Papers from 2005

Supplementary Information from the Sumatra-Andaman tsunami from 26.12.2004, Dieter Kelletat and Anja Scheffers

Tsunami – eine unterschätzte naturgefahr?, Dieter Kelletat, Anja Scheffers, and Sander Scheffers

New tsunami evidences in southern Spain – Cabo de Trafalgar and Mallorca Island, Dieter Kelletat, Franziska Whelan, P Bartel, and Anja Scheffers

Debonding failure in CFRP flexurally strengthened reinforced concrete beams, N Khomwan, S J. Foster, and Scott T. Smith

FE modelling of CFRP strengthened RC beams subjected to fatigue, N Khomwan, M KY Loo, S J. Foster, and Scott T. Smith

Strengthening of RC slabs with externally bonded fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) plates, S J. Kim and Scott T. Smith

Population monitoring of the vulnerable wallum sedge frog (Litoria olongburensis) in north-eastern New South Wales, Ben D. Lewis and Ross L. Goldingay

Stiffness estimation and damage detection of fibre reinforced polymer strengthened reinforced concrete beams using a vibration-based method, J Li, Bijan Samali, and Scott T. Smith


Aboriginal perceptions of a government consultation process: a case study of the Queensland Regional Forest Agreement process, David J. Lloyd, Paul van Nimwegen, and William E. Boyd

Letting Indigenous people talk about their country: a case study of cross-cultural (mis)communication in an environmental management planning process, David J. Lloyd, Paul van Nimwegen, and William E. Boyd


Bioaccumulation of metals in Eisenia fetida after exposure to a metal-loaded bauxsol™ reagent, Gregory A. Maddocks, Amanda Reichelt-Brushett, David McConchie, and Jaco Vangronsveld

The effect of nitrogen loading on on-site system design: a model for determining land application area size, Anthony McCardell, Leigh Davison, and Andrew Edwards

Linking water resources and global change in West Africa: options for assessment, Jeremy R. Meigh, S Folwell, and Caroline A. Sullivan


Growth stress in Eucalyptus dunnii, Timothy N. Murphy, Michael Henson, and Jerome K. Vanclay

Integrated outcrop, drill core, borehole and seismic stratigraphic architecture of a cyclothemic, shallow-marine depositional system, Wanganui Basin, New Zealand, Tim R. Naish, Bradley D. Field, H Zhu, A Melhuish, Robert M. Carter, Steven T. Abbott, S Edwards, Brent V. Alloway, Gary S. Wilson, Frank Niessen, A Barker, Gregory H. Browne, and G Maslen


Distribution and habitat assessment of the Broad-headed Snake Hoplocephalus bungaroides, David A. Newell and Ross L. Goldingay


Measuring carbon isotope ratios of microphytobenthos using compound-specific stable isotope analysis of phytol, Joanne Margaret Oakes, Andrew T. Revill, Rod M. Connolly, and Susan I. Blackburn

Australian guideline for RC structures retrofitted with FRP and metallic plates: beams and slabs, D J. Oehlers, R Seracino, and Scott T. Smith

Reconstructing fire histories: methods, interpretation and common on-ground across fire history research in Australia, Jeffrey F. Parr, Geoffrey Kerr, J Arthur, Keith G. Bolton, Geraldine E. Jacobsen, and Kathryn H. Taffs


Carbon sequestration in plantstones, Jeffrey F. Parr and Leigh A. Sullivan

Soil carbon sequestration in Phytoliths, Jeffrey F. Parr and Leigh A. Sullivan

Sustainable forestry in the tropics : panacea or folly?, David W. Pearce, Francis E. Putz, and Jerome K. Vanclay


Nutrient leaching in undisturbed cores of an acidic sandy Podosol following simultaneous potassium chloride and di-ammonium phosphate application, Ian R. Phillips and Edward D. Burton

Effects of diffusion and resuspension on nutrient release from submerged sediments, Ian R. Phillips, Edward D. Burton, and Darryl W. Hawker

Silicic tephras in Pleistocene shallow-marine sediments of Wanganui Basin, New Zealand, Brad J. Pillans, Brent V. Alloway, Tim R. Naish, John Westgate, Steven T. Abbott, and Alan Palmer


The role of surface fouling in the development of encapsulated gastropod embryos, Rachel Przeslawski and Kirsten Benkendorff


A quantitative survey of mycosporine-like amino acids (MAAS) in intertidal egg masses from temperate rocky shores, R Przeslawski, Kirsten Benkendorff, and A R. Davis


Synergistic effects associated with climate change and the development of rocky shore molluscs, R Przeslawski, A R. Davis, and Kirsten Benkendorff


The effect of selected trace metals on the fertilization success of several scleractinian coral species, Amanda J. Reichelt-Brushett and Peter L. Harrison


Effects of copper on the fertilization success of the soft coral Lobophytum compactum, Amanda J. Reichelt-Brushett and K Michalek-Wagner


