Papers from 2009

Biomineralisation of nano-Fe(III) phases in inland waterways, Lloyd S. Isaacson, Edward D. Burton, Richard T. Bush, David RG Mitchell, Scott G. Johnston, and Leigh A. Sullivan

2009 Abstracts of Our volatile planet: Goldschmidt 2009: 19th annual VM Goldschmidt Conference 71:13, suppl. 1.


Skin irritation and histopathologic alterations in rats exposed to lightstick contents, UV radiation and seawater, Juliana A. Ivar do Sul, Obirajara Rodrigues, Isaac R. Santos, Gilberto Fillman, and Alexandre Matthiensen

2009 Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 72:7 2020-2024.


Sustainable private native forestry – timber production, biodiversity and soil and water indicators and their applicability to northeast NSW, V Alex Jay, David Sharpe, J Doland Nichols, and Jerome K. Vanclay

2009 Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIDC).


Effects of activated sludge on the degradation of chlorate in soils under varying environmental conditions, Chunxiao Jiang, Huashou Li, and Chuxia Lin

2009 Journal of Hazardous Materials 162:2-3 1053-1058.


The British river of the future: how climate change and human activity might affect two contrasting river ecosystems in England, Andrew C. Johnston, Michael C. Acreman, Michael J. Dunbar, Stephen W. Feist, Anna Marie Giacomello, Rodolph E. Gozlan, Shelley A. Hinsley, Anton T. Ibbotson, Helen P. Jarvie, J Iwan Jones, Matt Longshaw, Stephen C. Maberly, Terry J. Marsh, Colin Neal, Jonathon R. Newman, Miles A. Nunn, Roger W. Pickup, Nick S. Reynard, Caroline A. Sullivan, John P. Sumpter, and Richard J. Williams

2009 Science of The Total Environment 407:17 4787-4798.


Pore water sampling in acid sulfate soils: a new peeper method, Scott G. Johnston, Edward D. Burton, Annabelle F. Keene, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Lloyd S. Isaacson

2009 Journal of Environmental Quality 38 2474-2477.


Changes in water quality following tidal inundation of coastal lowland acid sulfate soil landscapes, Scott G. Johnston, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, Edward D. Burton, C Douglas Smith, Michelle A. Martens, Angus E. McElnea, Colin R. Ahern, Bernard Powell, Luisa P. Stephens, Steven T. Wilbraham, and Simon van Heel

2009 Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 81:2 257-266.


Saturated hydraulic conductivity of sulfuric horizons in coastal floodplain acid sulfate soils: variability and implications, Scott G. Johnston, Phillip Hirst, Peter Slavich, Richard T. Bush, and Thor Aaso

2009 Geoderma 151:3-4 387-394.


Remediation of coastal acid sulfate soils by tidal inundation: effectiveness and geochemical implications, Scott G. Johnston, Annabelle F. Keene, Richard T. Bush, Edward D. Burton, and Leigh A. Sullivan

2009 Proceedings of 18th NSW Coastal Conference.


Contemporary pedogenesis of severely degraded tropical acid sulfate soils after introduction of regular tidal inundation, Scott G. Johnston, Annabelle F. Keene, Richard T. Bush, Edward D. Burton, Leigh A. Sullivan, C Douglas Smith, Angus E. McElnea, Michelle A. Martens, and Steven T. Wilbraham

2009 Geoderma 149:3-4 335-346.


Growth and physiological response of six Australian rainforest tree species to a light gradient, Jeffrey Kelly, Shibu Jose, J Doland Nichols, and Mila Bristow

2009 Forest Ecology and Management 257:1 287-293.


Behaviour of handmade FRP anchors under tensile load in uncracked concrete, S J. Kim and Scott T. Smith

2009 Advances in Structural Engineering 12:6 845-865.

Shear strength and behaviour of FRP spike anchors in cracked concrete, S J. Kim and Scott T. Smith

2009 Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium of the Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Concrete Structures (FRPRCS-9).

