Papers from 2011

Tidally driven water column hydro-geochemistry in a remediating acidic wetland, Scott G. Johnston, Annabelle F. Keene, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Vanessa NL Wong

2011 Journal of Hydrology 409:1-2 128-139.


Systematics and biogeography of Indo-Pacific ground-doves, Knud A. Jonsson, Martin Irestedt, Rauri CK Bowie, Leslie Christidis, and Jon Fjeldsa

2011 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 59:2 538-543.


In vitro propagation of Matthiola incana (Brassicaceae) - an ornamental plant, Behzad Kaviani, Afshin Ahmadi Hesar, and Ardashir Kharabian-Masouleh

2011 Plant Omics Journal 4:7 435-440.


A simple planning system for sustainable timber harvesting in Papua New Guinea, Rodney J. Keenan, Cris L. Brack, Martin Golman, and Jerome K. Vanclay

2011 Native forest management in Papua New Guinea: advances in assessment, modelling and decision-making 135 176-184.


Effects of hyper-enriched reactive Fe on sulfidisation in a tidally inundated acid sulfate soil wetland, Annabelle F. Keene, Scott G. Johnston, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, Edward D. Burton, Angus E. McElnea, Colin R. Ahern, and Bernard Powell

2011 Biogeochemistry 103:1-3 263-280.


Discovery of polymorphisms in starch-related genes in rice germplasm by amplification of pooled DNA and deeply parallel sequencing, Ardashir Kharabian Masouleh, Daniel LE Waters, Russell F. Reinke, and Robert J. Henry

2011 Plant Biotechnology Journal 9:9 1074-1085.

Early development of the endangered Oxleyan pygmy perch Nannoperca oxleyana Whitley (Percochthyidae), James Knight and Thomas Trnski

2011 Australian Zoologist 35:3 895-909.


Effects of changes in carbonate chemistry speciation on Coccolithus braarudii: a discussion of coccolithophorid sensitivities, S A. Krug, Kai G. Schulz, and U Riebesell

2011 Biogeosciences 8 771-777.


A preliminary investigation into the potential value of gastric mills for ageing crustaceans, Jesse C. Leland, Jason Coughran, and Daniel J. Bucher

2011 New Frontiers in Crustacean Biology: Proceedings of the TCS Summer Meeting, Tokyo, 20-24 September 2009 15 57-68.


Does a top predator reduce the predatory impact of an invasive mesopredator on an endangered rodent?, Mike Letnic and Symon Anthony Dworjanyn

2011 Ecography: Pattern and Diversity in Ecology 34:5 827-835.


Social learning: a knowledge and capacity building approach for adaptive co-management of contested landscapes, Andrea J. Leys and Jerome K. Vanclay

2011 Land Use Policy 28:3 574-584.


Stakeholder engagement in social learning to resolve controversies over land-use change to plantation forestry, Andrea J. Leys and Jerome K. Vanclay

2011 Regional Environmental Change 11:1 175-190.


Fatigue life estimation of a 1D aluminum beam under mode-I loading using the electromechanical impedance technique, Yee Yan Lim and Cheekiong Soh

2011 Smart Materials and Structures 20:12.


Falling back on forests: how forest-dwelling people cope with catastrophe in a changing landscape, Nining Liswanti, Douglas Sheil, Imam Basuki, Michael Padmanaba, and G Mulcahy

2011 International Forestry Review 13:4 442-455.

AIAST Queensland division 2011 annual meeting, David J. Lloyd

2011 Agricultural Science 23:1 12-15.


Forestry at Southern Cross University: fifteen years in review, Diana Lloyd, J Doland Nichols, Kathryn H. Taffs, and Jerome K. Vanclay

2011 International Forestry Review 13:4 500-510.


Insights into estuarine benthic dissolved organic carbon (DOC) dynamics using δ13C-DOC values, phospholipid fatty acids and dissolved organic nutrient fluxesghts into estuarine benthic dissolved organic carbon (DOC) dynamics using, Damien Troy Maher and Bradley D. Eyre

2011 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75:7 1889-1902.


Benthic carbon metabolism in southesast Australian estuaries: habitat importance, driving forces, and application of artificial neural network models, Damien Troy Maher and Bradley D. Eyre

2011 Marine Ecology Progress Series 439 97-115.


Variation in sea temperature and the East Australian Current in the Solitary Islands region between 2001-2008, Hamish A. Malcolm, Peter Davies, Alan Jordan, and Stephen DA Smith

2011 Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 58:5 616-627.


