Papers from 2013


Continuous improvement in e-teams for collaborative marketing planning, Tania von der Heidt

Eteams for collaborative marketing planning, Tania von der Heidt


How to embed creativity in a first-year undergraduate marketing curriculum, Tania von der Heidt


Enhancing learning-centeredness in marketing principles curriculum, Tania von der Heidt and Ali Quazi

A model for mapping career pathways in Australasian rail: engineers, Michelle Wallace

Gender and the engineering workforce: global challenge, global opportunity, Michelle Wallace


Humor in organization: from function to resistance, Robert I. Westwood and Allanah Johnston

Complex inter-relationships between ecotourism and Indigenous peoples, Nadine E. White, Amanda Shoebridge, and Jeremy Buultjens

An empirical analysis of the determinants of passenger rail demand in Melbourne, Australia, Albert Wijeweera


Military spending and economic growth in South Asia: a reply, Albert Wijeweera

Determinants of passenger rail demand in Perth, Australia: a time series analysis, Albert Wijeweera and Michael B. Charles


J-curve disparity between the goods sector and the services sector: evidence from Australia, Albert Wijeweera and Brian Dollery


Spiritual wisdom of Taoism in business: through the lens of interpretation realism in a Cisco end-to -end case study, Peter Sun San Wong, Philip Arthur Neck, and Bernard McKenna

Sustainable tourism planning and regional competiveness in the outback: the case of Broken Hill, Australia, Meredith Wray and Simon J. Wilde


Fostering innovative behaviour: the importance of employee commitment and organisational citizenship behaviour, Matthew J. Xerri and Yvonne O. Brunetto


Current status, challenges and outlook of e-health record systems in Australia, Jun Xu, X Gao, G Sorwar, and Peter R. Croll


A traditional gravity model of the endogenous nexus between transportation costs and bilateral trade, Junqian Xu and Craig C. Julian


Exploring the role of size in use behaviour of knowledge management system: an Australian study, Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus


Managing information systems: ten essential topics, Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus

Towards a new model for sustainability materiality: a case study on how stakeholder diversity affects the materiality of sustainability issues, Yining Zhou

Papers from 2012

Generation of Bangla text from universal networking language expression, Md. Nawab Yousuf Ali, Shaikh Muhammad Muhammad Allayear, M Ameer Ameer Ali, and Golam Sorwar

Emergency service volunteers: affiliation and commitment, Tony Baxter-Tomkins and Michelle Wallace


Stigmatised labour: an overlooked service worker's stress, Liliana L. Bove and Simon J. Pervan

Fostering collaboration between practitioners and academics: managing public infrastructure, Kerry Brown, Yvonne Brunetto, Paulien M. Herder, Robyn L. Keast, Telli van der Lei, Javier Tafur, Leentje Volker, Monica Altamirano, Arthur Shriberg, and Matthew J. Xerri


Communication, training, well-being, and commitment across nurse generations, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock

Supervisor-subordinate relationships, accountability and wellbeing, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock


Supervisor relationships, teamwork, role ambiguity and discretionary power: nurses in Australia and the United Kingdom, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, and K Shacklock

Workplace relationships, organisational culture and discretionary power: a comparative study across public and private sector nurse using social exchange theory, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, K Shacklock, and F Robson

The importance of supervisor-subordinate relationships, teamwork, wellbeing, affective commitment and retention of north american nurses, Yvonne Brunetto, A Shriberg, R Farr-Wharton, Kate Shacklock, S Newman, and J Deinger


Emotional intelligence, job satisfaction, well-being and engagement: explaining organisational commitment and turnover intentions in policing, Yvonne Brunetto, Stephen TT Teo, Kate Shacklock, and R Farr-Wharton

A tool for examining the organisational culture of asset management firms, Yvonne Brunetto, Matthew J. Xerri, and Silvia A. Nelson

Examining organizational culture within professional engineering asset management firms: the competing values framework, Yvonne Brunetto, Matthew J. Xerri, and Silvia A. Nelson

The impact of workplace relationships on engagement, well-being, commitment and turnover for nurses in Australia and the USA, Yvonne Brunetto, Matthew J. Xerri, Art Shriberg, Rod Farr-Wharton, Kate Shacklock, Stefanie Newman, and Joy Dienger

Strategic use of ICT for competitive advantage: a review of eBay and webvan using Porter's model, Maryann Butler, Douglas Armstrong, and David Forde

The establishment of Regional Development Australia Committees in Australia: issues and initiatives for the future, Jeremy Buultjens, Kim Ambrosoli, and Brian Dollery

Collaborative destination management planning: a case study of Byron Bay, Australia, Jeremy Buultjens, Nadine E. White, and Kate Neale

Australian public school religious education classes promulgate prejudice, Cathy Byrne


“Free, compulsory and (not) secular”: the failed idea in Australian education, Cathy Byrne


Ideologies of religion and diversity in Australian public schools, Cathy Byrne


‘Jeesis is alive! he is the king of Australia’: segregated religious instruction, child identity and exclusion, Cathy Byrne

Religion and social inclusion in Australian public education, Cathy Byrne


School chaplaincy case: a missed opportunity for secular education, Cathy Byrne


We must do better than this sham compromise between religion and ethics classes, Cathy Byrne

Emerging research designs in doctoral studies, Roslyn Cameron

The interrelatedness of formal, non-formal and informal learning: evidence from labour market program participants, Roslyn Cameron and Jennifer L. Harrison


Using IT to share knowledge and the TRA, Gian Casimir, Yong Ngee Keith Ng, and Chai Liou Paul Cheng

Herodotus, body armour and achaemenid infantry, Michael B. Charles

Galba in the bedroom: sexual allusions in Suetonius' Galba, Michael B. Charles and E Anagnostou-Laoutides

The suicides of Otho and Nero in Suetonius, Michael B. Charles and E Anagnostou-Laoutides

Vespasian caenis and suetonius, Michael B. Charles and Eva Anasgnostoulaoutides


Moving towards sustainable intercity transport: a case study of high-speed rail in Australia, Michael Charles, Neal Ryan, and Robbert A. Kivits


Exploring the perceived influence of safety management practices on project performance in the construction industry, Eddie WL Cheng, Neal Ryan, and Stephen J. Kelly

Auditing and blame games: a field study of the purification of blame avoidance in the Danish parliamentary system, Mark Christensen and Peter Skaerbaek

Privacy with emergency medical information used in first response, Peter Croll and Kim Ambrosoli


Enhancing Australian regional policy: a conceptual framework for assessing the role of regional development Australia, Brian Dollery, Jeremy Buultjens, and Kim Adams

Councils in cooperation: shared services and Australian local government, Brian Dollery, Bligh Grant, and Michael Kortt

Harnessing private funds to alleviate the Australian local government infrastructure backlog, Brian Dollery, Michael Kortt, and Bligh Grant

Public policy promoting clustering as a growth strategy for firms: a comparison of the effectiveness of Australian and Italian clustering policies, Rod Farr-Wharton, Yvonne Brunetto, Ferruccio Bresolin, Benjamin Farr-Wharton, and Luca De Leonardis

A comparison of the importance of supervisor-nurse relationships, engagement, well-being, affective commitment and retention of Australian and English private sector English nurses, Rod Farr-Wharton, Yvonne Brunetto, and Kate Shacklock


The impact of intuition and supervisor-nurse relationships on empowerment and affective commitment by generation, Rod Farr-Wharton, Yvonne Brunetto, and Kate Shacklock

China oil demand income elasticities, 1993-2008: implications for world resource and food market price expectations, Dalton Garis and Albert Wijeweera


A survey of community engagement in Australian local government, Bligh Grant, Brian Dollery, Michael A. Kortt, and Boyd Blackwell


Strategic entrepreneurship: understanding the association between proactiveness, planning and innovation within complex markets, Jennifer L. Harrison and Stephen J. Kelly