Strengthening of RC slabs with large penetrations using anchored FRP composites, S J. Kim and Scott T. Smith

2009 Proceedings of the 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on FRP in Structures, APFIS 2009 111-116.

Trends in molluscan gene sequence similarity: an observation from genes expressed within the hypobranchial gland of Dicathais orbita (Gmelin, 1791) (Neogastropoda: Muricidae), P W. Laffy, Kristen Benkendorff, and C A. Abbott

2009 Proceedings of the Symposium "Neogastropod Origins, Phylogeny, Evolutionary Pathways and Mechanisms" held during the 2007 World Congress of Malacology, in 'Nautilus' 123:3 154-158.

Basic fish health management for prawn farmers, M Landos and Jeffrey A. Guy

2009 RIRDC Project 002273.


Submarine ground water discharge driven by tidal pumping in a heterogeneous Aquifer, X Li, B X. Hu, William C. Burnett, Isaac R. Santos, and J P. Chanton

2009 Ground Water 47:4 558-568.


Monthly variation of condition index, energy reserves and antibacterial activity in Pacific oysters, Crassostrea gigas, in Stansbury (South Australia), Yan Li, Jian G. Qin, Xiaoxu Li, and Kirsten Benkendorff

2009 Aquaculture 286:1/2 64-71.


Spawning-dependent stress responses in Pacific oysters, Crassostrea gigas: a simulated bacterial challenge in oysters, Yan Li, Jian G. Qin, Xiaoxu Li, and Kirsten Benkendorff

2009 Aquaculture 293:3/4 164-171.


Spawning-dependent stress response to food deprivation in Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, Yan Li, Jian G. Qin, Xiaoxu Li, and Kirsten Benkendorff

2009 Aquaculture 286:3/4 309-317.

Historical nutrients status in the Richmond River in the absence of monitoring data, Brendan Logan and Kathryn H. Taffs

2009 18th NSW Coastal Conference.


Behaviour of CFRP-strengthened deteriorated RC beams subjected to fatigue, M KY Loo, S J. Foster, and Scott T. Smith

2009 University of New South Wales, School of Civil Engineering, UNICIV Reports: Series R 455.

Fatigue behaviour of CFRP repaired corroded RC beams, M KY Loo, S J. Foster, and Scott T. Smith

2009 Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium of the Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Reinforced Concrete Structures (FRPRCS-9).


Reproductive ecology of the scleractinian corals Echinopora gemmacea and Leptoria phrygia (Faviidae) on equatorial reefs in Kenya, Sangeeta Mangubhai

2009 Invertebrate Reproduction & Development 53:2 67-79.


Extended breeding seasons and asynchronous spawning among equatorial reef corals in Kenya, Sangeeta Mangubhai and Peter Lynton Harrison

2009 Marine Ecology Progress Series 374 305-310.


Taxonomy of the heavily exploited Indo-Pacific sandfish complex (Echinodermata: Holothuriidae), Claude Massin, Sven Uthicke, Steven W. Purcell, Frank WE Rowe, and Yves Samyn

2009 Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 155:1 40-59.

Analysis of FRP-to-concrete joint assemblies with FRP spike anchors using the applied element method, I Mohamed, R Seracino, and Scott T. Smith

2009 Proceedings of the 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on FRP in Structures, APFIS 2009 223-228.


Fe and S K-edge XAS determination of iron-sulfur species present in a range of acid sulfate soils: Effects of particle size and concentration on quantitative XANES determinations, Kate E. Morgan, Edward D. Burton, Perran LM Cook, Mark D. Raven, Robert W. Fitzpatrick, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Rosalie K. Hocking

2009 Journal of Physics: Conference Series 190:1.


Contributions of root and stump sprouts to natural regeneration of a logged tropical dry forest in Bolivia, Bonifacio Mostacedo, Francis E. Putz, Todd S. Fredericksen, Armando Villca, and Turian Palacios

