Papers from 2014

South and Southeast Asian psycholinguistics, Heather Winskel and Prakash Padakannaya


Eye movements and reading in the alphasyllabic scripts of South and Southeast Asia, Heather Winskel, Prakash Padakannaya, and Aparna Pandey

2014 South and Southeast Asian psycholinguistics 315-328.


Can parafoveal-on-foveal effects be obtained when reading an unspaced alphasyllabic script (Thai)?, Heather Winskel and Manuel Perea

2014 Writing Systems Research 6 94-104.


Does tonal information affect the early stages of visual-word processing in Thai?, Heather Winskel and Manuel Perea

2014 The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 67:2 209-219.


Testing the flexibility of the modified receptive field (MRF) theory: evidence from an unspaced orthography (Thai), Heather Winskel, Manuel Perea, and Emma Peart

2014 Acta Psychologica 150 55-60.

Morphological parafoveal preview benefit effects when reading derived words in Malay, Heather Winskel and Khazriyati Salehuddin

2014 Kajian Malaysia 32:2 23-40.

Discipline strategies of Vietnamese and Australian mothers for regulating children's behaviour, Heather Winskel, Lisa Walsh, and Thu Tran

2014 Pertanika Journal of Social Science and Humanities 22:2 575-588.

The integration of structured problem based learning and authentic simulation technologies: the student experience, Andrew Woods, Nicola Whiteing, and Elicia Kunst

2014 SCU scholarship of teaching symposium 2014.

Reflection on the evaluation method of immune balance in exercise, Guang-Gao Zhao, Quan-Sheng Su, Shi Zhou, J W. He, Li-Qiang Su, and Wei Zhang

2014 Journal of Chengdu Sport University 40:12 79-84.

Roles played by JAK2/ STAT4 signaling pathways in rat’s Th1/Th2 imbalance induced by exercising, Guang-Gao Zhao, Quan-Sheng Su, Shi Zhou, Li-Qiang Su, and Wei Zhang

2014 Journal of Physical Education 21:5 139-144.

Exercise is medicine: the development of clinical exercise physiology and its evidence based practice, Shi Zhou

2014 Progress in Pysiological Sciences 45:4 247-250.

Hypoxia intervention for diabetes: a brief review, Shi Zhou, Y Wang, L When, Allan Davie, and Y Zhang

2014 5th International Conference on Nutrition and Physical Activity on Aging, Obesity and Cancer.

Papers from 2013


Vertically integrated shared learning models in general practice: a qualitative study, Christine M. Ahern, Thea F. van de Mortel, Peter L. Silberberg, Janet Anne Barling, and Sabrina W. Pit

2013 BMC Family Practice 14:144.


Smoking mull: a grounded theory model on the dynamics of combined tobacco and cannabis use among adult men, Annie Banbury, A Zask, S M. Carter, E van Beurden, R Tokley, M Passey, and J Copeland

2013 Health Promotion Journal of Australia 24:2.


Family members' retrospective stories of the treatment stage of an adolescent or young adult who subsequently died of cancer, Janet A. Barling, John A. Stevens, and Kierrynn Davis

2013 Cancer Nursing 36:5 E39-E48.

Australia and New Zealand qualitative nursing research, Jennieffer Barr

2013 Routledge international handbook of qualitative nursing research 468-477.


Supporting rural/remote primary health care placement experiences increases undergraduate nurse confidence, Paul Bennett, Debra Jones, Janie Brown, and Veronica Barlow

2013 Nurse Education Today 33:2 166-172.


Encoding into visual working memory: event-related brain potentials reflect automatic processing of seemingly redundant information, Stefan Berti and Urte Roeber

2013 Neuroscience Journal 2013.

Reinforced behavioral variability in humans, Lewis A. Bizo and Kathleen Doolan

2013 The Psychological Record 63:4 725-734.


Response to Petersen on ‘staying or going?’ Australian early career researchers’ narratives, William E. Boyd and Louise Horstmanshof

2013 Australian Universities' Review 55:1 74-79.


Modelling stress constructs with biomarkers: the importance of the measurement model, Joanne Bradbury

2013 Clinical and Experimental Medical Sciences 1:5 197-216.

Endurance-training effects on intracellular calcium and iron in CD4+ lymphocytes in young and old men, Suzanne Broadbent

2013 60th ACSM Annual Meeting and 4th World Congress on Exercise is Medicine.


