Papers from 2015


Commentary on: Muscle dysmoprphia: could it be classified as an addiction to body image?, Johanna Elizabeth Nieuwoudt

2015 Journal of Behavioral Addictions 4:1 8-10.


Muscle dysmorphia: current research and potential classification as a disorder, Johanna Elizabeth Nieuwoudt, Shi Zhou, Rosanne A. Coutts, and Ray Booker

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Symptoms of muscle dysmorphia, body dysmorphic disorder, and eating disorders in a nonclinical population of adult male weightlifters in Australia, Johanna Elizabeth Nieuwoudt, Shi Zhou, Rosanne A. Coutts, and Ray Booker

2015 Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 29:5 1406-1414.


Evaluating the reliability and validity of the proposed muscle dysmorphia criteria, Johanna Elizabeth Nieuwoudt, Shi Zhou, Rosanne A. Coutts, Ray Booker, Jacqui Yoxall, and Samantha Booker

2015 International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.


Allied Health practitioners' role in the chronic disease management program: the experience of osteopathic practitioners, Paul J. Orrock, K Lasham, and C Ward

2015 International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine 18:2 97-101.


Refractoriness about adaptation, Robert P. O'Shea

2015 Frontiers in Neuroscience 9:38.


Can colours be used to segment words when reading?, Manuel Perea, Pilar Tejero, and Heather Winskel

2015 Acta Psychologica 159 8-13.


In defense of position uncertainty: a reply to Duñabeitia, Orihuela, and Carreiras (2014), Manuel Perea, Heather Winskel, Reem Abu Mallouh, Lydia Barnes, and Pablo Gomez

2015 Psychological Science 26:4 545-547.


A comparison of differential leucocyte counts measured by conventional automated venous haematology and darkfield microscopic examination of fresh capillary blood, Katrina Reeve, Jacinta M. Arellano, Tini Gruner, Wayne Reilly, Belinda G. Smith, and Shi Zhou

2015 Advances in Integrative Medicine.


Impaired practice effects following mild traumatic brain injury: an event-related potential investigation, Jeffrey M. Rogers, Allison M. Fox, and James F. Donnelly

2015 Brain Injury 29:3 343-351.


Exploring the influence of workplace supports and relationships on safe medication practice: a pilot study of Australian graduate nurses, Ashlyn Sahay, Marie Hutchinson, and Leah East

2015 Nurse Education Today 35:5.


Unravelling the complexities of nursing students' feedback on the clinical learning environment: a mixed methods approach, Yenna Salamonson, Bronwyn Everett, Elizabeth Halcomb, Marie Hutchinson, Debra Jackson, Judy Mannix, Kath Peters, and Roslyn Weaver

2015 Nurse Education Today 35:1 206-211.


Experimenting different Jawi spelling conditions to gauge their cognitive complexity, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel

2015 GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies 15:2 51-63.


Using diacritics in the Arabic script of Malay to scaffold Arab postgraduate students in reading Malay words, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel

2015 Malaysian Journal of Learning & Instruction 12 69-83.


Does skin-to-skin contact and breast feeding at birth affect the rate of primary postpartum haemorrhage: results of a cohort study, A Saxton, Kathleen M. Fahy, Margaret I. Rolfe, Virginia Skinner, and Carolyn R. Hastie

2015 Midwifery 31:11 1110-1117.

Health care and health, Toni Schofield and Michelle Donelly

2015 A sociological approach to health determinants 148-176.


Tobacco use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students: understanding 'the social' and the effects of indigeneity, Toni Schofield, Tarunna Sebastian, Michelle Donelly, and Craig Anderson

2015 Australian Aboriginal Studies:2 46-57.


Nurse practitioner mental health care in the primary context: a Californian case study, Theane Theophilos, Andrew Cashin, and Roger Green

2015 Healthcare 3:1 162-171.


The impact of movement fluency, complexity and diverted attention on working memory processes, Richard Tindle and Mitchell G. Longstaff

2015 XII International Conference on Cognitive Neuroscience (ICON-XII).


Writing, reading and listening differently overload working memory performance across the serial position curve, Richard Tindle and Mitchell G. Longstaff

2015 Advances in Cognitive Psychology 11:4 147-155.


Perinatal depression and the impact on the father: a review of the literature, Stephen Van Vorst

2015 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 24:suppl. 1.


