Papers from 2009

Leadership for the allied health professions, Dawn Freshwater and Iain Graham

2009 Leadership for nursing and allied health professionals.


Service network analysis for agricultural mental health, Jeffery D. Fuller, Brian Kelly, Susan Law, Georgia Pollard, and Lyn Fragar

2009 BMC Health Services Research 9:87.

Evidence-based assessment in massage therapy practice, Sandra Grace

2009 Australian Traditional Medicine Society Annual Conference.

Integrative medicine: enhancing quality and safety in health care, Sandra Grace

2009 Network of researchers in public health and complementary and alternative medicine research conference.

Integrative medicine in Australian health care: a new direction for primary health care, Sandra Grace


Writing for audiences, Sandra Grace and Nita Cherry

2009 Writing qualitative research on practice 217-230.

Learning in practice: experiences of integrative medicine practitioners, Sandra Grace and J Higgs

2009 Experience-based learning association conference.

Writing phenomenologically, Sandra Grace, Joy D. Higgs, and Rola Ajjawi

2009 Writing qualitative research on practice 115-126.

Celebrating writing, Sandra Grace, Joy D. Higgs, and Debbie Horsfall

2009 Writing qualitative research on practice 323-330.

Sourcing and referencing, Sandra Grace and Joan Rosenthal

2009 Writing qualitative research on practice 169-182.

Vitamin B12 absorption and metabolism in milk-fed lambs, Tini M. Gruner, J R. Sedcole, J M. Furlong, and A R. Sykes

2009 New Zealand Veterinary Journal 57:1 22-27.


Social representations of refugees: place of origin as a delineating resource, Scott Hanson-Easey and Gail Moloney

2009 Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology 19:6 506-514.


Optimising psychophysiology in third stage of labour: theory applied to practice, Carolyn Hastie and Kathleen Fahy

2009 Women and Birth 22:3 89-96.

Essential oils in the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis: a preliminary in vitro study, Jason A. Hawrelak, Trudi Cattley, and Stephen P. Myers

2009 Alternative Medicine Review 14:4 380-384.


Reducing length of stay for women presenting as outpatients to delivery suite: a clinical practice improvement project., Jennifer Haxton and Kathleen Fahy

2009 Women and Birth 22:4 119-127.

Writing qualitative research on practice, Joy Higgs, Debbie Horsfall, and Sandra Grace


An investigation on the ability in control of static balance and quadriceps muscle activation in patients with knee osteoarthritis, Liping Huang, Shi Zhou, Liqin Zhang, Longjun Cao, and Qiang Tian

2009 Motor Control Conference VI: From basic motor control to functional recovery.


A qualitative study of mental health nurse identities: many roles, one profession, John Hurley

2009 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 18:6 383-390.

Do mental health nurses need to articulate their identity?, John Hurley

2009 Mental Health Nurses Forum Scotland National Conference.


Mental health nurse identity: building upon Crawford et al., John Hurley

2009 International Journal of Nursing Studies 46:2 291-293.

We are we: MHNs many roles but one profession?, John Hurley

2009 Ayrshire & Arran NHS Continuing Professional Development Conference.

What mental health nurses bring to psychological therapies, findings from a qualitative study, John Hurley

2009 Royal College of Nursing Mental Health Conference and Exhibition: Delivering mental health care in the UK today.


Doomed to fail: the persistent search for a modernist mental health nurse identity, John Hurley, Audrey Mears, and Michael Ramsay

2009 Nursing Philosophy 10:1 53-59.

Restorative approaches to workplace bullying: educating nurses towards shared responsibility, Marie Hutchinson

2009 Contemporary Nurse 32:1/2 147-155.


“The worse you behave, the more you seem, to be rewarded”: bullying in nursing as organizational corruption, Marie Hutchinson, Margaret H. Vickers, Lesley Wilkes, and Debra Jackson

2009 Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal.


Integrating individual, work group and organizational factors: testing a multidimensional model of bullying in the nursing workplace, Marie Hutchinson, Lesley Wilkes, Debra Jackson, and Margaret H. Vickers

2009 Journal of Nursing Management 18:2 173-181.

Dynamic material handling testing, Ev Innes

2009 Guide to the evaluation of functional ability: how to request interpret and apply functional capacity evaluations 91-115.