The protocol for a randomised controlled trial comparing intermittent and graded exercise to usual care for chronic fatigue syndrome patients, Suzanne Broadbent and Rosanne A. Coutts

2013 BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation 5:16.

Higher intensity iterval training improves aerobic capacity and metabolic profile in men with cardiac disease: a pilot study, Suzanne Broadbent, Jacques J. Rousseau, Wilma Tielemans, Aimee Cornish, Barrie Phypers, and Itamar Levinger

2013 Journal of Fitness Research 2:1 8-16.


Explainer: what is cute aggression?, Anna Brooks and Rick van der Zwan

2013 The Conversation: academic rigour, journalistic flair.


Addressing the mental health nurse shortage: undergraduate nursing students working as assistants in nursing in inpatient mental health settings, Graeme Browne, Andrew Cashin, Iain W. Graham, and Dean Warren Shaw

2013 International Journal of Nursing Practice 19:5 539-545.


Older Australians' views about the impact of ageing on their nutritional practices: findings from a qualitative study, Sonya Brownie

2013 Australasian Journal on Ageing 32:2 86-90.


Focus group interviews with older Australians to explore their awareness of the national age-adjusted dietary recommendations and their suggestions for assisting them to meet these dietary targets, Sonya Brownie and Rosanne A. Coutts

2013 Australian Journal of Primary Health 20:2 182-187.


Older Australians’ perceptions and practices in relation to a healthy diet for old age: a qualitative study, Sonya Brownie and Rosanne A. Coutts

2013 The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging 17:2 125-129.


Effects of person-centered care on residents and staff in aged-care facilities: a systematic review, Sonya Brownie and Susan Nancarrow

2013 Clinical Interventions in Aging 8 1-10.


Measuring student nurse professional socialisation: the development and implementation of a new instrument, Janie Brown, John A. Stevens, and Stephen Kermode

2013 Nurse Education Today 33:6 565-573.


Nurse practitioner prescribing practices: the most frequently prescribed medications, Thomas Buckley, Andrew Cashin, Meg Stuart, Graeme Browne, and Sandra V. Dunn

2013 Journal of Clinical Nursing 22:13-14 2053-2063.


The relationship between foot posture and lower limb kinematics during walking: a systematic review, Andrew K. Buldt, George S. Murley, Paul A. Butterworth, Pazit Levinger, Hylton B. Menz, and Karl B. Landorf

2013 Gait & Posture 38:3 363-372.


Fat mass is a predictor of incident foot pain, Paul A. Butterworth, D M. Urquhart, F M. Cicuttini, H B. Menz, B J. Strauss, J Proietto, J B. Dixon, G Jones, and A E. Wluka

2013 Obesity 21:9 495-499.


A multifactorial interdisciplinary intervention reduces frailty in older people: randomized trial, Ian D. Cameron, Nicola Fairhall, Colleen Langron, Keri Lockwood, Noeline Monaghan, and Christina Aggar

2013 BMC Medicine 11:1.


Letter to the Editor... Scanlon A: Translation of the Doctor of Nursing Practice into Australian Neurosurgery Nurse Practitioner Candidate Practice, Andrew Cashin

2013 Clinical Scholars Review 5:1.


The effectiveness of narrative therapy with young people with autism, Andrew Cashin, Graeme Browne, Joanne Bradbury, and Ann M. Mulder

2013 Journal of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nursing 26:1 32-41.

A survey of patient understanding and expectations of sedation/anaesthesia for colonoscopy, N Chatman, J R. Sutherland, Rick van der Zwan, and N Abraham