Developing a clinical teaching quality questionnaire for use in a university osteopathic pre-registration teaching program, Brett Vaughan

2015 BMC Medical Education 15:70.


The Osteopathic Clinical Practice Assessment - a pilot study to develop a new workplace-based assessment tool, Brett Vaughan and Keri Moore

2015 International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine 18 287-296.


The Osteopathic Clinical Practice Assessment: a pilot study to develop a new workplace-based assessment tool, Brett Vaughan and Keri Moore

2015 International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine 18:4 287-296.


Assessment in the final year clinical practicum of an Australian osteopathy program, Brett Vaughan and Tracy Morrison

2015 International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine 18 278-286.


Carers’ perceptions of the impact of home telehealth monitoring on the provision of care and sustainability of use, Rachel Wade, Colleen M. Cartwright, and Kelly A. Shaw

2015 Australasian Journal on Ageing 34:2 109-114.


The social context of street culture in substance use: a literature review of homeless youth perspectives, Cate Wilson and Joanne Bradbury

2015 International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences Research 2:5 93-108.

Reading in Thai: visual and attentional processes, Heather Winskel

2015 Attention and vision in language processing 111-125.


Exploring unplanned curriculum drift, Andrew Woods

2015 Journal of Nursing Education 54:11 641-644.

Faking depression: what type of coaching reduces the chance of detection?, Jacqueline S. Yoxall

2015 2015 APS College of Forensic Psychologists Conference.

The role of personality traits and emotional intelligence in predicting social aggression: what makes a bully?, Jacqueline S. Yoxall

2015 2015 APS College of Forensic Psychologists Conference.

First year university students: attitudes and motivations, Jacqueline S. Yoxall and Karina Pont

2015 2015 Scholarship of Teaching Symposium.


Distinct embryonic and adult fates of multipotent myogenic progenitors isolated from skeletal muscle and bone marrow, Qu-Petersen Zhuqing, Jesper L. Andersen, and Shi Zhou

2015 Cell Biology 3:4 58-73.

Papers from 2014


A qualitative study of staff perspectives of patient non-attendance in a regional primary healthcare setting, Shahinoor Atker, Frances Doran, Catharine Avila, and Susan Nancarrow

2014 Australasian Medical Journal 7:5 218-226.


The reality of hospitalisation: stories from family members of their hospital experience for adolescents and young adults living with and dying from cancer, Janet Anne Barling, John A. Stevens, and Kierrynn Davis

2014 Contemporary Nurse 46:2 150-160.

Using saccadic eye movements to assess cognitive decline with ageing, Alison C. Bowling and Anja Draper

2014 Current trends in eye tracking research 237-244.

A review of current exercise management practices for chronic fatigue syndrome, Suzanne Broadbent

2014 Chronic fatigue syndrome: risk factors, management and impacts on daily life.

Physical and injury profiles of Australian female Dragon boat paddlers: a pilot study, Suzanne Broadbent, Rosanne A. Coutts, and Sonja Coetzee

2014 Journal of Fitness Research 3:2 3-12.


Mental health nursing: what difference does it make, G Browne, John Hurley, and R Lakeman

2014 Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing.