Testing a depth-based Habitat Classification System against reef fish assemblage patterns in a subtropical marine park, Hamish A. Malcolm, Alan Jordan, and Stephen DA Smith

2011 Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 21:2 173-185.


Do forest areas influence rainfall regime?, Giorgio Matteucci, Jerome K. Vanclay, and Javier Martin-Vide

2011 Water for forests and people in the Mediterranean region: a challenging balance 32-36.


Fate of three Australian teleosts after ingesting conventional and modified stainless- and carbon-steel hooks, Shane P. McGrath, Matt K. Broadhurst, Paul A. Butcher, and Stuart C. Cairns

2011 ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal Du Conseil 68:10 2114-2122.


Reviewing hook degradation to promote ejection after ingestion by marine fish, Shane P. McGrath, Paul A. Butcher, Matt K. Broadhurst, and Stuart C. Cairns

2011 Marine and Freshwater Research 62:10 1237-1247.


A modest proposal for wealthy countries to reforest their land for the common good, Erik M. Meijaard and Douglas Sheil

2011 Biotropica 43:5 524-528.

Groundwater resources and the coastal lagoons in southern Brazil, Idel Cristiana B Milani, Gilberto Loguercio Collares, Luis Eduardo AS Akiyoshi, Vitor Emanuel Q Tavares, Luis Felipe Hax Felipe Hax Niencheski, Karina Kammer Kammer Attisano, Marcio Raimundo Raimundo Milani, Carlos Francisco Ferreira de Andrade, and Isaac R. Santos

2011 Sustainable water management in the tropics and subtropics: case studies in Brazil 1 1211-1242.


Do cues matter? highly inductive settlement cues don't ensure high post-settlement survival in sea urchin aquaculture, Benjamin Mos, Kenneth Lawrence Cowden, Shaun J. Nielsen, and Symon Anthony Dworjanyn

2011 PLoS One 6:12.


Sustainable forest management and carbon in tropical Latin America: the case for REDD+, Robert Nasi, Francis E. Putz, Pablo Pacheco, Sven Wunder, and Salvador Anta

2011 Forests 2:1 200-217.


5000 Jahre Tsunami-Geschichte am Kap Pakarang (Thailand), Nils-Peter Neubauer, Dominik Brill, Helmut Bruckner, Dieter Kelletat, Sander Scheffers, and Andreas Vott

2011 Coastline Reports 17 81-98.


Recent invasions of World Heritage rainforests in north-east New South Wales by the cane toad Bufo marinus, David A. Newell

2011 Australian Zoologist 35:3 876-883.


Carbon self-utilization may assist Caulerpa taxifolia invasion, Joanne Margaret Oakes, Melissa D. Bautista, Damien Troy Maher, W Brian Jones, and Bradley D. Eyre

2011 Limnology and Oceanography 56:5 1824-1831.


Short-term enhancement and long-term suppression of denitrification in estuarine sediments receiving primary- and secondary- treated paper and pulp mill discharge, Joanne Margaret Oakes, Bradley D. Eyre, and Donald J. Ross

2011 Environmental Science and Technology 45:8 3400-3406.

Reviewing the energy and cost efficiency of bioenergy technologies, Graeme Palmer

2011 Australian Forest Grower 34:3 30-31.


Synthesis of magnesite at low temperature, Anna Paola Alves dos Anjos, Abdelfettah Sifeddine, Christian J. Sanders, and Sambasiva R. Patchineelam

2011 Carbonates and Evaporates 26:3 213-215.

The effect of water extraction regime on the chemistry and macro invertebrates of a subtropical coastal freshwater wetland, Jonathan Parkyn and Alison Specht

2011 Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland 117 225-238.


A historical evaluation of anthropogenic impact in coastal ecosystems by geochemical signatures, Soraya M. Patchineelam, Christian J. Sanders, Joseph M. Smoak, Rafaela C. Zem, Gustavo Oliveira, and Sambasiva R. Patchineelam

2011 Journal of Brazilian Chemical Society 22:1 120-126.

Population growth of Australian east coast humpback whales, observed from Cape Byron, 1998 to 2004, David Paton and Eric Kniest

2011 The Journal of Cetacean Research and Management:Special issue 3 261-268.


Effects of predators and grazers exclusion on early post-settlement coral mortality, Lucie Penin, Francois Michonneau, Andrew Gerard Carroll, and Mehdi Adjeroud

2011 Hydrobiologia 663 259-264.


Potential of clones in improving the financial benifits of essential oil production from melaluca alternifolia plantations, Prastyono, J C. Doran, J Doland Nichols, and Carolyn A. Raymond

