Papers from 2015


Scuba divers and the Greynurse shark: beliefs, knowledge, and behavior, Kirin Apps, Kay Dimmock, and David J. Lloyd

2015 Human Dimensions of Wildlife: An International Journal 20:5 425-439.


Groundwater methane in a potential coal seam gas extraction region, Marnie L. Atkins, Isaac R. Santos, and Damien T. Maher

2015 Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 4 452-471.

Personnel protection and safety equipment for the oil and gas industries, Alireza Bahadori


Prediction of particle size distribution in hydrometer test analysis using Least Square Support Vector Machine (LSSVM), Alireza Bahadori, Alireza Baghban, and Mohammad Bahadori

2015 APCChE 2015 Congress: Incorporating Chemeca 2015.


Where has all the fire gone? Quantifying the spatial and temporal extent of fire exclusion in Byron Shire, Australia, Andrew g. Baker and Claudia Frances Catterall

2015 Ecological Management & Restoration 16:2 106-113.

Notebook Tsunami: unsettling the teaching experience, William E. Boyd

2015 Teaching as a human experience: an anthology of contemporary poems.


Spatial and temporal variability of carbon dioxide and methane fluxes over semi-diurnal and spring–neap–spring timescales in a mangrove creek, Mitchell Call, Damien T. Maher, Isaac R. Santos, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, Perrine Mangion, Christian J. Sanders, Dirk V. Erler, Joanne M. Oakes, R Rosentreter, and Bradley D. Eyre

2015 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 150 211-225.


Extreme temperature conditions and wildland fires in Spain, A Cardil, Chris S. Eastaugh, and D M. Molina

2015 Theoretical and Applied Climatology 122:1 219-228.


Drivers of carbon isotopic fractionation in a coral reef lagoon: Predominance of demand over supply, Matheus Carvalho de Carvalho, Isaac R. Santos, Damien T. Maher, T Cyronak, A McMahon, Kai G. Schulz, and Bradley D. Eyre

2015 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 153 105-115.


Compensating for length biases in underwater visual census of fishes using stereo video measurements, Tom Davis, David Harasti, and Stephen DA Smith

2015 Marine and Freshwater Ecology 286-291.


A new experimental method to prevent paraffin-wax formation on the crude oil wells: a field case study in Libya, Elnori E. Elhaddad, Alireza Bahadori, Abdel-Raouf Manar El-Sayed, and Salaheldin Elkatatny

2015 Hemijska industrija 69:3 269-274.


Governance structures and sustainability in Indian Ocean sea cucumber fisheries, Hampus Eriksson, Chantal Conand, Alessandro Lovatelli, Nyawira A. Muthiga, and Steven W. Purcell

2015 Marine Policy 56 16-22.


Lessons for resource conservation from two contrasting small-scale fisheries, Hampus Eriksson, Maricela de la Torre-Castro, Steven W. Purcell, and Per Olsson

2015 Ambio 44:3 204-213.


Applying cavity ring-down spectroscopy for the measurement of dissolved nitrous oxide concentrations and bulk nitrogen isotopic composition in aquatic systems: Correcting for interferences and field application, Dirk V. Erler, T M. Duncan, R Murray, Damien T. Maher, Isaac R. Santos, J R. Gartland, P Mangion, and Bradley D. Eyre

2015 Limnology and Oceanography 13:8 391-401.


Controls on the nitrogen isotopic composition of shallow water corals across a tropical reef flat transect, Dirk V. Erler, Xingchen T. Wang, Daniel M. Sigman, Sander Scheffers, and Benjamin O. Shepherd

2015 Coral Reefs 34:1 329-338.


Prawn hatchery modifications and adaptions for temperate marine fish culture in northern NSW, Australia, Jeffrey A. Guy and Kenneth L. Cowden

2015 Aquacultural Engineering 67 14-23.


Landslide-induced iron mobilisation shapes benthic accumulation of nutrients, trace metals and REE fractionation in an oligotrophic alpine stream, Scott G. Johnston, Andrew L. Rose, Edward D. Burton, and Jenny Webster-Brown

2015 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 148 1-22.


