Papers from 2017


The effect of ongoing feedback on physical activity levels following an exercise intervention in older adults: a randomised controlled trial protocol, Katie-Jane Brickwood, Stuart T. Smith, Greig Watson, and Andrew D. Williams

2017 BMC Sports Science Medicine and Rehabilitation 9:1 1-9.


Bioacoustic and multi-locus DNA data of Ninox owls support high incidence of extinction and recolonisation on small, low-lying islands across Wallacea, Chyi Yin Gwee, Leslie Christidis, James A. Eaton, Janette A. Norman, Colin R. Trainor, Philippe Verbelen, and Frank E. Rheindt

2017 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 109 246-258.


Ecological restoration of a severely degraded coastal acid sulfate soil: a case study of the East Trinity wetland, Queensland, Hanabeth Luke, Michelle A. Martens, Ellen M. Moon, Doug Smith, Nicholas J. Ward, and Richard T. Bush

2017 Ecological Management & Restoration 18:2 103-114.


Exploring public universities as social enterprises, Morgan P. Miles, Martie-Louise Verreynne, Andrew McAuley, and Kevin Hammond

2017 International Journal of Educational Management 31:3 404-414.


Exploring the “black box” of customer co-creation processes, Jakob Trischler, Simon J. Pervan, and Don R. Scott

2017 Journal of Services Marketing 31:3 265-280.


1-Chloro-n-alkanes: potential mangrove and saltmarsh vegetation biomarkers, Svenja Tulipani, Lorenz Schwark, Alex I. Holman, Richard T. Bush, and Kliti Grice

2017 Organic Geochemistry 107 54-58.

Papers from 2016


The Fromelles Interment 2010: dominant narrative and reflexive thanatourism, Peter Clarke and Andrew McAuley

2016 Current Issues in Tourism 19:11 1103-1119.


Chart mythos: the JAMs’ and the KLF’s invocation of Mu, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

2016 Shima 10:2.


Enduring perceptions: placenaming and the perception of Louisiana’s salt dome islands, Philip Hayward

2016 Island Studies Journal 11:2 417-430.


Is there a role for law in medical practice when withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining medical treatment? Empirical findings on attitudes of doctors, Lindy Willmott, Ben White, Malcolm Parker, Colleen M. Cartwright, and Gail Williams

2016 Journal of Law and Medicine 24 342-355.

Papers from 2013


Researching SME/entrepreneurial research: a study of journal of research in marketing and entrepreneurship (JRME?) 2000-2011, Audrey Gilmore, Andrew McAuley, Damian Gallagher, Philippe Massiera, and Jordan Gambler

2013 Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 15:2 87-100.


Students, citizens and seekers: an exploration of justifications for university chaplaincy and the consequent subjectification, Robert G. Lingard

2013 Journal of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association 5:1 25-36.


Entrepreneurial education: meeting needs better, Andrew McAuley

2013 Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 15:1 12-22.


Cooking with Luce: parler-femme through textual montage, Nollie Nahrung

2013 M/C Journal 16:3.


A review of mangrove and seagrass ecosystems and their linkage to fisheries and fisheries management, Peter Saenger, Donald Gartside, and S Funge-Smith

2013 Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.


Comment on "Possible source of ancient carbon in phytolith concentrates from harvested grasses" by G. M. Santos et al. (2012), Leigh A. Sullivan and Jeffrey F. Parr

2013 Biogeosciences 10 977-980.

Papers from 2012


Ontogenetic behaviour and swimming ability of the endangered eastern freshwater cod, Maccullochella ikei, with notes on growth and development, Gavin L. Butler, Stuart J. Rowland, Peter R. Baverstock, and Stephen Morris

2012 Ecology of Freshwater Fish 21:1 23-33.


Patterns of alcohol and other drug use associated with major depression among gay men attending general practices in Australia, Martin Holt, Joanne Bryant, Christy E. Newman, Dana M. Paquette, Limin Mao, Michael R. Kidd, Deborah C. Saltman, and Susan C. Kippax

2012 International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 4:10 141-151.


Super-elastic scattering studies in a resonant optical enhancement cavity, Martyn Hussey, Sarah Jhumka, Alex Knight-Percival, Andrew Murray, and William MacGillivray

2012 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 388:4.


Operability analysis of nonlinear processes based on incremental dissipativity, Herry Santoso, Denny Hioe, Jie Bao, and Peter L. Lee

2012 Journal of Process Control 22:1 156-166.


Australian franchising research: review, synthesis and future research directions, Owen Wright and Andrew McAuley

2012 Australasian Marketing Journal 20:2 158-163.

Papers from 2011


Lost or just at a crossroads: is entrepreneurship the way forward for marketing?, Andrew McAuley

2011 Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 13:2 161-166.


Unstraightening: ethical adventures with queer heterosexuality in an open text, Nollie Nahrung

2011 The ethical imaginations: writing worlds papers - the refereed proceedings of the 16th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs, 2011 1-9.

Abundance of East coast Australian humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in 2005 estimated using multi-point sampling and capture recapture analysis, David A. Paton, Lyndon Brooks, Daniel Burns, Trish Franklin, Wally Franklin, Peter Harrison, and Peter Baverstock

2011 The Journal of Cetacean Research and Management Special Issue 3 253-259.


Quality assurance in Australian higher education: historical and future development, Mahsood Shah, Sid Nair, and Mark Wilson

2011 Asia Pacific Education Review 12:3 475-483.


Using the concept of resilience to explain entrepreneurial success in China, Jing Sun, Nicholas Buys, Xinchao Wang, and Andrew McAuley

2011 Journal of Management and Enterprise Development 11:2/3/4 182-202.

Papers from 2010


The Aussie sunday lunch: welcoming international students and engaging the local community, Robert Lingard

2010 Journal of the Tertiary Campus Ministry Association 4:1 46-56.

Papers from 2009


Student grievances and discipline matters project: final report to the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, James G. Jackson, Helen Fleming, Patty Kamvounias, and Sally Varnham



Operability analysis of MTBE reactive distillation column using a process simulator, Herry Santoso, Jie Bao, and Peter L. Lee

2009 Chemical Product and Process Modeling 4:3.


The steady-state region of attraction under linear feedback control: a numerical approach, Herry Santoso, Jie Bao, and Peter L. Lee

2009 Journal of Process Control 19:3 464-472.

Papers from 2008


Scheduling of a mixed batch/continuous sugar milling plant using petri nets, Mahsa Ghaeli, Parisa A. Bahn, and Peter L. Lee

2008 Computers & Chemical Engineering 32:3 580-589.


Low energy super-elastic scattering studies of calcium over the complete angular range using a magnetic angle changing device, Martyn Hussey, Andrew James Murray, William R. MacGillivray, and George C. King

2008 Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 41:055202.


Theoretical modeling of resonant laser excitation of atoms in a magnetic field, Andrew James Murray, William R. MacGillivray, and Martyn Hussey

2008 Physical Review A 77:013409.

Science and technology policy futures, Neal F. Ryan and Michael B. Charles

2008 Knowledge policy: challenges for the 21st century 106-119.

Papers from 2007


Superelastic electron scattering within a magnetic angle changer: determination of the angular momentum transferred during electron excitation over all scattering angles, Martyn Hussey, Andrew James Murray, William R. MacGillivray, and George C. King

2007 Physical Review Letters 99:13.