2011 Agroforestry Systems 83:2 257-266.


Positive SOI, negative PDO and spring tides as simple indicators of the potential for extreme coastal erosion in northern NSW, Mitchell Proudfoot and Lila Singh Peterson

2011 Australasian Journal of Environmental Management 18:3 170-181.


Principles and science of stocking marine areas with sea cucumbers, Steven W. Purcell

2011 Asia–Pacific tropical sea cucumber aquaculture symposium 92-103.

Tropical marine ecotoxicology, Amanda J. Reichelt-Brushett, Pelli Louise Howe, R Clark, Malcolm W. Clark, and Anna Scott

2011 Indonesian Association of Oceanologists conference.

Auswirkungen der Ozeanversauerung auf marine Lebensprozesse, U Riebesell and Kai G. Schulz

2011 Warnsignal klima: die meere - anderungen & risiken.


Antarctic krill as a source of dissolved organic carbon to the Antarctic ecosystem, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, Carlos M Duarte, Antonio Tovar-Sanchez, Marcos Pastor, Burkhard Horstkotte, Sebastien Lasternas, and Susana Agusti

2011 Limnology and Oceanography 56:2 521-528.


Optimal temperature for growth and condition of an endemic subtropical anemonefish, Kelvin JW Rushworth, Stephen DA Smith, Kenneth Lawrence Cowden, and Steven W. Purcell

2011 Aquaculture 318:3-4 479-482.


Overestimating conservation costs in Southeast Asia, Ruslandi, Oscar Venter, and Francis E. Putz

2011 Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9:10 542-544.

Mangroves and saltmarshes, Peter Saenger

2011 Marine atlas of the Saudi Arabian waters of the Arabian Gulf 3-33.

Mangroves and salt marshes, Peter Saenger

2011 Marine atlas - Western Arabian Gulf 78-115.


Mangroves: sustainable management in Bangladesh, Peter Saenger

2011 Silviculture in the tropics 8:6 339-347.

Regional guidelines for mangrove restoration in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, Peter Saenger and Khalil A

2011 PERSGA Guidelines no. GD-0010 1-34.


Lead-210 and Beryllium-7 fallout rates on the southeastern coast of Brazil, Christian J. Sanders, Joseph M. Smoak, Peter H. Cable, Sambasiva R. Patchineelam, and Luciana M. Sanders

2011 Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 102:12 1122-1125.


Anthropogenic source assessment of 226Ra and 210Pb in a sediment core from the Cubatão River estuary (SE Brazil), Luciana M. Sanders, Christian J. Sanders, W Luiz-Silva, Wilson Machado, Emmanoel V. Silva-Filho, and Sambasiva R. Patchineelam

2011 Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 287:3 729-732.


Uranium and barium cycling in a salt wedge subterranean estuary: the influence of tidal pumping, Isaac R. Santos, William C. Burnett, Sambuddha Misra, I GNA Suryaputra, Jeffrey P. Chanton, Thorsten Dittmar, Richard Peterson, and Peter W. Swarzenski

2011 Chemical Geology 287:1-2 114-123.


Groundwater or floodwater? assessing the pathways of metal exports from a coastal acid sulfate soil catchment, Isaac R. Santos, Jason de Weys, and Bradley D. Eyre

2011 Environmental Science and Technology 45:22 9641-9648.


Radon tracing of groundwater discharge into an Australian estuary surrounded by coastal acid sulphate soils, Isaac R. Santos and Bradley D. Eyre

2011 Journal of Hydrology 396:3-4 246-257.


Diel coral reef acidification driven by porewater advection in permeable carbonate sands, Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Isaac R. Santos, Ronnie N. Glud, Damien Troy Maher, Dirk V. Erler, and Bradley D. Eyre

2011 Geophysical Research Letters 38:L03604 1-5.


Tracing submarine hydrothermal inputs into a coastal bay in Baja California using radon, Isaac R. Santos, Carlos Lechuga-Deveze, Richard N. Peterson, and William C. Burnett

2011 Chemical Geology 282:1-2 1-10.


Approaches to classifying and restoring degraded tropical forests for the anticipated REDD+ climate change mitigation mechanism, Nophea Sasaki, Gregory P Asner, Wolfgang Knorr, Patrick B Durst, Hari R Priyadi, and Francis E. Putz

2011 iForest: Biogeosciences and Forestry 4 1-6.


