Papers from 2008

From tension to resonance: globalization and localism in an Australian context, Robert J. Smith

Heritage in whose hands?: a regional university's link to its community's traditional culture, Robert J. Smith

A possible application of school lore: the school piano, Robert J. Smith and Noelene Weatherby-Fell

Environment, place and social ecology in educational practice, Brian Wattchow, Geraldine Burke, and Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

School gardens : a first step towards whole school sustainability, H. Widdop Quinton and Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

Blinded by technology, Judith Wilks

Creating child friendly cities - innovations for secondary geography curriculum, Judith Wilks

Investigating the physical environment: intertidal wetlands, Judith Wilks

Rome: the ’Eternal City’: a case study of urban dynamics, Judith Wilks


Mathematics recovery: an early number program focusing on intensive intervention, Robert J. Wright

Interview-based assessment of early number knowledge, Robert John Wright


Information-processing and perceptions of control: how attribution style affects task-relevant processing, Tony Yeigh


Quality teaching and professional learning: uncritical reflections of a critical friend, Tony Yeigh

Fatness, fitness and the moral universe of sport and physical activity, Cathy Zanker and Michael Gard

Papers from 2007

Undergraduate early childhood education students and their talk about child care, Joanne Ailwood and Wendy Anne Boyd

Parents’ decisions regarding paid work and care of the child, Wendy Anne Boyd

Parents’ decisions regarding paid work and care of the child, Wendy Anne Boyd

Re-thinking the management of community-based early childhood services, Wendy Anne Boyd

Comparing early childhood education and care across Australia, Wendy Anne Boyd and Joanne Ailwood

The impact and potential of water education in early childhood care and education settings, Wendy Anne Boyd and Barbara Jensen


Air-quality: a comparison of conceptions and attitudes across the continents, Edward Boyes, George Myers, Keith R. Skamp, Martin Stanisstreet, and Stephen Yeung

Mini-musicals for maximum impact, Lyndell Bussa, Marilyn J. Chaseling, and Robert J. Smith

Theodore Stephen Tearne: New South Wales’ Second Superintendent of Music, Marilyn J. Chaseling

Documenting the knowledge of low-attaining third-and fourth-graders: Robyn's and Bel's sequential structure and multidigit additon and subtraction, David Collins, Robert J. Right, and Gerard Lewis

Boundary hunters: art for the sake of research, Alexandra J. Cutcher

Kids as researchers: applications and possibilities for environmental education research, Amy Cutter-Mackenzie

Children as researchers: applications and possibilities for environmental education evaluation and research, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

Knowledge matters: teaching environmental education in the early years, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

Sustainable Cities: research report, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

Waste wise schools longitudinal study, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

A move to teacher standards : promoting excellence in environmental and sustainability education, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie, B. Clarke, J. Su, and P. Smith

Deconstructing early childhood content, context and pedagogy through everyday environmental education experiences, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie and S Edwards

Science Outside School (SOS) Program: research report, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie, W T. Seah, and N Prince

Transformative effects of schoolgrounds programs: 5 teacher stories, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie and Helen Widdop-Quinton

Supervised contact – what do children tell us?, Robyn Margaret Fitzgerald

Is the war on obesity also a war on children?, Michael Gard

Obesity discourse and the crisis of faith in disciplinary technology, Michael Gard and David Kirk


Educational imperatives of the evolution of consciousness: the integral visions of Rudolf Steiner and Ken Wilber, Jennifer M. Gidley


Overview : governance in higher education - concepts and issues, Leo Goedegebuure and Martin Hayden

Teacher perspectives on the mental health of children & young people in schools, Anne Graham

Progressing the ‘impact’ agenda in education: including children & young people in research, Anne Graham and Robyn Margaret Fitzgerald

Comparative analysis of the education law (2007) of the Lao PDR, Martin Hayden and Richard Martin

Implementation plan for legal reform of the education sector in the Lao PDR, Martin Hayden and Richard Martin


Institutional autonomy for higher education in Vietnam, Martin Hayden and Lam Quang Thiep

Benchmarking leadership in university-community engagement: first steps and future directions for a new regional university campus, Peter Hudson, Robert Craig, and Suzanne Hudson


Examining preservice teachers' preparedness for teaching art, Peter Hudson and Suzanne Hudson

Preservice teachers’ perceptions of their mentoring in primary mathematics teaching, Peter Hudson and Suzanne Hudson

Mentoring preservice EFL primary teachers, Peter Hudson, Mai Hoa Nguyen, and Suzanne Hudson

Beginning teachers’ perceptions of their induction into teaching, Suzanne Hudson, Denise A. Beutel, and Peter Hudson

A program for beginning teachers' perceptions of their induction into teaching, Suzanne Hudson, Denise A. Beutel, and Peter B. Hudson


Discovering virtual stories together, Christine Jeffrey, Damian O'Bryan, and Renata Phelps

Assembling a risky subject: health risk messages in school based health education, Deana Leahy

