Submissions from 2011

New contexts for concept map assessment of classroom learning: Chinese business students’ conceptualisation of marketing, Tania von der Heidt and David Spriggs


Female administrative managers in Australian universities: not male and not academic, Michelle Wallace and Teresa Marchant

Measuring excessive environmental regulatory burden in the Australian rail industry, Jian Wang and Tania von der Heidt

Towards best practice in measuring regulatory burden: assessing environmental regulation in the Australian rail industry, Jian Wang, Tania von der Heidt, and Michael Charles

High speed rail and regional economic development in Australia: a multi-regional input-output approach, Jianxiong Wang

Chinese international production linkages and Japanese multinationals: evolving industrial interdependence and coordination, Jianxiong Wang, Sherstha Nagendra, and Hiroyasu Uemura

Japanese multinationals in China and international production linkages: structural change and co-ordination in the industrial interdependence, Jianxiong Wang, S Nagendra, and Hiroyasu Uemura

Structural changes in local international linkages and interdependence: a study of Japanese multi-nationals in China, Jianxiong Wang, S Nagendra, and Hiroyasu Uemura

Negotiating the business environment: theory and practice for all governance styles, Jennifer Waterhouse, Robyn L. Keast, and Kerry A. Brown


Is the public sector ready to collaborate? human resource implications of collaborative arrangements, Jennifer M. Waterhouse and Robyn L. Keast

PhD research, Matthew Xerri

PhD research presentation, Matthew Xerri


The impact of the perceived usefulness of workplace social networks upon the innovative behaviour of SME employees: a social capital perspective, Matthew Xerri and Yvonne Brunetto


The role of workplace relationships in assisting nurses and engineers to solve work-based problems, Matthew Xerri, Yvonne Brunetto, and Rod Farr-Wharton


Fostering the innovative behaviour of SME employees: a social capital perspective, Matthew J. Xerri and Yvonne Brunetto

Knowledge creation and corporate sustainability: evidence from Bahrain's service industry, Jun Xu, Mohammed Quaddus, and Ralla Al Azali


The recommendations from the 2009 SiHIS working conference in Hiroshima - issues on trustworthiness of health information and patient safety, Koji Yamamoto, Yoshiyasu Okuhara, W Kluge Eike-Henner, Peter R. Croll, Francis Roger France, Pekka Ruotsalainen, and Kiyomu Ishikawa

Defining materiality in sustainability context: a review and critique, Yining Zhou

Submissions from 2010


Telemedicine framework for Bangladesh, Ameer Ali, Ahmed Faisal, and Golam Sorwar


Sustainable urbanization in real estate sector – Hong Kong, Michael Anson, Eddie WL Cheng, Yat-Hung Chiang, and Stephen Mak

The future of rugby in Tonga, David Arthur

Tweed sports tourism development plan, David Arthur

Estimating the initial battery power of nodes and the optimal number of clusters to achieve the expected life span of wireless sensor networks, Akramul Azim, Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam, and Golam Sorwar

How government agencies engage with stakeholders, Sandra Beach, Kerry A. Brown, and Robyn L. Keast


Governance networks and stakeholders: engaging through salience, Sandra Beach and Robyn L. Keast


Cognitive dissonance and individuals' response strategies as a basis for audience segmentation to reduce factory farmed meat consumption, Iris Bergmann, Tania von der Heidt, and Cecily Maller

Conceptualising clusters as overlapping value adding webs, Kerry A. Brown, J Burgess, M Festing, S Royer, C Steffen, J Waterhouse, and Robyn L. Keast

Public policies to enhance cluster development, Kerry A. Brown, John Burgess, Marion Festing, Robyn L. Keast, Susanne Royer, Charlotte Steffen, and Jennifer Waterhouse


Public-private partnerships in the promotion of sport and well-being: a governance model, Kerry A. Brown, Robyn L. Keast, Michael B. Charles, Neal F. Ryan, and Grant Cairncross


Supervisor relationships and perceptions of work–family conflict, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, Sheryl Ramsay, and Kate Shacklock

Street-level bureaucrats-supervisor communication relationships, role ambiguity, discretionary power and affective commitment: the case for nurses and police, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock


The impact of supervisor-subordinate relationships on morale: implications for public and private sector nurses' commitment, Yvonne Brunetto, Rod Farr-Wharton, and Kate Shacklock

Street-level bureaucrats- supervisor relationships, discretionary power and client ambiguity: can they deliver effectively, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, and K Shacklock


The impact of supervisor-subordinate relationships on public and private sector nurses, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, and K Shacklock


The mining sector and indigenous tourism development in Weipa Queensland, Jeremy Buultjens, David Brereton, Paul Memmott, Joseph Reser, and Linda Thomson


Synergies between Australian indigenous tourism and ecotourism: possibilities and problems for future development, Jeremy Buultjens, Deborah Gale, and Nadine E. White

Believe or ‘burn in hell’: the politics of religion pedagogy in Australia, a pilot study, Cathy Byrne


Ethics classes won’t stop the extremists, Cathy Byrne


Special religious education: the good, the bad and the ugly, Cathy Byrne

Generation Y and work in tourism and hospitality: problem? What problem?’, Grant Cairncross and Jeremy Buultjens


Relationship marketing in the recruitment and retention of service industry staff in family owned business: an Australian regional study, Leone Cameron, Peter Miller, and Elspeth Frew

A study of the use of mixed methods in management and organisational research journals: justification and design, Roslyn Cameron

Emerging designs in business and management research, Roslyn Cameron

Emerging research designs in business and management research in Hong Kong, Roslyn Cameron


Is mixed methods utilised in Australian career development research?, Roslyn Cameron

Methodological matters for Singaporean research, Roslyn Cameron

Mixed methods in VET research: usage and quality, Roslyn Cameron

RPL in Australia, Roslyn Cameron

Skilled migration stage 4 interim report, Roslyn Cameron


Australian human resource practitioner views & use of temporary skilled migration, Roslyn Cameron and Jennifer L. Harrison

Skilled migration stage 3 interim report, Roslyn Cameron and Deborah Joyce

Skilled migration as a workforce development strategy for the Australian rail industry, Roslyn Cameron, Deborah Joyce, Peter Kell, and Michelle Wallace

An empirical study of the use of mixed methods in Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) curriculum within an Australian university, Roslyn Cameron and Peter Miller


Introducing mixed methods in applied business research training, Roslyn Cameron and Peter Miller

A review of the use of mixed methods in organisational research, Roslyn Cameron and Jose F. Molina-Azorin


The use of mixed methods across across seven business and management fields, Roslyn Cameron and Jose F. Molina-Azorin


Comparing current and future global leaders based upon known leadership dimensions and cultural indicators, Roslyn Cameron, Art Scriberg, Sue Vinnicombe, Melanie Thomas, and Peter Miller


Comparing current and future global leaders based upon known leadership dimensions and cultural indicators that may be predictive of future success, Roslyn Cameron, Art Shriberg, Susan Vinnicombe, Melanie Thomas, and Peter Miller

Actor network relationship problems in local government, Peter Carmont and Don R. Scott

International cases in the business of sport, Simon Chadwick and David Arthur

Caesar and maritime troop transport in the civil war (4945 BC), Michael B. Charles

Ramming the enemy in late antiquity: galleys in the fifth century A.D., Michael B. Charles


Unseemly professions and recruitment in late antiquity: Piscatores and Vegetius Epitoma 1.7.1-2, Michael B. Charles

Suetonius Vespasianus 3: the status of Flavia Domitilla, Michael B. Charles and Evangelina Anagnostou-Laoutides

The sexual hypocrisy of Domitian: Suet., Dom. 8, 3, Michael B. Charles and Evangelina Anagnostou-Laoutides

Public values, urban rail and the challenges of commercialization: an Australian perspective, Michael B. Charles, T Ho, and C Hale

Exploring safety as an important criterion in sustainability assessment, Eddie WL Cheng


Construction loans and industry development: the case of Hong Kong, Yat Hung Chiang and Eddie WL Cheng

Epistemology of capital structure decisions by building contractors in Hong Kong, Yat-Hung Chiang, Eddie WL Cheng, and Patrick TI Lam


