Papers from 1998

Towards more rigorous assessment of biodiversity, Jerome K. Vanclay

TROPIS: Tree Growth and Permanent Plot Information System, Jerome K. Vanclay

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Photosynthetic gas exchange and water use in tropical and subtropical populations of the mangrove Aegiceras corniculatum, Tarek Youssef and Peter Saenger

Papers from 1997

Environmental monitoring of estuaries: estimating and mapping various environmental indicators in Breydon Water Estuary, UK, using Landsat TM imagery, Serwan MJ Baban


9th IPC New Frontiers and Applications in Palynology Symposium: some comments from the symposium organizer, William E. Boyd

Mapping the risk to buried shipwreck heritage: a GIS risk assessment model for the Richmond Mouth, northern New South Wales, William E. Boyd and Sumith Pathirana


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Integrating geographic information systems and multi-criteria analysis to assess suitable species and plantation sites: a case study assessing Elaeocarpus grandis and Gevillea robusta suitability on the NSW North Coast, Kristin A. den Exter

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Hope Farm Windmill: phytolith analysis of cereals in early colonial Australia, Carol J. Lentfer, William E. Boyd, and Denis Gojak

Coral reefs: their health, our future, David J. Lloyd

Marine biology course part 5: molluscs, crustaceans, echinoderms and sea squirts, David J. Lloyd and R W. Fitzpatrick

Marine biology course part 6: fish, David J. Lloyd and R W. Fitzpatrick

Marine biology course part 4: the diversity of life, David J. Lloyd, R W. Fitzpatrick, and T Ashworth

Working to save nature’s playground, David J. Lloyd and D Wachenfeld


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Effectiveness and user acceptance of composting toilet technology in Lismore, NSW, R Pollard, A Kohlenberg, and Leigh Davison

Rainforests of the seas, Peter Saenger

Restauracion de manglares en Australia: Estudio de caso del Aeropuerto Internacional de Brisbanen Australia, Peter Saenger

Some phytogeographical considerations of mangroves, Peter Saenger and Greg O. Luker


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Shear buckling of unilaterally constrained clamped plates, Scott T. Smith, M A. Bradford, and D J. Oehlers


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Habitat associated differences in temperate sponge assemblages: the importance of chemical defence, Jeffrey T. Wright, Kirsten Benkendorff, and Andrew R. Davis

Papers from 1996


Mangroves as indicators of coastal change, F Blasco, Peter Saenger, and E Janodet

Book review: Allen & O’Connell, Transitions, the Pleistocene to Holocene in Australia and Papua New Guinea, William E. Boyd

The significance of significance in cultural heritage studies: a role for cultural analogues in applied geography teaching, William E. Boyd

The Holocene palaeogeography of the S.E. margin of the Bangkok Plain, Thailand and its archaeological implications, William E. Boyd, Charles FW Higham, and R Thosarat

A contribution to the management of the buried historical shipwreck heritage: A GIS risk assessment model for the River Richmond mouth, northern New South Wales, William E. Boyd, Sumith Pathirana, and G Bell

The effect of gender, age, and prior achievement in determining success in an environmental sciences course, M Cullen, Vicki J. Harriot, S Knox, Michael B. Whelan, Helen Saenger, and Lyndon O. Brooks

Source control by composting toilet: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, Leigh Davison

Saltwater people, video recording, David J. Lloyd

Marine biology course part 1: introduction to the marine environement, David J. Lloyd, R W. Fitzpatrick, and T Ashworth

Marine biology course part 2: eat and be eaten, David J. Lloyd, R W. Fitzpatrick, and T Ashworth

Marine biology course part 3: sex in the ocean, David J. Lloyd, R W. Fitzpatrick, and T Ashworth

An environmental assessment of the use of seawater to neutralise bauxite refinery wastes, David McConchie, Peter Saenger, and R Fawkes

Seawater neutralised bauxite refinery waste: an environmental hazard or a potentially valuable resource, David McConchie, Peter Saenger, and R Fawkes

An environmental assessment of the Boyne River Estuary, David McConchie, Peter Saenger, and N Holmes


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Buckling of bolted and glued side plates used for the strengthening of reinforced concrete beams, Scott T. Smith, M A. Bradford, and D J. Oehlers

The Investigator tree: eighteenth century inscriptions, or twentieth century misinterpretations?, Brett J. Stubbs and Peter Saenger


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Assessing the sustainability of timber harvests from natural forests: Limitations of indices based on successive harvests, Jerome K. Vanclay


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Anatomical adaptive strategies to flooding and rhizosphere oxidation in mangrove seedlings, Tarek Youssef and Peter Saenger

Papers from 1995

Book review: JM Powell, The emergence of bioregionalism in the Murray-Darling Basin, William E. Boyd

Four and twenty blackbirds ... more on ergotism, rye and witchcraft in Scotland, William E. Boyd

Alternative approaches to the management of water and human excreta: some technical and cultural perspectives, Leigh Davison

Spiralling towards catchment friendly technologies: a role for planners, Leigh Davison

Towards water wisdom: emerging technologies for cultural change, Leigh Davison

Integrated coastal management education: the experience of the Centre for Coastal Management, I M. Dutton, Peter Saenger, and D F. Garside

A first-order nutrient budget for the tropical Moresby estuary and catchment North Queensland, Australia, Bradley D. Eyre

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Australia, N Holmes and Peter Saenger

The effects of acid sulphate soils on water quality in the Maria River Estuary, NSW, Scott G. Johnston


Water quality: compliance assessment, Graham B. Jones


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Voices from the Cape: Aboriginal people sharing their views on the sea country of eastern Cape York Peninsula, David J. Lloyd

Selecting a suitable model for vegetation monitoring using satellite data, Sumith Pathirana and William E. Boyd

Hypothesis testing, Peter Saenger

Mangrove coastlines and sea level change, Peter Saenger

The status of Australian estuaries and enclosed marine waters, Peter Saenger


The mangrove vegetation of the Atlantic Coast of Africa: a review, Peter Saenger and M F. Bellan

Implications for management: a retrospective analysis, Peter Saenger and I M. Dutton

Introduction, Peter Saenger and I M. Dutton


Australia, Clarence estuary: Unguided tourism development, Peter Saenger and G Prosser


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Operator bias with optical wedges in point sampling, Jerome K. Vanclay


Assessing the quality of permanent sample plot databases for growth modelling in forest plantations, Jerome K. Vanclay, J P. Skovsgaard, and C Pilegaard Hansen

Papers from 1994

Book review: Fankhauser & Bird, Archaeometry: current Australasian research, William E. Boyd

Book review: L Wolpert, The unnatural nature of science, William E. Boyd

Quaternary pollen analysis in the arid zone: further results from Dalhousie Springs, Central Australia, William E. Boyd


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Nutrient biogeochemistry in the tropical Moresby River estuary system North Queensland, Australia, Bradley D. Eyre