2009 Forest Ecology and Management 258:6 978-985.


Insight into the effect of CB loading on tension, compression, hardness and abrasion properties of SBR and NBR filled compounds, Ahmed Mostafa, A Abouel-Kasem, M R. Bayoumi, and M G. El-Sebaie

2009 Materials & Design 30:5 1785-1791.


On the influence of CB loading on the creep and relaxation behavior of SBR and NBR rubber vulcanizates, Ahmed Mostafa, A Abouel-Kasem, M R. Bayoumi, and M G. El-Sebaie

2009 Materials & Design 30:7 2721-2725.


The influence of CB loading on thermal aging resistance of SBR and NBR rubber compounds under different aging temperature, Ahmed Mostafa, A Abouel-Kasem, M R. Bayoumi, and M G. El-Sebaie

2009 Materials & Design 30:3 791-795.


Export of non-native gastropod shells to a coastal lagoon: alteration of habitat structure has negligible effects on infauna, Andrea Nicastro, Melanie J. Bishop, Brendan P. Kelaher, and Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi

2009 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 374:1 31-36.


Application of anaesthetics for sex identification and bioactive compound recovery from wild Dicathais orbita, Warwick J. Noble, Rebecca R. Cocks, James O. Harris, and Kirsten Benkendorff

2009 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 380:1/2 53-60.


Genetic diversity and connectivity in a brooding reef coral at the limit of its distribution, Annika ME Noreen, Peter Lynton Harrison, and Madeleine JH Van Oppen

2009 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Biological Sciences 276:1675 3927-3935.


Relationships of the New Guinean songbird genera Amalocichla and Pachycare based on mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences, Janette A. Norman, Walter E. Boles, and Leslie Christidis

2009 Journal of Avian Biology 40:6 640-645.


A multi-gene phylogeny reveals novel relationships for aberrant genera of Australo-Papuan core Corvoidea and polyphyly of the Pachycephalidae and Psophodidae (Aves: Passeriformes), Janette A. Norman, Per GP Ericson, Knud A. Jonsson, Jon Fjeldsa, and Leslie Christidis

2009 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 52:2 488-497.

Potential for ecological health impacts of discharges from Skennars Head Wastewater Treatment Plant, Joanne Margaret Oakes and Bradley D. Eyre

2009 Ballina Shire Council.


Biogeneration of chromophoric dissolved organic matter by bacteria and krill in the Southern Ocean, Eva Ortega-Retuerta, Thomas K. Frazer, Carlos M. Duarte, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, Antonio Tovar-Sa´nchez, Jesu´s M. Arrieta, and Isabel Reche

2009 Limnology and Oceanography 54:6 1941-1950.

Managing human activities in Cape Byron Marine Park, Andrew Page, David J. Lloyd, and RJ Payne

2009 18th NSW Coastal Conference 2009.


Resource inventory for conversion modelling, Graeme Palmer and Jerome K. Vanclay

2009 Forest growth and timber quality: crown models and simulation methods for sustainable forest management: Proceedings of an International Conference 145-150.


Ilex vomitoria Ait. (Yaupon): a native North American source of a caffeinated and antioxidant-rich tea, Matthew J. Palumbo, Stephen T. Talcott, and Francis E. Putz

2009 Economic Botany 63:2 130-137.

Human adaptive responses to catastrophic landscape disruptions during the Holocene, Numundo, PNG, Jeffrey F. Parr, William E. Boyd, Vicki Harriott, and Robin Torrence

2009 Geographical Research 47:2 155-174.


Sugarcane phytoliths: encapsulation and sequestration of a long-lived carbon fraction, Jeffrey F. Parr, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Robert Quirk

2009 Sugar Tech 11:1 17-21.

Teaching GIS and remote sensing undergraduate courses externally: reflections on a decade of experience, Sumith Pathirana

2009 32nd Applied Geography Conference.

