Papers from 2007


Organisational effectiveness of Australian fast growing small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Silvia A. Nelson, Yvonne Brunetto, and Sheryl Ramsay


Are Chinese stock markets integrated with international markets?, Scott J. Niblock and Keith Sloan


Are Chinese stock markets weak-form efficient?, Scott J. Niblock and Keith Sloan

Indigenous and non-Indigenous views of Indigenous participation in the tourism industry, Noah Nielsen, Jeremy Buultjens, and Deborah Gale

Leadership models: which one for volunteers?, Matthew Nisbet and Michelle Wallace

Perspectives on leading volunteers in the not-for-profit sector, Matthew Nisbet and Michelle Wallace


Encoding and decoding techniques for medical video signal transmission and viewing, Manoranjan Paul and Golam Sorwar

An appeal to self interest: I’ll work for you because it’s morally right for me to do so, Simon J. Pervan

Organizing and managing your research: a practical guide for postgraduates, Renata Phelps, Kath Fisher, and Allan Ellis

Grant maintained or grant restrained? rural social enterprise in Ceredigion, David G. Pickernell, Nicholas C. Clifton, Julienne M. Senyard, and Michael John Christie


Developing a framework for network and cluster identification for use in economic development policy-making, David G. Pickernell, Patricia A. Rowe, and Michael John Christie


Efficient significant point generation technique for shape descriptor, M R. Rahman, M Ameer Ali, M S. Islam, and Golam Sorwar


Action research for continuous quality improvement in aged care, Devi Ranasinghe and Peter Miller

Letting knowledge go: ethics and representation of the other in international and cross-cultural management, C Rhodes and Robert I. Westwood

An inductive investigation of the driving people management issues of a third sector health care organisation, J Rodwell, A Noblet, Peter Steane, and A Allisey

The evolution of audiographics technologies, Stephen Rowe

From single tool to complex teaching and learning toolkit: audiographics comes of age, Stephen Rowe and Allan Ellis


How the Web has changed lecturing: going the full circle, Stephen Rowe and Allan Ellis

Internal audit, critical success factors and data quality in Indonesian cooperative enterprises, F M. Saleh and Jennifer L. Harrison


Reflections on developing an offshore, action research/learning-based Ph.D. program, Shankar Sankaran, Stewart Hase, Bob Dick, and Alan T. Davies

The intention of Australian older workers to continue paid work: the impact of marital differences, K Shacklock, Yvonne Brunetto, and S Nelson

User satisfaction: an evaluation of a carbon credit information system, William Smart, Bruce Armstrong, and Jerome K. Vanclay

A subscription based generic medical event management system for telemedicine applications, Golam Sorwar and Duncan C. Blair


A fully adaptive distance-dependent thresholding search (FADTS) algorithm for performance-management motion estimation, Golam Sorwar, Manzur Murshed, and Laurence S. Dooley


Regional industry specialisation versus regional industry diversification: what are the differences?, Jesse Stanton and Stephen Mason

Advertising in the middle east: exploring the impact of the west, Mais Sukkar, Simon J. Pervan, and Ekant Veer


Knowledge management in the Malaysian aerospace industry, Lim Wai Tat and Stewart Hase


The future of relationship marketing, Peter Vitartas

Developing community and economic development strategies: perceptions of employment expansion - an assessment of small business operators' stated intentions?, Peter Vitartas and L Ford


Student adoption of web based video conferencing software: a comparison of three student discipline groups, Peter Vitartas, Nicola Jayne, Allan Ellis, and Stephen Rowe

Web conferencing software: implications for student adoption, Peter Vitartas, Nicola Jayne, Allan Ellis, and Stephen Rowe


An investigation of the behavioural intention of students to use a Web conferencing environment, Peter Vitartas, Stephen Rowe, and Allan Ellis

Associations between interorganisational relationship (IOR) constructs common to multiple stakeholders in cooperative product innovation: results from Australian manufacturing firms, Tania von der Heidt


Partial aggregation for complex structural equation modelling (SEM) and small sample sizes: an illustration using a multi-stakeholder model of cooperative interorganisational relationships (IORs) in product innovation', Tania von der Heidt and Don R. Scott


Similarities and differences in multiple stakeholder interorganisational relationships (IORs) in product innovation: results from Australian manufacturing firms, Tania von der Heidt and Don R. Scott


Human resource development and female middle managers in Australian universities, Michelle Wallace


Manifesto for a post-colonial international business and management studies: a provocation, Robert I. Westwood

Theory as joke: a hysterical perturbation, Robert I. Westwood

Tom Peters live at...: the surgaces of management, Robert I. Westwood and E Ferrier

Clark Kerr, the CIA, the Cold War, and de/re-colonisation: conditions for the emergence of international business and management studies, Robert I. Westwood and Gavin Jack

The staging of humour: organising and managing comedy, Robert I. Westwood and C Rhodes

Humour and the study of organizations, Robert I. Westwood and Carl Rhodes

Humour, work and organisation, Robert I. Westwood and Carl Rhodes

Breaching Merton's Code: public research scientist coping with commercialisation, R Wong and Robert I. Westwood

A manager’s guide to e-tailing success in China’s retail industry, Weibing Xuan, Jun Xu, and Mohammed Quaddus

The relationship between motivation factors and retention in government-run construction enterprises in Beijing, China, Ying Zhang and Michelle Wallace

Papers from 2006


Firm internationalisation and export incentives from a Middle Eastern perspective, Zafar U. Ahmed, Craig C. Julian, Imad B. Baalbaki, and Tamar V. Hadidian


The internet and export marketing from a Middle Eastern perspective, Zafar U. Ahmed, Craig C. Julian, Imad B. Baalbaki, and Tamar V. Hadidian


