Papers from 1996

Local control of regional enterprise development initiatives: the issue of sponsors, agents and participants with an Australian example, Michael John Christie and John Chamard


Achieving balance in software engineering curricula, Tim Comber, Bruce Lo, and Richard Watson


Investigating layout complexity, Tim Comber and John R. Maltby

The economic impact of Southern Cross University on the city of Lismore, Derrin Davis and Jeremy Buultjens

Lapdogs or leaders? small business' role in the globalisation of the Australian economy, Damian C. Hine and Stephen J. Kelly


The economics of benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment: a literature review, Michael Kortt and J L. Bootman

Perceptions vs reality: ethics in the workplace, Simon J. Pervan and Mike Potter

Review of "Effective organisations and social values by Kao, HSR, Singh, D & Ng, SK (eds), Robert I. Westwood

Women and productivity in Hong Kong, Robert I. Westwood


Comparative managerial values: Malaysia and the West, Robert I. Westwood and James E. Everett

The meaning of work and motivation in China: implications for joint ventures, Robert I. Westwood and A SM Leung

Working under the reforms: the experience and meaning of work in a time of transition, Robert I. Westwood and A SM Leung

Submissions from 1995

Feasibility and development plan for a regional economic indicators system, Bruce Armstrong

A feedback standard for distance education, Bruce Armstrong and M Cook

Feasibility report: questionnaire development and scanning, Bruce Armstrong, A Walker, and E Tasker

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and enterprise bargaining: a case for concern?, Jeremy Buultjens

Accord-discord: the small business sector and enterprising, Jeremy Buultjens

Enterprise bargaining and postmodern regional economies: a Northern New South Wales perspective, Jeremy Buultjens

Excel HSC 2 unit economics, Jeremy Buultjens

Labour market deregulation: does small business care?, Jeremy Buultjens

Small business and labour market deregulation, Jeremy Buultjens


Comparison of career patterns of male and female graduates of one Australian medical school, Roslyn Cameron, Sally Redman, S Burrows, and Barbara Young

Regional development boards and strategic management: a review of the literature, Michael John Christie

Policy implications of indigenous entrepreneurial development, Michael John Christie and John Chamard


Building usable web pages: an HCI perspective, Tim Comber


Evaluating usability of screen designs with layout complexity, Tim Comber and John R. Maltby

An analysis of student evaluations and student results of an MBA economics unit, M Cook and Bruce Armstrong

Application of the Prisoner's Dilemma Game to distance education, M Cook and Bruce Armstrong

A view from the wildside: non traditional correctional interventions for young offenders, T Craig, R Hil, and Robyn L. Keast

Increasing the permeability of the boundary between industry and higher education, Stewart Hase

Vocational education and training needs in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Stewart Hase

Developing and packaging the product, Stewart Hase and Alan T. Davies

The use of videomail in the delivery of distance education programs, Stewart Hase and Helen Saenger

The marketing implications of the changing composition of Australian exports, Craig C. Julian

The role of an organisational development (OD) consultant: a case for the team building intervention, Craig C. Julian

The impact of culture in the family purchase decision process: New Zealand Asian immigrant and European families, Simon J. Pervan and Christina CK Lee

The influence of children in the family decision-making process: a cross-cultural perspective, Simon J. Pervan and Christina CK Lee

A cross-cultural investigation of the shared values relationship, Barry Z. Posner and Robert I. Westwood

A comparison of perceived risk for items from a goods-service continuum, Peter Vitartas

An empirical investigation of the goods-services continuum: an Australian perspective, Peter Vitartas

Conference tourism: an investigation of motives for conference attendance, Peter Vitartas, Roger Debreceny, Allan Ellis, and Jacinta Mulholland

A practical guide to using focus groups in academic research, Tania von der Heidt

Competency standards for small business management: a misnomer, Tania von der Heidt

Training the trainers: a study of distance education for trainers, Michelle Wallace

Culture, information and MIS: the US and East Asia compared, Robert I. Westwood

Reappraising motivation theories: contrastive conceptualisations from far eastern cultures, Robert I. Westwood


Review of "Cross cultural management communication" by Mead, R, John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1990, Robert I. Westwood


The transferability of leadership training in the East Asian context, Robert I. Westwood and Andrew Chan

Gender and society in Hong Kong: a statistical profile, Robert I. Westwood, Toni Mehrain, and Fanny Cheung

