Papers from 2003


Sedimentologic and geomorphologic tsunami imprints worldwide: a review, Anja Scheffers and Dieter Kelletat


The cave-profiler: a simple tool to describe the 3-D structure of inaccessible coral reef cavities, Sander R. Scheffers, J de Goeij, F C. van Duyl, and R PM Bak

Spawning and early development of host sea anemones in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, Northern NSW, Anna Scott

Spawning of host sea anemones in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, Anna Scott and Peter Lynton Harrison

Hastings Council greenhouse action strategy, Anna Scott and M Rogers


Inelastic buckling of rectangular steel plates using a Rayleigh-Ritz method, Scott T. Smith, M A. Bradford, and D J. Oehlers

Tests on RC slabs reinforced with 500 MPa welded wire fabric, Scott T. Smith and R I. Gilbert

Tests on RC slabs reinforced with 500 MPa welded wire fabric, Scott T. Smith and R I. Gilbert


Shear-bending interaction in debonding failures of FRP-plated RC beams, Scott T. Smith and J G. Teng

Neural network prediction of plate end debonding in FRP-plated RC beams, Scott T. Smith, J G. Teng, and M Lu


Participatory modelling to enhance social learning, collective action and mobilization among users of the Mafungautsi Forest, Zimbabwe, Wavell Standa-Gunda, Tendayi Mutimukuru, Richard Nyirenda, Ravi Prabhu, Mandy Haggith, and Jerome K. Vanclay


Factors influencing photochromism of spiro–compounds within polymeric matrices., Georgina K. Such, Richard A. Evans, Lachlan H. Yee, and Thomas P. Davis

Forest use by Amerindians in Guyana - Implications for development policy, Caroline A. Sullivan

The Water Poverty Index: a new tool for prioritisation in water management, Caroline A. Sullivan

Access to water as a dimension of poverty: the need to develop a Water Poverty Index as a tool for poverty reduction, Caroline A. Sullivan and Jeremy R. Meigh

Considering the Water Poverty Index in the context of poverty alleviation, Caroline A. Sullivan and Jeremy R. Meigh


The water poverty index: development and application at the community scale, Caroline A. Sullivan, Jeremy R. Meigh, Anna Marie Giacomello, T Fediw, P Lawrence, M Samad, S Mlote, C Hutton, J A. Allan, R E. Schulze, D JM Dlamini, W Cosgrove, J Delli Priscoli, P Gleick, I Smout, J Cobbing, Roger Calow, C Hunt, A Hussain, Michael C. Acreman, J King, S Malomo, E L. Tate, Dermot O. O'Regan, S Milner, and I Steyl


Winners and losers in forest product commercialisation, Caroline A. Sullivan and Dermot P. O'Regan

Palaeoenvironmental history of Sydney Basin using diatoms as palaeoenvironmental indicators, Kathryn H. Taffs

Chronology and palaeoecology of an acidic wetland peat in northeastern NSW, Kathryn H. Taffs, Jeffrey F. Parr, and Keith G. Bolton


Author's reply to the discussion by T Jessop on the paper "Behaviour and strength of FRP-strengthened RC structures: a state-of-the-art-view", J G. Teng, J F. Chen, Scott T. Smith, and L Lam


Behaviour and strength of FRP-strengthened RC structures: a state-of-the-art review, J G. Teng, J F. Chen, Scott T. Smith, and L Lam


Behaviour and strength of FRP-strengthened RC structures: a state-of-the-art review, J G. Teng, J F. Chen, Scott T. Smith, and L Lam


Intermediate crack-induced debonding in RC beams and slabs, J G. Teng, Scott T. Smith, J Yao, and J F. Chen


Profiles of dimethylsulphoniopropionate (DMSP), algal pigments, nutrients, and salinity in the fast ice of Prydz Bay, Antarctica, Anne J. Trevena, Graham B. Jones, Simon W. Wright, and Rick L. Van den Enden

Growth modelling and yield prediction for sustainable forest management, Jerome K. Vanclay


Realising opportunities in forest growth modelling, Jerome K. Vanclay

The one-minute modeller: an introduction to Simile, Jerome K. Vanclay


Why model landscapes at the level of households and fields?, Jerome K. Vanclay


Participation and model-building: lessons learned from the Bukittinggi workshop, Jerome K. Vanclay, Mandy Haggith, and Carol J. Pierce Colfer

A model to help people to realize sustainable forestry futures, Jerome K. Vanclay, Ravi Prabhu, Robert Muetzelfeldt, and Mandy Haggith


Modelling interactions amongst people and forest resources at the landscape scale, Jerome K. Vanclay, Fergus L. Sinclair, and Ravi Prabhu

Owner-built composting toilets in Lismore, Australia: meeting the needs of users and regulators, S Walker and Leigh Davison


The sharing of water between society and ecosystems: from conflict to catchment–based co–management, Jim S. Wallace, Michael C. Acreman, and Caroline A. Sullivan