Export incentives and international entrepreneurship in Malaysian firms, Zafar U. Ahmed, Craig C. Julian, and Abdul J. Mahajar

Emergency service volunteers: issues of motivation and identity, Anthony Baxter-Tomkins and Michelle Wallace

Emergency service volunteers: what do we really know about them?, Anthony Baxter-Tomkins and Michelle Wallace


A comparison of the administrative subculture of Australian public and private sector employees, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton

The impact of the relationship between supervisors and local government employees post the implementation of NPM: a social capital perspective, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton

The importance of effective organisational relationships for nurses: a social capital perspective, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton

Economics of Australian casinos, Jeremy Buultjens

Tweed Shire beach and foreshore users survey, Jeremy Buultjens


Wage determination in NSW and Queensland clubs, Jeremy Buultjens

Indigenous tourism and the mining industry: the potential for a cooperative effort, Jeremy Buultjens, David Brereton, Paul Memmott, Joseph Reser, Linda Thomson, Tanuja Barker, and Tim O'Rourke

Whitewater rafting: the industry, clients and their economic impact on Coffs Harbour, Australia, Jeremy Buultjens and Deborah Gale

Evaluation of the impact of Special Business Rate Variation Levy (SBRVL) funded major events on the Lismore business community, Jeremy Buultjens and Matthew J. Lamont


Would a Buddhist freeze a cane toad? an exploration of the modern phenomenon of environmental buddhism and the ethics related to the doctrine of ahimsa (non-harming), Cathy Byrne


The prevalence and characteristics of online assessment in Australian universities, Rod Byrnes and Allan Ellis


Enterprise bargaining under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 in construction and hospitality small businesses: a comparative study, Grant Cairncross and Jeremy Buultjens

RPL and the disengaged learner: the need for new starting points, Roslyn Cameron

Small steps towards building a career development culture in VET, Roslyn Cameron

A case study of a high growth metropolitan spill over, sea change and tree change community, Michael John Christie and Patricia A. Rowe

Cultures and subcultures in the implementation of economic development: local government as a new force, Michael John Christie and Patricia A. Rowe

Queensland arts and cultural tourism strategy, Ros Derrett, Jeremy Buultjens, and Milica Loncar

Leadership : 2nd Asia-Pacific edition, Andrew J. DuBrin, Carol Dalglish, and Peter Miller


Australian academics and transnational teaching: an exploratory study of their preparedness and experiences, Lee Dunn and Michelle Wallace

Opportunity recognition behaviour of female SME owners, R Farr-Wharton and Yvonne Brunetto


Ecotourism enterprise and sustainable development in remote Indigenous communities in Australia, Don Fuller, Julia Caldicott, and Simon J. Wilde

Enhancing service quality and firm competitiveness within the tourism sector, Don Fuller, Janet Hanlan, and Simon J. Wilde

Strategic business planning - workshops and strategy formulation: report to South West Rocks Country Club, Don Fuller and Simon J. Wilde


The economic value of Southern Cross University campuses to their regional economies: a campus-based input-output analysis, Don Fuller and Simon J. Wilde

The impact of upgrades to arterial roads on visitation in national parks: a case study of Mount Warning National Park, Deborah Gale and Jeremy Buultjens

Market intelligence study for the Tweed/Gold Coast campus of Southern Cross University: report to Vice-Chancellor and President of Southern Cross University, Pat Gillett, Jennifer L. Harrison, Dennis Howard, and Stephen J. Kelly


An evaluation of how market segmentation approaches aid destination marketing, Janet Hanlan, Don Fuller, and Simon J. Wilde


Destination decision making: the need for a strategic planning and management approach, Janet Hanlan, Don Fuller, and Simon J. Wilde


Segmenting tourism markets: a critical review, Janet Hanlan, Don Fuller, and Simon J. Wilde

Marketing tourist destinations to media savvy consumers: an alternative model, Janet Hanlan and Stephen J. Kelly

Financial management and dairy farmer satisfaction with performance, Jennifer L. Harrison

Strategic orientation, environmental uncertainty and organisational effectiveness: a test of information scope as a mediator, Jennifer L. Harrison

BCU staff survey, Jennifer L. Harrison and Stephen J. Kelly

Business realtionships and perceived environmental uncertainty: should I stay or should I go now?, Jennifer L. Harrison and Stephen J. Kelly

Gold Coast IT capability audit: report to Gold Coast City Council, Jennifer L. Harrison and Stephen J. Kelly

Grafton bus usage study, Stewart Hase


In exile in my mind, Stewart Hase


Overcoming barriers to knowledge management: visiting the dark side of organizations, Stewart Hase, Shankar Sankaran, and Alan T. Davies


Developing learner capability through action research: from pedagogy to heutagogy in the workplace, Stewart Hase, Boon Hou Tay, and E Goh

Developing management skill using action research: moving beyond skills and competency, Stewart Hase, Boon Hou Tay, and E Goh


The strategic value of oscillating tie strength in technology clusters, William P. Hebbert, Robyn L. Keast, and Kavoos Mohannak

Strategic planning for regional economic development – a portfolio approach for regional planners, D Howard and Jennifer L. Harrison

Postcolonialism and the politics of qualitative research in international business, Gavin Jack and Robert I. Westwood

Comedians at work: managing and organising a comedic performance, Allanah Johnston and Robert I. Westwood

A future research agenda for international joint ventures in South East Asia, Craig C. Julian

An examination of the relationship between control, partners needs, commitment and conflict in international joint ventures (IJVs), Craig C. Julian

Export marketing performance: a developing country versus developed country perspective, Craig C. Julian

Product characteristics and IJV marketing performance, Craig C. Julian

The concept of marketing orientation and its role in international joint venture (IJV) success, Craig C. Julian