Papers from 2013

Are undergraduate nurse being adequately prepared to provide culturally competent care to specific migrant populations, Kolleen Miller-Rosser and Stephanie Burnip

2013 International Council of Nurses 25th Quadrennial Congress: Equity and access to health care.

Writing for psychology, 4th edition (US), Mark L. Mitchell, Janina M. Jolley, and Robert P. O'Shea



Editorial political cartoons in Australia: social representations & and the visual depiction of essentialism, Gail Moloney, Peter Holtz, and Wolfgang Wagner

2013 Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science 47:2 284-298.

I do but don't...The yes, but factor in organ donation and transplantation, Gail Moloney, I Walker, and Tegan Charlton

2013 Organ donation and transplantation: an interdisciplinary approach 141-150.

What is occupational therapy?, Beth Mozolic-Staunton

2013 Occupational Therapy Australia 25th National Conference and Exhibition.


Barriers to the routine collection of health outcome data in an Australian community care organization, Susan Nancarrow

2013 Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 6.


Implementing large-scale workforce change: learning from 55 pilot sites of allied health workforce redesign in Queensland, Australia, Susan A. Nancarrow, Alison Roots, Sandra Grace, Anna M. Moran, and Kerry Vanniekerk-Lyons

2013 Human Resources for Health 11.

Rural health in NSW: a rapid review, Susan Nancarrow, Lesley Barclay, Vahid Saberi, Alison Roots, Kegan Barlow, Sandra Grace, Sonya Brownie, Thea F. van de Mortel, Annie Banbury, Megan Passey, Jo Longman, Anna Du Chesne, and Ross O-Neil



Ten principles of good interdisciplinary team work, Susan Nancarrow, Andrew Booth, Steven Ariss, Tony Smith, Pam Enderby, and Alison Roots

2013 Human Resources for Health 11:19.


The relationship between lifestyle metaflammation and chronic pain: a systematic review, Richard Naylor, Chris Hayes, and Garry Egger

2013 American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine 7:2 130-137.


Effect of post-exercise protein–leucine feeding on neutrophil function, immunomodulatory plasma metabolites and cortisol during a 6-day block of intense cycling, Andre R. Nelson, Lara Jackson, Jim Clarke, Trent Stellingwerff, Suzanne Broadbent, and David S. Rowlands

2013 European Journal of Applied Physiology 113:9 2211-2222.


Managing potential conflict of interest in journal article publication, Louise O'Brien, Richard Lakeman, and Anthony O'Brien

2013 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 22:4 368-373.


Osteopathic intervention in chronic non-specific low back pain: a systematic review, Paul J. Orrock and Stephen P. Myers

2013 BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 14.


Dentists make larger holes in teeth than they need to if the teeth present a visual illusion of size, Robert P. O'Shea, Nicholas P. Chandler, and Rajineesh Roy

2013 Plos One 8:10.


Predicting visual consciousness electrophysiologically from intermittent binocular rivalry, Robert P. O'Shea, Jurgen Kornmeier, and Urte Roeber

2013 Plos One 8:10.

Writing for psychology, 6th edition, Robert P. O'Shea and Wendy A. McKenzie


Trusting enough to be out of control the impact of childbirth experiences on women's sense of self, Jennifer A. Parratt

2013 Masters thesis University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Qld..


Learning to collaborate: midwifery students’ evaluation of team-based academic assignments, Jennifer A. Parratt, Carolyn R. Hastie, and Kathleen M. Fahy

2013 18th Biennial Australian College of Midwives National Conference.


Gender-selective neural populations: evidence from event-related fMRI repetition suppression, Samantha K. Podrebarac, Melvyn A. Goodale, Rick van der Zwan, and Jacqueline C. Snow

2013 Experimental Brain Research 226:2 241-252.

Anthropometrics (body measurements) of people with physical impairments in Australia: a protocol and pilot study, Karina Pont, Ev Innes, Jacqueline S. Yoxall, Yvonne Pennisi, Shi Zhou, and Ashleigh Blake

2013 Occupation Therapy Australia 25th National Conference & Exhibition.


The influence of urban form and family decision making on children's travel to school, Karina Pont, David Wadley, Jenny Ziviani, and Asad Khan

2013 Journal of Urban Design 18:3 363-382.

Occupational outcomes of refugee men, women and children settled in Australia: risk and protective factors, Karina Pont and Jacqueline S. Yoxall

2013 Occupation Therapy Australia 25th National Conference & Exhibition.

Wellness and academic performance in undergraduate students: a cross-sectional study, Alina Porojan, Annette Kay Morgan, and Catharine Avila

2013 The International Journal of Health, Wellness and Society 3:2 103-116.


Family of origin coaching for clinicians in a child and adolescent mental health service, Kate Ranshall, Paul Rhodes, Jenny Brown, Michelle Donelly, Holly Donnelly, Megan Gosbee, Melanie Mence, Maria Milic, Katie Treanor, and Dean Wainer

2013 Contemporary Family Therapy 35:4 684-697.


Family of origin coaching for clinicians in a child and adolescent mental health service, Kate Renshall, Paul Rhodes, Jenny Brown, Michelle Donelly, Holly Donnelly, Megan Gosbee, Melanie Mence, Maria Milic, Katie Treanor, and Dean Wainer

2013 Contemporary Family Therapy 35:4 684-697.


Beyond the impasse? Systemic consultation and understanding complex cases, Paul Rhodes and Michelle Donelly

2013 Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities 27:3 226-235.


DNA shuffling of cytochromes P450 for indigoid pigment production, Nedeljka Rosic

2013 Cytochrome P450 protocols 205-224.


New-old hemoglobin-like proteins of symbiotic dinoflagellates, Nedeljka Rosic, William Leggat, Paulina Kaniewska, Sophie Dove, and Oven Hoegh-Guldberg

2013 Ecology and Evolution 3:4 822-834.


Mandatory continuing professional development requirements: what does this mean for Australian nurses, Kay Ross, Jennieffer A. Barr, and John A. Stevens

2013 BMC Nursing 12:9.


Developmental patterns in Malay shape-based numeral classifier comprehension, Khazriyati Salehuddin, Heather Winskel, and Imran Ho Abdullah

2013 Social Sciences & Humanities 21:4 1225-1242.

Policy influences affecting the food practices of Indigenous Australians since colonisation, Tarunna Sebastian and Michelle Donelly

2013 Australian Aboriginal Studies 2 59-75.


Leadership in faith-based aged and community care, Kelly A. Shaw, Colleen M. Cartwright, Shankar Sankaran, Jacqueline Kelly, Bob Dick, Alan Davies, and Jocelyn Craig

2013 Leadership in Health Services 26:4 312-321.


The impact of recovery-orientated day clinic treatment on internalized stigma: preliminary report, Ingrid Sibitz, Katarina Provaznikova, Madeleine Lipp, Richard Lakeman, and Michaela Amering

2013 Journal of Psychiatric Research 209:3 326-332.

'Learners as teachers' in general practice: stakeholders' views of the benefits and issues, Peter Silberberg, Christine Ahern, and Thea F. van de Mortel

2013 Education for Primary Care 24:6 410-417.


Advancing advanced practice: clarifying the conceptual confusion, Helen Stasa, Andrew Cashin, Thomas Buckley, and Judith Donoghue

2013 Nurse Education Today 34:3 356-361.


Ice slurry ingestion during cycling improves Olympic distance triathlon performance in the heat, Christopher John Stevens, Ben Dascombe, Andriy Boyko, Dean Sculley, and Robin Callister

2013 Journal of Sports Sciences 31:12 1271-1279.


Career in mental health still an unlikely career choice for nursing graduates: a replicated longitudinal study, John A. Stevens, Graeme Browne, and Iain Graham

2013 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 22:30 213-220.

Exercise improves quality of life in indigenous polynesian peoples with type 2 diabetes and visceral obesity, William R. Sukala, Rachel Page, Chris Lonsdale, Isabelle Lys, David Rowlands, Jeremy Krebs, Murray Leikis, and Birinder Singh Cheema

2013 Journal of Physical Activity and Health 10:5 699-707.

Shared learning in general practice: facilitators and barriers, Thea F. van de Mortel, Peter Silberberg, and Christine Ahern

2013 Australian Family Physician 42:3 147-151.

Evaluating a community-engaged vertically integrated teaching and learning pilot project, Thea F. van de Mortel, Robert Trigger, Christine Ahern, and Jennifer L. Bird

2013 Education for Primary Care 24:3 165-172.


A whole-of-curriculum approach to improving nursing students' applied numeracy skills, Thea F. van de Mortel, Leeann P. Whitehair, and Pauletta M. Irwin

2013 Nurse Education Today 34:3 462-467.


Anne likes Alex but not Bob: what your name really says about you, Rick van der Zwan and Anna Brooks

2013 The Conversation: academic rigour, journalistic flair.

Science is innovation and innovation is the future, Rick van der Zwan and Bruce A. Knight

2013 Teaching innovations supporting student outcomes in the 21st century 164-169.


Health harms of asbestos won't be known for decades, Rick van der Zwan and Julie Tucker

2013 The Conversation: academic rigour, journalistic flair.


It's in the way you do it: lessons for public park exercise groups, Rick van der Zwan and Julie Tucker

2013 The Conversation: academic rigour, journalistic flair.


Occupational therapists perspectives of factors influencing chronic pain management, Helen van Huet, Ev Innes, and Roger Stancliffe

2013 Australian Occupational Therapy Journal 60:1 56-65.


Can eye of origin serve as a deviant? visual mismatch negativity from binocular rivalry, Manja van Rhijn, Urte Roeber, and Robert P. O'Shea

2013 Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.


Measuring lateral shuffle and side cut performance, John W. Whitting, Jonathan LA de Melker Worms, Christian Maurer, Sandro R. Nigg, and Benno M. Nigg

2013 Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 27:11 3197-3203.

The use of 3D motion capture to assess back squat technique wearing different footwear: a preliminary investigation, John W. Whitting, Rudi A. Meir, Ryan Holding, and Zachary Crowley-McHattan

2013 Journal of Australian Strength & Conditioning 21:suppl. 2 94-98.


Passive dorsiflexion stiffness is poorly correlated with passive dorsiflexion range of motion, John W. Whitting, J R. Steele, D E. McGhee, and B J. Munro

2013 Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport 16:2 157-161.


Reading and writing in Southeast Asian languages, Heather Winskel

2013 Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences 97:6 437-442.


The emotional Stroop task and emotionality rating of negative and neutral words in late Thai–English bilinguals, Heather Winskel

2013 International Journal of Psychology 48:6 1090-1098.


Consonant/vowel asymmetries in letter position coding during normal reading: evidence from parafoveal previews in Thai, Heather Winskel and Manuel Perea

2013 Journal of Cognitive Psychology 25:1 119-130.

Developmental milestone expectations, parenting styles and self construal in Malaysian and Australian caregivers, Heather Winskel, Khazriyati Salehuddin, and Jaime Stanbury

2013 Kajian Malaysia 31:1 19-35.


Generic reflective feedback: an effective approach to developing clinical reasoning skills, Ken Wojcikowski and Sonya Brownie

2013 Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 29:4 371-382.


Animal studies on medicinal herbs: predictability, dose conversion and potential value, Ken Wojcikowski and Glenda Gobe

2013 Phytotherapy Research 28:1 22-27.

Immediate detailed feedback to test-enhanced learning: an effective online educational tool, Ken Wojcikowski and Leslie Ann Kirk

2013 Medical Teacher 35:11 915-919.

Case study H2N1 in a regional ICU admission to discharge, Andrew Woods

2013 ACCCN 2013 Conference.

Initiating a rapid response: evaluating the effectiveness of a high fidelity simulation CPD training program for medical-surgical nurses, Andrew Woods

2013 Australian Nurse Educators Conference.

Animal abuse, domestic violence and empathy, Jacqueline S. Yoxall

2013 National Conference of the Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program.


Bilateral effects of unilateral electromyostimulation training on strength and surface myoelectric signal, Junhai Yu, Shi Zhou, and Liping Huang

2013 Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine:3 209-214.

Papers from 2012

Caring burden, Christina Aggar

2012 Australian Nursing Journal 20:5.


Reactions to caregiving during an intervention targeting frailty in community living older people, Christina Aggar, Susan Ronaldson, and Ian D. Cameron

2012 BMC Geriatrics 12.

Initial ball flight characteristics of curve and instep kicks in elite women's football, Alison Alcock, Wendy L. Gilleard, Nicholas AT Brown, John Baker, and Adam Hunter

2012 Journal of Applied Biomechanics 28:1 70-77.


Curve and instep kick kinematics in elite female footballers, Alison M. Alcock, Wendy L. Gilleard, Adam B. Hunter, John Baker, and Nicholas Brown

2012 Journal of Sports Sciences 30:4 387-394.


Preparing for nursing ministry, Do-Rhen Angking

2012 Journal of Christian Nursing 29:1 59-59.


The 1-2-3 Magic Program: implementation outcomes of an Australian pilot evaluation with school-aged children, Erin L. Bailey, Rick van der Zwan, Thomas W. Phelan, and Anna Brooks

2012 Child and Family Behaviour 34:1 53-69.


The professionalising of breast feeding: where are we a decade on?, Lesley Barclay, Jo longman, Virginia Schmied, Athena Sheehan, Margaret Rolfe, Elaine Burns, and Jennifer Fenwick

2012 Midwifery 28:3 281-290.


Adolescents and young adults (AYAs) transition into palliative care: a narrative analysis of family member’s stories of place of death, Janet Anne Barling, John A. Stevens, and Kierrynn Davis

2012 Palliative Care & Medicine 2:7 2-7.


Keeping nurse researchers safe, Jennieffer A. Barr and Anthony Welch

2012 Journal of Advanced Nursing 68:7 1538-1545.


The relationship between foot motion and lumbopelvic–hip function: a review of the literature, Alex Barwick, Joseph Smith, and Vivienne Chuter

2012 The Foot 22:3 224-231.


What do graduate registered nurses want from jobs in rural/remote Australian communities?, Paul Bennett, Veronica Barlow Balis, Janie Brown, and Debra Jones

2012 Journal of Nursing Management 20:4 485-490.


Temporal analysis of image-rivalry suppression, Rishi Bhardwaj and Robert P. O'Shea

2012 PLoS ONE 7:9.


Prosaccade errors in the antisaccade task: differences between corrected and uncorrected errors and links to neuropsychological tests, Alison C. Bowling, Emily A. Hindman, and James F. Donnelly

2012 Experimental Brain Research 216:2 169-179.


Are the adaptogenic effects of omega 3 fatty acids mediated via inhibition of proinflammatory cytokines?, Joanne Bradbury, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Stephen P. Myers

2012 Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2012.

Seasonal changes in haematology, intracellular Iron and Transferrin receptors in Ironman triathletes and untrained men, Suzanne Broadbent

2012 From Research to Practice: 5th biennial scientific conference (ESSA).

Case management of young children with behaviour and mental health disorders in school, Graeme Browne, Andrew Cashin, and Iain W. Graham

2012 Australasian Journal of Early Childhood 37:2 49-55.


Children with behavioral/mental health disorders and school mental health nurses in Australia, Graeme Browne, Andrew Cashin, and Iain W. Graham

2012 Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing 25:1 17-24.


Models of case management for working with young children: implications for mental health nurses, Graeme Browne, Andrew Cashin, and Iain W. Graham

2012 International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 21:2 123-130.


The therapeutic relationship and the mental health nurse: it is time to articulate what we do!, Graeme Browne, Andrew Cashin, and Iain W. Graham

2012 Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 19:9 839-843.