Examining the impact of climate change on the spatial distribution of coastal wetland communities in the northeast NSW, Sumith Pathirana, Clement E. Akumu, and Serwan MJ Baban

2009 Papers of 32nd Applied Geography Conference.

Vegetation change detection using multi-temporal satellite data in the Horton Plain National Park, Sri Lanka, Sumith Pathirana, S Ediriweera, B MP Singhakumara, and P Wickramagamage

2009 Meeting Multiple Demands for Forest Information: New Technologies in Forest Data Gathering: IUFRO, The Global Network for Forestry Science Corporation Conference.


Study of potential risk of dengue disease outbreak in Sri Lanka using GIS and statistical modelling, Sumith Pathirana, Masato Kawabata, and Rohitha Goonatilake

2009 Journal of Rural and Tropical Public Health 8 8-17.


Abundance estimate of Australian east coast humpback whales (Group E1) in 2005 using multi year photo-identification data and capture-recapture analysis, David Paton, Lyndon O. Brooks, Daniel Burns, E Kniest, Peter Harrison, and Peter Baverstock

2009 International Whaling Committee Scientific Committee Meeting, SC/61/SH10.


Anthropogenic soils and tree distributions in a lowland forest in Bolivia, Clea Paz-Rivera and Francis E. Putz

2009 Biotropica 41:6 665-675.


A comparison of measurement methods for radium-226 on manganese fiber, Richard N. Peterson, William C. Burnett, Natasha Dimova, and Isaac R. Santos

2009 Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 7 196-205.


Effective fluorochrome marking of juvenile sea cucumbers for sea ranching and restocking, Steven W. Purcell and Bernard F. Blockmans

2009 Aquaculture 296:3-4 263-270.


Status and management of the sea cucumber fishery of La Grande Terre, New Caledonia. Programme ZoNéCo, Steven W. Purcell, H Gossuin, and NS Agudo


Changes in weight and length of sea cucumbers during conversion to processed beche-de-mer: filling gaps for some exploited tropical species, Steven W. Purcell, Hugues Gossuin, and Natacha S. Agudo

2009 SPC Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin 29 3-6.


Dangers of carbon-based conservation, F E. Putz and K H. Redford

2009 Global Environment Change 19:4 400-401.

Carbon benefits from avoiding and repairing forest degradation, Francis E. Putz and Robert Nasi

2009 Realising REDD+: national strategy and policy options 249-262.


Conserving carbon in tropical forests: pitfalls and possibilities, Francis E. Putz and P A. Zuidema

2009 Forests and Climate Change: adaptation and mitigation 19-24.


Treatment of an iron-rich ARD using waste carbonate rock: bench-scale reactor test results, Daniel Ray, Malcolm W. Clark, and Tracey Pitman

2009 Mine Water and the Environment 28:4 253-263.


Improving dimensional stability in plantation-grown E. pilularis and E. dunnii, Carolyn A. Raymond, Michael Henson, Marie-Chantale Pelletier, Steve Boyton, Bill Joe, Dane Thomas, Helen Smith, and Jerome K. Vanclay

2009 Forest and Wood Products Australia.


The timing of neotropical speciation dynamics: a reconstruction of myiopagis flycatcher diversification using phylogenetic and paleogeographic data, Frank E. Rheindt, Leslie Christidis, Gustavo S. Cabanne, Cristina Miyaki, and Janette A. Norman

2009 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53:3 961-971.


Mangrove islands, Peter Saenger

2009 Encyclopedia of Islands 591-593.


Recent 137Cs deposition in sediments of Admiralty Bay, Antarctica, Christian J. Sanders, Isaac R. Santos, Sambasiva R. Patchineelam, Carlos Schaefer, and Emmanoel V. Silva-Filho

2009 Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 101:5 421-424.