Oviposition and egg mass morphology in barred frogs (Anura: Myobatrachidae: Mixophyes Günther, 1864), its phylogenetic significance and implications for conservation management, Ross Knowles, Karen Thumm, Michael Mahony, Harry Hines, David A. Newell, and Michael Cunningham

2015 Australian Zoologist 37:3 381-402.


Translocation of the threatened Growling Grass Frog Litoria raniformis: a case study, Sally L. Koehler, Daniel C. Gilmore, and David A. Newell

2015 Australian Zoologist 37:3 321-336.


The propensity of a science-based discipline towards surface learning compared to the arts - a fresh look at two cultures, Warren Lake, William E. Boyd, and Wendy Boyd

2015 Creative Education 6 1733-1741.


Direct age determination of a subtropical freshwater crayfish (redclaw, cherax quadricarinatus) using ossicular growth marks, Jesse C. Leland, Daniel J. Bucher, and Jason Coughran

2015 PLoS ONE 10:8.


A parametric study on admittance signatures of PZT transducer under free vibration, Yee Yan Lim, Willey YunHsien Liew, and Cheekiong Soh

2015 Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 22:11 877-884.


Pre-service teachers' 3D visualization strategies, Christos Markopoulos, Marilyn J. Chaseling, Koralia Petta, Warren Lake, and William E. Boyd

2015 Creative Education 6 1053-1059.


Nitrous oxide fluxes in estuarine environments: response to global change, Rachel H. Murray, Dirk V. Erler, and Bradley D. Eyre

2015 Global Change Biology 21:9 3219-3245.


Range extensions for heterobranch sea slugs (formerly opisthobranch) belonging to the families Diaphanidae, Plakobranchidae and Facelinidae on the eastern coast of Australia, Matt J. Nimbs, Richard C. Willan, and Stephen DA Smith

2015 Marine Biodiversity Records 8.


Growth, settlement and survival of Dicathais orbita (Neogastropoda, Mollusca) larvae in response to temperature, diet and settlement cues, Warick J. Noble, Kirsten Benkendorff, and James O. Harris

2015 Aquaculture Research 46:6 1455-1468.


Nitrous oxide and methane dynamics in a coral reef lagoon driven by pore water exchange: Insights from automated high-frequency observations, Chiara O'Reilly, Isaac R. Santos, Tyler Cyronak, Ashley McMahon, and Damien T. Maher

2015 Geophysical Research Letters 42:8 2885-2892.


The natural diet of the endangered camaenid land snail Thersites mitchellae (Cox, 1864) in northern New South Wales, Australia, Jonathan Parkyn, Agung Challisthianagara, Lyndon Brooks, Alison Specht, Sapphire McMullan-Fisher, and David A. Newell

2015 Australian Zoologist 37:3 343-349.


Groundwater seepage as a driver of CO2 evasion in a coastal lake (Lake Ainsworth, NSW, Australia), Anita Perkins, Isaac R. Santos, Mahmood Sadat-Noori, Jackie R. Gatland, and Damien T. Maher

2015 Environmental Earth Sciences 74:1 779-792.


Age validation in the Lutjanidae: a review, Toby P. Piddocke, Gavin L. Butler, Paul A. Butcher, Steven W. Purcell, Daniel J. Bucher, and Leslie Christidis

2015 Fisheries Research 167 48-63.


Age and growth of mangrove red snapper Lutjanus argentimaculatus at its cool-water-range limits, Toby P. Piddocke, Gavin L. Butler, Paul A. Butcher, J Stewart, Daniel J. Bucher, and Leslie Christidis

2015 Journal of Fish Biology 86:5 1587-1600.


Photochemical efficiency and antioxidant capacity in relation to Symbiodinium genotype and host phenotype in a symbiotic cnidarian, S Pontasch, R Hill, E Deschaseaux, PL Fisher, SK Davy, and Anna Scott

2015 Marine Ecology Progress Series 516 195-208.


Echinoderms piggybacking on sea cucumbers: benign effects on sediment turnover and movement of hosts, Steven W. Purcell and Hampus Eriksson