Routine vaginal examination to check for a nuchal cord, Elaine Jefford, Kathleen Fahy, and Deborah Sundin

2009 British Journal of Midwifery 17:4 248-251.

The nuchal cord at birth: what do midwives think and do?, Elaine Jefford, Deborah Sundin, and Kathleen Fahy

2009 Midwifery Today 89 44-46.


Automatic recognition of gait patterns exhibiting patellofemoral pain syndrome using a Support Vector Machine approach, Daniel TH Lai, Pazit Levinger, Rezaul K. Begg, Wendy L. Gilleard, and M Palaniswami

2009 IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 13:5 810-817.


Application of a model for the development of a mental health service delivery collaboration between police and the health service, Robert Laing, Rebecca Halsey, David Donohue, Claire Newman, and Andrew J. Cashin

2009 Issues in Mental Health Nursing 30:5 337-341.


The practice and regulatory requirements of naturopathy and western herbal medicine in Australia, Vivian Lin, Pauline J. McCabe, Alan Bensoussan, Stephen P. Myers, Marc Cohen, Sophie Hill, and Genevieve Howse

2009 Risk Management and Health Care Policy 2 21-33.


Stigma reported by nurses related to those experiencing drug and alcohol dependency: a phenomenological Giorgi study, Renee Lovi and Jennieffer Barr

2009 Contemporary Nurse: A Journal for the Australian Nursing Profession 33:2 166-178.


Anabolic androgenic steroids effects on the immune system: a review, Sonya Marshall-Gradisnik, Rachel Green, Ekua W. Brenu, and Robert P. Weatherby

2009 Central European Journal of Biology 4:1 19-33.

Building video conferencing communities of professional practice: extending the exploration of success, Denise E. McGarry, Andrew J. Cashin, Kim Foster, Elizabeth Martin, and Claire Newman

2009 Proceedings of Mind to care: 35th Annual International Conference of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

Can caring be simulated? An examination of the literature related to application of high fidelity simulation to mental health nursing preparation, Denise E. McGarry, Andrew J. Cashin, and Catherine Fowler

2009 Proceedings of Mind to care: 35th Annual International Conference of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.


Assessing action‐research projects within formal academic programmes: using Elliott’s context‐related criteria to resolve the rigour versus flexibility dilemma, Tim McMahon and Elaine Jefford

2009 Educational Action Research 17:3 359-371.

Linking method to methodology, Kolleen Miller-Rosser

2009 International Nursing Symposium: Building connections for global nursing.

The Saudi Nursing Profession: looking into the past to make sense of the future (International Nursing Symposium Evidenced Based Practice Nursing Scientific Meeting), Kolleen Miller-Rosser

2009 International Nursing Symposium Evidenced Based Practice Nursing Scientific Meeting.

The use of oral testimony when reconstructing nursing history: a Saudi Arabian experience, Kolleen Miller-Rosser, Ysanne Chapman, and Karen Francis

2009 Singapore Nursing Journal 36:1 23-34.

Reducing barriers to the assessment of cancer-related fatigue in the pediatric patient, Kolleen Miller-Rosser and Heather Kirby

2009 International Nursing Symposium: Evidenced based approach to palliative nursing care.


Analysing oral history: a new approach when linking method to methodology, Kolleen Miller-Rosser, Suzanne Robinson-Malt, Ysanne Chapman, and Karen Francis

2009 International Journal of Nursing Practice 15:5 475-480.

Looking inside the black box of community rehabilitation and intermediate care teams in the United Kingdom: an audit of service and staffing configuration, Susan Nancarrow, Anna Moran, Jenny Freeman, Pamela Enderby, Simon Dixon, Stuart Parker, and Mike Bradburn

2009 Quality in Primary Care 17:5 323-333.


Understanding service context: development of a service pro forma to describe and measure elderly peoples' community and intermediate care services, Susan Nancarrow, Anna Moran, and Stuart G. Parker

2009 Health and Social Care in the Community 17:5 434-446.


Epidemiologic heterogeneity of common mood and anxiety disorders over the lifecourse in the general population: a systematic review, Arijit Nandi, John R. Beard, and Sandro Galea

2009 BMC Psychiatry 9.

Patterns and predictors of trajectories of depression after an urban disaster, Arijit Nandi, Melissa Tracy, John R. Beard, David Vlahov, and Sandro Galea

2009 Annals of Epidemiology 19:11 761-770.


Preferences for continuing education through existing electronic access for Australian Nurse Practitioners and its implication in prescribing potential, Claire Newman, Thomas Buckley, Sandra V. Dunn, and Andrew J. Cashin

2009 Collegian 16:2 79-83.


An evaluation of nurse engagement in emancipatory practice development: the diary of a critical companion, Claire Newman, Andrew J. Cashin, and Amanda Downie

2009 Practice Development in Health Care 8:2 77-86.


Survey of a videoconference community of professional development for rural and urban nurses, Claire Newman, Elizabeth Martin, Denise E. McGarry, and Andrew J. Cashin

2009 Rural and Remote Health 9:2.


Commentary on: How natural can major surgery really be? A critique of 'The Natural Caesarean" technique, Lareen Newman and Heather Hancock

