Papers from 2004

Methods for determination of actual acidity in acid sulphate materials, Chuxia Lin, David M. McConchie, Leigh A. Sullivan, Richard T. Bush, Graham Lancaster, and Ken O'Brien


Identifying training needs to improve Indigenous communities representatives input into environmental resources management consultative processes: a case study of the Bundjalung nation, David J. Lloyd and Fiona Norrie


Identifying training needs to improve Indigenous community representatives input into environmental resource management consultative processes: a case study of the Bundjalung Nation (Presentation), David J. Lloyd and Fiona Norrie

Advances in sea cucumber aquaculture and management, Alessandro Lovatelli, Chantal Conand, Steven W. Purcell, Sven Uthicke, Jean-François Hamel, and Annie Mercier

Effects of Bauxsol™ and biosolids on soil conditions of acid-generating mine spoil for plant growth, Gary Maddocks, Chuxia Lin, and David M. McConchie


Sample pre-treatment and the determination of some chemical properties of acid sulfate soil materials, Crystal A. Maher, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Nicholas J. Ward

CFRP-retrofitted RC exterior beam-column connections under cyclic loads, S S. Mahini, H R. Ronagh, and Scott T. Smith

The effect of nitrogen loading on on-site system design: a model for determining land application area size (Presentation), Anthony McCardell, Leigh Davison, and Andrew Edwards

Modeling deforestation at distinct geographic scales and time periods in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Benoît Mertens, David Kaimowitz, Atie Puntodewo, Jerome K. Vanclay, and Patricia Mendez


Conserving reptiles and frogs in the forests of New South Wales, David A. Newell and Ross L. Goldingay


Causes of sulfur isotope variability in the seagrass, Zostera capricorni, Joanne Margaret Oakes and Rod M. Connolly

Farmers, crops and trees: sustainable agroforestry: research and experience from West Africa: an introductory handbook, Dermot O. O'Regan and Caroline A. Sullivan

Morphometric and visual fossil phytolith identification using a regionally specific digital database, Jeffrey F. Parr

A microwave digestion technique for the extraction of fossil diatoms from coastal lake and swamp sediments, Jeffrey F. Parr, Kathryn H. Taffs, and Christopher M. Lane

Effects of pH and salinity on copper, lead and zinc sorption rates in sediments from Moreton Bay, Australia, Ian R. Phillips, Dane T. Lamb, Darryl W. Hawker, and Edward D. Burton

Diurnal variations in the chemistry of geothermal fluids after discharge, Champagne Pool, Waiotapu, New Zealand, J G. Pope, David M. McConchie, Malcolm W. Clark, and K L. Brown


Effects of ultraviolet radiation and visible light on the development of encapsulated molluscan embryos, Rachel Przeslawski, Andrew R. Davis, and Kirsten Benkendorff


Criteria for release strategies and evaluating the restocking of sea cucumbers, Steven W. Purcell

Management options for restocked trochus fisheries, Steven W. Purcell


Releases of cultured sub-adult Trochus niloticus generate broodstock for fishery replenishment in Vanuatu, Steven W. Purcell, M J. Amos, and K Pakoa

Meeting the needs of geoinfomatics education the Carribean region, Bheshem Ramlal, Serwan MJ Baban, and Raid Al-Tahir


Development of a sublethal test to determine the effects of copper and lead on scleractinian coral larvae, Amanda J. Reichelt-Brushett and Peter Lynton Harrison


Factors contributing to the acid sulfate soil scalding process in the coastal floodplains of New South Wales, Australia, Mark A. Rosicky, Leigh A. Sullivan, Peter G. Slavich, and Mike Hughes


Soil properties in and around acid sulfate soil scalds in the coastal floodplains of New South Wales, Australia, Mark A. Rosicky, Leigh A. Sullivan, Peter G. Slavich, and Mike Hughes

Mangroves of the United Arab Emirates with particular emphasis on those of Abu Dhabi Emirate, Peter Saenger, F Blasco, A MM Youssef, and R A. Loughland