2013 Anaesthesia and Intensive Care 41:3 369-373.


An exploratory study of staff nurses’ knowledge of delirium in the medical ICU: an Asian perspective, Martin Christensen

2013 Intensive and Critical Care Nursing 30:1 54-60.


Intra-arterial waveform analysis: a study of senior nurse knowledge in a general intensive care unit, Martin Christensen and Amanda Barnes

2013 Journal of Clinical Nursing 22:11-12 1783-1785.


Interprofessional teamwork in the trauma setting: a scoping review, Molly Courtenay, Susan Nancarrow, and David Dawson

2013 Human Resources for Health 11:57.


A framework for evaluating the impact of high band-width internet provision and use on digital literacy and social life outcomes in Australia, S Dane, M Fahey, C Mason, Rick van der Zwan, Julie Tucker, D Bradford, and C Griffith

2013 Building sustainable information systems: proceedings of the 2012 international conference on information systems 101-111.


Assessing patient preferences for the delivery of different community-based models of care using a discrete choice experiment, Simon Dixon, Susan Nancarrow, Pamela M. Enderby, Anna M. Moran, and Stuart G. Parker

2013 Health Expectations.


Walking patterns in pregnancy, Frances Mary Doran and Nellie A. Buckley

2013 Australian Journal of Primary Health 19:3 213-218.


Women's experiences of participation in a pregnancy and postnatal group incorporating yoga and facilitated group discussion: a qualitative evaluation, Frances Mary Doran and Julie Hornibrook

2013 Women and Birth 26:1 82-86.


Moving beyond the therapeutic relationship: a selective review of intimacy in the sexual health encounter in nursing practice, Leigh East and Marie Hutchinson

2013 Journal of Clinical Nursing 22:23-24 3568-3576.

‘Next time we can be penguins’: expanding the concept of ‘learning play’ to support learning and teaching about sustainability in early childhood education, Susan Edwards and Amy Cutter-Mackenzie

2013 Varied perspectives on play and learning: theory and research on early years education 255-274.

Does maternal expectations influence health related quality of life during pregnancy?, Elizabeth Emmanuel and Jing Sun

2013 Australian Nursing Journal 21:2.


Making sense in a complex landscape: how the Cynefin Framework from Complex Adaptive Systems Theory can inform health promotion practice, Van Beurden Eric, Annie M. Kia, Avigdor Zask, Uta Dietrich, and Lauren Rose

2013 Health Promotion International 28:1 73-83.


Bachelor of midwifery graduates well educated to provide care in rural maternity units, Kathleen Fahy

2013 Women and Birth 26.


Current education standards are essential for midwives to be capable of functioning to their full scope of practice, Kathleen M. Fahy

2013 Women and Birth 26 223-225.


Response to editorial: meeting the needs of rural and regional families: educating midwives, Kathleen M. Fahy

2013 Collegian 20:1.

Teetering between fear and enthusiasm: learning to work in teams, Kathleen M. Fahy

2013 ACM NSW Annual State Conference: Midwifery: Bordering on.


Women's perceptions of emotional support following childbirth: a qualitative investigation, Jennifer Fenwick, Jenny Gamble, Debra Creedy, Lesley Barclay, Anne Buist, and Elsa Lena Ryding

2013 Midwifery 29:3 217-224.

Assessment and management of patients with hypertension, Martin Gadd

2013 Smeltzer and Bare's textbook of medical-surgical nursing.

Management of patients with structural, infectious and inflammatory cardiac disorders, Martin Gadd

2013 Smeltzer and Bare's textbook of medical-surgical nursing.


Biases of categorical sex perception: what are they and how do we gauge them?, Justin M. Gaetano, Anna Brooks, and Rick van der Zwan

2013 Frontiers of Human Neuroscience: Event Abstract.


Trunk motion and gait characteristics of pregnant women when walking: report of a longitudinal study with a control group, Wendy L. Gilleard

2013 BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 13:71.

Conceptual framework for policy and research development with Indigenous people with disabilities, John Gilroy, Michelle Donelly, Susan Colmar, and Trevor Parmenter

