Papers from 2008


A positive approach to the care of the older person: final report, Anne Moehead, Frances Barraclough, and Christine Alavi

The contribution of support workers to the delivery and outcomes of care in community rehabilitation teams in England, Anna Moran, Susan Nancarrow, Pamela Enderby, and Mike Bradburn

Scientific writing for publication: a workshop for midwives, Patricia Murphy, Kathleen Fahy, and Debra Bick

Development and validation of a workforce dynamics questionnaire, Susan Nancarrow

Educating osteopaths, Paul J. Orrock

Educating osteopaths: what issues face the profession?, Paul J. Orrock

Naturopathic physical medicine, Paul J. Orrock


Profile of members of the Australian Osteopathic Association: part one – the practitioners, Paul J. Orrock

Profile of osteopathy in Australia, Paul J. Orrock


The cognitive effects of modulating the glycine site of the NMDA receptor with high-dose glycine in healthy controls, Colin Palmer, Kathryn A. Ellis, Barry V. O'Neill, Rodney J. Croft, Sumie Leung, Chris Oliver, Keith A. Wesnes, and Pradeep J. Nathan

Spiritual practices and ‘genius birth’: personal transformation during childbirth, Jennifer A. Parratt Dr


Including the nonrational is sensible midwifery, Jennifer A. Parratt and Kathleen Fahy

Territories of the self and spiritual practices during childbirth, Jenny A. Parratt


Building research capacity in the allied health professions, Caroline Pickstone, Susan Nancarrow, Jo Cooke, Wesley Vernon, Gail Mountain, Rosalie A. Boyce, and Jackie Campbell


Examining the role of nursing in (youth) drug court programs, Emily Potter, Andrew J. Cashin, Helen Andriotis, and Robyn Rosina

The sexuality of people living with a mental illness: a collaborative challenge for mental health nurses, C Quinn and Graeme Browne

The BETTER model: a guide to assist mental health nurses in discussing sexuality with consumers, Chirs Quinn and Graeme Browne


Challenges, benefits and weaknesses of intermediate care: results from five UK case study sites, Emma Regan, Graham Martin, Jon Glasby, Graham Hewitt, Susan Nancarrow, and Hilda Parker


Sodium current kinetics of transitional myocytes in Koch triangle of rabbit hearts, Fu-xian Ren, Xiao-Lin Niu, Yan Ou, Song-Mei Xie, Feng-Dong Ling, