Papers from 2008


Tackling Murderball: masculinity, disability and the big screen, Michael Gard and Hayley Fitzgerald

2008 Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 2:2 126-141.

Beyond homogenization of global education, Jennifer Gidley

2008 Alternative educational futures 253-268.

Integral approaches to school educational futures, Jennifer Gidley and Gary Hampson

2008 Alternative educational futures 285-304.

Children’s participation in research: possibilities & constraints, Anne Graham

2008 Children’s Research Cluster Symposium.

‘Young People Big Voice’: reflections on the participation of children and young people in a university setting, Anne Graham and Robyn Margaret Fitzgerald

2008 Involving children and young people in research: a compendium of papers and reflections from a think tank co-hosted by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth and the NSW Commission for Children and Young People on 11 November 2008 64-75.

Policy and practice implications of children’s citizenship, Anne Graham, Robyn Margaret Fitzgerald, and Brad Shipway

2008 , Inaugural International Child & Youth Research Network Conference: Child and Youth Research in the 21st Century: A Critical Appraisal.

Changing preservice teachers’ attitudes for teaching in rural schools, Peter Hudson and Suzanne Hudson

2008 Australian Journal of Teacher Education 33:4 66-77.

Sustainable futures for rural education: changing preservice teachers’ attitudes for teaching in rural schools, Peter Hudson and Suzanne Hudson

2008 Australian Association of Research in Education (AARE) Conference.

Challenges for preservice EFL teachers entering practicum, Peter Hudson, Thi Mai Hoa Nguyen, and Suzanne Hudson

2008 The 2008 Asia TEFL International Conferene: Globalizing Asia: The Role of ELT.

Mentoring Vietnamese preservice teachers in EFL writing, Peter hudson, Thi Mai Hoa Nguyen, and Suzanne Hudson

2008 JALT2007: The Japan Association for Language Teaching 33rd International Conference.

Beginning teachers' perceptions of their induction into teaching, Suzanne Hudson, Denise A. Beutel, and Peter Hudson

2008 Practical Experiences in Professional Education International Conference.

Devising university-based programs for the wider educational community, Suzanne Hudson and Peter Hudson

2008 Paris International Conference on Education, Economy & Society.

A comparison of teaching perspectives between undergraduate and graduate physical educators, Brendon Hyndman, Amanda Telford, and A Mooney

2008 Annual UB Research Conference: crossing boundaries: connectivity, collaboration and confluence..

General classroom strategies to enhance the inclusion of students with learning difficulties, Bruce Knight, Anne Bellert, and Lorraine Graham

2008 Reform, inclusion, and teacher education: towards a new era of special and inclusive education in Asia-Pacific regions. 169-186.

Weighing it up: thinking about the implications of school based obesity prevention initiatives, Deana Leahy

2008 ACHPER Healthy Lifestyles Journal.


Engaging students in science across the primary secondary interface: listening to the students’ voice, Marianne R. Logan and Keith R. Skamp

2008 Research in Science Education 38:4 501-527.

Prospective primary teachers’ conceptions of axial symmetry, Christos Markopoulos, C Panagiotakopoulos, and D Potari

2008 Proceedings of 11th International Congress on Mathematical Education, ICME11.

Please knock before you enter: Aboriginal regulation of outsiders and the implications for researchers, Karen Martin



Beginning teacher perspectives on wellbeing: the transition to teaching, Faye McCallum and Deborah Price

2008 Education Connect:11 6-9.


Lismore Communities for Children Initiative: Lismore Let's Read feedback summary (round 1), Sallie Newell

2008 Rotary Club of Lismore.


Rekindling the Spirit: potential benefits for the North Coast Area Health Service, Sallie Newell

2008 Rekindling the Spirit.


Rekindling the Spirit: preliminary database analyses, Sallie Newell

2008 Rekindling the Spirit.


Goonellabah Transition Program: 'Walking Together, Learning Together': final evaluation report, Sallie Newell and Anne Graham

2008 Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA).


