Papers from 2009

Linguistic relativity: from chasing frogs to eating spaghetti, Heather Winskel


Reading in Thai: the case of misaligned vowels, Heather Winskel


Obligatory grammatical categories and the expression of temporal events, Heather Winskel and S Luksaneeyanawin


Eye movements when reading spaced and unspaced Thai and English: a comparison of Thai-English bilinguals and English monolinguals, Heather Winskel, R Radach, and S Luksaneeyanawinc

An investigation on the anthropometry profile and its relationship with selected physical performance measurements of elite Chinese women volleyball players, Yuyi Zhang, Xiaorong Chen, Qin Zhang, Ji Li, and Shi Zhou

Thigh anthropometric changes in response to six weeks of voluntary and electromyostimulation-superimposed voluntary training in young men (Book chapter), Shi Zhou, Pedro Bezerra, Zachary Crowley, and Andrew Hooper

Does the left leg know what the right leg is doing?, Shi Zhou, Liping Huang, Zhen Lu, Xia Li, Longjun Cao, Junhai Yu, Jun Liu, Xilian Hu, Heng Xiang, Xingfeng Ma, Na Xiao, Zhenghui Wang, Qiang Tian, Andrew Oakman, Pedro Bezerra, and Allan J. Davie

Papers from 2008

Effects of exercise on heart rate variability of individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome, Anthony Alexander, Rosanne A. Coutts, and Shi Zhou

Chromium, Rachel Arthur-Andrews

Silicon, Rachel Arthur-Andrews

Sweet drinks and obesity, Rachel Arthur-Andrews


Infanticide secrets: qualitative study on postpartum depression, Jennieffer A. Barr and Cheryl T. Beck


New approaches to multilevel analysis, John R. Beard


Socioeconomic disadvantage and acute coronary events: a spatiotemporal analysis, John R. Beard, Arulb Earnest, Geoffrey Morgan, Hsien Chan, Richard Summerhayes, Therese M. Dunn, Nola Tomaska, and Louise Ryan


Longitudinal population-based studies of affective disorders: where to from here?, John R. Beard, Sandro Galea, and David Vlahov

Effects of electromyostimulation training and home-based exercise on hamstring and quadriceps muscle strength and steadiness in older adults, Pedro Bezerra, Shi Zhou, Zachary Crowley, and Robert Baglin


Probing visual consciousness: rivalry between eyes and images, Rishi Bhardwaj, Robert P. O'Shea, David Alais, and Amanda Parker

Higher intensity interval training improves functional capacity in phase 2 cardiac patients, Suzanne Broadbent


Aerobic training increases the stimulated percentage of CD4+CD25+ in older men but not older women, Suzanne Broadbent and Gregory Gass

Sustaining midwifery continuity of care: perspectives for managers, Pat Brodie, Cathy Warwick, Carolyn R. Hastie, Liz Smythe, and Carolyn Young


Consumer participation in mental health in Australia: what progress is being made?, Graeme Browne and Martin Hemsley


Consumer perspectives on recovery: a focus on housing following discharge from hospital, Graeme Browne, Martin Hemsley, and Winsome St. John

Sensory (chill out) room trial: a culture change, Graeme Browne, Sue Wentworth, Sarah Cook, and Andrea Browne

Sensory (chill out) room trial: a culture change, Graeme Browne, Sue Wentworth, Sarah Cook, Andrea Browne, and N Woodward

Advanced mental health nursing practice, Andrew J. Cashin

Advance nursing practice in the real world, Andrew J. Cashin

Exciting times for nursing and nurse practitioners, Andrew J. Cashin


Narrative therapy: a psychotherapeutic approach in the treatment of adolescents with Asperger's disorder, Andrew J. Cashin

One, two, three diagnose me: a critical analysis of the concept of dual diagnosis as employed in mental health and psychiatric services, Andrew J. Cashin

Sexual health and education findings: lessons in intervention from the juvenile justice environment for clients of mental health services, Andrew J. Cashin

The changing focus of health care: the challenges for nurses providing primary care, Andrew J. Cashin

The concept of dual diagnosis, Andrew J. Cashin


Assessing nursing competency in the correctional environment: the creation of a self-reflection learning and development tool, Andrew J. Cashin, Mary Chiarella, Donna Waters, and Emily Potter

An ethnographic study of forensic nursing culture: where to from here?, Andrew J. Cashin, Michelle Eason, and Claire Newman