2009 Birth 36:2 168-170.

Binocular rivalry, Robert P. O'Shea

2009 Encyclopedia of neuroscience 179-187.


Monocular rivalry exhibits three hallmarks of binocular rivalry: evidence for common processes, Robert P. O'Shea, Amanda Parker, David La Rooy, and David Alais

2009 Vision Research 49:7 671-681.


Using pedometers to increase physical activity in overweight and obese women: a pilot study, Shebely Pal, Cheryl Cheng, Garry Egger, Colin Binns, and Robert Donovan

2009 BMC Public Health 9:309.

Feelings of change: stories of having a baby, Jennifer A. Parratt


Genius birth: optimising women’s birth experience, Jennifer A. Parratt

2009 Optimising childbearing.

Midwives’ honest accountability optimises women’s childbearing, Jennifer A. Parratt

2009 16th Biennial Australian College of Midwives National Conference.

Women’s changing embodied sense of self and childbearing, Jennifer A. Parratt

2009 Optimising childbearing.

We’re all thinking about it, now it’s time to talk about it : exploring mental health nurses experience in discussing sexuality issues with consumers, C Quinn and Graeme Browne

2009 3rd ACMHN Gold Coast International Nurses Day Symposium.

We’re waiting for it to happen, and when it does, what do we say? talking with mental health consumers about their sexual health concerns, C Quinn and Graeme Browne

2009 ACMHN North Queensland Symposium.


Sexuality of people living with a mental illness: a collaborative challenge for mental health nurses, Chris Quinn and Graeme Browne

2009 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 18:3 195-203.


Snap! Recognising implicit actions in static point-light displays, Russell J. Reid, Anna Brooks, Duncan Blair, and Rick van der Zwan

2009 Perception 38 613-616.


Disentangling effects of auditory distraction and of stimulus-response sequence, Urte Roeber, Stefan Berti, Dagmar Müller, Andreas Widmann, and Erich Schröger

2009 Psychophysiology 46:2 425-438.

An investigation into Malay numeral classifier acquisition through a matching comprehension task, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel

2009 Australian Human Development Association Biennial Conference.


An investigation into Malay numeral classifier acquisition through an elicited production task, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel

2009 First Language 29:3 291-313.

The categorisation of objects into numeral classifier categories: a discrimination task using Malay, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel

2009 Australasian Society for Cognitive Science ASCS09, Macquarie University, 30 September- 2 October, 2009.

Direct and indirect methods for measuring audience reactions to contemporary dance, C Stevens, Heather Winskel, C Howell, L Vidal, J Milne-Home, and C Latimer

2009 World Dance Alliance Global Summit.


The patient as experience broker in clinical learning, Lynette Stockhausen

2009 Nurse Education in Practice 9:3 184-189.


Development of a questionnaire to assess health care students’ hand hygiene knowledge, beliefs and practices, Thea F. van de Mortel

2009 Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing 26:3 9-16.


Gender bending: auditory cues affect visual judgements of gender in biological motion displays, Rick van der Zwan, C MacHatch, Desiree Kozlowski, N F. Troje, O Blanke, and Anna Brooks

2009 Experimental Brain Research 198:2-3 373-382.


Living and doing with chronic pain: narratives of pain program participants, Helen Van Huet, Ev Innes, and Gail Whiteford

2009 Disability and Rehabilitation 31:24 2031-2040.

Test-retest reliability of temporal and spatial gait characteristics at preferred walking velocity measured by Intelligent Device for Energy Expenditure and Activity (IDEEA), Fang Wang, Shi Zhou, Wendy L. Gilleard, Rosanne A. Coutts, and Yungsheng Chen

2009 8th Annual Conference of the Society of Chinese Scholars on Exercise Physiology and Fitness.


Effects of supervised treadmill walking training on calf muscle capillarization in patients with intermittent claudication, Jianxiong Wang, Shi Zhou, Roger Bronks, John Graham, and Stephen P. Myers

2009 Angiology 60:1 36-41.


Frontoparietal activity and its structural connectivity in binocular rivalry, Juliane C. Wilcke, Robert P. O'Shea, and Richard Watts

2009 Brain Research 1305 96-107.

Linguistic relativity: from chasing frogs to eating spaghetti, Heather Winskel

2009 Australasian Society for Cognitive Science ASCS09, Macquarie University.


Reading in Thai: the case of misaligned vowels, Heather Winskel

2009 Reading and Writing: an Interdisciplinary Journal 27:2 133-158.


Obligatory grammatical categories and the expression of temporal events, Heather Winskel and S Luksaneeyanawin

2009 Journal of Child Language 36:2 355-380.


Eye movements when reading spaced and unspaced Thai and English: a comparison of Thai-English bilinguals and English monolinguals, Heather Winskel, R Radach, and S Luksaneeyanawinc

2009 Journal of Memory and Language 61:3 339-351.

An investigation on the anthropometry profile and its relationship with selected physical performance measurements of elite Chinese women volleyball players, Yuyi Zhang, Xiaorong Chen, Qin Zhang, Ji Li, and Shi Zhou

2009 8th Annual Conference of the Society of Chinese Scholars on Exercise Physiology and Fitness.