Creating the conditions for self-fulfilment for aged care residents, Sonya Brownie and Louise Horstmanshof

2012 Nursing Ethics 19:6 777-786.


Supporting student nurse professionalisation: the role of the clinical teacher, Janie Brown, John A. Stevens, and Stephen Kermode

2012 Nurse Education Today 32:5 606-610.

The association between body mass index and musculoskeletal foot disorders: A systematic review, Paul A. Butterworth, Karl B. Landorf, Smith S. E, and Hylton B. Menz

2012 Obesity Reviews 13:7 630-642.


Contagion in the representational field of water recycling: informing new environment practice through social representation theory, Peta Callaghan, Gail Moloney, and Duncan C. Blair

2012 Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology 22:1 20-37.


Ethical challenges in end-of-life care for GLBTI individuals, Colleen M. Cartwright

2012 Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 9:1 113-114.


End-of-life care for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, Colleen M. Cartwright, Mark Hughes, and Tania Lienert

2012 Culture, Health & Sexuality: An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care 14:5 537-548.


Autism and the cognitive processing triad: a case for revising the criteria in the diagnostic and statistical manual, Andrew Cashin, Hilary Gallagher, Claire Newman, and Mark Hughes

2012 Journal of Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing 25:3 141-148.


Effects of 12-week Tai Chi training on soleus H-reflex and muscle strength in older adults: a pilot study, Yung-Sheng Chen, Zachary Crowley, Shi Zhou, and Colleen M. Cartwright

2012 European Journal of Applied Physiology 112:6 2363-2368.

H-reflex assessment as a tool for understanding motor functions in postural control, Yungsheng Chen and Shi Zhou

2012 Posture: types, assessment and control.


Interventions for preventing mastitis after childbirth, Maree Anne Crepinsek, Linda Crowe, Keryl Michener, and Neil A. Smart

2012 Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

The effect of Tai Chi exercise on strength, strength ratios, and postural control in older adults, Zachary Crowley-McHattan and Shi Zhou

2012 Neuroplasticity, motor control, cutting-edge technology & rehabilitation: Proceedings of the XIXth Congress of the International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology.


Action learning enhances professional development of research supervisors: an Australian health science exemplar, Kierrynn Davis, Sonya Brownie, Frances Mary Doran, Susannah (Sue) J. Evans, Marie Hutchinson, Beth Mozolic-Staunton, Steve Provost, and Rosalie van Aken

2012 Nursing and Health Sciences 14:1 102-108.

Concussions in children: persistent symptoms but more persistent myths, James F. Donnelly

2012 Current trends in experimental and applied psychology 56-60.


National nursing registration in Australia: a way forward for nurse practitioner endorsement, Andrea Driscoll, Clare Harvey, Anna Green, Robert P. Weatherby, Danny Liew, David Prentice, Julie Lord, Geraldine Lee, Dianne Crellin, Naomi Dobroff, and Melodie Heland

2012 American Academy of Nurse Practioners Journal 24:3 143-148.


Retaining and motivating health workers in very remote areas of Indonesia, do they respond to incentives?, Ferry Efendi, Retno Indarwati, Anna Kurniati, Rizki Fitryasari PK, Ah. Yusaf, and Susan A. Nancarrow

2012 GSTF Digital Library 2:1 69-72.


A big-picture approach to big people, Garry Egger

2012 Medical Journal of Australia 196:9.


In search of a germ theory equivalent for chronic disease, Garry Egger

2012 Preventing Chronic Disease 9.

Obesity: growth without limits, Garry Egger

2012 Enough for all forever: a handbook for learning and sustainability 151-160.


Shining the 'spotlight' on obesity, Garry Egger

2012 Obesity Facts 5:2 288-292.


Lifestyle medicine: the Australian experience, Garry Egger and Sam Egger

2012 American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine 6:1 26-30.