The relationship between exercise and hopelessness in prison, Andrew J. Cashin, Emily Potter, and Tony G. Butler


Fit for prison: special population health and fitness programme evaluation, Andrew J. Cashin, Emily Potter, Warren Stevens, Kerri Davidson, and Diane Muldoon


Moving and thinking behind bars: the effectiveness of an exercise and health education program on psychological distress of incarcerated people with, or at risk of developing, a chronic illness, Andrew J. Cashin, Emily Potter, Warren Stevens, Kerri Davidson, and Diane Muldoon


An evaluation of the 'Designated Research Team' approach to building research capacity in primary care, Jo Cooke, Susan Nancarrow, Jane Dyas, and Martin Williams

A comparison of performance in steadiness tasks for the knee and ankle muscles in elderly, Zachary Crowley, Shi Zhou, and Pedro Bezerra

The effect of swimming training on the cardiac dimensions in thoroughbred horses, Allan Davie, C J. Savage, and Laura Fennel


Effect of cocoa flavanols and exercise on cardiometabolic risk factors in overweight and obese subjects, K Davison, A M. Coates, J D. Buckley, and P RC Howe

Remote by distance: exploring distance education in nurse practitioner prescribing: Quality Use of Medicines for Nurse Practitioners Project, Sandra V. Dunn, Andrew J. Cashin, Debra Anderson, Thomas Buckley, P Browne, R Nash, Roger Rumble, Meg Stuart, A Sherratt, and Karen Cook

Continuing professional competence for nurse practitioner prescribers, Sandra V. Dunn, Andrew J. Cashin, Debra Anderson, Thomas Buckley, Rosie McShane, Roger Rumble, Helen Rysavy, Meg Stuart, and Karen Cook

Use of distance technologies in APN education, Sandra V. Dunn, Andrew J. Cashin, Debra Anderson, Thomas Buckley, Rosie McShane, Roger Rumble, Helen Rysavy, Meg Stuart, and Karen Cook

Nurse practitioner prescribing: continuing professional competence celebrating collaboration, Sandra V. Dunn, Andrew J. Cashin, Debra Anderson, Thomas Buckley, Rosie McShane, Roger Rumble, Meg Stuart, A Sherratt, and Karen Cooke

The first national study of prescribing practices (Poster), Sandra V. Dunn, Andrew J. Cashin, and Thomas Buckley

Helping patients lose weight: what works?, Garry Egger

The Australian experience: from gutbusters to Professor Trims, Garry Egger

Lifestyle medicine, Garry Egger, Andrew Binns, and Stephan Rossner

Skin fitness, Garry Egger and H Molloy


Dousing our inflammatory environment(s): is personal carbon trading an option for reducing obesity- and climate change?, Gary Egger


Changing the knowledge base of Western herbal medicine, Sue Evans


Evidence-based midwifery and power/knowledge (editorial), Kathleen Fahy

Power and social construction of birth territory, Kathleen Fahy

Praxis: systematic reflection on practice, Kathleen Fahy

Theorising birth territory, Kathleen Fahy


Writing for publication: argument and evidence, Kathleen Fahy


Writing for publication: the basics, Kathleen Fahy


Perceived journal quality: an indicator of research quality (editorial), Kathleen Fahy and Jennifer Fenwick

Birth territory and midwifery guardianship: theory for practice, education and research, Kathleen Fahy, Maralyn Foureur, and Carolyn Hastie

Birth territory and midwifery guardianship: a theory for midwifery practice, Kathleen Fahy, Maralyn Foureur, Carolyn Hastie, and Jennifer A. Parratt

Midwifery guardianship: reclaiming the sacred in birth, Kathleen Fahy and Carolyn R. Hastie

Power and the social construction of birth territory, Kathleen M. Fahy

Birth territory and midwifery guardianship: optimising birth physiology, experience and outcomes, Kathleen M. Fahy, M Foureur, Carolyn R. Hastie, and Jenny A. Parratt


Critique of cochrane systematic review of home-like setting for birth, Kathleen Fahy and S Tracy

Birth territory and midwifery guardianship: a theory for midwifery practice, Maralyn Foureur, Jennifer A. Parratt, Kathleen Fahy, and Carolyn Hastie

International textbook of reflective practice in nursing, Dawn Freshwater, Beverley J. Taylor, and Gwen Sherwood


A longitudinal study of the effect of pregnancy on rising to stand from a chair, Wendy L. Gilleard, Jack Crosbie, and Richard Smith


