Papers from 2010


Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial on the potential modes of action of sheaflex70tm in osteoarthritis, Phillip A. Cheras, Stephen P. Myers, Peta-Anne Paul-Brent, Kerry H. Outerbridge, and Gary VL Nielsen

2010 Phytotherapy Research.


Breastfeeding in an urban population, Maree Anne Crepinsek

2010 MSc, Bond University.

Validating the salivary testosterone and cortisol concentration measures in response to short high-intensity exercise, B T. Crewther, T E. Lowe, J Ingram, and Robert P. Weatherby

2010 The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 50:1 85-92.

Learning circles as an innovative approach to enhancing knowledge and skills in postgraduate research student supervision in health and human science, K Davis, Sonya Brownie, S Doran, Sue Evans, Marie Hutchinson, Beth Mozolic-Staunton, Steve Provost, and R van Aken

2010 1st International Conference on Qualitative Research in Nursing and Health.


The relationship between staff skill mix, costs and outcomes in intermediate care services, Simon Dixon, Billingsley Kaambwa, Susan Nancarrow, Graham P. Martin, and Stirling Bryan

2010 BMC Health Services Research 10 221-221.


Employment programs and professionals with a disability, Michelle Donelly and F Given

2010 Work 36:2 217-225.


The role of informal networks in providing effective work opportunities for people with an intellectual disability, Michelle Donelly, A Hillman, RJ Stancliffe, M Knox, Louise Whitaker, and T R. Parmenter

2010 Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation 36:2 227-237.

Gestational diabetes mellitus in Tonga: insights from healthcare professionals and women who experienced gestational diabetes mellitus, Frances Mary Doran and Kierrynn Davis

2010 New Zealand Medical Journal 123:1326 59-67.


Chinese herbal medicine toxicology database: monograph on radix sophorae flavescentis, "Ku Shen", Anna K. Drew, Alan Bensoussan, Ian M. Whyte, Stephen P. Myers, Xiaoshu Zhu, and Andrew H. Dawson

2010 Journal of Toxicology - Clinical Toxicology 40:2 173-176.


Nurse practitioner prescribing practice in Australia, Sandra V. Dunn, Andrew J. Cashin, Thomas Buckley, and Claire Newman

2010 Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners 22:3 150-155.


Inflammatory effects of nutritional stimuli: further support for the need for a big picture approach to tackling obesity and chronic disease, Garry Egger and John B. Dixon

2010 Obesity Reviews 11:2 137-149.

Planet obesity: how we're eating ourselves and the planet to death, Garry Egger and B Swinburn



How to get published in an international journal (editorial), Kathleen Fahy

2010 Women and Birth 23:2 43-44.


Holistic physiological care compared with active management of the third stage labour compared with holistic physiological care for women at low risk of postpartum haemorrhage: a cohort study, Kathleen Fahy, Carolyn Hastie, Andrew Bisits, Christine Marsh, Lurena Smith, and Anne Saxton

2010 146-152.


Rejoinder to Smith, R., Leap, N. & Homer, C 2010, Advanced midwifery practice or advancing midwifery practice?, Kathleen Margaret Fahy

2010 Women and Birth 23:3.


Distress among rural residents: does employment and occupation make a difference?, Lyn Fragar, Helen J. Stain, David Perkins, Brian Kelly, Jeffrey Fuller, Clare Coleman, Terry J. Lewin, and Jacqueline M. Wilson

2010 Australian Journal of Rural Health 18:1 25-31.


Primary care in the ED: does it fit?, Martin Gadd and Trish Lemin

2010 Australasian Emergency Nursing Journal 13:4 161-162.

Collaborations in integrative medicine, Sandra Grace

2010 All Together Better Health 5 Interprofessional Education, Practice and Research Conference.

Development of professional identity: implications for interprofessional education, Sandra Grace

2010 All Together Better Health 5 Interprofessional Education, Practice and Research Conference.

The evidence for massage therapy, Sandra Grace

2010 Foundations of massage 61-72.

Phenomenology, Sandra Grace and Rola Ajjawi

2010 Researching practice: a discourse on qualitative methodologies.


Practitioner-client relationships in integrative medicine clinics in Australia: a contemporary social phenomenon, Sandra Grace and J Higgs

2010 Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 18:1 8-12.


Integrative medicine: enhancing quality in primary health care, Sandra Grace and Joy Higgs

2010 The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 16:9 945-950.


Interprofessional collaborations in integrative medicine, Sandra Grace and Joy Higgs

2010 The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 16:11 1185-1190.

Liaison staff in pre-service teacher education programs, Sandra Grace and S Loftus

2010 33rd HERDSA Annual International Conference.

