Papers from 2007

Bilateral effects of unilateral electromyostimulation on expression of muscle IGF-I in rats, Liping Huang, Longjun Cao, and Shi Zhou

The expression of two isoforms of insulin-like growth factor-1(IGF-1) mRNA in rat skeletal muscle induced by one to four weeks of electrical stimulation, Liping Huang, Longjun Cao, and Shi Zhou


Bilateral effect of unilateral electroacupuncture on muscle strength, Liping Huang, Shi Zhou, Zhen Lu, Qiang Tian, Xia Li, Longjun Cao, Junhai Yu, and Hui Wang


Evaluation of the ability of physical therapists to palpate intrapelvic motion with the stork test on the support side, Barbara A. Hungerford, Wendy L. Gilleard, Michael Moran, and Cathryn Emmerson

Writing works, John Hurley


Expanding roles within mental health legislation: an opportunity for professional growth or a missed opportunity?, John Hurley and Paul Linsley


Leadership challenges to move nurses toward collaborative individualism within a neo-corporate bureaucratic environment, John Hurley and Paul Linsley

Mental health nurse as sheriff, John Hurley and Paul Linsley

The application of emotional intelligence to mental health nursing, John Hurley and Paul Linsley

Which me am I today: the complexities of professional identity, John Hurley and Audrey Mears

Bullying in the workplace : a study of Australian nurses, Marie Hutchinson

Organisational antecedents and consequences of bullying in the nursing workplace: results from an Australian study, Marie Hutchinson, Margaret H. Vickers, Debra Jackson, and Lesley Wilkes

An innovative model of an aged care hostel in the prison setting: process of benchmarking and evaluation, Yun-Hee Jeon, Emily Potter, Andrew J. Cashin, and Lynne Chenoweth


Tibia and rearfoot motion and ground reaction forces in subjects with patellofemoral pain syndrome during walking, Pazit Levinger and Wendy L. Gilleard


Femoral medial deviation angle during a one-leg squat test in individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome, Pazit Levinger, Wendy L. Gilleard, and Cliff Coleman


Improving health care through payment by results, Paul Linsley and John Hurley

Preliminary research on aggression and violence, Paul Linsley and John Hurley

An investigation on the contralateral strength gain caused by unilateral acupuncture, Jun Liu, Shi Zhou, and Liping Huang

Tribalism: attracting fans in a fragmented market, Rudi A. Meir

Pricing in sport marketing, Rudi A. Meir and Dave Arthur

Developing a prehabilitation programme in a collision sport: a model developed within English premiership rugby union football, Rudi A. Meir, Wayne Diesel, and Edward Archer

Tribalism: definition, identification and relevance to the marketing of professional sports franchises, Rudi A. Meir and Don R. Scott

A preliminary investigation into the long-term injury consequences reported by retired baseball players, Rudi A. Meir, Robert P. Weatherby, and Margaret I. Rolfe

Writing for psychology, 2nd edition (US), Mark L. Mitchell, Janina M. Jolley, and Robert P. O'Shea

Social representations and the politically satirical cartoon: The construction and reproduction of the refugee and asylum-seeker identity, Gail Moloney

The reproduction of the refugee and asylum-seeker identity within politically satirical cartoons, Gail Moloney

Introduction, Gail Moloney and Iain Walker

Social representations and identity : content, process and power, Gail Moloney and Iain Walker


The impact of intermediate care services on job satisfaction, skills and career development opportunities, Susan Nancarrow


Hazardous drinking in New Zealand sportspeople: level of sporting participation and drinking motives, Kerry S. O'Brien, Ajmol Ali, James D. Cotter, Robert P. O'Shea, and Steve Stannard

Osteopathic education: what does the future hold?, Paul J. Orrock

Writing for psychology, 5th edition, Robert P. O'Shea, Simon A. Moss, and Wendy A. McKenzie


Judgments of visually perceived eye level (VPEL) in outdoor scenes: effects of slope and height, Robert P. O'Shea and Helen E. Ross

Critical reflections of a feminist postmodern ethnology that innovatively revealed valuable nursing knowledge, Helen K. Pannowitz, Nel Glass, and Kierrynn Davis

Intimate change and ‘genius birth’: personal transformation during childbirth, Jennifer A. Parratt

Effects of 120mg pseudoephedrine on muscle performance and fatigue, Dean Phelps, Robert P. Weatherby, and Shi Zhou


