304.


Fertilization in a suite of marine invertebrates from SE Australia is robust to near-future ocean warming and acidification, Maria Byrne, Natalie A. Soars, Melanie A. Ho, Eunice Wong, David McElroy, Paulina Selvakumaraswamy, Symon Dworjanyn, and Andrew R. Davis

2010 Marine Biology 157:9 2061-2069.


Sea urchin fertilization in a warm, acidified high pCO2 ocean across a range of sperm densities, Maria Byrne, Natalie Soars, Paulina Selvakumraswamy, Symon A. Dworjanyn, and Andrew R. Davis

2010 Marine Environmental Research 69:4 234-239.

Effect of pH on the carbon stable isotope fractionation in photosynthesis by the kelp Undaria pinnatifida, Matheus Carvalho de Carvalho, Ken-ichi Hayashizaki, and Hisao Ogawa

2010 Coastal Marine Science 34:1 135-139.


Temperature effect on carbon stable isotope discrimination by Undaria pinnatifida (Phaeophyta) in a closed experimental system, Matheus Carvalho de Carvalho, Ken-ichi Hayashizaki, and Hisao Ogawa

2010 Journal of Phycology 46:6 1180-1186.


Phytoplankton-bacteria coupling under elevated CO2 levels: a stable isotope labelling study, A de Kluijver, K Soetaert, Kai G. Schulz, U Riebesell, R GJ Bellerby, and J J. Middelburg

2010 Biogeosciences 7 3783-3797.


Cellular responses of encapsulated gastropod embryos to multiple stressors associated with climate change, Elisabeth SM Deschaseaux, A M. Taylor, W A. Maher, and A R. Davis

2010 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 383:2 130-136.


Quantifying nitrogen process rates in a constructed wetland using natural abundance stable isotope signatures and stable isotope amendment experiments, Dirk V. Erler and Bradley D. Eyre

2010 Journal of Environmental Quality 39:6 2191-2199.

Temporal and spatial variability in the cycling of nitrogen within a constructed wetland: a whole-system stable-isotope-addition experiment, Dirk V. Erler, Bradley D. Eyre, and Leigh Davison

2010 Limnology and Oceanography 55:3 1172-1187.

Structure and function of warm temperate east Australian coastal lagoons: implications for natural and anthropogenic changes, Bradley D. Eyre and Damien T. Maher

2010 Coastal lagoons: critical habitats of environmental change 457-482.


Carbon and nitrogen cycling in a shallow productive sub-tropical coastal embayment (western Moreton Bay, Australia), Angus JP Ferguson and Bradley D. Eyre

2010 Ecosystems 13:7 1127-1144.


Approaches and tools to manipulate the carbonate chemistry, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Kunshan Gao, Kitack Lee, Bjorn Rost, and Kai G. Schulz

2010 Guide to best practices for ocean acidification research and data reporting 41-52.


Assessing changes in nutrient status in the Richmond River estuary, Australia, using paleolimnological methods, Brendan Logan, Kathryn H. Taffs, Bradley D. Eyre, and Atun Zawadski

2010 Journal of Paleolimnology 46:4 597-611.


Benthic fluxes of dissolved organic carbon in three temperate Australian estuaries: implications for global estimates of benthic DOC fluxes, Damien T. Maher and Bradley D. Eyre

2010 Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 115:G4.


CO2-driven compromises to marine life along the Chilean coast, E Mayol, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, C M. Duarte, J C. Castilla, and J L. Pelegri

2010 Biogeosciences Discuss. 7 8895-8918.


Effects of long-term high CO2 exposure on two species of coccolithophores, M N. Muller, Kai G. Schulz, and U Riebesell

2010 Biogeosciences 7 1109-1116.


Calibration and use of continuous heat-type automated seepage meters forsubmarine groundwater discharge (SGD) measurements, B M. Mwashote, W C. Burnett, J Chanton, Isaac R. Santos, Niva Dimova, and P W. Swarzenski

2010 Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 87:1 1-10.