Evaluating community-based programs: challenges and lessons from the front-line, Sallie Newell, Anne Graham, and Judy Cashmore

2008 10th Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference.

Peace education: exploring ethical and philosophical foundations, James Page


The united nations and peace education, James Page

2008 Encyclopedia of peace education 75-83.

The RED report: recognition, enhancement, development: the contribution of sessional teachers in higher education, Alisa Percy, Michele Scoufis, Sharon Parry, Allan Goody, Margaret Hicks, Ian Macdonald, Kay Martinez, Nick Szorenyi-Reischl, Yoni Ryan, Sandra Wills, and Lynn Sheridan


Enhancing innovation in ICT integration and flexible delivery options in the School of Education through a focus on collegial staff development and co-teaching: report on a project funded from Vice-Chancellor's Innovation and Development Grant for Teaching and Learning, Renata Phelps

2008 Southern Cross University.


Exploring new metaphors for teacher professional development: the technology together story through the lense of complexity, Renata Phelps

2008 New metaphors for leadership in schools reflections: Australian Council for Educational Leaders Conference.


Developing technology together, together: a whole-school metacognitive approach to ICT teacher professional development, Renata Phelps and Anne Graham

2008 Journal of Computing in Teacher Education 24:4 125-133.


ICT in the secondary visual arts classroom: a study of teachers' values, attitudes and beliefs, Renata Phelps and Carrie Maddison

2008 Australasian Journal of Educational Technology 24:1 1-14.


Creating web-based environmental education resources through community and university partnerships, Renata Phelps, Carrie Maddison, Keith R. Skamp, and Richard W. Bratihwaite

2008 Australian Journal of Teacher Education 33:3 44-60.


'I am smart and I am not joking’: aiming high in the middle years of schooling, Brenton Prosser, Faye McCallum, Philippa Milroy, Barbara Comber, and Helen Nixon

2008 Australian Educational Researcher:352 15-35.

Sculpture en Verre, exhibition, David Rousell


The religious participation and spiritual development of young people in Catholic schools: a longitudinal view, Richard Rymarz, J D. Graham, and Brad Shipway

2008 Journal of Religious Education 56:4 40-52.

A critical realist perspective of education, Brad Shipway

2008 Critical Realism in Education Conference.

Australian secondary students secondary students' views about global warming: beliefs about actions, and willingness to act, Keith Skamp, Edward Boyes, and Martin Stanisstreet

2008 15th Australian Association for Environmental Education Conference.

Atoms and molecules in primary science: what are teachers to do?, Keith R. Skamp

2008 Australian Journal of Education in Chemistry 68 5-9.

Materials, Keith R. Skamp

2008 Teaching primary science constructively 258-303.

Materials and change, Keith R. Skamp

2008 Teaching primary science constructively 304-347.

Our place in space, Keith R. Skamp

2008 Teaching primary science constructively 348-389.

Teaching primary science constructively, Keith R. Skamp

2008 Teaching primary science constructively 1-49.

Teaching primary science constructively, Keith R. Skamp


Secondary student views of global warming: beliefs actions and willingness to act, Keith R. Skamp, Edward Boyes, and Martin Stanisstreet

2008 Proceedings of Environmental education up the track: hot topics for our community: 15th biennial National Conference of Australian Association for Environmental Education.

Book review of Sherry Fletcher, Blakebrook Public School Centenary: 1907-2007: 100 years of public education, Robert J. Smith

2008 Richmond River Historical Society Bulletin 19:206 10-12.

'Dog's eye': the language and culture of the pie, Robert J. Smith

2008 National Australian Folklore Conference.

Folklore and schools: the view from the desks, Robert J. Smith

2008 Australian Folklore 23 188-195.

From tension to resonance: globalization and localism in an Australian context, Robert J. Smith

2008 Iranian Curriculum Studies Association Conference.

Heritage in whose hands?: a regional university's link to its community's traditional culture, Robert J. Smith

2008 Heritage Futures Research Centre.

A possible application of school lore: the school piano, Robert J. Smith and Noelene Weatherby-Fell

