Papers from 2004


Fast block-based true motion estimation using distance dependent thresholds, Golam Sorwar, Manzur Murshed, and Laurence S. Dooley

Role of action research in workplace PhDs, Boon Hou Tay and Stewart Hase


A student perspective on the use of team-based assessment to achieve the requirement to be creative: a study of entrepreneurship studies, Carmen Tideswell


The road more travelled: multi-destination itineraries of international visitors to Australia, Carmen Tideswell


Developing and rewarding loyalty to hotels: the guest's perspective, Carmen Tideswell and Elizabeth Fredline

Media consumption and the time pressured, Peter Vitartas


Cultural influences on Internet and media use: a comparison of Thai and Australian student usage, Peter Vitartas, Sutida Sangkamanee, and Don Scott

The influence of social time and weekly rhythms on media consumption, Peter Vitartas and D Scott

Communities of practice, Michelle Wallace

Globalization and work: part 1, Michelle Wallace

Globalization and work: part 2, Michelle Wallace

Learning at work: some concepts and theories: part 2, Michelle Wallace

Learning theories and approaches: part 1, Michelle Wallace

Learning theories and approaches: part 2, Michelle Wallace

Workplace learning: contextual factors 1, Michelle Wallace

Workplace learning: contextual factors 2, Michelle Wallace


Australian academics teaching in Singapore: striving for cultural empathy, Michelle Wallace and Lee Dunn


Comic relief: subversion and catharsis in organizational comedic theatre, Robert I. Westwood

Towards a post-colonial research paradigm in international business and comparative management, Robert I. Westwood


Theorizing Chinese employment relations comparatively: exchange, reciprocity and the moral economy, Robert I. Westwood, Andrew Chan, and Stephen Linstead

From the Rag Trade to AbFab: women, work and class in British sitcoms, Robert I. Westwood and A Johnston

Idols vs BUMS: manufactured and natural networks on the route to fame, Robert I. Westwood and G Muirhead

Playing with ourselves: spaces for Australian organisation and managment studies, Robert I. Westwood and C Rhodes


An exploratory investigation into e-tail image attributes important to repeat, internet savvy customers, Simon J. Wilde, Stephen J. Kelly, and Don Scott

Papers from 2003

The legitimizing process of knowledge work: formation of the discourse, J Adelstein and Robert I. Westwood


Internet and computer usage: comparisons among metropolitan centres, coastal regional centres and inland regional centres, Bruce Armstrong, Tim Comber, Don Dingsdag, and Gerard J. Fogarty


The necessities of violence, John Bergin and Robert I. Westwood

An index of customer citizenship behavior: an exploratory study, Liliana L. Bove, Nicola L. Robertson, and Simon J. Pervan


Perceived efficacy of responsible gambling strategies in Queensland hotels, casinos and licensed clubs, Helen Breen, Jeremy Buultjens, and Nerilee Hing

Responsible gambling in Queensland: a case study, Helen Breen, Jeremy Buultjens, and Nerilee Hing

The introduction of a voluntary responsible gambling code of practice: the experience in North Queensland, Australia, Helen Breen, Jeremy Buultjens, and Nerilee Hing


Citizen-government engagement: community connection: community connection through networked arrangements, Kerry A. Brown and Robyn L. Keast

The impact of a police officer’s schema in relation to a domestic dispute, Yvonne Brunetto

Factors affecting Australian SMEs decision to access government policies and programs promoting collaboration, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton


The commitment and satisfaction of lower-ranked police officers: lessons for management, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton


The impact of government practices on the ability of project managers to manage, Yvonne Brunetto and Rod Farr-Wharton

Employment relations in small business: a case study of registered clubs in NSW, Jeremy Buultjens

Industrial disputation and trade unions in registered clubs, Jeremy Buultjens


Labour markets in regional Australia: recent evidence of national policy effects, Jeremy Buultjens, Dennis Howard, and Steve Moffat

Conservation and tourism in a Sri Lankan national park, Jeremy Buultjens, I Ratnayake, A Gnanapala, and M Aslam

Tourism in protected areas of Sri Lanka: a case study, Jeremy Buultjens, I Ratnayake, A Gnanapala, and M Aslam


Sustainable forest-based tourism in Northeast New South Wales, Australia: a problematic goal, Jeremy Buultjens, Margaret Tiyce, and Deborah Gale

Public sector initiatives for Aboriginal small business development in tourism, Jeremy Buultjens, Iain Waller, Sasha Graham, and Dean B. Carson

Community entrepreneurship, Michael John Christie

United we stand: a call for collective cooperation of SMEs when they trade globally using Internet technology, Michael John Christie, Laura A. Parsons, David G. Pickernell, and Patricia A. Rowe

The management of interdependence and the sharing of vision by micro-finance agencies for new and emerging SMEs, Michael John Christie and Patricia A. Rowe


High technology industry associations move entrepreneurs into global markets, Michael John Christie, Patricia A. Rowe, and Rana S. Koroglu

User operations as language elements: measuring usability and user competence through redundancy, Tim Comber and John R. Maltby

Teaching off-shore in Asia: into the unknown, Lee Dunn and Michelle Wallace


Exploring user satisfaction with information systems in a regional small business context, Gerard J. Fogarty, Bruce Armstrong, Julian Dimbleby, and Don Dingsdag