Rising to stand from a chair: symmetry, and frontal and transverse plane kinematics and kinetics, Wendy L. Gilleard, Jack Crosbie, and Richard Smith


Detecting trunk motion changes due to pregnancy using pattern recognition techniques, Wendy L. Gilleard, Daniel TH Lai, Pazit Levinger, and Rezaul K. Begg


Interrogating the conventional boundaries of research methods in social sciences: the role of visual representation in ethnography, Nel Glass


Enhancing emotional wellbeing through self-care: the experiences of community nurses in Australia, Nel Glass and Jayln Rose

Advancing clinical nursing education in mental health: student self assessment of clinical competences, Nel Glass and Louise Ward

Doctor-patient relationships in integrative medicine: contemporary social trends, Sandra Grace

Integrative medicine: enhancing quality and safety in primary health care, Sandra Grace and J Higgs


CAM practitioners in integrative practice in New South Wales, Australia: a descriptive study, Sandra Grace, Subramanyam Vemulpad, Anna Reid, and Robyn Beirman

Issues, and the questions they inspire, when one considers the development of European higher education for health care professionals, Iain W. Graham


Promoting leadership: the development of a nurse executive team in an acute hospital trust, Iain W. Graham and Eleanor Jack


A reflective discussion: questions about globalization and multiculturalism in nursing as revealed during a student/staff exchange programme, Iain W. Graham and Linda Norman


Experiential gaming to facilitate cultural awareness: its implication for developing emotional caring in nursing, Iain W. Graham and Eileen Richardson

The spiritual and emotional territory of the unborn and newborn baby, Carolyn R. Hastie

Inclusive strategies for researchers: a way to include consumers, M Hemsley and Graeme Browne

The triple-120 meter shuttle test: a sport specific test for assessing anaerobic endurance fitness in rugby league players, Kate M. Holloway, Rudi A. Meir, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Cameron J. Phillips


Specific or general? the nature of attention set changes triggered by distracting auditory events, Janos Horvath, Urte Roeber, Alexandra Bendixen, and Erich Schroger

A comparison between phonological and semantic similarity: when SMELL helps BELL and ODOUR, F J. Hunt and Mitchell G. Longstaff

Category order effects: synonym and category members in mixed lists using backward and forward recall, F J. Hunt and Mitchell G. Longstaff


Invade your own privacy: self-truth as the first step towards discovering 'other' truth in educational research, John Hurley

Mental health nurse identity: a social construction in the United Kingdom, John Hurley


The necessity, barriers and ways forward to meet user-based needs for emotionally intelligent nurses, John Hurley

Mental health nursing: sleepwalking towards oblivion?, John Hurley and Michael Ramsay


As mental health nursing roles expand, is education expanding mental health nurses? an emotionally intelligent view towards preparation for psychological therapies and relatedness, John Hurley and Robert Rankin

Understanding workplace bullying as an organisationally mediated behaviour - findings from a study of Australian nurses, Marie Hutchinson, Margaret H. Vickers, Debra Jackson, and Lesley Wilkes


A new model of bullying in the nursing workplace: organizational characteristics as critical antecedents, Marie Hutchinson, Lesley Wilkes, Margaret H. Vickers, and Debra Jackson

The development and validation of a bullying inventory for the nursing workplace, Marie Hutchinson, Lesley Wilkes, Margaret H. Vickers, and Debra Jackson

Ergonomics and work assessments, Ev Innes

Learning to read Setswana and English: Cross-language transference of letter knowledge, phonological awareness and reading skills, O Lekgoko and Heather Winskel

A method of selecting plants with anti-inflammatory potential for pharmacological study, G D. Lin, R W. Li, Stephen P. Myers, and David N. Leach


Natural killer cell activity following six weeks of strength training in healthy young males with/without testosterone enanthate administration, Sonya M. Marshall-Gradisnik, Robert P. Weatherby, Glen Bede Deakin, Rosanne A. Coutts, Rudi A. Meir, Paul A. Connellan, Lesley M. Stevenson, Shane Rogerson, and Shi Zhou

Building community across geographic boundaries: new brushstrokes on a broad canvas, Elizabeth Martin, Denise McGary, and Andrew J. Cashin


Young offenders in New South Wales, Australia and the need for remedial sexual health education, Grant Mistler, Kristie Kirkwood, Emily Potter, and Andrew J. Cashin