Papers from 2009


A preliminary investigation into Australia's registered club industry and issues of corporate governance and government review, Michael Singleton and Peter Miller

Electronic markets: benefits cost and risks, Craig Standing and Ian Sims

The use and perception of e-marketplaces: an institutional perspective, Craig Standing and Ian Sims


Training in Thai SMEs, Kitiya Thassanabanjong, Peter Miller, and Teresa Marchant


Marketing orientation and arts organisations: the case for business sponsorship, Sarah R. Thomas, Simon J. Pervan, and Peter J. Nuttall


Retention of software employees in the IT industry in Taiwan, Chin-Yao Tseng and Michelle Wallace

Australia and New Zealand bank: targeting the valued customer, Peter Vitartas

Australian and New Zealand Bank: targeting the valued customer, Peter Vitartas


Researching the backyard: higher education research in regional Australia, Peter Vitartas


Attracting and retaining mobile skilled workers: benefits for rural communities, Peter Vitartas, Sue Kilpatrick, Susan Johns, and Martin Homisan

Battling the onslaught of junk food marketing, Tania von der Heidt


Using partial aggregation in complex structural equation modeling (SEM): application to cooperative product innovation, Tania von der Heidt


Mixed method research to inform regulatory reform: the case of rail environmental regulation, Tania von der Heidt and Michael B. Charles


A consumer perspective of green event performance, Tania von der Heidt and Rose Firmin


Contractual arrangements and their implications for the provision of an Australian HSR system, Tania von der Heidt, Pat Gillett, Michael B. Charles, and Neal Ryan

Stakeholder views on rail environmental regulation: final report, Tania von der Heidt, Rachel Ryan, Michael B. Charles, Brett Hughes, D Gee, and Christopher Collier

Stakeholder views on rail environmental regulation: final report, Tania von der Heidt, Rachel Ryan, Michael Charles, Christopher Collier, Brett Hughes, D Gee, and Rocco Zito


Rethinking the role of collaborative product innovation, Tania von der Heidt and Don R. Scott

Moderation of assessment in transnational higher eduction, Michelle Wallace, Saadia Mahmud, Gavin Sanderson, Pavinder Hukam Singh, Carmela Briguglio, Thavamalar Thuraisingam, and Shelley Yeo


Developing female middle managers in Australian universities, Michelle Wallace and Teresa Marchant


The economic value of Southern Cross University on the Coffs Coast region economy: an input-output analysis, Lucy Walsh, Simon J. Wilde, Jeremy Buultjens, and Stephen Mason


The economic value of Southern Cross University on the Lismore region economy: an input-output analysis: report to Vice-Chancellor and President of Southern Cross University, Lucy Walsh, Simon J. Wilde, Jeremy Buultjens, and Stephen Mason


Governance and negotiation: context revisited, Jennifer M. Waterhouse, Robyn L. Keast, and Kerry A. Brown


Training needs of the hospitality industry, Paul A. Whitelaw, Paul Barron, Jeremy Buultjens, Grant Cairncross, and Michael Davidson


Local government planning responses to the physical impacts of climate change in New South Wales, Australia, Nadine E. White


The economic value of Southern Cross University on the Tweed-Gold Coast economy: an input-output analysis, Simon J. Wilde, Jeremy Buultjens, Lucy Walsh, and Stephen Mason


Sustainable regional tourism destinations: best practice for the sustainable management, development and marketing of regional tourism destinations, M Wray, D Dredge, Carmen Cox, Jeremy Buultjens, M Hollick, D Lee, and M Pearlman


The innovative behaviour of employees within a small to medium sized enterprise: a social capital perspective, Matthew Xerri, Yvonne Brunetto, and Kate Shacklock

Success factors of e-tailing: a China study, Weibing Xuan, Jun Xu, and Mohammed Quaddus

Achieving sustainable e-business success: development and application of a model of e-business adoption, success and sustainable success, Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus

E-business in the 21st Century: realities, challenges and outlook, Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus

Factors influencing online auction adoption: a China study, Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus

Future of e-business, success factors and e-business opportunities, Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus

Overview part II: B2C B2B and other types of ebusiness, Jun Xu and Mohammed Quaddus

Retaining key staff in SOEs in the construction industry in China, Ying Zhang and Michelle Wallace

The relationship between motivation factors and retention of key management and professional technical staff in government-run construction enterprises in China, Ying Zhang and Michelle Wallace

Submissions from 2008


Export barriers and firm internationalisation from an emerging market perspective, Zafar U. Ahmed, Craig C. Julian, and Abdul J. Mahajar

Evaluating the relationship between time-based manufacturing competence and overall business performance, Yahya N. Al Serhan, Craig C. Julian, and Zafar U. Ahmed

Managing football in emerging markets: Australia, David Arthur and Greg Downes

Recruitment and retention of volunteers: an emergency services perspective, Anthony Baxter-Tomkins and Michelle Wallace

All together now: stakeholders in government agencies, Sandra Beach, Kerry A. Brown, and Robyn L. Keast

Crafting regional growth: assessing the value of cultural tourism, Margie Benson and Jeremy Buultjens


Service delivery by local government employees post- the implementation of NPM: a social capital perspective, Yvonne Brunetto and R Farr-Wharton

The impact of LMX on nurses' perceptions of well-being: a social exchange theory perspective, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, S Nelson, and K Shacklock

A comparison of Australian and Taiwanese nurses: a social capital perspective, Yvonne Brunetto, J Hung, R Farr-Wharton, and K Shacklock

Nimbin visitor survey report, Jeremy Buultjens and Matthew J. Lamont


Indigenous tourism: the possibilities into the future, Jeremy Buultjens and Nadine E. White

Diversity in education: teaching kids 'culture' is not the same as teaching 'cultural' kids, Cathy Byrne

Hallowed be thy parliament: an analysis of how the issue of religion in the public sphere is addressed in the 'society and culture' syllabus, Cathy Byrne

Religion education in Australia: our inadequate inheritance, Cathy Byrne


Human resource development and 'casualisation' in hotels and resorts in Eastern Australia: getting the best to the customer?, Grant Cairncross and Stephen J. Kelly


Training and service quality: a case study analysis of regional Australian restaurants, Grant Cairncross, Simon J. Wilde, and Lucinda Hutchinson


Enhancing HRM practice in SMEs using the concept of relationship marketing, Leone Cameron and Peter Miller


Improving HRM practice in SMEs: how to apply relationship marketing concepts, Leone Cameron and Peter Miller

Global mobility skills: an essential for effective communications on a global stage, Roslyn Cameron

Mixed methods in management research: has the phoenix landed?, Roslyn Cameron

The relativity of formal, non formal and informal learning, Roslyn Cameron and Jennifer L. Harrison


A transitional model to assist those experiencing labour market disadvantage, Roslyn Cameron and Peter Miller

The impact of trust within social networks on the adoption of electronic commerce: a social capital perspective, A Chakuthip, Yvonne Brunetto, R Farr-Wharton, and R Ramsay

Transport sustainability and the airport city, Michael B. Charles and Paul H. Barnes


Environmental regulations pertaining to rail: developing best practice, Michael Charles, Tania von der Heidt, Rachel Ryan, Rocco Zito, Christopher Collier, and Brett Hughes

Fitting airport privatisation to purpose: aligning governance, time and management focus, Timothy Donnet, Robyn L. Keast, and Arron Walker

Intercultural communities of practice, Lee Dunn and Michelle Wallace

Emission trading: developing rail industry foresight, Michael D. Evans, Scott J. Niblock, Rocco Zito, Neal Ryan, Michael B. Charles, Jennifer L. Harrison, Brett Hughes, and Ivan Iankov

Literature on image segmentation based on split - and - merge techniques, A BM Faruquzzaman, Nafize Rabbani Paiker, Jahidul Arafat, M Ameer Ali, and Golam Sorwar


From competence to capability: a study of nurse practitioners in clinical practice, Anne Gardner, Stewart Hase, Glenn Gardener, Sandra V. Dunn, and Jenny Carryer

