Papers from 2011


A Sepallata gene is involved in the development and ripening of strawberry, Graham B. Seymour, Carol D. Ryder, Volkan Cevik, John P. Hammond, Alexandra Popovich, Graham J. King, Julia Vrebolov, James J. Giovannoni, and K Manning

2011 Journal of Experimental Botany 62:3 1179-1188.

Utility of mutagenesis and next generation sequencing for accelerating the domestication of a new niche cereal, Frances M. Shapter, Gary A. Ablett, Michael Cross, Silvia Malory, Martin S. Elphinstone, Ian H. Chivers, and Robert J. Henry

2011 Plant and Animal Genome XIX Conference.


Eucalypts as a biofuel feedstock, M Shepherd, John Bartle, David J. Lee, Jeremy Brawner, J Bush, Paul Turnbull, P MacDonnell, Troy R. Brown, Blake Simmons, and R J. Henry

2011 Biofuels 2:6 639-657.

Eucalypts for biofuel production in Northern Australia: identifying species from current and future testing programs, Mervyn Shepherd, David Lee, Paul Turnbull, Troy Brown, David Bush, Jeremy Brawner, John Bartle, Paul Macdonell, and Robert J. Henry


BADH genes in wheat and their expression, Keshav N. Shrestha, Daniel LE Waters, and Nicole Rice

2011 Plant and Animal Genome XIX Conference.

The Thai medicinal plant Gynura pseudochina var. hispida: chemical composition and in vitro NF-Kappa B inhibitory activity, N Siriwatanametanon and M Heinrich

2011 Natural Product Communication 6:5 627-630.


The effect of 90 day administration of a high dose vitamin B-complex on work stress, Con Stough, Andrew Scholey, Jenny Lloyd, Jo Spong, Stephen P. Myers, and Luke A. Downey

2011 Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental 26:7 470-476.


Phytochemical study of fagraea spp. Uncovers a new terpene alkaloid with anti-inflammatory properties1, Suciati, Lynette K. Lambert, Benjamin P. Ross, Myrna A. Deseo, and Mary J. Garson

2011 Australian Journal of Chemistry 64:4 489-494.


Molecular structural differences between Type-2-diabetic and healthy glycogen, Mitchell A Sullivan, Jiong Li, Chuanzhou Li, Francisco Vilaplana, David Stapleton, Angus A Gray-Weale, Stirling Bowen, Ling Zheng, and Robert G Gilbert

2011 Biomacromolecules 12:6 1983-1986.


Immunomodulatory polysaccharide from chlorophytum borivilianum roots, Mayank Thakur, Paul A. Connellan, Myrna A. Deseo, Carol Morris, and V K. Dixit

2011 Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2011.


Improvement of penile erection, sperm count and seminal fructose levels in vivo and nitric oxide release in vitro by ayurvedic herbs, Mayank Thakur, Dion Thompson, Paul Connellan, Myrna A. Deseo, Carol A. Morris, and V K. Dixit

2011 Andrologia 43:4 273-277.


Bisresorcinol derivatives from Grevillia glauca, Hui Wang, David N. Leach, Michael C. Thomas, Stephen J. Blanksby, Paul I. Forster, and Peter G. Waterman

2011 Helvetica Chimica Acta 94:10 1812-1819.


Universal endogenous gene controls for bisulphite conversion in analysis of plant DNA methylation, Jing Wang, Chongnan Wang, Yan Long, Clare Hopkins, Smita Kurup, Kede Liu, Graham King, and Jinling Meng

2011 Plant Methods 7:1.


Integration of linkage maps for the Amphidiploid Brassica napus, and comparative mapping with Arabidopsis and Brassica rapa., Jun Wang, Derek J. Lydiate, Isobel AP Parkin, Cyril Falentin, R Delourme, Pierre WC Carion, and G J. King

2011 12:1 101-120.