Why philosophy really matters, Airdre Grant

2010 Avena 10:3 8-10.

Adrenal exhaustion, Tini M. Gruner

2010 Clinical naturopathy: an evidence-based guide to practice 274-298.

Diabetes Type 2, Tini M. Gruner

2010 Clinical naturopathy: an evidence-based guide to practice 299-324.

Thyroid abnormalities, Tini M. Gruner

2010 Clinical naturopathy: an evidence-based guide to practice 325-343.

The causes of intestinal dysbiosis: a review, Jason A. Hawrelak and Stephen P. Myers

2010 Alternative Medicine Review 9:2 180-197.

Measures of physical and functional performance, including occupational functioning, A Hillman and Ev Innes

2010 International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP).


The effects of response sharing and stimulus presentation frequency on event-related potentials in an auditory oddball paradigm, Janos Horvath, Urte Roeber, and Erich Schroger

2010 Psychophysiology 47:5 931-941.

Effects of eight-week core muscle resistance training on metabolic syndrome risk factors in overweight taxi drivers, Liping Huang, J Ma, and Shi Zhou

2010 Exercise and Sports Science Australia Conference: Research to practice, science and nutrition in exercise and sport.

'Good' mental health nursing, John Hurley

2010 Mental Health Nursing 30:5 3-3.

Life world characteristics for mental health nurses in the UK preparing for roles in talk based therapies: a qualitative study, John Hurley

2010 Nordic Conference of Mental Health Nursing: The role of nursing in the process of recovery: global perspectives.

The experience of nurses involved in delivering talk-based therapies, John Hurley

2010 Mental Health Practice 14:1 24-25.


Developing unplanned care teams in Scotland: evaluating outcomes, John Hurley, M Kelly, Audrey Mears, C Morrison, and F Wiseman

2010 Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 17:4 348-354.

Drafting a new curriculum for pre-registration nursing, John Hurley, Michael Ramsay, Sheena MacLeod, Margaret Smith, Rodger Ellis, Ann Payne, Robert Rankin, Catherine Spence, Audrey Mears, and Walter Cambers

2010 Mental Health Practice 14:2 24-26.

Bullying as circuits of power: an Australian nursing perspective, Marie Hutchinson, Margaret H. Vickers, Debra Jackson, and Lesley Wilkes

2010 Administrative Theory & Praxis 32:1 25-47.


A typology of bullying behaviours: the experiences of Australian nurses, Marie Hutchinson, Margaret H. Vickers, Lesley Wilkes, and Debra Wilkes

2010 Journal of Clinical Nursing 19:15-16 2319-2328.

Ergonomics and workplace assessments, Ev Innes

2010 6th Exercise & Sports Science Australia Conference and Sports Dietitians Australia Update: Research to Practice.


Participation in work in Australia, Ev Innes

2010 Work 36:2 115-117.


Women's health at work program: musculoskeletal pain experienced by women of Chinese background working on market gardens in the Sydney Basin, Ev Innes, Amber Crowther, Fiona Fonti, and Leonie Quayle

2010 Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation 36:2 129-140.


Actual versus perceived lifting ability in healthy young men (18-25 years), Ev Innes and Megan Hardwick

2010 Work: a journal of prevention, assessment and rehabilitation 36:2 157-166.

Occupational functioning, Ev Innes, Lynda R. Matthews, and Kurt Johnson

2010 Assessment in rehabilitation and health 465-485.


Musculoskeletal disorders in Australian dairy farming, Ev Innes and Casey Walsh

2010 Work : a journal of prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation 36:2 141-155.


A review of the literature: midwifery decision-making and birth., Elaine Jefford, Kathleen Fahy, and Deborah Sundin

2010 Women and Birth 23:4 127-134.


Mental health and well-being within rural communities: the Australian rural mental health study, Brian J. Kelly, Helen J. Stain, Clare Coleman, David Perkins, Lyn Fragar, Jeffrey Fuller, Terry J. Lewin, David Lyle, Vaughan J. Carr, Jacqueline M. Wilson, and John R. Beard

2010 The Australian Journal of Rural Health 18 1-16.


“Riding the bumpy seas”: Or the impact of the Knowledge Skills Framework component of the Agenda for Change initiative on staff in intermediate care settings, Alex McClimens, Susan Nancarrow, Anna Moran, Pamela Enderby, and Caroline Mitchell

2010 Journal of Interprofessional Care 24:1 70-79.


A retrospective analysis of major and significant injuries and their consequences reported by retired Australian baseball players, Rudi A. Meir, Robert P. Weatherby, and Margaret I. Rolfe