2015 Marine Biology Research 11:6 666-670.


Cryptic speciation in the Lesser Elaenia Elaenia chiriquensis (Aves: Passeriformes: Tyrannidae), Frank E. Rheindt, Neils Krabbe, Alison KS Wee, and Leslie Christidis

2015 Zootaxa 4032:3 251-263.


Gracilaria waste biomass (sampah rumput laut) as a bioresource for selenium biosorption, David A. Roberts, Nicholas A. Paul, Symon A. Dworjanyn, Yi Hu, Michael I. Bird, and Rocky de Nys

2015 Journal of Applied Phycology 27:1 611-620.


High CO2 evasion during floods in an Australian subtropical estuary downstream from a modified acidic floodplain wetland, Sergio Ruiz-Halpern, Damien T. Maher, Isaac R. Santos, and Bradley D. Eyre

2015 Limnology and Oceanography.


Groundwater discharge into an estuary using spatially distributed radon time series and radium isotopes, Mahmood Sadat-Noori, Isaac R. Santos, Christian J. Sanders, Luciana M. Sanders, and Damien T. Maher

2015 Journal of Hydrology 528 703-719.


Examining 239+240Pu, 210Pb and historical events to determine carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus burial in mangrove sediments of Moreton Bay, Australia, Christian J. Sanders, Isaac R. Santos, Damien T. Maher, Joshua L. Breithaupt, Joseph M. Smoak, Michael Ketterer, Luciana Sanders, and Bradley D. Eyre

2015 Journal of Environmental Radioactivity.


Dissolved iron exports from an estuary surrounded by coastal wetlands: can small estuaries be a significant source of Fe to the ocean?, Christian J. Sanders, Isaac R. Santos, Damien T. Maher, Mahmood Sadat-Noori, Bernhard Schnetger, and Hans J Brumsack

2015 Marine Chemistry 176 75-82.


Porewater exchange as a driver of carbon dynamics across a terrestrial-marine transect: Insights from coupled 222Rn and pCO2 observations in the German Wadden Sea, Isaac R. Santos, Melanie Beck, Hans-Jürgen Brumsack, Damien T. Maher, Thorsten Dittmar, Hannelore Waska, and Bernhard Schnetger

2015 Marine Chemistry 171 10-20.


Trying to find Nemo: low abundance of sea anemones and anemonefishes on central and southern mid-shelf reefs in the Great Barrier Reef, Anna Scott and A H. Baird

2015 Marine Biodiversity 45:2 327-331.


Southernmost records of the host sea anemone, Stichodactyla haddoni, and associated commensal shrimps in a climate change hotspot, Anna Scott, D Harasti, T Davis, and Stephen DA Smith

2015 Marine Biodiversity 45:2 145-146.


Behaviour of estrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemicals in permeable carbonate sands, Benjamin O. Shepherd, Dirk V. Erler, Douglas R. Tait, Lukas van Zwieten, Stephen Kimber, and Bradley D. Eyre

2015 Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22:15 11340-11348.


Submarine groundwater discharge and associated fluxes of alkalinity and dissolved carbon into Moreton Bay (Australia) estimated via radium isotopes, Benjamin T. Stewart, Isaac R. Santos, Douglas R. Tait, Paul Macklin, and Damien T. Maher

2015 Marine Chemistry 174 1-12.


Sediment properties and surface erodibility following a large-scale mangrove (Avicennia marina) removal, Debra J. Stokes and Rachel J. Harris

2015 Continental Shelf Research 107 1-10.

Seasonal and diurnal dynamics of atmospheric radon, carbon dioxide, methane, δ13C-CO2 and δ13C-CH4 in a proposed Australian coal seam gas field, Douglas R. Tait, Damien T. Maher, and Isaac R. Santos

2015 Water, Air and Soil Pollution.


Nutrient and greenhouse gas dynamics through a range of wastewater-loaded carbonate sand treatments, Douglas R. Tait, Benjamin O. Shepherd, Kevin M. Befus, and Dirk V. Erler

2015 Ecological Engineering 82 126-137.


Agriculture and climate change: perceptions of provincial officials in Vietnam, Son Tran Van, William E. Boyd, Peter Slavich, and Trinh Mai Van

2015 Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 11 487-500.