A culture change in aged care: the Eden alternative(TM), Sonya Brownie

2014 The Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing 29:1 63-68.


Older Australian's motivation for university enrollment and their perception of the role of tertiary education in promoting healthy aging: a national cross-sectional study, Sonya Brownie

2014 Educational Gerontology 40:10 723-736.


Focus group interviews with older Australians to explore their awareness of the national age-adjusted dietary recommendations and their suggestions for assisting them to meet these dietary targets, Sonya Brownie and Rosanne A. Coutts

2014 Australian Journal of Primary Health 20:2 182-187.


Factors that impact residents' transition and psychological adjustment to long-term aged care: a systematic literature review, Sonya Brownie, Louise Horstmanshof, and Robert Garbutt

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2014 Arthritis Care & Research.


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Collaborative arrangements for Australian nurse practitioners: a policy analysis, Andrew Cashin

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Shortage of supported housing for people with mental illness: Australia as an exemplar of an international problem, Andrew Cashin

2014 Issues in Mental Health Nursing 35:2 148-151.


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2014 International Journal of Nursing Practice 20:1 1-7.


Clarifying clinical nurse consultant work in Australia: a phenomenological study, Andrew Cashin, Helen Stasa, Janice Gullick, Rae Conway, Michelle Cunich, and Thomas Buckley

2014 Collegian.


Effects of ankle joint position and submaximal muscle contraction intensity on soleus H-reflex modulation in young and older adults, Yung-Sheng Chen, Shi Zhou, and Colleen M. Cartwright

2014 Motor Control 18:2 112-126.

The importance of clinical leadership in the hospital setting, John Daly, Debra Jackson, Judy Manix, Patricia M. Davidson, and Marie Hutchinson

2014 Journal of Healthcare Leadership.


Comparison of cumulative effects of fours day of alternate or continuous training on expression of selected mitochondrial genes in rat skeletal muscle, Allan Davie, M Yao, Y L. Wang, Liping Huang, and Shi Zhou

2014 9th International Conference on Equine Exercise Physiology.


Growing up without a father: narratives from adultmen, Leigh East, Debra Jackson, Tamara Power, Andrew Woods, and Marie Hutchinson

2014 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 23:suppl. 1.


“Holes in my memories”: a qualitative study of men affected by father absence, Leigh East, Debra Jackson, Tamara Power, Andrew Woods, and Marie Hutchinson

2014 Issues in Mental Health Nursing 35:8 604-612.


The art and science of chronic disease management come together in a lifestyle-focused approach to primary care, Garry Egger, D Katz, M Sagner, J Dixon, and John A. Stevens

2014 International Journal of Clinical Practice 68:12 1406-1409.


Evidence based nursing and midwifery practice in a regional Australian healthcare setting: behaviours, skills and barriers, Greg Fairbrother, Andrew Cashin, Rae Conway, Annette Symes, and Iain Graham

2014 Collegian.


Seeing the world topsy-turvy: the primary role of kinematics in biological motion inversion effects, Sue-Anne Fitzgerald, Anna Brooks, Rick van der Zwan, and Duncan C. Blair

2014 i-Perception 5 120-131.


Hands as sex cues: sensitivity measures, male bias measures, and implications for sex perception mechanisms, Justin M. Gaetano, Rick van der Zwan, Duncan C. Blair, and Anna Brooks

2014 PLoS One 9:3.


Validation of risk assessment scales and predictors of intentions to quit smoking in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: a cross-sectional survey protocol, Gillian Sandra Gould, Kerrianne Watt, Andy McEwan, Yvonne Cadet-James, and Alan R. Clough

2014 BMJ Open 4:6.


Above all, do no harm: educating the ethical practitioner using research pedagogy in an osteopathic master’s course, Sandra Grace, Gopi McLeod, Paul J. Orrock, William E. Boyd, Raymond Blaich, and Julie Streckfuss

2014 Creative Education 5 1314-1321.


Investigation into factors influencing roles, relationships, and referrals in integrative medicine, Bimbi Gray and Paul J. Orrock

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‘They’re all tribals’: essentialism, context and the discursive representation of Sudanese refugees, Scott Hanson-Easey, Martha Augoustinos, and Gail Moloney

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The importance of nursing, M Harding and Andrew Cashin

