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Post-print of Prabhu, R, Haggith, M, Mudavanhu, H, Muetzelfeldt, R, Standa-Gunda, W & Vanclay, JK 2003, 'ZimFlores: A model to advise co-management of the mafungautsi forest in Zimbabwe', Small-Scale Forestry, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 185-210.

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ZimFlores (version 4) is the outcome of a participatory modelling process and seeks to provide a shared factual basis for exploring land-use options for the communal lands surrounding the Mafungautsi forest. The ZimFlores experience underscores the importance of a sharing a common problem and a common location in which all participants have an interest. Participatory modelling has proved an effective way to consolidate a diverse body of knowledge and make it accessible. Results demonstrate the importance of model outputs that are diagnostic, and which offer insights into the issues under consideration.