Perception of climate change and farmers’ adaptation: a case study of poor and non-poor farmers in northern central coast of Vietnam, Son Tran Van, William E. Boyd, Peter Slavich, and Trinh Mai Van

2015 Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences 11 323-342.


Stability of schwertmannite and jarosite in an acidic landscape: Prolonged field incubation, Chamindra Vithana, Leigh A. Sullivan, Edward D. Burton, and Richard T. Bush

2015 Geoderma 239-240 47-57.


Schwertmannite in soil materials: limits of detection of acidified ammonium oxalate method and differential X-ray diffraction, Chamindra Vithana, Leigh A. Sullivan, Richard T. Bush, and Edward D. Burton

2015 Geoderma 249-250 51-60.


Isotopic composition of skeleton-bound organic nitrogen in reef-building symbiotic corals: a new method and proxy evaluation at Bermuda, X T. Wang, D M. Sigman, A L. Cohen, D J. Sinclair, R M. Sherrell, M A. Weigand, Dirk V. Erler, and H Ren

2015 Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 148 179-190.


Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: effects on plant terpenoid accumulation, Matthew T. Welling, Lei Liu, Terry J. Rose, Daniel LE Waters, and Kirsten Benkendorff

2015 Plant Biology.


Polyhydroxyalkanoates as packaging materials: current applications and future prospects, Lachlan H. Yee and Leslie JR Foster

2015 Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) based blends, composites and nanocomposites.

Papers from 2014


Niche differentiation of ammonia-oxidising archaea (AOA) and bacteria (AOB) in response to paper and pulp mill effluent, G CJ Abell, D J. Ross, J Keane, B H. Holmes, S S. Robert, M J. Keough, Bradley D. Eyre, and J K. Volkman

2014 Microbiology of Aquatic Systems 67:4 758-768.


Resolving deep lineage divergences in core corvoid passerine birds supports a proto-Papuan island origin, Marie Aggerbeck, Jon Fjeldsa, Leslie Christidis, Pierre-Henri Fabre, and Knud Andreas Jonsson

2014 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 70 272-285.


A computational intelligence scheme for prediction equilibrium water dew point of natural gas in TEG dehydration systems, Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, Reza Soleimani, and Alireza Bahadori

2014 Fuel 137 145-154.


Recovery rate of vapor extraction in heavy oil reservoirs - experimental, statistical, and modeling studies, Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, Sohrab Zendehboudi, Alireza Bahadori, Lesley James, Ali Lohi, Ali Elkamel, and Ioannis Chatzis

2014 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53:41 16091-16106.


Scuba diving with the grey nurse shark (Carcharias taurus): an application of the theory of planned behaviour to identify divers beliefs, Kirin Apps, David J. Lloyd, and Kay Dimmock

2014 Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 25:2 201-211.

Corrosion and materials selection: a guide for chemical and petroleum industries, Alireza Bahadori

2014 Corrosion and materials selection: a guide for the chemical and petroleum industries.


Estimation of soil particles size in hydrometer analysis test using a simple correlation, Alireza Bahadori

2014 23rd Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM23).

Natural gas processing: technology and engineering design, Alireza Bahadori


Pollution control in oil, gas and chemical plants, Alireza Bahadori


Waste management in the chemical and petroleum industries, Alireza Bahadori


Dictionary of wastewater and environmental engineering, Alireza Bahadori, Scott T. Smith, and Leigh A. Sullivan



A novel method to estimate the specific gravity and refractive index of seawater, Alireza Bahadori, Sohrab Zendehboudi, Mohammad Bahadori, and Gholamreza Zahedi

2014 Desalination and Water Treatment 52:16-18 3012-3018.


Estimation of the depth of frost penetration in both uniform and layered soils in frost-affected regions, Alireza Bahadori, Sohrab Zendehboudi, Gholamreza Zahedi, and Mohammad Bahadori

2014 International Journal of Pavement Engineering 15:7 599-605.


Conserving potential coral reef refuges at high latitudes, Maria Beger, Brigitte Sommer, Peter Lynton Harrison, Stephen DA Smith, and John M. Pandolfi

2014 Diversity and Distributions 20:3 245-257.

Chemical diversity in molluscan communities: from natural products to chemical ecology, Kirsten Benkendorff

