Papers from 1996

Seawater neutralised bauxite refinery waste: an environmental hazard or a potentially valuable resource, David McConchie, Peter Saenger, and R Fawkes

An environmental assessment of the Boyne River Estuary, David McConchie, Peter Saenger, and N Holmes


A direct method for assessing sediment load in epilithic algal communities, Steven W. Purcell

Ecology of mangroves of Port Curtis: regional biogeography, productivity and demography, Peter Saenger

Mangrove flora: distribution of species and habitat descriptions, Peter Saenger


Mangrove restoration in Australia: a case study of Brisbane International Airport, Peter Saenger


Sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems, Peter Saenger and K Bilham

Effects of pollution and over-cutting on mangroves, Peter Saenger, Y Sankaré, and T Perry

Review of selection criteria and ecological guidelines for mangrove restoration studies, Peter Saenger, Y Sankaré, and T Perry

Preface: Regeneration success and early growth of forest stands :Selected and edited papers from the IUFRO Conference on Modelling Regeneration Success and Early Growth of Forest Stands, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-13 June 1996, J P. Skovsgaard and Jerome K. Vanclay

Buckling of bolted and glued side plates used for the strengthening of reinforced concrete beams, Scott T. Smith, M A. Bradford, and D J. Oehlers

The Investigator tree: eighteenth century inscriptions, or twentieth century misinterpretations?, Brett J. Stubbs and Peter Saenger


A phytosociological study of mangrove vegetation in Australia with a latitudinal comparison of East Asia, K Suzuki and Peter Saenger


Assessing the sustainability of timber harvests from natural forests: Limitations of indices based on successive harvests, Jerome K. Vanclay


Lessons from the Queensland Rainforests: Steps towards sustainability, Jerome K. Vanclay

Anatomical adaptive strategies to flooding and rhizosphere oxidation in mangrove seedlings, Tarek Youssef and Peter Saenger

Papers from 1995

Book review: JM Powell, The emergence of bioregionalism in the Murray-Darling Basin, William E. Boyd

Four and twenty blackbirds ... more on ergotism, rye and witchcraft in Scotland, William E. Boyd

Alternative approaches to the management of water and human excreta: some technical and cultural perspectives, Leigh Davison

Spiralling towards catchment friendly technologies: a role for planners, Leigh Davison

Towards water wisdom: emerging technologies for cultural change, Leigh Davison

Integrated coastal management education: the experience of the Centre for Coastal Management, I M. Dutton, Peter Saenger, and D F. Garside

A first-order nutrient budget for the tropical Moresby estuary and catchment North Queensland, Australia, Bradley D. Eyre

Coastal resources and fishing communities (Kampot Province, Cambodia), Jeffrey A. Guy

The John Brewer Reef floating hotel : a case study in marine environmental monitoring : proceedings of a GBRMPA workshop reviewing the environmental monitoring program, Vicki J. Harriot and Peter Saenger

Australia, N Holmes and Peter Saenger

The effects of acid sulphate soils on water quality in the Maria River Estuary, NSW, Scott G. Johnston

Water quality: compliance assessment, Graham B. Jones


Estimating use-values and relative importance of Amazonian flood plain trees and forests to local inhabitants, Lars P. Kvist, Martin K. Andersen, Martin Hesselsoe, and Jerome K. Vanclay

Voices from the Cape: Aboriginal people sharing their views on the sea country of eastern Cape York Peninsula, David J. Lloyd

Selecting a suitable model for vegetation monitoring using satellite data, Sumith Pathirana and William E. Boyd

Hypothesis testing, Peter Saenger

Mangrove coastlines and sea level change, Peter Saenger

The status of Australian estuaries and enclosed marine waters, Peter Saenger


The mangrove vegetation of the Atlantic Coast of Africa: a review, Peter Saenger and M F. Bellan

Implications for management: a retrospective analysis, Peter Saenger and I M. Dutton

Introduction, Peter Saenger and I M. Dutton

Australia, Clarence estuary: Unguided tourism development, Peter Saenger and G Prosser


Growth and yield of a tropical rain forest in the Brazilian Amazon 13 years after logging, J NM Silva, J OP de Carvalho, J do CA Lopes, B F. de Almeida, D HM Costa, L C. de Oliveira, Jerome K. Vanclay, and J P. Skovsgaard

Evaluating a growth model for forest management using continuous forest inventory data, Paula Soares, Margarida Tomé, J P. Skovsgaard, and Jerome K. Vanclay

Conservation atlas of plant communities in Australia, Raymond L. Specht, Alison Specht, Michael B. Whelan, and E E. Hegarty


Stand biomass dynamics of pine plantations and natural forests on dry steppe in Kazakhstan, V A. Usoltsev and Jerome K. Vanclay


Growth models for tropical forests: a synthesis of models and methods, Jerome K. Vanclay


Operator bias with optical wedges in point sampling, Jerome K. Vanclay


Assessing the quality of permanent sample plot databases for growth modelling in forest plantations, Jerome K. Vanclay, J P. Skovsgaard, and C Pilegaard Hansen

Papers from 1994

Book review: Fankhauser & Bird, Archaeometry: current Australasian research, William E. Boyd

Book review: L Wolpert, The unnatural nature of science, William E. Boyd

Quaternary pollen analysis in the arid zone: further results from Dalhousie Springs, Central Australia, William E. Boyd


A classification of tropical and subtropical Australian estuaries, Daniel J. Bucher and Peter Saenger