Identifying suitable invertebrate species from a unique habitat for ecotoxicological testing, Hughes R, Amanda J. Reichelt-Brushett, and L J. Newman

Sweers Island: changes over two hundred years since Flinders' visit, Peter Saenger

Arguments and methods in distinguishing storm and tsunami debris and the problem of paleo-tsunami dating, Anja Scheffers

Coastal response to extreme wave events: hurricanes and tsunami on Bonaire, Anja Scheffers

Windskulpturierung (ventifaction) im Küstenraum von West-Portugal und am SE-Peloponnes, Griechenland, Anja Scheffers


Tsunami relics in the coastal landscape west of Lisbon, Portugal, Anja Scheffers and Dieter Kelletat


Paleo-tsunami relics on the southern and central Antillean Island arc (Grenada, St. Lucia and Guadeloupe), Anja Scheffers, Sander Scheffers, and Dieter Kelletat

Benthic-pelagic coupling in coral reefs: interaction between framework cavities and reef water, Sander R. Scheffers


Why is bacterioplankton growth in coral reef framework cavities enhanced?, Sander R. Scheffers, R PM Bak, and F C. van Duyl

Gametogenic and reproductive cycles of the host sea anemone Entacmaea quadricolor, Anna Scott

Embryonic development of host sea anemone Heteractis crispa, Anna Scott and Peter Lynton Harrison


Synchronous spawning of host sea anemones, Anna Scott and Peter Lynton Harrison


Assessing coastal vulnerability: developing a global index for measuring risk, A Singh, Sumith Pathirana, and Hua Shi


Dynamics of tree diversity in undisturbed and logged subtropical rainforest in Australia, R Geoff B. Smith, J Doland Nichols, and Jerome K. Vanclay

Concrete flexural members reinforced with fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) reinforcing bars: advantages and limitations, Scott T. Smith and R J. Gravina

Critical debonding length in FRP flexurally strengthened RC members, Scott T. Smith and R J. Gravina

Durability considerations for FRP- strengthened RC structures in the Australian environment, Scott T. Smith, R Kaul, R Sri Ravindrarajah, and O MA Otoom

Mangrove expansion and their human removal in Tauranga Harbour, New Zealand, Debra J. Stokes and Terry R. Healy

Targeting attention on local vulnerabilities using an integrated index approach: the example of the climate vulnerability index, Caroline A. Sullivan and Jeremy R. Meigh


The potential of soil to securely sequestrate carbon: expanding the horizon, Leigh A. Sullivan and Jeffrey F. Parr


The distribution and abundance of marine debris on isolated beaches of northern New South Wales, Australia, Kathryn H. Taffs and Murray C. Cullen


Spiral and interlocking grain in Eucalyptus dunnii, C Thinley, Graeme Palmer, Jerome K. Vanclay, and Michael Henson


Dimethylsulphide and dimethylsulphoniopropionate in Antarctic sea ice and their release during sea ice melting, Anne J. Trevena and Graham B. Jones


Natural hybridization does not dissolve species boundaries in commercially important sea cucumbers, Sven Uthicke, Steven W. Purcell, and Bernard Blockmans


Deforestation: correlations, possible causes and some implications, Jerome K. Vanclay

Using a typology of tree-growers to guide forestry extension, Jerome K. Vanclay


What would a global forest convention mean for tropical forests and for timber consumers?, Jerome K. Vanclay and J Doland Nichols


Mode of reproduction, recruitment, and genetic subdivision in the brooding sponge Haliclona sp., Steve W. Whalan, M S. Johnson, E Harvey, and Christopher Battershill

Papers from 2004

Flooding and landslides in the West Indies: digging deeper into the dirt, Rafi Ahmad, Serwan MJ Baban, Kamal J. Sant, and Amar Chinchali


The application of sediment capping agents on phosphorus speciation and mobility in a sub-tropical dunal lake, Darren J. Akhurst, Graham B. Jones, and David M. McConchie

Mapping groundwater level and depth in the Azraq Basin in Jordan using GIS, Rida Al-Adamat and Serwan MJ Baban

An examination of agricultural land use change in the north-eastern Badia, Jordan using remote sensing and GIS, Rida Al-Adamat, Serwan MJ Baban, and Ian Foster

Attaining a balance between environmental protection and sustainable development in the Caribbean region using Geoinformatics, Serwan MJ Baban

Issues in information poverty and decision-making in the Caribbean region, a way forward, Serwan MJ Baban, Bheshem Ramlal, and Raid Al-Tahir

Mapping landslide susceptibility on a small mountainous tropical island using GIS, Serwan MJ Baban and Kamal J. Sant

Modelling the optimum routes for linking potential reservoir sites to demand area in mountainous tropical islands, Serwan MJ Baban, Kamruzaman Wan-Yusof, Ian Foster, and Bheshem Ramlal

Gastropod egg mass deposition on a temperate, wave-exposed coastline in New South Wales, Australia: implications for intertidal conservation, Kirsten Benkendorff and A R. Davis