Information sources and dispersal channels in the extension of pasture weed management technologies in southern eastern Kenyan rangelands, Munyasi J. Wanjala, David J. Lloyd, and J Doland Nichols


Relationship between physical characteristics of estuaries and the size and diversity of wader populations in the North Island of New Zealand, Michael B. Whelan, T M. Hume, P M. Sager, Ude Shankar, and R Lifting

Marula policy brief: Marula commercialisation for sustainable and equitable livelihoods, Rachel Wynberg, Sarah A. Laird, Sheona E. Shackleton, Myles Mander, Charlie M. Shackleton, Saskia Den Adel, Pierre Du Plessis, Rodger RB Leakey, Andy Botelle, Cyril Lombard, Caroline A. Sullivan, Tony Cunningham, and Dermot O. O'Regan

Papers from 2002

An analysis of remote sensing, GIS, and World Wide Web utilization in geoscience education in the UK, Serwan MJ Baban

Modelling water flow and quality: an evaluation of the ISIS model in the River Avon, Serwan MJ Baban and Ian Foster

Defining biophysical land units in mountainous tropical environments using remotely sensed information, field data and GIS, Serwan MJ Baban and Kamruzaman Wan-Yusof

Nitrogen removal from domestic effluent using subsurface flow constructed wetlands: influence of depth, hydraulic residence time and pre-nitrification, M L. Bayley, Leigh Davison, and Tom R. Headley

Potential conservation benefits and problems associated with bioprospecting in the marine environment, Kirsten Benkendorff


Identifying hotspots of molluscan species richness on rocky intertidal reefs, Kirsten Benkendorff and A R. Davis

Book review: J Henderson 2002, The science and archaeology of materials: an investigation of inorganic material, William E. Boyd

Integrating praxis and scholarship: the Geography Discipline Network Key Skills in Geography in Higher Education guides, William E. Boyd

The probable industrial origin of archaeological daub at an Iron Age site in Northeast Thailand, William E. Boyd and Jeffrey F. Parr

DMSP in corals and benthic algae from the Great Barrier Reef, Andrew D. Broadbent, Graham B. Jones, and Rosemary J. Jones

Iron monosulfide minerals in floodplain sediments of eastern Australia, Richard T. Bush and Leigh A. Sullivan

Pyrite formation in estuarine sediments of eastern Australia, Richard T. Bush and Leigh A. Sullivan

Mobility of monosulfidic black oozes in coastal acid sulfate soil landscapes, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, Scott G. Johnston, Diane M. Fyfe, Salirian R. Claff, and Peter G. Slavich


Developing a protocol for in vitro propagation of the grey mangrove – Avicennia marina, Jan Cousins and Peter Saenger

On-site secondary treatment by reed bed: five years experience in Northern NSW, Leigh Davison


Transfer and propagation reactions in free-radical copolymerization, Thomas P. Davis, Johan PA Heuts, Christopher Barner-Kowollik, Simon Harrisson, David A. Morrison, Lachlan H. Yee, Heidi M. Kapfenstein-Doak, and Michelle LL Coote


Comparison of carbon production and decomposition, benthic nutrient fluxes and dentrification in seagrass, phytoplankton, benthic microalgae- and macroalgae- dominated warm-temperate Australian lagoons, Bradley D. Eyre and Angus JP Ferguson

Sediment biogeochemical indicators for defining sustainable nutrient loads to coastal ecosystems, Bradley D. Eyre and Angus JP Ferguson


Spatial and temporal variations of suspended sediment responses from the sub-tropical Richmond River catchment, NSW, Australia, Bradley D. Eyre and David M. McConchie


Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus budgets for a shallow sub-tropical coastal embayment (Moreton Bay, Australia), Bradley D. Eyre and Lester J. McKee

Comparison of isotope pairing and N2/Ar methods for measuring sediment dentrification - assumptions, modifications and implications, Bradley D. Eyre, Soren Rysgaard, Tage Dalsgaard, and Peter B. Christensen

A comparison of lithium, bromide and rhodamine-b as tracers in gravel-based reed beds, Tom R. Headley, M L. Bayley, Leigh Davison, and David O. Huett

Seasonal variation in phosphorus removal processes within reed beds - as indicated by mass balance, Tom R. Headley, David O. Huett, and Leigh Davison

Lateral salt seepage into shallow coastal aquifers from tidal drains, Phillip Hirst, Scott G. Johnston, and Peter G. Slavich

Suspended sediment exchange through the sub-tropical Richmond River estuary, Australia: a balance approach, Shahadat Hossain and Bradley D. Eyre

Deep flooding of sulfidic backswamps and artificial drainage - links to estuarine deoxygenation and scald formation, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, and Phillip Hirst

Floodgate and drainage system management, opportunities and limitations - an acid export perspective, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, and Phillip Hirst

Hydrological effects of floodgate management on coastal floodplain agriculture, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, and Phillip Hirst