2010 The Open Sports Medicine Journal 4 119-126.


Work safety during early fatherhood, Gary Mellor and Winsome St John

2010 Workplace Health & Safety 58:7 297-301.


Feeling in control of your footsteps: conscious gait monitoring and the auditory consequences of footsteps, Fritz Menzer, Anna Brooks, Pär Halje, Christof Faller, Martin Vetterli, and Olaf Blanke

2010 Cognitive Neuroscience 1:3 184-192.

Writing for psychology, 3rd edition (US), Mark L. Mitchell, Janina M. Jolley, and Robert P. O'Shea



Acknowledging Gerard. Articulating social representations and identity through process and content: the resettlement of refugees in regional Australia, Gail Moloney

2010 Papers on Social Representations 19:1 15.1-15.6.

Support workers in interdisciplinary community rehabilitation teams England: realising their contribution to and impact on care for older people, Anna Moran, Susan Nancarrow, Pamela Enderby, and Mike Bradburn

2010 All Together Better Health 5 - International Interprofessional Conference.


Is food and nutrition knowledge the proof in the pudding?: the Jamie Oliver effect, Holly Muggleston

2010 Text 9:Special Issue.


Visual object representations can be formed outside the focus of voluntary attention: evidence from event-related brain potentials, Dagmar Müller, István Winkler, Urte Roeber, Susann Schaffer, István Czigler, and Erin Schröger

2010 Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 22:6 1179-1188.


A combined phase I and II open label study on the effects of a seaweed extract nutrient complex on osteoarthritis, Stephen P. Myers, Joan O'Connor, J Helen Fitton, Lyndon O. Brooks, Margaret Rolfe, Paul A. Connellan, Hans Wohlmuth, Phillip A. Cheras, and Carol A. Morris

2010 Biologics: Targets and Therapy 4 33-44.

Collaborations for Leadership and Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs) in the NHS in England, Susan Nancarrow

2010 Centre for Research and Action in Public Health (CERAPH) and ACT Health Conference.


The relationship between workforce flexibility on the costs and outcomes of older people´s services, Susan Nancarrow, Pamela Enderby, Anna Moran, Simon Dixon, Stuart Parker, Mike Bradburn, Caroline Mitchell, Alex John, and Alex McClimens

2010 National Institute of Health Research Service Delivery and Organisation Programme.


A modified hermeneutic phenomenological approach toward individuals who have autism, Claire Newman, Andrew J. Cashin, and Cheryl D. Waters

2010 Research in Nursing & Health 33:3 265-271.

Osteoarthritis, Paul J. Orrock

2010 Clinical naturopathy: an evidence-based guide to practice 422-442.

Atmospheric phenomena, Robert P. O'Shea

2010 Encyclopedia of perception 67-71.

Evoked potentials: vision, Robert P. O'Shea

2010 Encyclopedia of perception 399-400.

Lightening and thunder, Robert P. O'Shea

2010 Encyclopedia of perception 528-529.

McCollough effect, Robert P. O'Shea

2010 Encyclopedia of perception 547-549.

Mirages, Robert P. O'Shea

2010 Encyclopedia of perception 555-557.

Feeling like a genius: enhancing women's changing embodied self during first childbearing, Jennifer A. Parratt

2010 PhD thesis, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW.

Feeling like a genius: enhancing women's changing embodied self during first childbearing, Jennifer A. Parratt

2010 Normal Labour and Birth 5th International Research Conference.


Review of 'Diary of a first time mum: an uncensored account of all the stuff that really happens' by N Hall, Finch publishing, Sydney, 2009, Jennifer A. Parratt

2010 Women and Birth 23:3.


The Tin-Man and the TAM: a journey into M-Learning in the land of Aus, Blake Peck, Cecil Deans, and Lynette Stockhausen

2010 World Journal on Educational Technology 2:1 16-26.


Where should the balance be between “scientist” and “practitioner” in Australian undergraduate psychology?, Stephen C. Provost, Greg Hannan, Frances H. Martin, Gerry Farrell, Ottmar V. Lipp, Deborah J. Terry, Denise Chalmers, Debra Bath, and Peter H. Wilson

2010 Australian Psychologist 45:4 243-248.

Study on cross education of six-week unilateral isotonic resistance training for wrist flexion and extension, Yang Qi, D Shi, and Shi Zhou

2010 Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 25:5 425-429.

Let’s talk about the “s” word, C Quinn, B Happell, and Graeme Browne

2010 36th International Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Conference.

What do we do when faced with sexual issues? if it’s not my job, whose job is it?, Chris Quinn, B Happell, and Graeme Browne

2010 11th Victorian Collaborative Psychiatric Nursing Conference.