2,4,5-Tribromo-1H-Imidazole in the egg masses of three muricid molluscs, Kirsten Benkendorff, Ramesh Pillai, and John B. Bremner


Observations on the production of purple pigments in the egg capsules, hypobranchial and reproductive glands from seven species of Muricidae (Gastropoda : Mollusca), Kirsten Benkendorff, C B. Westley, and C S. Gallardo

Mapping main coastal habitats and mangroves, F Blasco, Peter Saenger, Y Auda, M Aizpuru, R A. Loughland, and A MM Youssef

As fantastic as the Atlantis: reading a prehistoric floodscape, William E. Boyd

Book review: D Charman, Peatlands and environmental change, William E. Boyd

Finding a home: talking cultural geography, William E. Boyd

Letting Indigenous people talk about their country: cross-cultural (mis)communication in a regional forest agreement process, William E. Boyd

Stooking the peanuts: an emphemeral landscape in Northeast New South Wales, William E. Boyd

Holocene elevated sea levels on the north coast of Vietnam, William E. Boyd and Doan Dinh Lam

Holocene vegetation dynamics in West New Britain, PNG, William E. Boyd, Carol J. Lentfer, Jeffrey F. Parr, and C F. Jago

Mapping the environment: a professional development manual, William E. Boyd and Kathryn H. Taffs

Mapping the environment: reflections on a self-guided geography teaching book and its interrelationships with internal and external delivery of a University course, William E. Boyd, Kathryn H. Taffs, and W Laird


DMS and DMSP in mucus ropes, coral mucus, surface films and sediment pore waters from coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef, Andrew D. Broadbent and Graham B. Jones

Sorption and desorption behaviour of tributyltin with natural sediments, Edward D. Burton, Ian R. Phillips, and Darryl W. Hawker

Trace metals and nutrients in bottom sediments of the Southport Broadwater, Australia, Edward D. Burton, Ian R. Phillips, and Darryl W. Hawker


Occurrence of marcasite in an organic-rich Holocene estuarine mud, Richard T. Bush, Roger McGrath, and Leigh A. Sullivan


Occurrence and abundance of monosulfidic black ooze in coastal acid sulfate soil landscapes, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Diane M. Fyfe

Redistribution of monosulfidic black oozes by floodwaters in a coastal acid sulfate soil floodplain, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, Diane M. Fyfe, and Scott G. Johnston

A quantitative procedure for determining the acid volatile sulphur content in acid sulphate materials, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, Diane M. Fyfe, and Chuxia Lin

Evaluating the attitudes of park users towards the establishment of the Cape Byron Marine Park, northern NSW: user surveys before implementation of the zoning plan, Claudia Frances Catterall and Vicki J. Harriot


Sulfur stable isotopes separate producers in marine food-web analysis, Rod M. Connolly, Michaela A. Guest, Andrew J. Melville, and Joanne Margaret Oakes


Carbon and nitrogen cycling on intertidal mudflats of a temperate Australian estuary: I. Benthic metabolism, Perran LM Cook, Edward CV Butler, and Bradley D. Eyre

Benthic fluxes of nitrogen in the tidal reaches of a turbid, high nitrate subtropical river, Perran LM Cook, Bradley D. Eyre, Rhys Leeming, and Edward CV Butler


Carbon and nitrogen cycling on intertidal mudflats of a temperate Australian estuary: II. Nitrogen cycling, Perran LM Cook, Andrew T. Revill, Edward CV Butler, and Bradley D. Eyre

Secondary treatment by reed bed: eight years experience in north eastern NSW, Leigh Davison, Tom R. Headley, and K Pratt

Reply to comment on our paper: Comparison of isotope pairing and N2: Ar methods for measuring sediment dentrification rates, Bradley D. Eyre, Soren Rysgaard, Tage Dalsgaard, and Peter B. Christensen


Benthic nutrient fluxes in euphotic sediments along shallow sub-tropical estuaries, northern NSW, Australia, Angus JP Ferguson, Bradley D. Eyre, and Jennita M. Gay

Nutrient cycling in the sub-tropical Brunswick estuary, northern NSW, Australia, Angus JP Ferguson, Bradley D. Eyre, and Jennita M. Gay


Comparison of four methods for liberating various aggregate fractions in Vertosols to study their morphology, Damien J. Field, Leigh A. Sullivan, Stephen R. Cattle, and Anthony J. Koppi

Increasing the arsenate adsorption capacity of neutralized red mud (Bauxsol), Hülya Genç-Fuhrman, Jens Christian Tjell, and David M. McConchie

On the ductility of reinforced concrete slabs containing low ductility reinforcing steels, R I. Gilbert and Scott T. Smith

Strain localization and its impact on the ductility of reinforced concrete slabs containing 500 MPa reinforcement, R I. Gilbert and Scott T. Smith

Structural habitat preferences of the feathertail glider on the mid-south coast of New South Wales, Ross L. Goldingay and Teresa J. Eyre