Draft regional action plan for the conservation of mangroves, Peter Saenger and Ahmed SM Khalil


Heavy metals in mangroves: methodology, monitoring and management, Peter Saenger and David McConchie


Tsunami imprints on the Leeward Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire) and their relation to other coastal problems, Anja Scheffers


Removal of bacteria and nutrient dynamics within the coral reef framework of Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles), Sander R. Scheffers, G Nieuwland, R PM Bak, and F C. van Duyl


ESR dating of coral reef terraces on Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles) with estimates of Younger Pleistocene sea level elevations, Gerhard Schellmann, Ulrich Radtke, Anja Scheffers, Franziska Whelan, and Dieter Kelletat


Effect of trace metal availability on coccolithophorid calcification, Kai G. Schulz, I Zondervan, L J A Gerringa, K R. Timmermans, W Veldhuis, and U Riebesell

Synchronous spawning of host sea anemones, Anna Scott

Review of design guidelines on flexural strengthening of RC beams with FRP composites, Scott T. Smith

Prediction of debonding failure in FRP flexurally strengthened RC members using a local deformation model, Scott T. Smith and R Gravina

Tests on structurally deficient RC slabs strengthened with fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites, Scott T. Smith and S J. Kim


Marula, a South African case study, Caroline A. Sullivan

An assessment of the potential impacts of climate-induced deglaciation on communities and their livelihoods in the Hindu Kush Himalaya, Caroline A. Sullivan, S P. Rijal, M Shrestha, N Khanal, and Dermot P. O'Regan

A comparative economic analysis of the impacts of improved agroforestry techniques in Sahelian farming systems in Senegal and Mali, Caroline A. Sullivan, P Sissoko, D Sidibe, Dermot P. O'Regan, A Sene, S AN Samba, and J D. Deans


Iron precipitate accumulations associated with waterways in drained coastal acid sulfate landscapes of eastern Australia, Leigh A. Sullivan and Richard T. Bush


Chromium reducible sulfur (SCr - Method 22B), Leigh A. Sullivan, Richard T. Bush, David McConchie, Graham Lancaster, M W. Clark, C Lin, and Peter Saenger

Disulfide sulfur (Sd), Leigh A. Sullivan, Angus E. McElnea, Nicholas J. Ward, and Richard T. Bush

Estuary, swamp, estuary: environmental history of Tuckean Swamp, Kathryn H. Taffs


Pleistocene colonisation of the Bismarck Archipelago: new evidence from West New Britain, Robin Torrence, Vince Neall, Trudy Doelman, Ed Rhodes, Chris McKee, Hugh Davies, Roberto Bonetti, Alessandra Guglielmetti, Alberto Manzoni, Massimo Oddone, Jeffrey F. Parr, and Cleland Wallace


Preservation of genetic diversity in restocking of the sea cucumber Holothuria scabra investigated by allozyme electrophoresis, Sven Uthicke and Steven W. Purcell


Indicator groups and faunal richness, Jerome K. Vanclay

Elemental sulfur (Se), Nicholas J. Ward, Diane M. Fyfe, Leigh A. Sullivan, S RC Claff, and Richard T. Bush


Soil pH, oxygen availability, and the rate of sulfide oxidation in acid sulfate soil materials: implications for environmental hazard assessment, Nicholas J. Ward, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Richard T. Bush


The response of partially oxidised acid sulfate soil materials to anoxia, Nicholas J. Ward, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Richard T. Bush


The process of sulfide oxidation in some acid sulfate soil materials, Nicholas J. Ward, Leigh A. Sullivan, Diane M. Fyfe, Richard T. Bush, and Angus JP Ferguson


Effect of natural populations of burrowing thalassinidean shrimp on sediment irrigation, benthic metabolism, nutrient fluxes and denitrification, Arthur P. Webb and Bradley D. Eyre

The effect of natural populations of the borrowing and grazing soldier crab (Mictyris longicarpus) on sediment irrigation, benthic metabolism and nitrogen fluxes, Arthur P. Webb and Bradley D. Eyre

