Papers from 1996

Quantification of the three dimensional displacement of normal facial movement- a pilot study, Susan E. Coulson, Glen R. Croxson, and Wendy L. Gilleard


Structure and function of the abdominal muscles in primigravida during pregnancy and the immediate post-birth period, Wendy L. Gilleard and J MM Brown

An analysis of peer mentoring with students of nursing: reflections from the heart, Nel Glass, J Siddle, and Ruth Walter


A presentation of a conceptual framework and its use in the definition of nursing development within a number of nursing development units, Iain W. Graham

Contractile properties in tibialis anterior of chronic paraplegics following 4 weeks of low frequency electrical stimulation, Andreas Hartkopp, Stephen DR Harridge, Mizuno Masao, Jesper L. Andersen, Shi Zhou, Aivaras Ratkevicius, Michael Kjaer, Bjorn Quistorff, and Fin Biering-Sorensen


Dying for the cause, Carolyn R. Hastie

Contextual effects on prior knowledge use in category learning: the effects of simultaneous and sequential presentation, Brett K. Hayes, Mitchell G. Longstaff, and John E. Taplin


Keynote address: Science and not-science in nurse education, Stephen Kermode


The postmodernist hoax and its effects on nursing, Stephen Kermode and Claire Brown

Is there a relationship between university entrance scores and the approaches of first year nursing students to studying and learning?, M Khyentse and Thea F. van de Mortel

The response dimension, Peter R. Killeen and Lewis A. Bizo

The application of management strategies in coaching, Rudi A. Meir and Ray Booker


Color and light in nature - Lynch,DK, Livingston,W, Robert P. O'Shea

Writing for psychology, 2nd edition, Robert P. O'Shea


Binocular rivalry with isoluminant stimuli visible only via short-wavelength-sensitive cones, Robert P. O'Shea and D R. Williams


Practising midwifery independently: for the majority of midwives?, Jennifer A. Parratt

Palliative care nurses tell their stories: an examination of the nature and effects of palliative nursing care, Beverley J. Taylor, Nel Glass, Jennifer McFarlane, and Kate Stirling


The effect of dark and equiluminant occlusion on the interocular transfer of visual aftereffects, B Timney, L A. Symons, L M. Wilcox, and Robert P. O'Shea

Validation of the Dmax method as a predictor of lactate threshold, Shane Weekes, Allan J. Davie, and Shi Zhou

The effect of exogenous coenzyme Q10 on the cardiorespiratory and metabolic responses to exercise in endurance athletes, Shane B. Weston, Shi Zhou, Robert P. Weatherby, and Susan J. Robson


Acute effect of repeated maximal isometric contraction on electromechanical delay of knee extensor muscle, Shi Zhou

Effects of low frequency electrical stimulation training on muscle contractile properties of paralysed muscle: preliminary results, Shi Zhou, Stephen DR Harridge, Andreas Hartkopp, and Fin Biering-Sorensen


Effects of fatigue and sprint training on electromechanical delay of knee extensor muscles, Shi Zhou, Michael J. McKenna, David L. Lawson, William E. Morrison, and Ian Fairweather

Reliability of using D-max method to define physiological responses to incremental exercise testing (Presentation), Shi Zhou and Shane B. Weston

Papers from 1995

Developing a learning package, Christine Alavi

Helping teachers to help students learn, Christine Alavi

Problem based learning in a health sciences curriculum, Christine Alavi

Women & mental health after Burdekin: conference proceedings, Christine Alavi


Good nurse, bad nurse…, Christine Alavi and Jan Cattoni

Assessing problem-based learning, Christine Alavi and Marie Cooke


Biasing the pacemaker in the behavioral theory of timing, Lewis A. Bizo and K Geoffrey White


Reinforcement context and pacemaker rate in the behavioural theory of timing, Lewis A. Bizo and K Geoffrey White

Implicit memory for non-attended stimuli, Alison C. Bowling and Brian D. MacKenzie


Local and global factors in spatially- contingent coloured aftereffects, Jack Broerse and Robert P. O'Shea

Stress in the families of adolescents and young adults, Graeme Browne

Approaching problem-based learning, Marie Cooke and Christine Alavi

Human use of metric measures of length, J RE Dignan and Robert P. O'Shea

Research breaks a social silence: women nurses reclaim their voice, Nel Glass

Reflective practice: using the action learning group mechanism, Iain W. Graham

Midwives eat their young, don’t they? a story of horizontal violence in midwifery, Carolyn R. Hastie

Keynote Address. Nursing research: where to from here?, Stephen Kermode

Where have all the flowers gone? Nursings's escape from the radical critique, Stephen Kermode and Claire Brown


National Competition Policy: a review of the significance of The Hilmer Report for nursing, Stephen Kermode, Claire Brown, and Nancy Emmanuel

The relationship between laboratory and field testing and short course triathlon performance in recreational triathletes, M Jonathon King, Shi Zhou, Allan J. Davie, and Susan J. Robson

Space-time invariance in adult handwriting, Mitchell G. Longstaff and Richard A. Heath

Practical application of oral creatine suppplementation in professional rugby league: a case study, Rudi A. Meir

Thermoregulation in rugby league, Rudi A. Meir and Allan J. Davie


Effects of garlic extract on platelet aggregation, Stephen P. Myers and Anthony J. Smith

