Papers from 2001


Measuring service quality in a corporatised public sector environment, Karen McFadyen, Jennifer L. Harrison, Stephen J. Kelly, and Don R. Scott


Competency based education training: a world perspective, Peter Miller


Fashion clothing consumption: studying the effects of materialistic values, self-image/product-image congruency relationships, gender and age on fashion clothing involvement, Aron O'Cass and Craig C. Julian

Flexible toolboxes: a solution for developing on-line resources in innovation in open and distance learning, R G. Oliver, P Skippington, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, G Gooley, and S Towers


The role of metacognitive and reflective learning processes in developing capable computer users, Renata Phelps, Allan Ellis, and Stewart Hase

The pursuit of entrepreneurial economic development by local government CEOs: sensemaking in the new millennium, Patricia A. Rowe, Michael John Christie, and Frank Martin

Texture classification based on DCT and soft computing, Golam Sorwar, Ajith Abraham, and Laurence S. Dooley

Designing wave digital filters (WDF) with finite word length coefficient in time and frequency domain, Golam Sorwar and Morshed U. Chowdhury

A survey on content-based video representation and retrieval techniques, Golam Sorwar and Laurence S. Dooley

Optimisation of coefficient word length of lattice wave digital filters in the time domain, Golam Sorwar and Laurence S. Dooley

Block-based true motion estimation using distance dependent thresholded search, Golam Sorwar, Manzur Murshed, and Laurence S. Dooley


Beliefs and perceptions of women presenting or not presenting for mammographic screening in a rural health setting, Sandra Speedy and Stewart Hase


Non-profit boards in Australia: a distinctive governance approach, Peter Steane and Michael John Christie

An integrative approach to tourism forecasting: a glance in the rear view mirror, Carmen Tideswell, Trevor Mules, and Bill Faulkner

Teaching and learning in Asia - perspectives, approaches and insights, Peter Vitartas and Y L. Lee

Technology adoption and re-invention: a hop, step and ... quantum leap - student web publishing with purpose, Peter Vitartas and Don R. Scott


An assessment of cross-cultural and social network influences on the delivery of an international teaching model utilising a computer-mediated approach, Peter Vitartas, Keith Sloan, Phillip Poh, and Marinka Dunlop

Women and work identity, Michelle Wallace


Women and workplace training: power relations positioning “the other”, Michelle Wallace

Moving online II : a conference to explore the challenges for workplaces, colleges and univerities : proceedings of the Moving Online II Conference, Gold Coast, Australia, 2nd - 4th September, Michelle Wallace, Allan Ellis, and Diane Newton

Appropriating the 'other' in the discourses of comparative management, Robert I. Westwood

Institutional violence: an autobiographical account, Robert I. Westwood

Pratting about in the boardroom:corporate jesters and the humour of challenge, catharsis and recuperation, Robert I. Westwood

Shiny, happy people: or eros rampant: the systematic promotion of the positive and elision of the negative in western motivation theory, Robert I. Westwood

The transferability of leadership training in the East Asian context, Robert I. Westwood and Andrew Chan

Language/organization: introduction, Robert I. Westwood and Stephen Linstead

The language of organization, Robert I. Westwood and Stephen Linstead


Challenges to the psychological contract in Hong Kong, Robert I. Westwood, Paul Sparrow, and Alicia SM Leung

Papers from 2000


Management of policy implementation within Australian universities, Yvonne Brunetto

Radical changes to higher education policies: the implications for learning support, Yvonne Brunetto

The impact of policy on online innovation, Yvonne Brunetto

The impact of resources on the responses of professional employees to policy changes, Yvonne Brunetto

Online learning products– the next wave: final evaluation report of the management and development of the Series 2 Toolbox Program (abridged), Yvonne Brunetto, Terry Clark, R Farr-Wharton, R G. Oliver, Daya Pethiyagoda, P Skippington, and S Towers


National collaboration within and across public and private providers in the development of multimedia resources for the VET sector, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, R G. Oliver, P Skippington, and S Towers

Employment relations, deregulation and small business: 2000 and beyond, Jeremy Buultjens

Employment relations in small business: a case study of registered clubs in NSW, Jeremy Buultjens

Excel HSC economics, Jeremy Buultjens

Excel preliminary economics, Jeremy Buultjens

Industrial relations processes in registered clubs of New South Wales, Jeremy Buultjens

The hospitality industry and wage determination: a case study of registered clubs in NSW, Jeremy Buultjens

Management of entrepreneurship programme initiatives and the role of regional development boards and board representation, Michael John Christie

The non-profit board in economic development: a method for examining internal management processes, Michael John Christie and Patricia A. Rowe

Implementation of realism in case study research methodology, Michael John Christie, Patricia A. Rowe, C Perry, and John Chamard

Regional development boards: implications for research, Michael John Christie, Patricia A. Rowe, C Perry, and John Chamard


Problem-based learning with academic accreditation: a flexible postgraduate program for managers and practitioners using action research at the workplace, Alan T. Davies, Bob Dick, Shankar Sankaran, Michael Gloster, Stewart Hase, and Richard Kwok

Venture capital in regional New South Wales, Margaret F. Drever, Stephen J. Kelly, Jeremy Buultjens, and Rod Leane


An electronic feedback tool for distance education students called ‘‘MarkIt’’, Margaret Frances Drever and Bruce Armstrong