The effects of two benthic chamber stirring systems on the diffusive boundary layer, oxygen flux, and passive flow through model macrofauna burrows, Arthur P. Webb and Bradley D. Eyre

Using Landsat TM and geographic information systems to map the distribution of macadamia nut or, Michael B. Whelan

Using biologically important physical characteristics of estuaries to classify Australian and New Zealand estuaries, Michael B. Whelan, Peter Saenger, M J. Digby, and T Hume

Papers from 2003

Remediation of Partridge Creek acid sulfate soil hot spot, Thor Aaso, M Rogers, and Scott G. Johnston

Groundwater vulnerability mapping for the Basaltic aquifer of the Azraq basin of Jordan using GIS, Remote Sensing and DRASTIC, Rida Al-Adamat, Ian Foster, and Serwan MJ Baban


Evaluation of strategies for intermediate culture of Trochus niloticus (Gastropoda) in sea cages for restocking, M J. Amos and Steven W. Purcell

Developing a system to monitor natural vegetation and its habitats in the Caribbean region, Serwan MJ Baban

Responding to the effects of climate change on agriculture, fisheries and tourism in the Caribbean region utilising geoinformatics, Serwan MJ Baban

Let the desert bloom: an overview of an attempt to promote sustainable development and environmental protection in the Jordanian Badia Region, Serwan MJ Baban, Salem Al-Oun, and Mohammed Shahbaz

The guide to writing and publishing research papers in peer reviewed journals, Serwan MJ Baban and Clement K. Sankat

Modelling optimum sites for locating reservoirs in tropical environments, Serwan MJ Baban and Kamruzaman Wan-Yusof

Modelling hydrological catchment management and planning scenarios to minimise lake/reservoir sedimentation problems in tropical environments, Serwan MJ Baban, Kamruzaman Wan-Yusof, and Raid Al-Tahir

Nitrogen removal from domestic effluent using subsurface flow constructed wetlands: influence of depth, hydraulic residence time and pre-nitrification, M L. Bayley, Leigh Davison, and T R. Healey

Rapid biodiversity assessment on rocky intertidal reefs: an examination of molluscan species richness, Kirsten Benkendorff


Response to Cotter and Cotter: confirming the probable industrial origin of archaeological daub at an Iron Age site in northeast Thailand, William E. Boyd and Jeffrey F. Parr

Estimating sludge loadings to land based on trace metal sorption in soil: effect of dissolved organo-metallic complexes, Edward D. Burton, Darryl W. Hawker, and M R. Redding

Sludge-derived Cu and Zn in a humic-gley soil: effect of dissolved metal-organic matter complexes on sorption and partitioning, Edward D. Burton, Darryl W. Hawker, and M R. Redding

A study of owner-built composting toilets in Lismore, NSW, Leigh Davison and S Walker


Assisting stakeholder decision making using system dynamics group model-building, Kristin A. den Exter and Alison Specht

Intra- and inter-annual variability in the different forms of diffuse nitrogen and phosphorus delivered to seven sub-tropical east Australian estuaries, Bradley D. Eyre and David Pont


Organic matter and benthic metabolism in euphotic sediments along shallow sub-tropical estuaries, northern NSW, Australia, Angus JP Ferguson, Bradley D. Eyre, and Jennita M. Gay

Adsorption of arsenate from water using neutralized red mud, Hülya Genç-Fuhrman, Jens Christian Tjell, David M. McConchie, and Olaf Schuiling

Design models for the removal of BOD and total nitrogen in reed beds, Tom R. Headley and Leigh Davison

Seasonal variation in phosphorus removal processes within reed beds - mass balance investigations, Tom R. Headley, David O. Huett, and Leigh Davison

A GIS atlas of the fossil pollen and mode records of Ficus and related species for Island Southeast Asia, Australasia and the Western Pacific, C F. Jago and William E. Boyd