2014 Neuroecology and neuroethology in molluscs: the interface between behaviour and environment 13-41.

Adapting research ethics principles and practices to enhance professional coursework education in universities, William E. Boyd

2014 Journal of the European Higher Education Area 2 1-20.

Citizen science, William E. Boyd

2014 Encyclopedia of action research 98-100.

Indigenist research, William E. Boyd

2014 Encyclopedia of action research 429-431.

Temporal variability of carbon and nutrient burial, sediment accretion, and mass accumulation over the past century in a carbonate platform mangrove forest of the Florida Everglades, Joshua L. Breithaupt, Joseph M. Smoak, Thomas J. Smith III, and Christian J. Sanders

2014 Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 119:10 2032-2048.

Population differentiation and hybridisation of Australian Snubfin (Orcaella heinsohni) and Indo-Pacific Humpback (Sousa chinensis) dolphins in North-Western Australia, Alexandra M. Brown, Anna M. Kopps, Simon J. Allen, Lars Bejder, Bethan Littleford-Colquhoun, Guido J. Parra, Daniele DB Cagnazzi, Deborah Thiele, Carol Palmer, and Celine H. Frere

2014 PLoS One 9:7.


Migratory movements of individual humpback whales photographed off the eastern coast of Australia, Daniel Burns, Lyndon O. Brooks, Peter Lynton Harrison, Trish Franklin, Wally Franklin, David Paton, and Phil Clapham

2014 Marine Mammal Science 30:2 562-578.


Net seaweed photosynthesis measured from changes in natural stable carbon isotope ratios in incubation water, Matheus Carvalho de Carvalho

2014 Phycologia 53:5 488-492.


Integration of LSSVM technique with PSO to determine asphaltene deposition, Ali Chamkalani, Sohrab Zendehboudi, Alireza Bahadori, Riaz Kharrat, Reza Chamkalani, Lesley James, and Ioannis Chatzis

2014 Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 124 243-253.

The decline and revival of music education in New South Wales schools, 1920-1956, Marilyn J. Chaseling and William E. Boyd

2014 Australian Journal of Music Education 2 46-61.

The slow process of modernising teacher training in music in New South Wales, 1920-1956, Marilyn J. Chaseling and William E. Boyd

2014 Australian Journal of Music Education 2 62-76.


Whatever it takes! Developing professional learning communities in primary school mathematics education, Marilyn J. Chaseling, William E. Boyd, K Robson, and L Brown

2014 Creative Education 5 864-876.

The Howard and Moore complete checklist of the birds of the world, Leslie Christidis



Insights into the evolution of a cryptic radiation of bats: dispersal and ecological radiation of malagasy miniopterus (chiroptera: miniopteridae), Leslie Christidis, Steven M. Goodman, Kate Naughton, and Belinda Appleton

2014 PLoS ONE 9:3.


Solid phases responsible for MnII CrIII CoII Ni CuII and Zn immobilization by a modified bauxite refinery residue (red mud) at pH 7.5, Richard N. Collins, Malcolm W. Clark, and Timothy E. Payne

2014 Chemical Engineering Journal 236:15 419-429.


The IUCN red list assessment of aspidochirotid sea cucumbers and its implications, Chantal Conand, Beth Polidoro, Annie Mercier, Ruth Gamboa, Jean-Francois Hamel, and Steven W. Purcell

2014 SPC Beche-de-mer Information Bulletin 34 3-7.


Remote Antarctic feeding ground important for east Australian humpback whales, Rochelle Constantine, Debbie Steel, Judy Allen, Megan Anderson, Olive Andrews, C Scott Baker, Peta Beeman, Daniel Burns, Jean-Benoit Charrassin, Simon Childerhouse, Michael Double, Paul Ensor, Patricia Franklin, Wally Franklin, Nick Gales, Claire Garrigue, Nadine Gibbs, Peter Lynton Harrison, Nan Hauser, Amanada Hutsel, Curt Jenner, Michekine-Nicole Jenner, Greg Kaufman, Anne Macie, David Mattila, Carlos Olvarria, Adrian Oosterman, David Paton, Michael Poole, Jooke Robbins, Natalie Schmitt, Peter Stevick, Alden Tagarino, Kristen Thompson, and Juney Ward