The genome of the mesopolyploid crop species Brassica rapa, Xiaowu Wang, Hanzhong Wang, Jun Wang, Rifei Sun, Jian Wu, Shengyi Liu, Yinqi Bai, Jeong-Hwan Mun, Ian Bancroft, Feng Cheng, Sanwen Huang, Xixiang Li, Wei Hua, Junyi Wang, Xiyin Wang, Michael Freeling, C J. Pires, Andrew Paterson, Chalhoub Boulos, and Bo Wang

2011 Nature Genetics 43:10 1035-1039.

Long range PCR, deep parallel sequencing and multiplexed Maldi-TOF mass spectrometry reveals new SNP variants associated with starch functional properties, Daniel LE Waters, Ardashir K. Masouleh, Russell F. Reinke, and Robert J. Henry

2011 15th Australian Barley Technical Symposium: barley for business.

Papers from 2010

Seasonality of flowering in Corymbia citriodora subsp variegata (Spotted gum), M Abasolo, David J. Lee, and Mervyn Shepherd

2010 Proceedings CRC for Forestry Annual Science Meeting.


Origins of the amphiploid species Brassica napus L. investigated by chloroplast and nuclear molecular markers, Charlotte J. Allender and Graham J. King

2010 BMC Plant Biology 10.


Cytotoxic and antiprotozoal activity of flavonoids from Lonchocarpus spp, Rocio Borges-Argaez, Linda K. Banbury, Andrew Flowers, A Gimenex-Turba, G Ruiz, Peter G. Waterman, and Luis M. Pena-Rodriguez

2010 Phytomedicine 14:7 530-533.

Shoot zinc (Zn) concentration varies widely within Brassica oleracea L. and is affected by soil Zn and phosphorus (P) levels, Martin R. Broadley, Seosamh O. Lochlainn, John P. Hammond, Helen C. Bowen, Ismail Cakmak, Selim Eker, Halil Erdem, Graham J. King, and Philip J. White

2010 Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology 85:5 375-380.


A FRUITFULL-like gene is associated with genetic variation for fruit flesh firmness in apple (Malus domestica Borkh.), Volkan Cevik, Carol D. Ryder, Alexander Popovich, Kenneth Manning, Graham J. King, and Graham B. Seymour

2010 Tree Genetics & Genomes 6:2 271-279.


Brassica GLABRA2 genes: analysis of function related to seed oil content and development of functional markers, Guohua Chai, Zetao Bai, Fang Wei, Graham J. King, Chenggang Wang, Lei Shi, Caihua Dong, Hong Chen, and Shengyi Lui

2010 Theoretical and Applied Genetics 120 1597-1610.


Non-destructive assessment of green density and moisture condition in plantation-grown radiata pine (Pinus radiata D. Don.) by increment core measurements, Julian Moreno Chan, Carolyn A. Raymond, and John C. Walker

2010 Holzforschung 64:4 521-528.


Melting the secrets of gelatinisation temperature in rice, Rosa P. Cuevas, Venea D. Daygon, Henry M. Corpuz, Leilani Nora, Russell F. Reinke, Daniel LE Waters, and Melissa A. Fitzgerald

2010 Functional Plant Biology 37:5 439-447.

Phytochemistry and pharmacology of volatile components of Plectranthus graveolens R. Br., L Cyril, Myrna A. Deseo, G Buchbauer, P Forster, and David N. Leach

2010 41st International Symposium on Essential Oils.

The role of plant biotechnology in bio-energy production, Maelor Davies, Malcolm Campbell, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Plant Biotechnology Journal 8:3.

Progress on the preliminary sequence of the Coffea canephora genome, Aldexandre de Kochko, Victor Albert, Alan C. Andrade, Giovanni Giuliano, Giorgio Graziosi, Robert J. Henry, Ray Ming, Chifumi Nagai, Steve Rounsley, and David Sankoff

2010 Plant and Animal Genomes XVIII Conference.

Chemical variation in the leaf essential oils of Australian Corymbia spp., Myrna A. Deseo, K M. Shepherd, M Abasolo, Mervyn Shepherd, and D J. Lee

2010 41st International Symposium on Essential Oils.


Puroindoline genotype, starch granule size distribution and milling quality of wheat, Mark A. Edwards, Brian G. Osborne, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Journal of Cereal Science 52:2 314-320.


Edaphic and phytochemical factors as predictors of equine grass sickness cases in the UK, Sarah E. Edwards, Kathrin E. Martz, Anja Rogge, and Michael Heinrich

2010 Frontiers in Pharmacology 1:122 e1-e13.


Fragrance in rice (Oryza sativa) is associated with reduced yield under salt treatment, Timothy L. Fitzgerald, Daniel LE Waters, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Environmental and Experimental Botany 68:3 292-300.