Perceived environmental uncertainty: validation of a measure from the accounting literature, Jennifer L. Harrison

Validation of two measures commonly used in management accounting research: information scope and organisational effectiveness, Jennifer L. Harrison

Evaluation of the Lismore City Council Crime Prevention Plan, Stewart Hase


Heutagogy and developing capable people and capable workplaces: strategies for dealing with complexity, Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon


Changing the face of competency assessment: evaluation of the Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training package in the mining industry, Stewart Hase and Helen Saenger

Report of the evaluation of the workplace assessor component of the 'Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training', Stewart Hase and Helen Saenger


Examining the antecedents of export marketing performance of Thai export market ventures, Craig C. Julian


Export marketing performance: a study of Thailand firms, Craig C. Julian

The marketing strategy-performance relationship of Australian export market ventures, Craig C. Julian and Aron O'Cass


The effect of industry structure, learning and innovation on brand performance, Craig C. Julian, Aron O'Cass, and Jay Weerawardena

Validating a tri-component model of attitudinal commitment, Stephen J. Kelly


Venture capital in regional Australia: attitudes toward venture capital requirements among SME principals and their advisors, Stephen J. Kelly and Jeremy Buultjens

Evaluating lapsed clients in the health and weight loss industry: the challenge of a mature market and the need for a relational approach, Stephen J. Kelly and Jennifer L. Harrison


Deep vein thrombosis and air travel: record linkage study, C W. Kelman, Michael Kortt, N G. Becker, Z Li, J D. Mathews, C S. Guest, and C D. J


Workplace learning by action learning: a practical example, Peter Miller


Organisational values and generational values: a cross cultural study, Peter Miller and Huichun Yu


Examining firm and environmental influences on export marketing mix strategy and export performance of Australian exporters, Aron O'Cass and Craig C. Julian

Export marketing: perspectives from the land down under, Aron O'Cass and Craig C. Julian


Modelling the effects of firm-specific and environmental characteristics on export marketing performance, Aron O'Cass and Craig C. Julian

From career fillip to branding strategy: exploring the implications for cooperative education in Australia, Simon J. Pervan, Katharine Hoskyn, and Mike Potter


Understanding process in relationship marketing: a focus on reciprocity, Simon J. Pervan and Lester W. Johnson

Does McDonald's really suck? comparing perspectives from sociology and TV animation, C Rhodes and Robert I. Westwood

Exploring the relationship between customer loyalty to the service worker and customer citizenship behavior to the service organization, Nicola L. Robertson, Liliana L. Bove, and Simon J. Pervan

A cunning plan? towards a methodology for examining the capacity and efficiency of economic development organizations and planning, Patricia A. Rowe, Michael John Christie, David G. Pickernell, and L A. Parsons

Using asynchronous discussion forums to bring auditing practice into the learning environment, Stephen Rowe

Working in a virtual classroom: what you CAN do to enrich the learning experience, Stephen Rowe

An assessment of contributions to an on-line discussion forum in accounting theory, Stephen Rowe and Peter Vitartas

Adaptive centre distance-dependent thresholding search for fast motion estimation, Golam Sorwar, Manzur Murshed, and Laurence S. Dooley


A fully adaptive performance-scalable distance-dependent thresholding search algorithm for video coding, Golam Sorwar, Manzur Murshed, and Laurence S. Dooley


Fast global motion estimation using iterative least-square technique, Golam Sorwar, Manzur Murshed, and Laurence S. Dooley

Services marketing issues in tourism and hospitality, B Sparks and Carmen Tideswell

Identifying antecedent factors to the traveler's pursuit of a multidestination travel itinerary, Carmen Tideswell and Bill Faulkner

Rejuvenating a maturing tourist destination, Carmen Tideswell, B Sparks, and S Noakes

Perceived time shortage and media consumption, Peter Vitartas


Media consumption as secondary time use: the effect of time pressure, Peter Vitartas and Don Scott


Reconciling interorganisational relationships: a metatheoretical analysis and systhesis of ten IOR theories, Tania von der Heidt

Applying post-modernist perspectives to workplace learning: part 1, Michelle Wallace

Applying post-modernist perspectives to workplace learning: part 2, Michelle Wallace


Policy and organisational discourses: identities offered to women workers, Michelle Wallace

The future of work: part 1, Michelle Wallace

The future of work: part 2, Michelle Wallace

The paradox and the price: a case study of female academic managers in an Australian regional university, Michelle Wallace


Career development and the supply chain management professional: an explorative case study from Singapore, Michelle Wallace and Lee Dunn

Learning at home, teaching off-shore: experiences of students and academics in an Australian degree taught in Singapore, Michelle Wallace and Lee Dunn

Aged care needs, Lismore and Alstonville: statistical profile and community consultation, Michelle Wallace, Diane Newton, and Robert George Garbutt

A 'sampled' account of organization: being a de-authored, reflexive parody of organization/writing, Robert I. Westwood


Economies of violence: an autobiographical account, Robert I. Westwood

Positions of intelligibility and spaces of articulation, Robert I. Westwood

Debating organisation: point-counterpoint in organisation studies, Robert I. Westwood and Stewart Clegg

The discourse of organisation studies: dissensus, politics and paradigms, Robert I. Westwood and Stewart Clegg