The healthcare of older inmates in the correctional setting, Emily Potter, Andrew J. Cashin, Lynn Chenoweth, and Yun-Hee Jeon


DTkid: interactive simulation software for training tutors of children with autism, Tom Randell, Martin Hall, Lewis A. Bizo, and Bob Remington


Evaluating nurse consultants' work through key informant perceptions, Sabi Redwood, Hilary Lloyd, Eloise Carr, Helen C. Hancock, Robert McSherry, Steve Campbell, and Iain W. Graham

Local and global cues are incorporated into perceptions of biological motion, Russell J. Reid, Anna Brooks, Olaf Blanke, and Rick van der Zwan

The effect of 5 weeks Tribulus terrestris supplementation on muscle strength and body compostition during pre-season training in elite league players, Shane Rogerson, Christopher J. Riches, Carl Jennings, Robert P. Weatherby, Rudi A. Meir, and Sonya M. Marshall-Gradisnik

The effect of short-term use of testosterone enanthate on muscular strength and power in healthy young males, Shane Rogerson, Robert P. Weatherby, Glen Bede Deakin, Rudi A. Meir, Rosanne A. Coutts, Shi Zhou, and Sonya M. Marshall-Gradisnik


Community nurses experiences: navigating the emotional journey of palliative care provision, Jayln Rose and Nel Glass

The acquisition of Malay numeral classifiers, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel

In Vitro Analysis of the Herbal Compound Essiac®, Dugald Seely, Deborah A. Kennedy, Stephen P. Myers, Phillip A. Cheras, G David Lin, Rachel W. Li, Trudi Cattley, Peta-Anne Paul-Brent, Edward Mills, and Blair JN Leonard

A subscription based generic medical event management system for telemedicine applications, Golam Sorwar and Duncan Blair

Methods for measuring audience reactions, C Stevens, R Glass, E Shubert, J Chen, and Heather Winskel

Three techniques for measuring audience reactions, C Stevens, S McKechnie, R Glass, E Schubert, J Chen, Heather Winskel, S Healey, and M Gordon

The dancing brain: the effect of expertise on visual attention while viewing Australian contemporary dance, C Stevens, Heather Winskel, S Healey, C Howell, L Vidal, C Latimer, and J Milne-Home

Utilising health promotion theory to improve hand hygiene in the ICU: a pilot study, Thea F. van de Mortel and Margherita Murgo

Seclusion – Demographics and beyond, Rick van der Zwan, Lynn Davies, and Doug Andrews

Effects of exercise training on fibrinolytic function in individuals with peripheral arterial disease, Jianxiong Wang, Shi Zhou, Roger Bronks, John Graham, and Stephen P. Myers


Supervised exercise training combined with ginkgo biloba treatment for patients with peripheral arterial disease, Jianxiong Wang, Shi Zhou, Roger Bronks, John Graham, and Stephen P. Myers

Concern about the use of the new ecological paradigm scale on Australian populations, Hannah Whittle, Rick van der Zwan, and Anna Brooks

Phonological awareness and letter knowledge as predictors of literacy development in Indonesian children, V Widjaja and Heather Winskel

Professional intention and anxiety relating to the science of psychology: preliminary data in an Australian context, Peter Wilson, K Dennis, and Steve Provost

The Australian Universities Teaching Committee project in learning outcomes and curriculum development in psychology, Peter Wilson, O Lipp, D Terry, D Chalmers, G Hannan, Frances Martin, G Farrell, D Bath, and Steve Provost

Eye movements and reading research across different orthographies, Heather Winskel

Interaction between language and cognition in language development, Heather Winskel

Reading research on Indonesian and Thai, Heather Winskel


The expression of temporal relations in Thai children's narratives, Heather Winskel

Unfolding language acquisition in Thai children, Heather Winskel

Reading and spelling development in Thai children: some preliminary findings, Heather Winskel and K Iemwanthong

Grammatical and obligatory categories and the expression of temporal events, Heather Winskel and S Luksaneeyanawin

Misaligned vowels – is there a processing cost?, Heather Winskel, S Luksaneeyanawin, K Iemwanthong, and S Sri-Jun


Phonological awareness, letter knowledge and literacy development in Indonesian beginner readers and spellers, Heather Winskel and V Widjaja