2014 Marine Biology 161:5 1087-1093.


Drivers of pCO2 variability in two contrasting coral reef lagoons: the influence of submarine groundwater discharge, Tyler Cyronak, Isaac R. Santos, Dirk V. Erler, Damien T. Maher, and Bradley D. Eyre

2014 Global Biogeochemical Cycles 28:4 398-414.


Enhanced acidification of global coral reefs driven by regional biogeochemical feedbacks, Tyler Cyronak, Kai G. Schulz, Isaac R. Santos, and Bradley D. Eyre

2014 Geophysical Research Letters 41:15 5538-5546.


Higher, faster and stronger? The pros and cons of molecular faunal data for assessing ecosystem condition, K A. Dafforn, D J. Baird, A A. Chariton, Melanie Y. Sun, Mark V. Brown, Stuart L. Simpson, Brendan P. Kelaher, and Emma L. Johnston

2014 Advances in Ecological Research 51.


Effects of environmental factors on dimethylated sulfur compounds and their potential role in the antioxidant system of the coral holobiont, Elisabeth SM Deschaseaux, Graham B. Jones, Myrna A. Deseo, Kellie M. Shepherd, R P. Kiene, H B. Swan, Peter Lynton Harrison, and Bradley D. Eyre

2014 Limnology and Oceanography 59:3 758-768.


Comparative response of DMS and DMSP concentrations in Symbiodinium clades C1 and D1 under thermal stress, Elisabeth Suzanne Marie Deschaseaux, V H. Beltran, Graham B. Jones, Myrna A. Deseo, H B. Swan, Peter Lynton Harrison, and Bradley D. Eyre

2014 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 459 181-189.


Dimethylsulphoxide (DMSO) in biological samples: a comparison of the TiCl3 and NaBH4 reduction methods using headspace analysis, E SM Deschaseaux, R P. Kiene, Graham B. Jones, Myrna A. Deseo, H B. Swan, L Oswald, and Bradley D. Eyre

2014 Marine Chemistry 164 9-15.


Nutrient removal and microbial communities' development in a young unplanted constructed wetland using Bauxsol™ pellets to treat wastewater, Laure M. Despland, Malcolm W. Clark, Tony Vancov, and Michel Aragno

2014 Science of the Total Environment 484 167-175.


Implications of macroalgal isolation by distance for networks of marine protected areas, Halley MS Durrant, Christopher P. Burridge, Brendan P. Kelaher, Neville S. Barrett, Graham J. Edgar, and Melinda A. Coleman

2014 Conservation Biology 28:2 438-445.


Relationships between the mean trees by basal area and by volume: reconciling form factors in the classic Bavarian yield and volume tables for Norway spruce, Chris S. Eastaugh

2014 European Journal of Forest Research 133:5 871-877.


Climate change impacts on African forests and people, Chris S. Eastaugh, B L. Cheteu, J R. Cobbinah, Francis Dwomoh, Bernard Foahom, Ernest Foli, Monica Idinoba, Steve Makungwa, Johnson Nkem, Phanuel Oballa, and Henry Utila

2014 IUFRO Occasional Paper No. 24.


Deriving forest fire ignition risk with biogeochemical process modelling, Chris S. Eastaugh and H Hasenauer

2014 Environmental Modelling & Software 55 132-142.

Improved estimates of per-plot basal area from angle count inventories, Chris S. Eastaugh and Hubert Hasenauer

2014 Biogeosciences & Forestry 7:3.


An in vitro high-throughput assay for screening reproductive and toxic effects of anticancer compounds, Vicki Edwards, Kirsten Benkendorff, and Fiona Young

2014 Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 61:5 582-592.


Procedural skills, sketchup and vodcasting: distance teaching of design drawing skills and student learning autonomy, David Ellis and William E. Boyd

2014 Creative Education 5:12 1106-1117.


Inorganic nitrogen transformations within permeable carbonate sands, Dirk V. Erler, Isaac R. Santos, and Bradley D. Eyre

2014 Continental Shelf Research 77 69-80.