A study of consumer responses to transgressions in a producer-retailer brand partnership, Steffen Herm and Tania von der Heidt

Export barriers in international marketing re-visited, Craig C. Julian

Organizational learning and innovation: the empirical link in export ventures, Craig C. Julian


The empirical link between resources, networks and export marketing performance and the implications for developing countries, Craig C. Julian, Zafar U Ahmed, Osman Mohamad, and Phadett Tooksoon


Juggling competing public values : resolving conflicting agendas in social procurement in Queensland, Robyn L. Keast, Craig W. Furneaux, and Jo Barraket


Relationship benefits: conceptualization and measurement in a business-to-business environment, Stephen J. Kelly and Donald R. Scott


Governing systems transitions: theoretical and empirical explorations, Joop Koppenjan, Niki Frantzeskaki, Derk Loorbach, Michael B. Charles, and Neal Ryan


Introductory editorial, Joop Koppenjan, Niki Frantzeskaki, Derk Loorbach, Michael Charles, and Neal Ryan


Australian government failure and the Green Loans Program, Michael Kortt and Brian Dollery


Religion and the rate of return to human capital: evidence from Australia, Michael Kortt and Brian Dollery


The Home Insulation Program: an example of Australian government failure, Michael Kortt and Brian Dollery

Protestantism and work ethic: evidence from Australia, Michael Kortt, Brian Dollery, and Bligh Grant


Board monitoring, management contracting and earnings management: an evidence from ASX listed companies, Jinghui Liu


Why the bottom 10% just can't do it: mental effort measures and implication for introductory programming courses, Raina Mason and Graham Cooper


Trends in introductory programming courses in Australian universities: languages, environments and pedagogy, Raina Mason, Graham A. Cooper, and Michael de Raadt

Transnational doctoral education and research: a case study, Geoffrey Meredith and Peter Miller

Doctoral research in organisational management, Peter Miller

Doctoral research output structures, Peter Miller

Global confusion in the discipline of doctorates, Peter Miller

Self-reflection: the key to effective leadership, Peter Miller

Supervision of doctoral research projects, Peter Miller

Cross Tasman collaborative education: a case study, Peter Miller and Wayne Dreyer

Doctoral research in management and business in New Zealand, Peter Miller and Wayne Dreyer

Research supervision within collaborative partnerships, Peter Miller and Wayne Dreyer

Transnational doctoral education: an Asian focus, Peter Miller, Anthony Selvanathan, and Geoffrey Meredith


Contractual relationships for better stewardship of privatised critical infrastructures, David Mills and Robyn L. Keast


Affective commitment of generational cohorts of Brazilian nurses, Silvia A. Nelson

Carbon markets in times of economic uncertainty: a weak-form efficiency investigation of the Phase II EU ETS, Scott J. Niblock


Do dynamic linkages exist among European carbon markets?, Scott J. Niblock and Jennifer L. Harrison

Understanding organizational change through 'in‐use' metaphors, Neil Paulsen, Anetta Kowalkiewicz, Patricia A. Rowe, Tom Bramble, and Robert I. Westwood

Solutions to contested land uses and our emerging landscape, C Penniceard and P Vitartas


Development and validation of the consumer disillusionment toward marketing activity scale, Simon J. Pervan and Brett AS Martin

Human resource management practices of medium-sized companies in the textile industry in Java, Indonesia, Asminah Rachmi and Michelle Wallace

Malaysian private education and New Zealand business education providers, A Raman and Peter Miller


The intention to continue nursing: work factors affecting three nurse generations in Australia, Kate Shacklock and Yvonne Brunetto

The impact of supervisor-subordinate relationships upon nurse engagement, wellbeing, organisational commitment and turnover intentions in Australia, Kate Shacklock, Yvonne Brunetto, and R Farr-Wharton

The impact of supervisor-nurse relationships, patient role clarity, and autonomy upon job satisfaction: public and private sector nurses, Kate Shacklock, Yvonne Brunetto, and Rod Farr-Wharton