Thigh anthropometric changes in response to six weeks of voluntary and electromyostimulation-superimposed voluntary training in young men (Book chapter), Shi Zhou, Pedro Bezerra, Zachary Crowley, and Andrew Hooper

2009 Kinanthropometry XI: 2008 Pre-Olympic Congress Anthropometry Research 50-68.

Does the left leg know what the right leg is doing?, Shi Zhou, Liping Huang, Zhen Lu, Xia Li, Longjun Cao, Junhai Yu, Jun Liu, Xilian Hu, Heng Xiang, Xingfeng Ma, Na Xiao, Zhenghui Wang, Qiang Tian, Andrew Oakman, Pedro Bezerra, and Allan J. Davie

2009 Motor Control Conference VI: From basic motor control to functional recovery.

Papers from 2008

Effects of exercise on heart rate variability of individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome, Anthony Alexander, Rosanne A. Coutts, and Shi Zhou

2008 Australian Association for Exercise and Sports Science Conference: Science and nutrition in exercise and sport: from research to practice.

Chromium, Rachel Arthur-Andrews

2008 The Journal of Complementary Medicine 7:4 33-42.

Silicon, Rachel Arthur-Andrews

2008 Silicon 7:5 42-46.

Sweet drinks and obesity, Rachel Arthur-Andrews

2008 Journal of Complementary Medicine 7:6 50-53.


Infanticide secrets: qualitative study on postpartum depression, Jennieffer A. Barr and Cheryl T. Beck

2008 Canadian Family Physician 12.


New approaches to multilevel analysis, John R. Beard

2008 Journal of Urban Health : bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine 8:6 805-806.


Socioeconomic disadvantage and acute coronary events: a spatiotemporal analysis, John R. Beard, Arulb Earnest, Geoffrey Morgan, Hsien Chan, Richard Summerhayes, Therese M. Dunn, Nola Tomaska, and Louise Ryan

2008 Epidemiology 19:3 485-492.


Longitudinal population-based studies of affective disorders: where to from here?, John R. Beard, Sandro Galea, and David Vlahov

2008 BMC Psychiatry 8:art. 83.

Effects of electromyostimulation training and home-based exercise on hamstring and quadriceps muscle strength and steadiness in older adults, Pedro Bezerra, Shi Zhou, Zachary Crowley, and Robert Baglin

2008 International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport 3.


Probing visual consciousness: rivalry between eyes and images, Rishi Bhardwaj, Robert P. O'Shea, David Alais, and Amanda Parker

2008 Journal of Vision 8:11.

Higher intensity interval training improves functional capacity in phase 2 cardiac patients, Suzanne Broadbent

2008 AAESS Victoria Research Series: Cardiovascular Disease and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.


Aerobic training increases the stimulated percentage of CD4+CD25+ in older men but not older women, Suzanne Broadbent and Gregory Gass

2008 European Journal of Applied Physiology 103:1 79-87.

Sustaining midwifery continuity of care: perspectives for managers, Pat Brodie, Cathy Warwick, Carolyn R. Hastie, Liz Smythe, and Carolyn Young

2008 Midwifery continuity of care: a practical guide 149-164.


Consumer participation in mental health in Australia: what progress is being made?, Graeme Browne and Martin Hemsley

2008 Australasian Psychiatry 16:6 446-449.


Consumer perspectives on recovery: a focus on housing following discharge from hospital, Graeme Browne, Martin Hemsley, and Winsome St. John

2008 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 17:6 402-409.

Sensory (chill out) room trial: a culture change, Graeme Browne, Sue Wentworth, Sarah Cook, and Andrea Browne

2008 34th Annual International Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

Sensory (chill out) room trial: a culture change, Graeme Browne, Sue Wentworth, Sarah Cook, Andrea Browne, and N Woodward

2008 2nd ACMHN Gold Coast International Nurses Day Symposium.

Advanced mental health nursing practice, Andrew J. Cashin

2008 NSW Nurses Association Mental Health Forum.

Advance nursing practice in the real world, Andrew J. Cashin

2008 Proceedings of Australian College of Mental Health Nurses Private Practice Special Interest Group: Inaugural National Conference.

Exciting times for nursing and nurse practitioners, Andrew J. Cashin

2008 Australian Nursing Journal 16:5 42-43.