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Responding to change in the sporting environment: a brief review of recent agility testing and training research, Ryan C. Holding, Rudi A. Meir, and Shi Zhou

2014 Australian Strength and Conditioning Association 21:3 21-29.

Assessing response time reliability in a simple 1-v-1 defensive scenario relevant to rugby football, Ryan Holding, Rudi A. Meir, and Shi Zhou

2014 Journal of Australian Strength & Conditioning 22:5 111-115.

Understanding the needs of all the stakeholders: training and preparation for students and their supervisors, Louise Horstmanshof and Keri Moore

2014 ACEN National Conference 2014: work integrated learning: building capacity 201-204.

New ways to enhance mental health nursing: collaboration between academy and practice, John Hurley, Graham Lain, Stephen Van Vorst, and Andrew Cashin

2014 Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal 21:11 43-44.


Empathy at a distance: a qualitative study on the impact of publically displayed art on observers., John Hurley, Paul Linsley, Shelley Rowe, and Freea Fontanella

2014 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 23:5 419-426.

Around half of nurses and midwives report workplace aggression in the past month: 36% report violence from patients or visitors and 32% report bullying by colleagues, Marie Hutchinson

2014 Evidence-Based Nursing 17:1.


Deriving consensus on the characteristics of advanced practice nursing: meta-summary of more than 2 decades of research, Marie Hutchinson, Leigh East, Helen Stasa, and Debra Jackson

2014 Nursing Research 63:2 116-128.


Troubling fragments and small stories: an analysis of public commentary on nursing through a web blog, Marie Hutchinson and Deborah Jackson

2014 Collegian 21 81-88.


Whistleblowing: an integrative literature review of data-based studies involving nurses, Debra Jackson, Louise D. Hickman, Marie Hutchinson, Sharon Andrew, James Smith, Ingrid Potgieter, Michelle Cleary, and Kath Peters

2014 Contemporary Nurse 48:2 240-252.

The relationship between the underlying representation and surface form of multisyllabic words, Deborah GH James

2014 Children's speech sound disorders 439-443.

The midwife and decision-making processes: integration into midwifery practice, Elaine Jefford


Dusted community: piloting a virtual peer-to-peer support community for people with an asbestos-related diagnosis and their families, Desiree Kozlowski, Steve Provost, J Tucker, and Rick van der Zwan

2014 The Journal of Psychosocial Oncology 32:4 463-475.


Carbon isotopic signatures of soil organic matter correlate with leaf area index across woody biomes, Brenton Ladd, Pablo L. Peri, David A. Pepper, Lucas CR Silva, Douglas Sheil, Stephen P. Bonser, Shawn W. laffan, Wulf Amelung, Alf Ekblad, Peter Eliasson, Hector Bahamonde, Sandra Duarte-Guardia, and Michael Bird

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Values and valuing mental health nursing in primary care: what is wrong with the ‘before and on behalf of’ model?, Richard Lakeman, Andrew Cashin, and John Hurley

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Inclusive practice in WIL, J Mackaway, T Winchester-Seeto, D Peach, S Ferns, M Campbell, Keri Moore, R Wallace, L Ford, and J Prior

2014 Work integrated learning in the curriculum.


Teaching students to discriminate between good and poor writing, Francis H. Martin and Steve C. Provost

2014 Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciencesc 141 205-209.


Is high fidelity human patient (mannequin) simulation, simulation of learning?, Denise McGarry, Andrew Cashin, and Catherine Fowler

2014 Nurse Education Today 34:8 1138-1142.


Survey of Australian schools of nursing use of human patient (mannequin) simulation, Denise E. McGarry, Andrew Cashin, and Cathrine Fowler

2014 Issues in Mental Health Nursing 35:11 815-823.

Rugby and the environment, Rudi A. Meir

2014 The science of rugby.


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2014 International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching 9:5 1181-1190.

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Development concepts, Kolleen Miller-Rosser

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The need to support students with autism at University, Ann M. Mulder and Andrew Cashin

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