2013 Australian Aboriginal Studies 2 42-58.

Should anti-tobacco media messages be culturally targeted for Indigenous populations? a systematic review and narrative synthesis, Gillian Sandra Gould, Andy McEwen, Tracey Watters, Alan R. Clough, and Rick van der Zwan

2013 Tobacco Control 22:4.


Knowledge and views about maternal tobacco smoking and barriers for cessation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders: a systematic review and meta-ethnography, Gillian Sandra Gould, Joanne Munn, Tracey Watters, Andy McEwen, and Alan R. Clough

2013 Nicotine & Tobacco Research 15:5 863-874.


Nobody smokes in the house if there's a new baby in it: Aboriginal perspectives on tobacco smoking in pregnancy and in the household in regional NSW Australia, Gillian Sandra Gould, Jo Munn, Sandra Avuri, Susan Hoff, Yvonne Cadet-James, Andy McEwen, and Alan R. Clough

2013 Women and Birth 26:4 246-253.

Osteopathic students in hospital placements, Sandra Grace

2013 Festival of Teaching 2013.

Teaching research: developing a research disposition, Sandra Grace

2013 Teaching osteopathic research: proceedings of the OsEAN Open Forum 2012.

Better prepared, better placement: an online resource for allied health students, Sandra Grace and Keri Moore

2013 Practice-Based Education Summit 2013.

The natural medicine workforce in Australia: a national survey part 1, Sandra Grace, S Rogers, and S Eddey

2013 Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society 19:1 9-14.


The natural medicine workforce in Australia: a national survey part 2, Sandra Grace, S Rogers, and S Eddey

2013 Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society 19:2 79-86.


Developing professionalism in physiotherapy and dietetics students in professional entry courses, Sandra Grace and Franziska Trede

2013 Studies in Higher Education 38:6 793-806.


Sex discriminations made on the basis of ambiguous visual cues can be affected by the presence of an olfactory cue, Graeme Hacker, Anna Brooks, and Rick van der Zwan

2013 BMC Psychology 1:10.


Consumer involvement in the tertiary-level education of mental health professionals: a systematic review, Brenda Happell, Louise Byrne, Margaret McAllister, Debra Lampshire, Cath Roper, Cadeyrn J. Gaskin, Graham Martin, Dianne Wynaden, Brian McKenna, Richard Lakeman, Chris Platania-Phung, and Helen Hamer

2013 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 23:1 3-16.


Triage in opioid replacement therapy: what's the wait?, Warren Harlow, Brenda Mary Happell, Graeme Browne, Jahar Choudhury, and David Pinchin

2013 Substance Use & Misuse 48:1-2 137-146.


Using an assessment rubric to develop and assess teamwork skills in midwifery students, Carolyn R. Hastie, Kathleen M. Fahy, and Jennifer A. Parratt

2013 Women and Birth 26:suppl. 1.


The dynamics of support over time in the intentional support networks of nine people with intellectual disability, Anne Hillman, Michelle Donelly, Angela Dew, Roger J. Stancliffe, Louise Whitaker, Marie Knox, Kathleen Shelley, and Trevor R. Parmenter

2013 Disability & Society 28:7 922-936.


A scaffolded approach to discussion board use for formative assessment of academic writing skills, Louise Horstmanshof and Sonya Brownie

2013 Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education 38:1 61-73.


Perceptual shifts of priority: a qualitative study bringing emotional intelligence to the foreground for nurses in talk-based therapy roles, John Hurley

2013 Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 20:2 97-104.


Released potential: a qualitative study of the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program in Australia, John Hurley, Graeme Browne, Richard Lakeman, DoRhen Angking, and Andrew Cashin

2013 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 23:1 17-23.