Submissions from 1994

Risk analysis for small business systems, Bruce Armstrong and A Koronios


Ratings of performance of graduates from traditional and non-traditional medical schools, Les B. Barnsley, Roslyn Cameron, Charles E. Engel, Grahame I. Feletti, Phillip Hazell, Jean McPherson, Leighton B. Murphy, Sallie-Anne Pearson, David A. Powis, Isobel Rolfe, Anthony J. Smith, Nicholas A. Saunders, and Barbara J. Wallis

Excel HSC 2 unit economics, Jeremy Buultjens

Labour market deregulation: does small business care?, Jeremy Buultjens

North Coast small business, Jeremy Buultjens

Small business and enterprise bargaining in the Lismore city region, Jeremy Buultjens

Analysis of an enterprise development program, Michael John Christie

Small enterprise development: an alternative, Michael John Christie and John Chamard


The importance of text width and white space for online documentation, Tim Comber

A formal method for evaluating GUI screens, Tim Comber and John R. Maltby


Screen complexity and user design preferences in windows applications, Tim Comber and John R. Maltby

Factors facilitating co-operative education, Alan T. Davies and Stewart Hase

Best practice in co-operative education: twelve Australian case studies, Stewart Hase

Videomail, Stewart Hase

The role of customer-contact personnel in the marketing of a retail bank's services, Craig C. Julian and Balasubramanian Ramaseshan

How business works: HSC course, Colin McGuire, Jeremy Buultjens, and Vijaya Nagarajan

Managerial values across cultures: Australia, Hong Kong and the United States, B Z. Pozner and Robert I. Westwood

Port of Yamba, past, present and future: a situational analysis, Brett J. Stubbs, Derrin Davis, Jeremy Buultjens, and T Johnson

Getting started with SPSS for marketing students, Peter Vitartas

Post-modernism, gender and training: epistemological issues in seeing 'inside' organisations, Michelle Wallace

Snakes and ladders for women in training, Michelle Wallace

Language, meaning and power, Robert I. Westwood

Women and productivity: Hong Kong, Robert I. Westwood

The female expatriate manager experience, Robert I. Westwood and A SM Leung

Submissions from 1993

Analysis of risk in information systems projects, Bruce Armstrong

Using spreadsheets for information systems risk analysis, Bruce Armstrong

Information systems strategies of the 90s, Bruce Armstrong and D R. Roberts

Outsourcing: strategies for success in SMEs, Bruce Armstrong and B Smith

Education opportunities for rural health workers, Lyndon O. Brooks and Stewart Hase

Industrial relations processes in small business in New South Wales, Jeremy Buultjens

The NSW Industrial Relations Act 1991: implications for small business, Jeremy Buultjens

Entrepreneurial development in Aboriginal communities in Australia and Canada, John Chamard and Michael John Christie

Entrepreneurship education programs: a change in paradigm is needed, John Chamard and Michael John Christie

Regional small enterprise development: testing of a model, Michael John Christie

Stakeholder control of regional development, Michael John Christie

A case study in higher education-industry partnership, Stewart Hase

Collaboration in industry-relevant, tertiary education using open learning - a working model, Stewart Hase

Professional education and accountability to indigenous people: lessons to be learned for Australian health care workers, Stewart Hase

Hong Kong, Paul S. Kirkbride and Robert I. Westwood

Women in management around the world: an interview with Professor Nancy Adler, A SM Leung and Robert I. Westwood

Women in management in Asia, M Orhant and Robert I. Westwood

An international perspective on shared values, B Z. Posner and Robert I. Westwood

Outsourcing: paradigm or local strategy, B Smith and Bruce Armstrong

Our town: a study of workplace training in an Australian provincial city, Michelle Wallace

The rhetoric and reality of gender in post-compulsory education and training, Michelle Wallace

Acculturation project: the expectations, perceptions, attitudes and experiences of PRC trainee managers, Robert I. Westwood

Aphoristic fragments of a study of female expatriate managers in Hong Kong, Robert I. Westwood

Harmony and patriarchy: the cultural basis for 'headship' in east Asia, Robert I. Westwood

Women in management in Asia: an introduction and overview, Robert I. Westwood

Embracing mammon: the acculturation of PRC trainee managers to US business culture, Robert I. Westwood and A SM Leung

Submissions from 1992

A spreadsheet model for information systems risk analysis, Bruce Armstrong