Groundwater sources in a permeable coastal barrier: evidence from stable isotopes, Axel Schmidt, Isaac R. Santos, William C. Burnett, Felipe Niencheski, and Kay Knoeller

2011 Journal of Hydrology 406:1-2 66-72.


Numerical simulation and experimental validation of an integrated sleeve-wedge anchorage for CFRP rods, Jacob Schmidt, Scott T. Smith, Björn Täljsten, Anders Bennitz, Per Goltermann, and Henning Pederson

2011 Journal of Composites for Construction 15:3 284-292.


State of Indigenous cultural heritage 2011, Eloise Schnierer, Sylvie Ellsmore, and Stephan B. Schnierer



Aboriginal fisheries in New South Wales: determining catch, cultural significance of species and traditional fishing knowledge needs, Stephan B. Schnierer


Versauerung des meerwassers durch anthropogenes CO2, Kai G. Schulz and U Riebesell

2011 Warnsignal klima: die meere - anderungen & risiken.

The influence of irradiance on the severity of thermal bleaching in sea anemones that host anemonefish, Anna Scott and Ross Hill

2011 86th Australian Coral Reef Society conference.


Long-term increases in abundance of anemonefish and their host sea anemones in an Australian marine protected area, Anna Scott, Hamish A. Malcolm, Cristiana Damiano, and Darren L. Richardson

2011 Marine and Freshwater Research 62:2 187-196.


Innocent invaders? a preliminary assessment of Cecropia, an American tree, in Java, Douglas Sheil and Michael Padmanaba

2011 Plant Ecology and Diversity 4:2-3 279-288.


Of Cecropias, snarks and boojums, Douglas Sheil and Michael Padmanaba

2011 Plant Ecology and Diversity 4:2-3 295-300.


The effectiveness of FRP strips in repairing moderately and severely damaged RC beam–column connections, Rijun Shrestha, Scott T. Smith, and Bijan Samali

2011 Magazine of Concrete Research 63:9 629-644.


Origin of rare earth element anomalies in mangrove sediments, Sepetiba Bay, SE Brazil: used as geochemical tracers of sediment sources, Emmanoel V. Silva-Filho, Christian J. Sanders, Michel Bernat, Ana MG Figueiredo, Silvia M. Sella, and Julio Wasserman

2011 Environmental Earth Sciences 64:5 1257-1267.

Anchorage of externally bonded FRP strengthening systems, Scott T. Smith

2011 7th National Conference on Infrastructure Applications of FRP Composites.

Strength and deflection enhancement of RC slabs with anchored FRP strengthening, Scott T. Smith, Shenghua Hu, Seo Jin Kim, and Rudi Seracino

2011 Proceedings of the Tenth International Symposium of the Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcement for Reinforced Concrete Structures.


FRP-strengthened RC slabs anchored with FRP anchors, Scott T. Smith, Shenghua Hu, Seo Jin Kim, and Rudolf Seracino

2011 Engineering Structures 33:4 1075-1087.


Densities of the endolithic bivalve Lithophaga lessepsiana (Vaillant, 1865) in Pocillopora damicornis, Solitary Islands Marine Park, northern NSW, Australia, Stephen DA Smith

2011 Molluscan Research 31:1 42-46.


Growth and population dynamics of the giant clam Tridacna maxima (Röding) at its southern limit of distribution in coastal, subtropical eastern Australia, Stephen DA Smith

2011 Molluscan Research 31:1 37-41.


Mass mortalities of of moon pipis (Mactra contraria Reeve, 1854) in subtropical eastern Australia, Stephen DA Smith

2011 Malacological Society of Australasia Newsletter 140 6-7.


Assessing the impacts of beach scraping on the macroinvertebrates of New Brighton beach, northern New South Wales, Stephen DA Smith, Ben E. Fitzgibbon, Matthew A. Harrison, and Jennifer Rowland

2011 20th New South Wales Coastal Conference.


Cellular pH measurements in Emiliania huxleyi reveal pronounced membrane proton permeability, K Suffrian, Kai G. Schulz, M A. Gutowska, U Riebesell, and M Bleich

2011 New Phytologist 190:3 595-608.


Quantifying water vulnerability: a multi-dimensional approach, Caroline A. Sullivan

2011 Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 25:4 627-640.