Expanding the horizon(s) of marine conservation: the challenge of integrated coastal management, I M. Dutton and Peter Saenger

Integrated coastal management education : the experience of the Centre for Coastal Management (6th Pacific Congress), I M. Dutton, Peter Saenger, and D F. Garside


An integrated approach to management of coastal aquatic resources - A case study from Jervis Bay, Australia, I M. Dutton, Peter Saenger, T Perry, Greg O. Luker, and G L. Worboys

Early cambrian alluvial fan-deltas in the Georgina Basin, Australia, Bradley D. Eyre

Nutrient biogeochemistry in the tropical Moresby River estuary system North Queensland, Australia, Bradley D. Eyre

Dimethylsulphide in the South Pacific, Graham B. Jones, Mark AJ Curran, and Andrew D. Broadbent

Torres Strait under pressure, David J. Lloyd

Marine protected areas: special places, David J. Lloyd and Grant Dowling

Ocean Rescue 2000 award scheme, David J. Lloyd, Sirial Giffney, and Jan Oliver

A geographic information systems based approach to develop a sea-level rise risk index, Sumith Pathirana


Trace metals as tracers of dredging activity in Cleveland Bay: field and laboratory studies, Amanda J. Reichelt and Graham B. Jones


Cleaning up the Arabian Gulf: Aftermath of an oil spill, Peter Saenger

Mangroves and saltmarshes, Peter Saenger


The Australian floating hotel project - a retrospective analysis, Peter Saenger and I M. Dutton

The Investigator Tree, Sweers Island: a natural historic monument, Peter Saenger and Brett J. Stubbs


Ecological structure of assemblages of coral reef fishes on isolated patch reefs, Peter F. Sale, Jeffrey A. Guy, and Warren J. Steel

A comparison between wind tunnel cladding pressures and code estimates, Scott T. Smith and A W. Rofail

Impact of settlement upon the hydrological regime of the Upper South East of South Australia, Kathryn H. Taffs


Modelling forest growth and yield : applications to mixed tropical forests, Jerome K. Vanclay


Sustainable timber harvesting: simulation studies in the tropical rainforests of north Queensland, Jerome K. Vanclay

Papers from 1993

Teaching geography to students with vision impairment: the blind leading the blind?, William E. Boyd

Nutrients in the sediments of a tropical north eastern Australian estuary, catchment and nearshore coastal zone, Bradley D. Eyre

Implications of sedimentological studies for environmental pollution assessment and management: examples from fluvial systems in North Queensland and Western Australia, Bradley D. Eyre and David M. McConchie

The ordering of multi temporal fuzzy land-cover information derived from Landsat MSS data, Peter F. Fisher and Sumith Pathirana


Effect of thinning on keora survival and growth, M R. Islam, M AS Khan, N A. Siddiqi, and Peter Saenger

Heavy metal poisons lurk at the bottom, David J. Lloyd

Keeping oil away from the ocean, David J. Lloyd

Mangroves function as a nursery of the sea, David J. Lloyd

Ocean Rescue 2000: rescue from what? The role of marine education in managing coastal environments, David J. Lloyd

Ocean Rescue 2000: the need to protect out coasts and seas, David J. Lloyd

Rich run-off threatens the life of our waters, David J. Lloyd

Coastal zone management: present and future use of landsat at the Centre for Coastal Management, UNENR, Greg O. Luker, Alison Specht, Sumith Pathirana, T Perry, and William E. Boyd

The distribution of phosphate in sediments of the Johnstone River catchment-estuary system, North Queensland, Australia, C Pailles, David McConchie, A V. Arakel, and Peter Saenger

The problem of error in the classified products of remotely sensed data, Sumith Pathirana

The impacts of sea level change on coastal land use, Sumith Pathirana, Greg O. Luker, and Michael B. Whelan


A functional analysis of food procurement in two surgeonfish species, Acanthurus nigrofuscus and Ctenochaetus striatus (Acanthuridae), Steven W. Purcell and David R. Bellwood


Some environmental considerations in aquaculture planning and operation, Peter Saenger

Heavy-metal distribution in urban mangrove ecosystems, Peter Saenger and David McConchie


Land from the sea: The mangrove afforestation program of Bangladesh, Peter Saenger and N A. Siddiqi


Pantropical trends in mangrove above-ground biomass and annual litterfall, Peter Saenger and Samuel C. Snedaker

A comparative study between pressure measurements obtained from wind tunnel tests and the Australian wind loading code, Scott T. Smith


Saving the tropical forest: Needs and prognosis, Jerome K. Vanclay

Tropical rainforest logging in north Queensland: Was it sustainable?, Jerome K. Vanclay

Writing a scientific paper for publication, Jerome K. Vanclay

Papers from 1992


Enhancing a permanent sample plot system in natural forests, Trevor Beetson, Marks Nester, and Jerome K. Vanclay

An evaluation of the use of GIS in development of a conservation management strategy for Jervis Bay, I M. Dutton, T Perry, Peter Saenger, and Greg O. Luker

Optimal planting season for keora, M R. Islam, M AS Khan, N A. Siddiqi, and Peter Saenger

The effect of Trichodesmium blooms on water quality in the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon, Graham B. Jones

Detection of linear and sub-pixel phenomena using the fuzzy membership approach, Sumith Pathirana

Some considerations in the development of GIS databases, Sumith Pathirana

Community issues report: proposed Club Mediterranee Project Byron Bay, Gary Prosser, S Knox, S Harris, D Taylor, and Helen Breen