Quality of life.....something to celebrate, D Nizette and Graeme Browne

Is Litoria aurea susceptible to increased UV-B radiation?, Thea F. van de Mortel


Performance feedback increases the incidence of handwashing by staff following patient contact in intesive care, Thea F. van de Mortel and Louise Heyman


Mechanisms of purely subjective contour tilt aftereffects, Rick van der Zwan and Peter Wenderoth

Acute effect of exercise on electromechanical delay, Shi Zhou

Electromechanical delay in weight lifters and endurance trained athletes, Shi Zhou

Correlations between short-course triathlon performance and physiological variables determined in laboratory cycle and treadmill tests (Presentation), Shi Zhou, Allan J. Davie, Susan J. Robson, and M Jonathon King


Electromechanical delay in isometric muscle contractions evoked by voluntary, reflex and electrical stimulation, Shi Zhou, David L. Lawson, William E. Morrison, and Ian Fairweather

Electromechanical delay of knee extensors: the normal range and the effects of age and gender, Shi Zhou, David L. Lawson, William E. Morrison, and Ian Fairweather

Papers from 1994

Issues in mental health policy, Christine Alavi

A profile of backpain during pregnancy based on a review of epidemiological literature, K Barry and Wendy L. Gilleard


Pacemaker rate in the behavioral theory of timing, Lewis A. Bizo and K Geffrey White


Behavioral theory of timing: reinforcement rate determines pacemaker rate, Lewis A. Bizo and K Geoffrey White

Quality of life in care of the aged, Graeme Browne, P Bramston, and C Ferris

Two studies using ComQol, Graeme Browne, P Bramston, and C Ferris

A study of seclusion: the quest to determine effectiveness, Andrew J. Cashin

An electromyographical validation of an abdominal muscle test, Wendy L. Gilleard and J MM Brown

Hesitant screaming and dialectical tension: mapping the terrain towards empowerment for women nurses, Nel Glass

Words from the wobbly chair: women nurses reflexivity of risk, Nel Glass


How do registered nurses think and experience nursing: a phenomenological investigation, Iain W. Graham


Constraints imposed by Mach bands on shape from shading, Ian J. Hodgkinson and Robert P. O'Shea

The organization: a problem for the professionalization of nursing, Stephen Kermode

A critical overview of current public policy trends and their implications for nursing, Stephen Kermode, Nancy Emmanuel, and Claire Brown

Space-time invariance in adult handwriting, Mitchell G. Longstaff

A model for the integration of macrocycle and microcycle structure in professional rugby league, Rudi A. Meir

Evaluating player fitness in professional rugby league: reducing subjectivity, Rudi A. Meir

The application of periodisation principles to professional rugby league, Rudi A. Meir

The application of specificity in professional rugby league via time and motion analysis, Rudi A. Meir and Dave Arthur

Jersey configuration in rugby league: too hot to handle?, Rudi A. Meir, B J. Lowdon, and Allan J. Davie

The effect of jersey type on thermoregulatory responses during exercise in a warm humid environment, Rudi A. Meir, B J. Lowdon, and Allan J. Davie

Student village survey report, Gail Moloney

Using social cognition to change energy use in the commercial sector, Gail Moloney


Contrast as a depth cue, Robert P. O'Shea, Shane G. Blackburn, and Hiroshi Ono


Binocular rivalry and fusion under scotopic luminances, Robert P. O'Shea, Randolph Blake, and Jeremy M. Wolfe


Interocular transfer of the movement aftereffect in central and peripheral vision of people with strabismus, Robert P. O'Shea, A A. McDonald, A Cumming, D Peart, G Sanderson, and A CB Molteno


The experience of childbirth for survivors of incest, Jennifer A. Parratt


Thermoregulatory response to wearing encapsulated protective clothing during simulated work in various thermal environments, Warren R. Payne, W Portier, Ian Fairweather, Shi Zhou, and Rod J. Snow

Plyometric and special speed training for the modern footballer, J Pryor and Rudi A. Meir

Psychophysical evidence for area V2 involvement in the reduction of subjective contour tilt aftereffects by binocular rivalry, Rick van der Zwan and Peter Wenderoth


The role of the blobs in determining the perception of drifting plaids and their motion aftereffects, Peter Wenderoth, David Alais, Darren Burke, and Rick van der Zwan

Effect of exercise combined with environmental humidity on the stress response profiles of urinary cortisol, cortisone, tetrahydrocortisol and tetrahydrocortisone, B K. Yap, R Kazlauskas, G Johnston, Rudi A. Meir, and Robert P. Weatherby

Papers from 1993

Facilitative tutoring: how can it be understood and improved?, Christine Alavi and Don Margetson

Rocking the boat: women nurses speak out, social theory in practice, Nel Glass

Primary nursing: in contemporary practice, Iain W. Graham

The power to be different: is professionalization the answer?, Stephen Kermode

An examination of the evolution of the Stroop effect over time, Mitchell G. Longstaff

Seasonal changes in estimates of body composition in professional rugby league players, Rudi A. Meir

Time and motion analysis of professional rugby league: a case study, Rudi A. Meir, Dave Arthur, and M Forrest

Using social cognition to change energy-use in the commercial sector, Gail Moloney

Review of “The moon illusion” by M. Hershenson (ed.). Hillsdale NJ: Erlbaum, 1989, Robert P. O'Shea

Writing for psychology : an introductory guide for students, 2nd edition, Robert P. O'Shea

The effects of contrast reversal on the direct, indirect, and interocularly-transferred tilt after effect, Robert P. O'Shea, Russell G. Wilson, and Alan Duckett