Melaleuca quinquenervia encroachment in sufidic backswamps - links to increasing groundwater acidity, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, and Phillip Hirst

Sources of salinity in low elevation coastal floodplain soil landscapes and effects on cane yield, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, and Phillip Hirst

The acid flux dynamics of two artificial drains in sulfidic backswamps on the Clarence River floodplain, Australia - management implications, Scott G. Johnston, Peter G. Slavich, and Phillip Hirst

DMSP in Antarctic pack and fast ice, Graham B. Jones, Anne J. Trevena, and Simon W. Wright

Spatial regression analysis of deforestation in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, David Kaimowitz, Patricia Mendez, Atie Puntodewo, and Jerome K. Vanclay


The LOG corer: a new device for obtaining short cores in soft lacustrine sediments, Christopher M. Lane and Kathryn H. Taffs

Starch grains and environmental reconstruction: a modern test case from West New Britain, Papua New Guinea, Carol J. Lentfer, Michael Therin, and Robin Torrence

Actual acidity in acid sulfate soils: chemical processes and analytical methods, Chuxia Lin, Graham Lancaster, Leigh A. Sullivan, David McConchie, and Peter Saenger

Comparative analysis of genetic diversity in the mangrove species Avicennia marina (Forsk.) Vierh. (Avicenniaceae) detected by AFLPs and SSRs, Tina L. McGuire, R Peakall, and Peter Saenger

StockPlan®: Improving drought decisions, M J. McPhee, G P. Meaker, P Graham, P M. Carberry, B L. Davies, Michael B. Whelan, A K. Bell, B Clements, and W A. McKiernan

A comparison of heavy liquid floatation and microwave digestion techniques for the extraction of fossil phytoliths from sediments, Jeffrey F. Parr

The identification of Xanthorrhoea resins by starch morphology: Prospects for archaeological and taxonomic applications, Jeffrey F. Parr

West Byron wetland vegetation history report., Jeffrey F. Parr and Kathryn H. Taffs

Environmental resource mapping of the Richmond catchment, northeast NSW using satellite data, Sumith Pathirana, Michael B. Whelan, and Greg O. Luker

Is sustainable forestry economically possible?, David W. Pearce, Francis E. Putz, and Jerome K. Vanclay


Intertidal reefs under extreme tidal flux in Buccaneer Archipelago, Western Australia, Steven W. Purcell


Mangrove ecology, silviculture and conservation, Peter Saenger

The mangrove vegetation of the United Arab Emirates, with particular emphasis on those of the Abu-Dhabi Emirate, Peter Saenger, F Blasco, A MM Youssef, R A. Loughland, and S Wrydani

The use of DNA molecular techniques for mangrove studies, Peter Saenger and Maurizio Rossetto


Paleotsunami evidences from boulder deposits on Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, Anja Scheffers

Paleotsunamis in the Caribbean: field evidences and datings from Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, Anja Scheffers

Knowledge on Sclerocarya birrea subsp. caffra with emphasis on its importance as a non-timber forest product in South and southern Africa: a summary. part 1: taxonomy, ecology and role in rural livelihoods, Sheona E. Shackleton, Charlie M. Shackleton, Tony Cunningham, Cyril Lombard, Caroline A. Sullivan, and T R. Netshiluvhi


FRP-strengthened RC beams. II: assessment of debonding strength models, Scott T. Smith and J G. Teng


FRP-strengthened RC beams. I: review of debonding strength models, Scott T. Smith and J G. Teng


The application of forestry principles to the design, execution and evaluation of mangrove restoration projects, Brett J. Stubbs and Peter Saenger


Calculating a water poverty index, Caroline A. Sullivan

Using an income accounting framework to value non-timber forest products, Caroline A. Sullivan

Evaluating your water : a management primer for the Water Poverty Index, Caroline A. Sullivan, Jeremy Meigh, and Dermot O. O'Regan

Developing and testing the Water Poverty Index: phase 1 final technical report, Caroline A. Sullivan, Jeremy R. Meigh, and T Fediw

Scoping study on the identification of hot spots – areas of high vulnerability to climatic variability and change identified using a Climate Vulnerability Index, Caroline A. Sullivan, Jeremy T. Meigh, and Michael C. Acreman

Acid sulfate soil drain ooze: distribution, behaviour and implications for acidification and deoxygenation of waterways, Leigh A. Sullivan, Richard T. Bush, and Diane M. Fyfe

Chromium reducible sulphur for acid sulphate soil identification and management, Leigh A. Sullivan, Nicholas J. Ward, Richard T. Bush, and Chuxia Lin

FRP: strengthened RC structures, J G. Teng, J F. Chen, Scott T. Smith, and L Lam


Interfacial stresses in reinforced concrete beams bonded with a soffit plate: a finite element study, J G. Teng, J W. ZHANG, and Scott T. Smith

Change detection analysis of coastal vegetation cover in Thailand using NDVI imagery, C Thongsamrit and Sumith Pathirana