2008 Australian Folklore 23 196-203.

Environment, place and social ecology in educational practice, Brian Wattchow, Geraldine Burke, and Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

2008 AARE 2008 International education research conference.

School gardens : a first step towards whole school sustainability, H. Widdop Quinton and Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

2008 Eingana 31:2 11-13.

Blinded by technology, Judith Wilks

2008 Independent Education 38:1 10-12.

Creating child friendly cities - innovations for secondary geography curriculum, Judith Wilks

2008 PEEL Seeds 101:December 37-38.

Investigating the physical environment: intertidal wetlands, Judith Wilks

2008 Keys to fieldwork: essential skills and tools.

Rome: the ’Eternal City’: a case study of urban dynamics, Judith Wilks

2008 Geography Bulletin 40:4 19-26.


Mathematics recovery: an early number program focusing on intensive intervention, Robert J. Wright

2008 Mathematical difficulties: psychology and intervention 203-223.

Interview-based assessment of early number knowledge, Robert John Wright

2008 Teaching and learning early number 193-204.


Quality teaching and professional learning: uncritical reflections of a critical friend, Tony Yeigh

2008 The Australian Journal of Teacher Education 33:2 1-15.

Fatness, fitness and the moral universe of sport and physical activity, Cathy Zanker and Michael Gard

2008 Sociology of Sport Journal 25:1 48-65.

Papers from 2007

Undergraduate early childhood education students and their talk about child care, Joanne Ailwood and Wendy Anne Boyd

2007 Re-thinking early childhood education: 8th Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA) Conference.


Changing a half-baked 3d navigational game, E Alexopoulou, C Kynigos, and Christos Markopoulos

2007 Proceedings of the 11th European Logo Conference.

Instructional and pedagogical approaches for effective literacy teaching across the curriculum., Anne Bellert and H Cooney

2007 32nd Annual National Conference of the Australian Association of Special Education, 2007.

Parents’ decisions regarding paid work and care of the child, Wendy Anne Boyd

2007 National Family Day Care Professional Development Conference.

Parents’ decisions regarding paid work and care of the child, Wendy Anne Boyd

2007 Waves of change: children, community, curriculum: Creche & Kindergarten Conference.

Re-thinking the management of community-based early childhood services, Wendy Anne Boyd

2007 Every Child 13:2.

Comparing early childhood education and care across Australia, Wendy Anne Boyd and Joanne Ailwood

2007 Early childhood in Australia : historical and comparative contexts.

The impact and potential of water education in early childhood care and education settings, Wendy Anne Boyd and Barbara Jensen

2007 The future begins with early childhood: 28th NSW Environmental Educators Conference.


Air-quality: a comparison of conceptions and attitudes across the continents, Edward Boyes, George Myers, Keith R. Skamp, Martin Stanisstreet, and Stephen Yeung

2007 Compare 37:4 425-445.

Mini-musicals for maximum impact, Lyndell Bussa, Marilyn J. Chaseling, and Robert J. Smith

2007 Proceedings of Music Education Research: Values and Initiatives : Australian Society for Music Education (AARME) XVI National Conference 20-27.

Theodore Stephen Tearne: New South Wales’ Second Superintendent of Music, Marilyn J. Chaseling

2007 Proceedings of Music Education Research: Values and Initiatives : Australian Society for Music Education (AARME) XVI National Conference 9-19.

Documenting the knowledge of low-attaining third-and fourth-graders: Robyn's and Bel's sequential structure and multidigit additon and subtraction, David Collins, Robert J. Right, and Gerard Lewis

2007 Mathematics: essential research, essential practice: proceedings of the 30th annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia 1 265-274.

Boundary hunters: art for the sake of research, Alexandra J. Cutcher

2007 The art of visual enquiry 75-88.

Kids as researchers: applications and possibilities for environmental education research, Amy Cutter-Mackenzie

2007 4th World Environmental Education Congress.