Managing staff development for web-based teaching: a four stage model and its application, Allan Ellis and Renata Phelps

An Australian ontological perspective of Japanese decision-making at the strategic level, D Gilbert and Stephen J. Kelly


Capability and coping in the new millennium: a new challenge for education, Stewart Hase


Measuring organisational capability: beyond competence, Stewart Hase


Mixing methodologies in research, Stewart Hase


From andragogy to heutagogy, Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon

Enriching regional development theory in terms of outcomes: evidence from regional labour markets in Australia, Dennis Howard and Jeremy Buultjens

International joint venture marketing performance in a developing country context: an empirical investigation, Craig C. Julian


The impact of the Asian economic crisis in Thailand, Craig C. Julian

The investigation of marketing performance in international joint ventures (IJVs) in Thailand: an exploratory study, Craig C. Julian


The critical elements for successful international joint venture (IJV) marketing performance in Thailand, Craig C. Julian and Aron O'Cass

A conceptual model of relationship orientation, Stephen J. Kelly

The role of relationship marketing and networking in foreign market entry and sustained competitiveness by Australian SMEs, Stephen J. Kelly

An exploratory study of venture capital in regional Australia, Stephen J. Kelly, Margaret F. Drever, and Jeremy Buultjens

Obesity cost-of-illness studies: an international perspective, Michael Kortt

Electronic assessment software for distance education, Douglas Neil, Bruce Armstrong, and Don Dingsdag


Factors for business establishment in regional Australia: an analysis of the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Douglas Neil, Margaret Frances Drever, Bruce Armstrong, and Don Dingsdag

Technological change and theoretical stagnation: implications for income distribution in Australia, Helen Nohilly and Jeremy Buultjens


Brand classifications: identifying the origins of brands, Aron O'Cass, Kenny Lim, and Craig C. Julian

What else should we know about relationship marketing? a social exchange theory perspective, Simon J. Pervan

Is Pat Rafter as good at endorsing a product as he is at tennis? a critical appraisal of celebrity endorsement models and research proposition, Simon J. Pervan, Railton Hill, and Mike Potter


Reciprocity as a fundamental building block of relationship marketing, Simon J. Pervan and Lester W. Johnson

International business negotiations in the Chinese context, X Shi and Robert I. Westwood

Against the tide: the distinctive governance approach of Australian nonprofit boards, Peter Steane and Michael John Christie

The impact of internet usage on purchasing officer's media consumption, Peter Vitartas

Time for work, Peter Vitartas

Profiling Thai students' use of the Internet: implications for web page design, Peter Vitartas and Sutida Sangkamanee

Current issues for HR practitioners in local government, Michelle Wallace

The more things change: workplace training and gender power relations, Michelle Wallace


Workplace training initiatives: implications for women in the Australian workforce, Michelle Wallace

Moving online : a conference to explore the challenges for workplaces, colleges and universities : proceedings of the Moving Online conference, Gold Coast, Qld, 18-19th August, Michelle Wallace, Allan Ellis, and Diane Newton

Asian corporate symbols in rapidly changing times, Robert I. Westwood and Paul S. Kirkbride

International strategies of corporate culture change: emulation, consumption and hybridity, Robert I. Westwood and Paul S. Kirkbride

Acculturating to the Australian work environment, Robert I. Westwood and A SM Leung

Image and the internet : an empirical investigation of corporate image (retail store image) within the electronic retail environment, Simon J. Wilde

Papers from 1999

The Business Enterprise Register: managing information for regional enterprise development, Bruce Armstrong and Margaret Frances Drever

Effective management models for online development, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton

Toolboxes for on-line learning – a national initiative for increasing the quantity and quality of on-line learning resources for the VET sector: evaluation report, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, R G. Oliver, P Skippington, and S Towers

Indigenous people and enterprise bargaining: a case for concern?, Jeremy Buultjens

Managing for sustainable commercial whitewater rafting in Northern NSW, Jeremy Buultjens

The economic value of coastal land in the Byron Shire, Jeremy Buultjens

Assessment of regional employment outcomes from the development of Cellulose Valley: a new, emerging industry in the commercial production of natural and complementary medicines, Jeremy Buultjens and Derrin Davis

Practical options and strategies for the sustainable management of waterbased activities on the Nymboida River, Jeremy Buultjens and Derrin Davis

Labour market performance of Australia's non-metropolitan regions, Jeremy Buultjens and Dennis Howard

Ecotourism: a prosperous industry or a lifestyle choice?, Jeremy Buultjens, Margaret Tiyce, and Deborah Gale

Leveraging tourism benefits from the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Bill Faulkner and Carmen Tideswell

Hong Kong management and labour: change and continuity, Patricia Fosh, Andy W. Chan, Wilson WS Chow, Ed Snape, and Robert I. Westwood

Labour and management in Hong Kong at the end of the twentieth century: management and labour trends, P Fosh, C Ng, E Snape, and Robert I. Westwood

The compact big business: strategic thinking in small regional firms, Steven NJ French


Multiple objectives on NSW dairy farms: assigned importance and related satisfaction, Jennifer L. Harrison and Dennis T. O'Brien


Capability and vocational education and training, Stewart Hase, Leonard Cairns, and Margaret Malloch


The Johari Window and the dark side of organisations, Stewart Hase, Alan T. Davies, and Bob Dick


Developing capable employees: the work activity briefing, Stewart Hase and Lester Davis