Effects of garlic oil on platelet aggregation: a double blind placebo controlled crossover study, Ken Wojcikowski, Stephen P. Myers, and Lyndon O. Brooks

Effects of electrical stimulation on skeletal muscle histological changes, Heng Xiang, Longjun Cao, Liping Huang, and Shi Zhou

Applications of twitch interpolation technique in assessment of muscle activation, Junhai Yu, Shi Zhou, and Liping Huang

Assessment of muscle activation with twitch interpolation technique in a unilateral electromyostimulation training program, Junhai Yu, Shi Zhou, Liping Huang, Longjun Cao, Jun Liu, and Xilian Hu

Bilateral effects of six-week unilateral electromyostimulation or voluntary isometric training on dorsiflexion strength and muscle activation (Presentation), Junhai Yu, Shi Zhou, Liping Huang, Jun Liu, and Longjun Cao

Papers from 2006


30th Anniversary commentary on Morse J.M., Bottorff J., Anderson G., O'Brien B. & Solberg S. (1992) Beyond empathy: expanding expressions of caring. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 17, 809-821, Christine Alavi


Validation of an MRI analysis for thigh muscle and fat composition changes in strength training, Pedro Bezerra, Shi Zhou, Allan J. Davie, Huddy Fuller, and Andrew Hooper

Validation of an MRI analysis for thigh muscle and fat composition changes in strength training, Pedro Bezerra, Shi Zhou, Allan J. Davie, and Andrew Hooper


The failure of Weber's law in time perception and production, Lewis A. Bizo, Josey YM Chu, Federico Sanabria, and Peter R. Killeen


Intra- and intermuscular variation in human quadriceps femoris architecture assessed in vivo, Anthony J. Blazevich, Nicholas D. Gill, and Shi Zhou

'Crisis' in the health workforce: opportunities for system, regulatory and occupational change, Rosalie A. Boyce and Susan Nancarrow


Effects of endurance training on intracellular calcium concentration in T lymphocytes, Suzanne Broadbent and Gregory Gass

Brain damage-induced dog phobia, Anna Brooks, Rick van der Zwan, and Olaf Blanke


Book review: Special issue of 'Advances in contemporary mental health nursing', by NG Procter & BE Wolfe, eContent Management, Maleny, Qld., 2006, Graeme Browne

Housing and people with schizophrenia, Graeme Browne


Outcome measures do they fit the recovery model?, Graeme Browne


Outcome measures: do they fit with a recovery model?, Graeme Browne


Review of 'Advances in contemporary nursing and interpersonal violence', Graeme Browne

'Are we there yet?' consumer participation in mental health services, Graeme Browne and Mary Courtney

Housing support for people living with mental illness, Graeme Browne, Martin Hemsley, and Winsome St John


Predictors of dietary and health supplement use in older Australians, Sonya Brownie

Preventing falls, Sonya Brownie


Why are elderly individuals at risk of nutritional deficiency?, Sonya Brownie

Insulin-like growth factor-I on skeletal muscle growth and repair of research progress, Longjun Cao, Liping Huang, and Shi Zhou

Effects of electric stimulation with different duration on expression of isoforms of IGF-I mRNA in skeletal muscle, Longjun Cao, Liping Huang, Shi Zhou, Junhai Yu, and Heng Xiang


Extreme nursing: forensic adolescent mental health nursing in Australia, Andrew J. Cashin

Key note address, Andrew J. Cashin


Letters to the editor... "Two terms -- one meaning: the conundrum of contemporary nomenclature in autism in the August issue: reply from the author, Andrew J. Cashin


The first private practice as a registration authority authorised nurse practitioner in Australia, Andrew J. Cashin


Two terms - one meaning: the conundrum of contemporary nomenclature in autism, Andrew J. Cashin


Intellectual disability in the New South Wales inmate population, Andrew J. Cashin, Tony G. Butler, Michael Levy, and Emily Potter

The impact of systemic over regulation on nurse mental health well being in a prison hospital, Andrew J. Cashin, Michelle Eason, Angela Thorpe, Martin Cassidy, Erika Ballance, and Colman O'Driscoll


Research and evaluation of clinical nurse mentoring: implications for the forensic context, Andrew J. Cashin and Emily Potter

Build it and they will come: or will they? Evaluation of the trans Tasmen mental health nurse practitioner online collaborative site after the first six months of operation, Andrew J. Cashin and Mark Smith