Setting a course: a critical review of the literature on nurse leadership in Australia, John Hurley and Marie Hutchinson

2013 Contemporary Nurse 43:2 178-182.


Nurses leading care in custody suite environments: a qualitative study from Scotland, John Hurley, Paul Linsley, Martin Elvins, and Martyn Jones

2013 Journal of Forensic Nursing 9:1 45-51.

Workplace learning for nurses, John Hurley and Gavin Neilson

2013 Self-determined learning: heutagogy in action 85-98.

Bullying as workgroup manipulation: a model for understanding patterns of victimization and contagion within the workgroup, Marie Hutchinson

2013 Journal of Nursing Management 21:3 563-571.


Bullying as workgroup manipulation: a model for understanding patterns of victimization and contagion within the workgroup, Marie Hutchinson

2013 Journal of Nursing Management 21:3 563-571.

The challenges of rural and remote nursing, Marie Hutchinson and Leigh East

2013 Contexts of Nursing 325-338.


Exploring leadership capability and emotional intelligence as moderators of workplace bullying, Marie Hutchinson and John Hurley

2013 Journal of Nursing Management 21:3 553-562.


Hostile clinician behaviours in the nursing work environment and implications for patient care: a mixed-methods systematic review, Marie Hutchinson and Debra Jackson

2013 BMC Nursing 12:25.


Transformational leadership in nursing: towards a more critical interpretation, Marie Hutchinson and Debra Jackson

2013 Nursing Inquiry 20:1 11-22.


Editorial: five years of scholarship on violence, bullying and aggression towards nurses in the workplace: what have we learned?, Marie Hutchinson, Debra Jackson, Carol Haigh, and Mark Hayter

2013 Journal of Clinical Nursing 22:7-8 903-905.


Editorial: Five years of scholarship on violence, bullying and aggression towards nurses in the workplace: what have we learned?, Marie Hutchinson, Debra Jackson, Carol Haigh, and Mark Hayter

2013 Journal of Clinical Nursing 22:7-8 903-905.


Coercion and the corruption of care in mental health nursing: lessons from a case study, Marie Hutchinson, Debra Jackson, Garry Walter, and Michelle Cleary

2013 Issues in Mental Health Nursing 34:6 476-480.


Factors influencing return to work: a systematic realist review, Ev Innes

2013 Occupational Therapy Australia 25th National Conference & Exhibition.


Does the ventriloquist illusion assist selective listening?, Bradley N. Jack, Robert P. O'Shea, David Cottrell, and Walter Ritter

2013 Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performanc 39:5 1496-1502.


Mosaic of verbal abuse experienced by nurses in their everyday work, Debra Jackson, Marie Hutchinson, Lauretta Luck, and Lesley Wilkes

2013 Journal of Advanced Nursing 69:9 2066-2075.


Understanding avoidant leadership in health care: findings from a secondary analysis of two qualitative studies, Debra Jackson, Marie Hutchinson, Kath Peters, Lauretta Luck, and Deborah Saltman

2013 Journal of Nursing Management 21:3 572-580.


Post-structural feminist interpretive interactionism, Elaine Jefford and Deborah Sundin

2013 Nurse Researcher 21:1 14-22.

Innovation in education, Bruce A. Knight and Rick van der Zwan

2013 Teaching innovations supporting student outcomes in the 21st century 13-18.

Teaching innovations supporting student outcomes in the 21st century, Bruce A. Knight and Rick van der Zwan



Transit of micro-bubbles through the pulmonary circulation of Thoroughbred horses during exercise, Andre La Gerche, J R. Daffy, D J. Mooney, G Forbes, and Allan Davie

2013 Research in Veterinary Science 95:2 644-647.


Mental health nurses in primary care: qualitative outcomes of the mental health nurse incentive program, Richard Lakeman

2013 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 22:5 391-398.


Talking science and wishing for miracles: understanding cultures of mental health practice, Richard Lakeman

2013 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 22:2 106-115.


'That was helpful ... no one has talked to me about that before': research participation as a therapeutic activity, Richard Lakeman, Sue McAndrew, Liam MacGabhann, and Tony Warne

2013 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 22:1 76-84.

Introduction to teaching and learning in health professions, Lisa McKenna and Lynette Stockhausen