Land or ocean? assessing the driving forces of submarine groundwater discharge at a coastal site in the Gulf of Mexico, Isaac R. Santos, William C. Burnett, Jeffrey Chanton, Natasha Dimova, and Richard N. Peterson

2009 Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 114:C4.


Tidal pumping drives nutrient and dissolved organic matter dynamics in a Gulf of Mexico subterranean estuary, Isaac R. Santos, William C. Burnett, Thorsten Dittmar, I GNA Suryaputra, and Jeffrey Chanton

2009 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 73:5 1325-1339.


Extended time series measurements of submarine groundwater discharge tracers (222Rn and CH4) at a coastal site in Florida, Isaac R. Santos, Natasha Dimova, Richard N. Peterson, Benjamin Mwashote, Jeffrey Chanton, and William C. Burnett

2009 Marine Chemistry 113:1-2 137-147.


Marine debris contamination along undeveloped tropical beaches from northeast Brazil, Isaac R. Santos, Ana C. Friedrich, and Juliana A. Ivar do Sul

2009 Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 148:1-4 455-462.


The steady-state region of attraction under linear feedback control: a numerical approach, Herry Santoso, Jie Bao, and Peter L. Lee

2009 Journal of Process Control 19:3 464-472.


Critical need for new definitions of "forest" and "forest degradation" in global climate change agreements, Nophea Sasaki and Francis E. Putz

2009 Conservation Letters 22:5 226-232.


Palaeoecology: a tool to improve the management of Australian estuaries, Krystyna M. Saunders and Kathryn H. Taffs

2009 Journal of Environmental Management 90:8 2730-2736.

Die entwicklung der tsunamiforschung nach der katastrophe vom 26. Dezember 2004, Anja Scheffers, Dieter Kelletat, and M Engel

2009 Geographische Rundschau 61:2 12-18.


Wave-emplaced coarse debris and megaclasts in Ireland and Scotland: boulder transport in a high-energy littoral environment, Anja Scheffers, Sander Scheffers, Dieter Kelletat, and Antony Browne

2009 Journal of Geology 117:5 553-573.


Tsunamis, hurricanes, the demise of coral reefs and shifts in prehistoric human populations in the Caribbean, Sander Scheffers, Jay Haviser, Antony Browne, and Anja Scheffers

2009 Quaternary International 195:1-2 69-87.


Severe storms drive holocene island evolution and coral reef biodiversity of the Houtman Abrolhos Archipelago, WA, Sander Scheffers, Anja Scheffers, and Dieter Kelletat

2009 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 6.


CO2 perturbation experiments: similarities and differences between dissolved inorganic carbon and total alkalinity manipulations, Kai G. Schulz, J Barcelos e Ramos, R E. Zeebe, and U Riebesell

2009 Biogeosciences 6 2145-2153.


Gametogenic and reproductive cycles of the sea anemone, Entacmaea quadricolor, Anna Scott and Peter Lynton Harrison

2009 Marine Biology 156:8 1659-1671.

Spatial and temporal patterns in a unique assemblage of host sea anemones and anemonefishes, Anna Scott, H A. Malcolm, Cristiana Damiano, and D L. Richardson

2009 Reefs of the Indopacific: Hopes for the future and lessons from the past: 84th Australian Coral Reef Society Conference.

Vocal behaviour of the squirrel glider (Petaurus norfolcensis), David Sharpe and Ross L. Goldingay

2009 Australian Journal of Zoology 57:1 55-64.


Reevaluating the taxonomic status of Ceriops australis (Rhizophoraceae) based on morphological and molecular evidence, Chiou-Rong Sheue, Yuen-Po Yang, Ho-Yi Liu, Fu-Shan Chou, Hsiu-Chin Chang, Peter Saenger, Christopher P. Mangion, Glenn Wightman, Jean WH Yong, and Chi-Chu Tsai

2009 Botanical Studies 50:1 89-100.


Strengthening RC beam- column connections with FRP strips, R Shrestha, Scott T. Smith, and B Samali