Conserving Australia's unique rainforest fruits and wild relatives, K Hamilton, C Offord, P Cuneo, S Ashmore, and Myrna A. Deseo

2010 28th International Horticultural Congress.

Seed biology research and conservation of eastern Australian rainforest diversity, K Hamilton, C Offord, P Cuneo, S Ashmore, and Myrna A. Deseo

2010 4th Global Botanic Gardens Congress.


Effects of two natural medicine formulations on irritable bowel syndrome symptoms: a pilot study, Jason A. Hawrelak and Stephen P. Myers

2010 Journal of Alternative Complementry Medicine 16:10 1065-1071.


Ethnopharmacology and drug discovery, Michael Heinrich

2010 Comprehensive natural products II: chemistry and biology 3 351-381.


Ethnopharmacology and drug discovery, Michael Heinrich

2010 Comprehensive natural products II: chemistry and biology 3 351-381.


Ethnopharmacology in the 21st century – grand challenges, Michael Heinrich

2010 Frontiers in Ethnopharmacolgy 1:8.


Galanthamine from Galanthus and other Amaryllidaceae- chemistry and biology based on traditional use, Michael Heinrich

2010 The Alkaloids: Chemistry and biology 68 157-165.

Analysis of SNP discovered by next generation sequencing using the sequenom massARRAY system, Robert J. Henry

2010 Plant and Animal Genomes XVIII Conference.

An overview of advances in plant genomics in the new millenium, Robert J. Henry

2010 Principles and practices of plant genomics, vol. 3: advanced genomics.


An overview of advances in plant genomics in the new millennium, Robert J. Henry

2010 Principles and Practices of Plant Genomics 3 1-23.


Evaluation of plant biomass resources available for replacement of fossil oil, Robert J. Henry

2010 Plant Biotechnology Journal 8:3 288-293.

Plant resources for food, fuel and conservation, Robert J. Henry


Genome sequencing for marker discovery in sugarcane, Robert J. Henry, Peter C. Bundock, Karen S. Aitken, and Rosanne E. Casu

2010 Plant and Animal Genomes XVIII Conference.

Basic information on the sugarcane plant, Robert J. Henry and C Kole

2010 Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Sugarcane 1-8.

Genetics, genomics and breeding of sugarcane, Robert J. Henry and Chittaranjan Kole

2010 10.

Variation in starch genes explain differences in phenotypic properties in sorghum, H Hill, L Slade Lee, and Robert J. Henry

2010 2010 Australian Summer Grains Conference.


A Squamosa Mads box gene involved in the regulation of anthocyanin accumulation in bilberry fruits, Laura Jaakola, Mervin Poole, Matthew O. Jones, Terttu Kamarainen-Karppinen, Janne J. Koskimaki, Anja Hohtola, Hely Haggman, Paul D. Fraser, Kenneth Manning, Graham J. King, Helen Thomson, and Graham B. Seymour

2010 Plant Physiology 153:4 1619-1629.

Molecular genetic diversity of ICARDA’s worldwide barley landrace collection, Abderrazek Jilal, Nicole F. Rice, Stefania Grando, Robert J. Henry, Michael Baum, and Salvatore Ceccarelli

2010 Plant and Animal Genomes XVIII Conference.


Whole grain morphology of Australian rice species, Shabana Kasem, Daniel LE Waters, Nicole F. Rice, Frances M. Shapter, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Plant Genetic Resources 8:01 74-81.


An efficient computational method for screening functional SNPs in plants, Ardashir Kharabian

2010 Journal of Theoretical Biology 265:1 55-62.


Exploring and exploiting epigenetic variation in crops, Graham J. King, S Amoah, and S Kurup

2010 Genome Research 53:11 856-868.


Uncritical reverence in CM reporting: assessing the scientific quality of Australian news media reports, Monique Lewis, Paul J. Orrock, and Stephen Myers

2010 Health Sociology Review 19:1 57-72.


A Brassica exon array for whole-transcript gene expression profiling, Christopher G. Love, Neil S. Graham, Seosamh Ó. Lochlainn, Helen C. Bowen, Sean T. May, Philip J. White, Martin R. Broadley, John P. Hammond, and Graham J. King

2010 Plos One 5:9.

Towards the domestication of a wild rice relative, Microlaena stipoides using large scale gene sequencing, Sylvia Malory, Frances M. Shapter, Ian H. Chivers, and Robert J Henry

2010 OzBio 2010 The molecules of life: from discovery to biotechnology.

Mining rice domestication related genes in in Microlaena stipoides, Sylvia Malory, Frances M. Shapter, Martin S. Elphinstone, Ian H. Chivers, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Molecular Farming Workshop.