The social model of health: some reflections on the Ottawa Charter, Deana Leahy

A sustainable health promotion model: engaging teachers and the community health sector in sexuality education interventions, Deana Leahy and M Stevens


Box Ridge Transition to School Program 1999-2003: evaluation report., Donna Lloyd, Kimberlii Austen-Baker, Sallie A. Newell, Denise Hughes, and Uta C. Dietrich

Australian schooling: what future?, David Lynch and Richard Smith

The design and implementation of learning experiences: the learning management plan, David Lynch, Richard Smith, and T. Doe

The design and execution of learning experiences: the learning management plan, David Lynch, Richard Smith, and Tina Doe

Education: field entry, Karl Maton and Brad Shipway


My family (by Children of Lismore & Goonellabah), Sallie Newell


Overview of the 'Parenting Lismore's Way' activities & resources, Sallie Newell


Catholic Education Office Mental Wellbeing Project: review of 2006 funding round, Sallie Newell and Anne Graham


Goonellabah Transition Program 'Walking Together, Learning Together: interim evaluation report, Sallie Newell and Anne Graham


Lismore Communities for Children Initiative: interim evaluation report, Sallie Newell and Anne Graham


Murwillumbah Communities for Children Initiative: baseline community-level survey results, Sallie Newell and Anne Graham

Portal task: know it and do it!, Paul O'Neill, Bruce A. Knight, and David Lynch


In celebration of teachers, Jenny Overton

What teaching does to teachers: the effects on teachers of the actions of the education system, Jenny Overton

Disciplines and doctorates, Sharon Parry

Co-contributor to editorials for Complicity: an International Journal of Complexity and Education, Renata Phelps


The metacognitive approach to computer education: making explicit the learning journey, Renata Phelps


Developing technology together together: consolidated report: an investigation of the metacognitive influences on teachers' use of information and communication technology (ICT) and the implications for teacher professional development, Renata Phelps and Anne Graham


Developing technology together, together: final report on an investigation of the metacognitive influences on teachers' use of ICT and the implications for teacher professional development. Lismore: Southern Cross University, Renata Phelps and Anne Graham


Technology together: a structured approach to effective ICT professional development and culture change for schools, Renata Phelps and Anne Graham

Developing technology together together: what has it meant for our schools?, Renata Phelps and Damian O'Bryan

Developing technology together together: what has it meant for our schools, Renata Phelps, Elizabeth Watts, Carolyn Carrigan, and Sharon Brennan


A happy, healthy mob: raising confident resilient jarjums, Debra Rhodes and Sallie Newell

Australian Folklore: an issue presented to the distinguished Australian folklorists, Hugh Anderson and his wife, Dawn, in his eightieth year, John S. Ryan and Robert J. Smith

The nation-probing bush tales of Keith Garvey (1922–1999), John S. Ryan and Robert J. Smith

Conceptual learning in the primary and middle years: the interplay of heads, hearts and hands-on science, Keith R. Skamp

A review of air quality education, Keith R. Skamp, Iris Bergmann, Ros Taplin, and Kristina Cooke

Global warming: do students become more willing to be environmentally friendly as they get older?, Keith R. Skamp, Edward Boyes, and Martin Stanisstreet

Learning management: transitioning teachers for national and international change, Richard Smith, David Lynch, and Bruce A. Knight

Book review of Between Marx and Coca-Cola: youth cultures in changing european societies, 1960–1980, Robert J. Smith

Book review of Keyworth, David: Troublesome corpses: vampires and revenants from antiquity to the present, Robert J. Smith

Hugh Anderson: a bibliography, Robert J. Smith

Modern Australian foodways, Robert J. Smith

The death that does not depart: roadside memorialisation and mourning customs, Robert J. Smith

A scaffold for the research action plan: stage 5 geography, Judith Wilks

Dangerous games in the classroom : reconciling learning gain with measurement of achievement, Judith Wilks

Get your topic? it’s a lucky dip, Judith Wilks

Ideas in student research in the social sciences, Judith Wilks

Case study of an ecosystem at risk – mangroves on the mid north coast of NSW, Judith Wilks and R Taffs

Papers from 2006

Cambridge senior design and technology, Kerry Adamthwaite, Paul Lowe, David Ellis, Arna Wesley, Romalina Rocca, and Mike Worth


First year early childhood education students’ beliefs about children in long day child care, Joanne Ailwood and Wendy Anne Boyd

Engaging parents in the Goonellabah Transition Program, Kimberlii Austen-Baker and Sallie Newell

Pathways to good practice: a guide to flexible teaching for quality learning, Jennifer L. Bird, Lee Dunn, Martin Hayden, Kris Latona, Chris Morgan, Meg O'Reilly, Sharon Parry, and Greame Speedy


Does routine assessment and real-time feedback improve cancer patients' psychosocial well-being?, Allison W. Boyes, Sallie Newell, Afaf Girgis, Patrick McElduff, and Rob William Sanson-Fisher

Teaching with technology: the wonders of wireless, Marilyn J. Chaseling

Small histories, art histories, my histories: rethinking historical research, Alexandra Cutcher