2009 Proceedings of the ICE- Structures and Buildings 162:5 323-334.

FRP anchors: recent advances in research and understanding, Scott T. Smith

2009 APFIS 2009: Asia-Pacific Conference on FRP in Structures.

Seventh anniversary for Hong Kong chapter, Scott T. Smith

2009 Civil Engineers Australia 81:9.


Strengthening of one-way spanning RC slabs with cutouts using FRP composites, Scott T. Smith and S J. Kim

2009 Construction and Building Materials 23:4 1578-1590.


Detection and characterization of fatigue induced damage using electromechanical impedance technique, Cheekiong Soh and Yee Yan Lim

2009 Advanced Materials Research, 2nd International Conference on Multi-Functional Materials and Structures, MFMS-2009 79-82 2031-2034.


Development aid and access to water and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa, Marco Stampini, Adeleke Salami, and Caroline A. Sullivan

2009 African Development Bank: Development Research Brief no. 9.

Ecological prioritisation of estuaries in the Waikato Region, Debra J. Stokes, Malene Felsing, and Catherine Beard

2009 Environment Waikato Internal Series 2009/03.


Surface elevation changes and sediment characteristics of intertidal surfaces undergoing mangrove expansion and mangrove removal, Waikaraka Estuary, Tauranga Harbour, New Zealand, Debra J. Stokes, Terry R. Healy, and Penelope J. Cooke

2009 International Journal of Ecology & Development 12.


The benthic ecology of expanding mangrove habitat, Tauranga Harbour, New Zealand, Debra J. Stokes, Terry R. Healy, and Norman Mason

2009 Coasts and Ports Conference 2009.

Poverty and the ethics of water development, Caroline A. Sullivan

2009 Water ethics 129-150.

Supporting strengths: securing adaptation to climate change impacts in developing countries, Caroline A. Sullivan

2009 World Vision Australia.

Assessing water vulnerability in the Orange River Basin in South Africa, Caroline A. Sullivan, N Diederichs, and Myles Mander

2009 NeWater technical report.


Water resources, climate change and human vulnerability, Caroline A. Sullivan and C Huntingford

2009 Proceedings of Interfacing modelling and simulation with mathematical and computational sciences: 18th IMACS World Congress, MODSIM09 2377-2383.

Development aid and access to water and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa: volume I assessment of water and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa: an overview and conclusions, Caroline A. Sullivan, Marco Stampini, Muriel Bonjean, and John Bromley

2009 African Development Bank.

Development aid and access to water and sanitation in sub-Saharan Africa: volume III The Watsan Index of development effectiveness: methodology, Caroline A. Sullivan, Marco Stampini, Muriel Bonjean, and John Bromley

2009 African Development Bank.


Improved identification of sulfidic soil materials by a modified incubation method, Leigh A. Sullivan, Nicholas J. Ward, Richard T. Bush, and Edward D. Burton

2009 Geoderma 149:1-2 33-38.


Effects of oyster death and shell disarticulation on associated communities of epibiota, Stephen A. Summerhayes, Melanie J. Bishop, Andrea Leigh, and Brendan P. Kelaher

2009 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 379:1-2 60-67.


Can road-crossing structures improve population viability of an urban gliding mammal?, Brendan D. Taylor and Ross L. Goldingay

2009 Ecology and Society 14:2.


The impacts of Alqueva Dam in the development of the region, Fantina Tedim, Caroline A. Sullivan, and Marco Estrela

2009 NeWater project - New approaches to adaptive water management under uncertainty.

Volcanism and historical ecology on the Willaumez Peninsula, Papua New Guinea, Robin Torrence, Vince Neall, and William E. Boyd

2009 Pacific Science 64:4 507-535.


Bias in the journal impact factor, Jerome K. Vanclay

2009 Scientometrics 78:1 3-12.


Managing water use from forest plantations, Jerome K. Vanclay

2009 Forest Ecology and Management 257:2 385-389.