Development of multiplexed perfect markers for screening key rice traits, Ardashir K. Masouleh, Daniel LE Waters, Russell F. Reinke, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Plant and Animal Genomes XVIII Conference.


Metabolomic profiling of liquid echinacea medicinal products with in vitro inhibitory effects on cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4), Maryam Modarai, Min Yang, Andy Suter, Andreas Kortenkamp, and Michael Heinrich

2010 Planta Medica 76:4 378-385.

Lactoferrin in immune function cancer and disease resistance, Ann M. Mulder and Carol A. Morris

2010 Dietary components and immune function 297-316.


A forced titration study of the antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects of Ambrotose AO supplement, Stephen P. Myers, Lesley M. Stevenson, Phillip A. Cheras, Joan M. O'Connor, Lyndon O. Brooks, Margaret I. Rolfe, Paul A. Connellan, and Carol A. Morris

2010 BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 10.

Biochemical and molecular diversity assessment of Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb. populations from India and its molecular characterization for BADH, A Nadaf, K Wakte, T Kad, N Jawali, R Thengane, and B Khan

2010 7th Indo-Australia Biotechnology Conference.


Phylogenetics and revised taxonomy of the Australian freshwater cod genus, Maccullochella (Percichthyidae), Catherine J. Nock, Martin S. Elphinstone, Stuart J. Rowland, and Peter R. Baverstock

2010 Marine and Freshwater Research 61:9 980-991.


Two sympatric spotted gum species are molecularly homogeneous, Joel W. Ochieng, Mervyn Shepherd, Peter R. Baverstock, D Garth Nikles, David J. Lee, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Conservation Genetics 11:1 45-56.

Preliminary investigation into the phytochemical and pharmacological aspects of Plecthrantus sp. 'Hann Tableland', E Pasoski, Myrna A. Deseo, G Buchbauer, Lei Liu, P I. Forster, and David N. Leach

2010 41st International Symposium on Essential Oils.


Cereal Variety Identification using MALDI-TOF mass spectromertry SNP Genotyping, Julie A. Pattemore, Nicole Rice, David F. Marshall, Robbie Waugh, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Journal of Cereal Science 52:3 356-361.

Compounds from Saccharum officinarum L. as leads for anti-diabetes treatment, D N. Payne, David N. Leach, C A. Morris, M G. O'Shea, Lei Liu, Kellie Shepherd, and Myrna A. Deseo

2010 Microplate Technology (MipTec 2010).


Predicting pulp yield and pulp productivity of Eucalyptus dunnii using acoustic techniques, Carolyn A. Raymond, Dane Thomas, and Michael Henson

2010 Australian Forestry 73:2 91-105.

Genetic variation amongst and within the native provenances of Pinus radiata D. Don in Southeastern Australia: 3. Molecular and quantitative structure, Carolyn A. Raymond, J FG Tibbits, and M Henson

2010 Silvae Genetica 59:6.

Whole genome sequence (WGS) analysis for exploring plant relationships, Nicole F. Rice, Giovanni M. Cordeiro, Catherine J. Nock, Daniel LE Waters, Stirling Bowen, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Plant and Animal Genomes XVIII Conference.