Planning: the nexus between proactiveness and innovation, Jennifer L. Harrison and Stephen J. Kelly

Good governance and Australian higher education an analysis of a neoliberal decade, Martin Hayden, Leo Goedegebuure, and V Lynne Meek

Estimating equations to correct for reporting error in height and weight: implications for trends in overweight and obesity in Australia, A J. Hayes, Michael Kortt, P M. Clarke, and J D. Brandrup


The role of inter-organizational relationships in tourism operators’ participation in destination marketing systems, Glen Hornby, Yvonne Brunetto, and Gayle Jennings

A proposed model of job satisfaction for nurses in Taiwan, J Hung, Yvonne Brunetto, K Shacklock, and N Timo


Technological disasters: policy imperatives in high-technology settings, Alan MG Jarman and Alexander Kouzmin

Causing offence in the office: humour in the face of political correctness, A Johnston and Robert I. Westwood


Emotional dissonance and customer service: an exploratory study, Craig C. Julian

International joint venture (IJV) partner conflict as an antecedent of performance, Craig C. Julian


Joint venture conflict: the case of Thai international joint ventures, Craig C. Julian

The empirical link between the characteristics of a foreign market and international joint venture (IJV) marketing performance, Craig C. Julian


Evaluation and analysis of IJV marketing performance and its key predictors, Craig C. Julian and Balasubramanian Ramaseshan

Balancing infrastructure for the airport metropolis, Robyn L. Keast, Douglas C. Baker, and Kerry A. Brown

Knowledge management and culture: a Singapore SMEs perspectives, Thou Lim


Legitimacy and corporate governance determinants of executives' remuneration disclosures, Jinghui Liu and Dennis Taylor


The internet, strategy and performance: a study of Australian export market ventures, Vinh N. Lu and Craig C. Julian


Introduction to special symposium on measuring effectiveness of collaborative networks, Myrna Mandell and Robyn L. Keast


Evaluating the effectiveness of interorganizational relations through networks: developing a framework for revised performance measures, Myrna P. Mandell and Robyn L. Keast

Reconsidering Thapsus: Caesar and the Elephants of Scipio and Juba, Charles B. Michael and P Rhodan


Corporate governance in aged care: how to evaluate board performance, Peter Miller

Evaluating the role of marketing management competency in the performance of export market ventures, Osman Mohamad, Craig C. Julian, Zafar U. Ahmed, and Sefnedi

Cooperative networks and clustering of high-technology SMEs: the case of Brisbane Technology Park, Kavoos Mohannak and Robyn L. Keast

Survey of the coverage of graduate attributes by Australian universities in the discipline of accounting, Anja Morton

Survey of the coverage of financial statement analysis in Australian business degrees, Anja Morton and Jennifer L. Harrison


Grounded suggestions for doing a grounded theory business research, Keith Ng and Stewart Hase

From lessees to partners: exploring relationships between NSW NPWS and private visitor facility providers, Noah Nielsen, Erica Christine Wilson, and Jeremy Buultjens

The gentle juggernaut: the amazing power of leaning in influencing others, R Wayne Pace, Peter Miller, and Eric Stephan


An efficient video coding using phase-matched error from phase correlation information, Manoranjan Paul and Golam Sorwar


Message framing: keeping practitioners in the picture, Simon J. Pervan and Andrea Vocino

Overcoming both the tyranny of distance and the tyranny of proximity through use of online technologies in business education, Jill Phillips and Stephen Rowe


University challenge? innovation policy and SMEs in Welch economic development policy, D G. Pickernell, G Packham, B Thomas, and Robyn L. Keast

The role of festivals and special events in rural areas: the Welsh experience, D Pickernell, D O'Sullivan, J Senyard, and Robyn L. Keast

Voluntary and community sector partnerships: current inter-organizational relations and future challenges, Mandell M. P and Robyn L. Keast

Towards understanding of knowledge sharing among small businesses in Australia: development of a research model, Mohammed Quaddus and Jun Xu