Receiving waters ecological health monitoring program for the Skennars Head wastewater treatment plant, Joanne Margaret Oakes and Bradley D. Eyre

2010 Ballina Shire Council.


Isotope enrichment in mangrove forests separates microphytobenthos and detritus as carbon sources for animals, Joanne M. Oakes, Rod M. Connolly, and Andrew T. Revill

2010 Limnology and Oceanography 55:1 393-402.


Composition, production, and loss of carbohydrates in subtropical shallow subtidal sandy sediments: rapid processing and long-term retention revealed by 13C-labeling, Joanne M. Oakes, Bradley D. Eyre, Jack J. Middleburg, and Henricus TS Boschker

2010 Limnology and Oceanography 55:5 2126-2138.


Stable isotopes trace estuarine transformations of carbon and nitrogen from primary- and secondary-treated paper and pulp mill effluent, Joanne M. Oakes, Bradley D. Eyre, Donald J. Ross, and Simon D. Turner

2010 Environmental Science & Technology 44:19 7411-7417.


Evaluating groundwater discharge to tidal rivers based on a time series Rn-222 approach, Richard N. Peterson, Isaac R. Santos, and William C. Burnett

2010 Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 86 165-178.

Beyond CO2: air-sea volatile organic carbon exchange in the Southern Ocean, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, C M. Duarte, and J Dachs

2010 2010 Ocean Sciences Meeting.


Air-water exchange and vertical profiles of organic carbon in a subarctic fjord, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, Mikael K. Sejr, Carlos M. Duarte, Dorte Krause-Jensen, Tage Dalsgaard, Jordi Dachs, and Soren Rysgaard

2010 Limnology and Oceanography 55:4 1733-1740.


Recent 137Cs deposition in sediments of Admiralty Bay, Christian J. Sanders, Isaac R. Santos, Sambasiva R. Patchineelam, Carlos Schaefer, and Emmanoel V. Silva-Filho

2010 Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 101:5 421-424.


Mangrove forest sedimentation and its reference to sea level rise, Cananeia, Brazil, Christian J. Sanders, Joseph M. Smoak, A Sathy Naidu, Denise R. Araripe, Luciana M. Sanders, and Sambasiva R. Patchineelam

2010 Environmental Earth Sciences 60:6 1291-1301.


Organic carbon burial in a mangrove forest, margin and intertidal mud flat, Christian J. Sanders, Joseph M. Smoak, A Sathy Naidu, Luciana M. Sanders, and Sambasiva R. Patchineelam

2010 Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 90:3 168-172.


Organic carbon accumulation in Brazilian mangal sediments, Christian J. Sanders, Joseph M. Smoak, Luciana M. Sanders, A Sathy Naidu, and Sambasiva R. Patchineelam

2010 Journal of South American Earth Sciences 30:3-4 189-192.


Intertidal mangrove mudflat 240+239Pu signatures, confirming a 210Pb geochronology on the southeastern coast of Brazil, Christian J. Sanders, Joseph M. Smoak, Luciana M. Sanders, M N. Waters, Sambasiva R. Patchineelam, and M E. Ketterer

2010 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 283:3 593-596.


Breathing of a coral cay: tracing tidally driven seawater recirculation in permeable coral reef sediments, Isaac R. Santos, Dirk V. Erler, Douglas R. Tait, and Bradley D. Eyre

2010 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 115:12.


Significant lateral inputs of fresh groundwater into a stratified tropical estuary: evidence from radon and radium isotopes, Isaac R. Santos, Richard N. Peterson, Bradley D. Eyre, and William C. Burnett

2010 Marine Chemistry 121:1-4 37-48.


The contribution of groundwater discharge to the overall water budget of two typical Boreal lakes in Alberta/Canada estimated from a radon mass balance, A Schmidt, J J. Gibson, Isaac R. Santos, M Schubert, K Tattrie, and H Weiss

2010 Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 14 79-89.


Impact of ocean warming and ocean acidification on larval development and calcification in the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla, Hannah Sheppard Brennand, Natalie Soars, Symon Dworjanyn, Andrew R. Davis, and Maria Byrne

2010 Plos One 5:6.


Impacts of detritus from the invasive alga Caulerpa taxifolia on a soft sediment community, Skye L. Taylor, Melanie J. Bishop, Brendan P. Kelaher, and Tim M. Glasby

2010 Marine Ecology- Progress Series 420 73-81.

Electrochemical analysis of highly reactive pyrite, Kym M. Watling, Edward D. Burton, Max Johnston, Richard T. Bush, and Leigh A. Sullivan

2010 217th ECS Meeting 28:6 129-140.