Restoring the balance : guidelines for managing floodgates and drainage systems on coastal floodplains, Scott G. Johnston, Frederieke Kroon, Peter G. Slavich, Alan Cibilic, and Andrew Bruce

Soil permeability can effect acid export and salt seepage, Scott G. Johnston and B MacDonald


Hydraulic conductivity - a simple field test for shallow coastal acid sulfate soils, Scott G. Johnston and Peter G. Slavich


Alteration of groundwater and sediment geochemistry in a sulfidic backswamp due to Melaleuca quinquenervia encroachment, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, and Phillip Hirst

Hydraulic conductivity in the sulfuric horizons at Partridge Creek acid sulfate soil hotspot, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, and Phillip Hirst


Artificial drainage of floodwaters from sulfidic backswamps: effects on deoxygenation in an Australian estuary, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Phillip Hirst

13C-depleted charcoal from C3 and C4 grasses and the role of occluded carbon in phytoliths, Evelyn S. Krull, Jan O. Skjemstad, D Graetz, K Grice, W Dunning, G D. Cook, and Jeffrey F. Parr

Holocene coastal stratigraphy and the sedimentary development of the Hai Phong area of the Bac Bo Plain (Red River Delta), Vietnam., Doan Dinh Lam and William E. Boyd

A comparison of diatom community structure on natural and artificial substrata, Christopher M. Lane, Kathryn H. Taffs, and Jamie L. Corfield

Particle settling times for gravity sedimentation and centrifugation: a practical guide for palynologists., Carol J. Lentfer, Maria M. Cotter, and William Edgar Boyd

Acidity and major acidic cations in surface soils of a sulfidic mine site, Australia: implications for mine site rehabilitation, Chuxia Lin, Gary Maddocks, E Bateman, Malcolm W. Clark, and David M. McConchie

Greywater pollutant attenuation in a basaltic soil: a soil column experiment, Anthony McCardell and Leigh Davison


The seasonal variation of dissolved nutrients, chlorophyll a and suspended sediments at Nelly Bay, Magnetic Island, Ir Muslim and Graham B. Jones

Phytolith and starch analysis of sediment samples from two archaeological sites on Dauar Island, Torres Strait, northeastern Australia, Jeffrey F. Parr and M Carter

Waste reduction and value adding during fossil phytolith extraction and palaeo-environmental analysis of volcanic sediments and tephra using Microwave Digestion and ICPMS, Jeffrey F. Parr and K Farrugia

Fires and their implications for acidic peatlands, northeastern NSW, Jeffrey F. Parr, Kathryn H. Taffs, Geoffrey Kerr, and J Arthur


Sustainable forestry in the tropics: panacea or folly?, David W. Pearce, Francis E. Putz, and Jerome K. Vanclay


ZimFlores: A model to advise co-management of the mafungautsi forest in Zimbabwe, Ravi Prabhu, Mandy Haggith, Happyson Mudavanhu, Robert Muetzelfeldt, Wavell Standa-gunda, and Jerome K. Vanclay


Multi-agent simulation of alternative scenarios of collaborative forest management, Herry Purnomo, Yurdi Yasmi, Ravi Prabhu, Linda Yuliani, Hari Priyadi, and Jerome K. Vanclay


Electron spin resonance and radiocarbon dating of coral deposited by Holocene tsunami events on Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba (Netherlands Antilles), Ulrich Radtke, Gerhard Schellmann, Anja Scheffers, Dieter Kelletat, Bernd Kromer, and Haino Uwe Kasper


Trace metals in the living and nonliving components of scleractinian corals, Amanda J. Reichelt-Brushett and G McOrist


The Great Barrier Reef – History, science, heritage, and the Great Barrier Reef – Finding the right balance: Book reviews, Peter Saenger

Boulders on the move: beobachtungen aus der Karibik und dem westlichen Mittelmeergebiet, Anja Scheffers

Landschaftsspuren und zeitstellung holozäner tsunamis auf den Niederländischen Antillen (Aruba, Curaçao und Bonaire), Anja Scheffers