Employing the NPV-consistent IRR methods for PFI projects, Yat Hung Chiang, Eddie WL Cheng, and Patrick TI Lam


A comparative insight into the public sector accountability project: healthcare in south Wales and New South Wales, Mark Christensen and Howard Mellett


The role of global epistemic communities in enabling accounting change creating a more business like public sector, Mark Christensen, Susan Newberry, and Bradley N. Potter


Using ideas to advance professions: public sector accrual accounting, Mark Christensen and Lee Parker

Accounting for changed accounting: a translation view comparing accrual accounting implementations in France and Australia, Mark Christensen and Sebastien Rocher


Consultancy outputs and the purification of accounting technologies, Mark Christensen and Peter Skaerbaek


Network structure, knowledge governance, and firm performance : evidence from innovation networks and SMEs in the UK, Nick Clifton, Robyn L. Keast, David Pickernell, and Martyn Senior

Inquiry into the Healthcare Identifiers Bill 2010: submission, Peter R. Croll

Privacy security and access with sensitive health information, Peter R. Croll

Regulations for the Healthcare Identifier Bill: submission, Peter R. Croll

Leadership: understanding its global impact, Carol Dalglish and Peter Miller


The limits of permissible change in US politics and policy: learning from the Obama presidency, Lance deHaven-Smith, Alexander Kouzmin, Kym Thorne, and Matthew T. Witt


An assessment of rate-pegging in New South Wales local government, Brian Dollery and Albert Wijeweera


Beyond airport enclaves: insights for overcoming turf wars, Timothy Donnet and Robyn L. Keast


Cities in the airports 'shadow': underlying interests and discretionary power in airport-region development, Timothy Donnet and Robyn L. Keast

Up the junction? exploiting knowledge-based development through supply chain and SME cluster interactions, T Donnet, Robyn L. Keast, and D Pickernell

The management and security of virtual world university campuses and teaching environments, Allan Ellis, Noel Jacobson, and Stephen Rowe

Gender opportunity recognition and the role of internal networks, R Farr-Wharton and Yvonne Brunetto


Professionals' supervisor-subordinate relationships, autonomy and commitment in Australia: a leader-member exchange theory perspective, Rod Farr-Wharton, Yvonne Brunetto, and Kate Shacklock

The creation and growth of information technology communication (ICT) industrial clusters: the New Zealand case, Malcolm Fraser and Stephen J. Kelly


Fund rating model based on finite normal mixture distribution, Zhangpeng Gao, Shahidur Rahman, and Shafiqur Rahman

Measuring mutual fund performance using return-based style analysis, Zhangpeng Gao, Shahidur Rahman, and Shafiqur Rahman

Empirical evidence for the unique characteristics of sport tourists, Pat Gillett and Stephen J. Kelly


Australian higher education institutions transforming the future of teaching and learning through 3D virtual worlds, Sue Gregory, Brent Gregory, Matthew Campbell, Helen Farley, Suku Sinnappan, Shannon Kennedy-Clark, David Craven, Deborah Murdoch, Mark JW Lee, Denise Wood, Jenny Grenfell, Angela Thomas, Kerrie Smith, Ian Warren, Heinz Dreher, Lindy McKeown, Allan Ellis, Matthew Hillier, Steven Pace, Andrew Cram, Lyn Hay, Scott Grant, and Carol Matthews


Nominal exchange rate neutrality: the case of Australia, Chris Harbinger and Albert Wijeweera

A content analysis of financial ratio disclosure by Australian listed ICT companies, Jennifer L. Harrison

Delving into agility: its components and impact among small ICT firms in Australia, Jennifer L. Harrison and Stephen J. Kelly


Perceived environmental uncertainty's effect on commitment in business-to-business channels, Jennifer L. Harrison and Stephen J. Kelly


Adjusted earnings: an initial investigation of EPS disclosures in annual reports, Jennifer L. Harrison and Anja Morton

Gender and careers in science and engineering, A Hebbani, A Roan, Robert I. Westwood, and C J. White

A review of policy and economic instruments for peak demand management in commuter rail, Liesel Henn, George Karpouzis, and Robert Keith Sloan