Children as researchers: applications and possibilities for environmental education evaluation and research, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

2007 Eingana 30:1 14-16.

Knowledge matters: teaching environmental education in the early years, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

2007 Young children : thinking about the scientific world 54-60.

Sustainable Cities: research report, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

2007 Gould Group Monash University.

Waste wise schools longitudinal study, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie

2007 Gould Group Monash University.

A move to teacher standards : promoting excellence in environmental and sustainability education, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie, B. Clarke, J. Su, and P. Smith

2007 Eingana 30:3 4-6.

Deconstructing early childhood content, context and pedagogy through everyday environmental education experiences, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie and S Edwards

2007 American Educational Research Association Annual Conference.

Science Outside School (SOS) Program: research report, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie, W T. Seah, and N Prince

2007 Australia Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) 1-21.

Transformative effects of schoolgrounds programs: 5 teacher stories, Amy N. Cutter-Mackenzie and Helen Widdop-Quinton

2007 4th International Conference on Environment Education.

Assessing pupil knowledge of the sequential structure of numbers, David L. Ellemor-Collins and Robert John Wright

2007 Educational and Child Psychology 24:2 54-63.


Mainstreaming education for sustainable development in initial teacher education in Australia: a review of existing professional development models, Jo-Anne Ferreira, Lisa Ryan, and Daniella Tilbury

2007 Journal of Education for Teaching 33:2 225-239.

Supervised contact – what do children tell us?, Robyn Margaret Fitzgerald

2007 Interrelate Family Centres.

Is the war on obesity also a war on children?, Michael Gard

2007 Childrenz Issues: Journal of the Children's Issues Centre 11:2 20-24.

Obesity discourse and the crisis of faith in disciplinary technology, Michael Gard and David Kirk

2007 Utbildning & Demokrati: Tidskrift för Didaktik och Utbildningspolitik 16:2 17-36.

Mathematics: teacher’s guide for creative use of manipulatives, B Georgiadou-Kabouridi and Christos Markopoulos



Educational imperatives of the evolution of consciousness: the integral visions of Rudolf Steiner and Ken Wilber, Jennifer M. Gidley

2007 International Journal of Children's Spirituality 12:2 117-135.


Overview : governance in higher education - concepts and issues, Leo Goedegebuure and Martin Hayden

2007 Higher Education Research and Development 26:1 1-11.

Teacher perspectives on the mental health of children & young people in schools, Anne Graham

2007 Australian Association for Research in Education: 37th Annual International Educational Research Conference.

Progressing the ‘impact’ agenda in education: including children & young people in research, Anne Graham and Robyn Margaret Fitzgerald

2007 Research impacts: proving or improving? Australian Association for Research in Education Conference.

Effective reading comprehension instruction for students with learning disabilities, Lorraine Graham and Anne Bellert

2007 Australian Journal of Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities 2 7-15.

Supporting students in the middle school years with learning difficulties in mathematics: research into classroom practice, Lorraine Graham and Anne Bellert

2007 32nd Annual National Conference of the Australian Association of Special Education, 2007.

Narrowing the gap: improving learning outcomes for students in the middle-school years with learning disabilities, Lorraine Graham, Anne Bellert, and John Pegg

2007 12th Biennial Conference for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI), 2007.


Supporting students in the middle school years with learning difficulties in mathematics: research into classroom practice, Lorraine Graham, Anne Bellert, and John Pegg

2007 Australasian Journal of Special Education 31:2 171-182.


QuickSmart: a basic academic skills intervention for middle school students with learning difficulties, Lorraine Graham, Anne Bellert, Jenny Thomas, and John Pegg

2007 Journal of Learning Disabilities 40:5 410-419.

International perspective on researching and supporting learning performance in reading and numeracy, Lorraine Graham, John Pegg, James M. Royer, Jenny Thomas, Helen Abadzi, and Anne Bellert

2007 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, 2007.

It's like society and environment is the cake and you're not allowed to have it yet, you've got to have your peas and beans first, Cathryn Hammond and Faye McCallum

2007 AARE Conference 2007.

Comparative analysis of the education law (2007) of the Lao PDR, Martin Hayden and Richard Martin

2007 Ministry of Education.