Latent class piecewise linear trajectory modelling for short-term cognition responses after chemotherapy for breast cancer patients, M I. Rolfe, K Mengersen, G Beadle, K Vearncombe, B Andrew, H L. Johnson, and C Walsh

2010 Journal of Applied Statistics 37:5 725-738.

Object categorisation into Malay shape-based numeral classifiers, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel

2010 ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies 3rd congress.

Treating primary insomnia: the efficacy of valerian and hops, Shanah Salter and Sonya Brownie

2010 Australian Family Physician 39:6 433-437.


Leadership of non-profit organizations in the aged care sector in Australia, Shankar Sankaran, Colleen M. Cartwright, Jacqueline Kelly, Kelly Shaw, and Jeffrey Soar



The facing bias in biological motion perception: effects of stimulus gender and observer sex, Ben Schouten, Nikolaus F. Troje, Anna Brooks, Rick van der Zwan, and Karl Verfaillie

2010 Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 72:5 1256-1260.


Factors that positively influence breastfeeding duration to 6 months: a literature review, Meedya Shahla, Kathleen Fahy, and Ashley K. Kable

2010 Women and Birth 23:4 135-145.

Perceiving dance: schematic expectations guide experts’ scanning of a contemporary dance film, C Stevens, Heather Winskel, H Howell, C Vidal, M Latimer, and J Milne-Home

2010 Journal of Dance Medicine & Science 14:1 19-25.


Pain management for patients in cardiac surgical intensive care units has not improved over time, Snezana Stolic and Marion l. Mitchell

2010 Australian Critical Care 23 157-159.


Nurse-led telephone interventions for people with cardiac disease: a review of the research literature, Snezana Stolic, Marion Mitchell, and Judy Wollin

2010 European Journal of Cardiovascular 9:4 203-217.


Understanding adherence to physiotherapy: findings from an experimental simulation and an observational clinical study, Imogen Tijou, Lucy Yardley, Constantine Sedikides, and Lewis A. Bizo

2010 Psychology & Health 25:2 231-247.


Emerging from depression: the experiential process of Healing Touch explored through grounded theory and case study, Rosalie Van Aken and Beverley Taylor

2010 Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 16:3 132-137.


A comparison of the hand hygiene knowledge, beliefs, and practices of Greek nursing and medical students, Thea F. van de Mortel, Eleni A. Apostolopoulou, and Georgios L. Petrikkos

2010 American Journal of Infection Control 38:1 75-77.


Continuous curriculum review in a Bachelor of Nursing program: preventing curriculum drift and improving quality, Thea F. van de Mortel and Jennifer L. Bird

2010 Journal of Nursing Education 49:10 592-595.


Neuropsychological evidence of high-level processing in binocular rivalry, Guy Vingerhoets, Roberta Daini, Alessio Faccin, Marco Bignotti, Christina Lentini, Milena Peverelli, Robert P. O'Shea, and Franco Molteni

2010 Behavioural Neurology 23:4 233-235.


Non-syndromic cleft lip and palate: could stress be a causal factor?, Graeme Hamlyn Wallace, Jacinta M. Arellano, and Tini M. Gruner

2010 Women and Birth 24:1 40-46.

Effects of step frequency on energy consumption during walking in middle-aged women, Fang Wang and Shi Zhou

2010 9th annual conference of the Society of Chinese Scholars on Exercise Physiology and Fitness.


Expanding roles: creating innovative partnerships to improve clinical nursing education (Clinical education in action), Louise Ward and Jane Petersen

2010 Innovate and Educate Conference.


Overseas trained nurses working in regional and rural practice settings: do we understand the issues?, Sally J. Wellard and Lynette Stockhausen

2010 Rural and Remote Health 10:1458.


Media supported problem-based learning and role-play in clinical nurse education, Leeann Whitehair and Meg O'Reilly

2010 Curriculum, technology and transformation for an unknown future: proceedings of ascilite 2010 1056-1067.


A comparison of caretaker-child conversations about past personal experiences in Thailand and Australia, Heather Winskel

2010 Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology 41:3 353-367.

An introduction to eye tracking technology and its applications, Heather Winskel

2010 Colloquium for Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, The National University of Malaysia.

Eye movements and reading and what it can reveal about consonant and vowel processing, Heather Winskel

2010 International Conference on Recent Advances in Cognitive Science.

Eye tracking technology: its scope and limitations in reading, Heather Winskel

2010 Global Summit, The National Academy of Psychology (NAOP).

Learning to read in bilingual and multilingual contexts, Heather Winskel

2010 Multilingual norms 237-250.

Socialization and enculturation of the child through caretaker-child interactions, Heather Winskel

2010 ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies 3rd Congress 2010.