Phosphorus-efficient faba bean (Vicia faba L.) genotypes enhance subsequent wheat crop growth in an acid and an alkaline soil, Terry J. Rose, Paul Damon, and Zed Rengel

2010 Crop and Pasture Science 61:12 1009-1016.


Wheat, canola and grain legume access to soil phosphorus fractions differs in soils with contrasting phosphorus dynamics, Terry J. Rose, Bingah Hardiputra, and Zed Rengel

2010 Plant and Soil 326:1 159-170.


Genotypic variation in grain phosphorus concentration, and opportunities to improve P-use efficiency in rice, Terry J. Rose, Juan Pariasca-Tanaka, Michael T Rose, Yoshimichi Fukuta, and Matthias Wissuwa

2010 Field Crops Research 119:1 154-160.

Identification of sakurasosaponin as a cytotoxic principle from Jacquinia flammea, Alberto Sanchez-Medina, Luis Manuel Pena-Rodriguez, Filogonio May-Pat, Gloria Karagianis, Peter Waterman, Anthony I. Mallet, and Solomon Habtemariam

2010 Natural Product Communications: an international journal for communications and reviews 5:3 365-368.

Trans-specific single nucleotide polymorphisms in Eucalyptus wood quality genes, Timothy Sexton, Robert J. Henry, Luke J. McManus, Dane Thomas, and Mervyn Shepherd

2010 Proceedings CRC for Forestry Annual Science Meeting.


Capture of assay template by multiplex PCR of long amplicons for genotyping SNPs and InDels with MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry, Timothy R. Sexton, Robert J. Henry, Luke J. McManus, Stirling Bowen, and Mervyn Shepherd

2010 Molecular Breeding.

Genetic association studies in Eucalyptus pilularis Smith (blackbutt), Timothy R. Sexton, Robert J. Henry, Luke J. McManus, Michael Henson, Dane S. Thomas, and Mervyn Shepherd

2010 Australian Forestry Journal 73:4 254-258.

Conservation of single nucleotide polymorphisms in 44 wood quality candidate genes of Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus pyrocarpa and Eucalyptus pilularis, Timothy R. Sexton, Robert J. Henry, Luke J. McManus, Dane Thomas, and Mervyn Shepherd

2010 Plant and Animal Genomes XVIII Conference.

A new niche cereal may offer on-farm diversification that mitigates risks associated with climate variability, Frances M. Shapter, Ian H. Chivers, and Robert J. Henry

2010 From passion to profit: New Rural Industries Australia Conference.


Species differentiation and gene flow in the Blackbutts (Genus Eucalyptus subgenus Eucalyptus section Pseudophloius), Mervyn Shepherd and Carolyn A. Raymond

2010 Conservation Genetics 11:5 1965-1978.


Geographical and historical determinants of microsatellite variation in Eucalyptus pilularis, Mervyn Shepherd, Timothy Sexton, Dane Thomas, Michael Henson, and Robert J. Henry

2010 Canadian Journal of Forest Research 40:6 1051-1063.


Traditionally used Thai medicinal plants: in vitro anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antioxidant activities, N Siriwatanametanon, B L. Fiebich, T Efferth, J M. Prieto, and Michael Heinrich

2010 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 130:2 196-207.


Intraspecific variation in essential oil composition of Eremophila longifolia F. Muell. (Myoporaceae): evidence for three chemotypes, Joshua Smith, David Tucker, Daniel Alter, Kenneth Watson, and Graham Jones

2010 Phytochemistry 71:13 1521-1527.

The sugarcane genome sequencing effort: an overview of the strategy, goals and existing data, Glaucia M. Souza, Ray Ming, Robert J. Henry, Angelique D'Hont, Bernard Potier, and Andrew Paterson

2010 Plant and Animal Genomes XVIII Conference.


A rich TILLING resource for studying gene function in Brassica rapa, Pauline Stephenson, David Baker, Thomas Girin, Amandine Perez, Stephen Amoah, Graham J. King, and Lars Ostergaard

2010 BMC Plant Biology:10.


The first meiosis of resynthesized Brassica napus, a genome blender, E Szadkowski, F Eber, V Huteau, M Lode, C Huneau, H Belcram, O Coriton, M J. Manzanares-Dauleux, R Delourme, Graham J. King, B Chalhoub, E Jenczeski, and A M. Chevre

2010 New Phytologist 186:1 102-112.


Biological activities and safety of Thanaka (Hesperethusa crenulata) stem bark, Sakulna Wangthong, Tanapat Palaga, Sirirat Rengpipat, P Supason Wanichwecharungruang, and Michael Heinrich