Saving the world's rivers: what must be done?, Caroline A. Sullivan, David Dudgeon, S E. Bunn, P M. Davies, M O. Gessner, S Glidden, P Green, P B. McIntyre, A Prusevich, C Reidy Liermann, and C J. Vorosmarty

2011 World Rivers Review 26:4 1-11.


Managing wetlands: integrating natural and human processes according to law, Caroline A. Sullivan and D E. Fisher

2011 Hydrological Sciences Journal 56:8 1640-1655.


Toward realizing sustainable access to water and sanitation and development aid effectiveness: conclusions and recommendations, Caroline A. Sullivan, Regassa Namara, Adeleke Salami, and Marco Stampini

2011 Development aid and access to water and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa 109-127.


Water, biodiversity, and ecosystems: reducing our impact, Caroline A. Sullivan and Jay O'Keeffe

2011 Water resources, planning and management: challenges and solutions 117-130.


Experts, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders’ viewpoints, Caroline A. Sullivan and Marco Stampini

2011 Development aid and access to water and sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa 96-108.


Degree of landscape fragmentation influences genetic isolation among populations of a gliding mammal, Andrea C. Taylor, Faith M. Walker, Ross L. Goldingay, Tina Ball, and Rodney Van Der Ree

2011 PLoS One 6:10.

Fine scale 3D habitat mapping of intertidal rocky shore using airborne LiDAR data and digital aerial photography, Jaqueline Thorner, Lalit Kumar, and Stephen DA Smith

2011 Earth observation in a changing world: Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc) Annual Conference.


Air-sea CO2 fluxes along the coast of Chile: from CO2 outgassing in central northern upwelling waters to CO2 uptake in southern Patagonian fjords, Rodrigo Torres, Silvio Pantoja, Naomi Harada, Humberto E. González, Giovanni Daneri, Máximo Frangopulos, José A. Rutlant, Carlos M. Duarte, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, Eva Mayol, and Masao Fukasawa

2011 Journal of Geophysical Research 116:C9.


An evaluation of the Australian Research Council's journal ranking, Jerome K. Vanclay

2011 Journal of Informetrics 5:2 265-274.

Carbon and forests: the big picture, Jerome K. Vanclay

2011 Australasian Science 32:10.


Future harvest: what might forest harvesting entail 25 years hence?, Jerome K. Vanclay

2011 Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 26:2 183-186.

The International Year of Forests: celebrating forests for people, Jerome K. Vanclay

2011 Australian Forest Grower 34:1 5-7.


Customer response to carbon labelling of groceries, Jerome K. Vanclay, John Shortiss, Scott Aulsebrook, Angus M. Gillespie, Ben C. Howell, Rhoda Johanni, Michael J. Maher, Kelly M. Mitchell, Mark D. Stewart, and Jim Yates

2011 Journal of Consumer Policy: Special issue on Putting Sustainable Consumption into Practice 34:1 153-160.


Grass-dominated vegetation, not species-diverse natural savanna, replaces degraded tropical forests on the southern edge of the Amazon Basin, Joseph W. Veldman and Francis E. Putz

2011 Biological Conservation 144:5 1419-1429.


An experimental study on the mechanical properties of pultruded CFRP plates at elevated temperatures, Ke Wang, Ben Young, and Scott T. Smith

2011 Proceedings of the 2011 Structures Congress 3110-3119.


Mechanical properties of pultruded CFRP plates at elevated temperatures, K Wang, B Young, and Scott T. Smith

2011 Engineering Structures 33:7 2154-2161.


The larval sponge holobiont exhibits high thermal tolerance, Nicole S. Webster, Emmanuelle S. Botte, Rochelle M. Soo, and Steve W. Whalan

2011 Environmental Microbiology Reports 3:6 756-762.


Bacterial community dynamics in the marine sponge Rhopaloeides odorabile under in situ and ex situ cultivation, Nicole S. Webster, Rose E. Cobb, Rochelle Soo, Shelley L. Anthony, Christopher N. Battershill, Steve W. Whalan, and Elizabeth Evans-Illidge

2011 Marine Biotechnology 13:2 296-304.

Forest growth and yield modeling, Aaron R. Weiskittel, David W. Hann, John A. Kershaw Jr, and Jerome K. Vanclay



Potential for wider application of 3P sampling in forest inventory, Philip W. West

2011 Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41:7 1500-1508.

The use of Australian bioregions as spatial units of analysis to explore relationships between climate and songbird diversity, Grant James Williamson, Leslie Christidis, Janette Ann Norman, Barry W. Brook, Brendan G. Mackey, and David MJS Bowman

2011 Pacific Conservation Biology 17:4 354-360.


Promoting Gondwana: presentation of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area in tourist brochures, Erica Christine Wilson, Kerrie Stimpson, David J. Lloyd, and William E. Boyd

2011 Journal of Heritage Tourism 6:4 297-308.


Nitrogen versus phosphorus limitation in a subtropical coastal embayment (Moreton Bay, Australia): implications for management, Fred Wulff, Bradley D. Eyre, and Ron Johnstone

2011 Ecological Modelling 222:1 120-130.