2010 Journal of Ethnopharmacology 132:2 466-472.

Genomics and metabolomics for new plant products, Daniel LE Waters, Peter C. Bundock, Hans Wohlmuth, Myrna A. Deseo, Lei Liu, Frances M. Shapter, and Agnelo Furtado

2010 From passion to profit: New Rural Industries Australia Conference.


Genetic analysis of potassium use efficiency in Brassica oleracea, P J. White, J P. Hammond, Graham J. King, H C. Bowen, R M. Hayden, M C. Meacham, W P. Spraklen, and M R. Broadley

2010 Annals of Botany 105:7 1199-1210.

The International Oryza map alignment project: a golden path to unlock the genetic potential of the wild relatives of rice, Rod A. Wing, Scott Jackson, Steve Rounsley, Mingsheng Chen, Antonio Costa de Oliveira, Bin Han, Robert Henry, Yue-ie Hsing, Fengyi Hu, Nori Kurata, Yann-Rong Lin, and Wen Wang

2010 21st International Conference on Arabidopsis Research.

Breeding of P efficient crops: target traits and underlying genes, R Wissuwa, J Pariasca-Tanka, Terry J. Rose, M Akutsu, S Heuer, and R Gamuyao

2010 fourth International Symposium on Phosphorus Dynamics in the Plant-Soil Continuum (ISPDSPC).


Effect of Astragalus membranaceus and Angelica sinensis combined with Enalapril in rats with obstructive uropathy, Ken Wojcikowski, Hans Wohlmuth, David W. Johnson, and Glenda Gobe

2010 Phytotherapy Research 24:6 875-884.


Construction of an integrated genetic linkage map for the A genome of Brassica napus using SSR markers derived from sequenced BACs in B. rapa, Jingson Xu, Xiaoju Qian, Xiaofeng Wang, Ruiyuan Li, Xiaomao Cheng, Yuan Yang, Jie Fu, Shunchang Zhang, Graham J. King, Jiangsheng Wu, and Kede Liu

2010 BMC Genomics 11.


Inhibition and control effects of the ethyl acetate extract of Trichoderma harzianum fermented broth against Botrytis cinerea, Guoliang Yin, Weimin Wang, Sha Sha, Lei Liu, and Xiaoping Yu

2010 African Journal of Microbiology Research 4:15 1647-1653.


Ethnopharmacy of Turkish-speaking Cypriots in greater London, Ahmet Yoney, Jose M. Prieto, Andreas Lardos, and Michael Heinrich

2010 Phytotherapy Research 24 731-740.

Papers from 2009

Cross-species amplification of Shorea Microsatellite DNAMarkers in Parashorea malaanonan (Dipterocarpaceae), Myralyn Abasolo, Edwino S. Fernando, Teresita H. Borromeo, and Desiree M. Hautea

2009 Philippine Journal of Science 138:1.

Comparative mapping of a sugarcane genetic map to the sorghum genome, Karen S. Aitken, Meredith D. McNeil, Scott Hermann, Peter C. Bundock, Frances G. Eliott, Katarzyna Heller-Uszynska, Andrzej Kilian, Robert J. Henry, and Philip Jackson

2009 14th Australasian Plant Breeding Conference (APBC) held in conjunction with the 11th Society for the Advancement of Breeding Research in Asia and Oceania (SABRAO) Congress.


Rapeseed cytoplasm gives advantage in wild relatives and complicates genetically modified crop biocontainment, J Allainguillaume, T Harwood, C S. Ford, G Cuccato, C Norris, C J. Allender, R Welters, G J. King, and M J. Wilkinson

2009 New Phytologist 183 1201-1211.

GrainData Online: a comprehensive online source of grain nutrient data, Linda K. Banbury

2009 59th Australian Cereal Chemistry Conference.


Quantitative proteomics of the tonoplast reveals a role for glycolytic enzymes in salt tolerance, Bronwyn J. Barkla, Rosario Vera-Estrella, Marcela Hernandez-Coronado, and Omar Pantoja

2009 American Society of Plant Biologists 21:12 4044-4058.

Comparative analysis of regular and alternative splice site strength in several eukaryotic species, Abdul KMA Baten, M Bellgard, and S K. Halgamuge

2009 Bioinformatics Australia 2009 (BA2009).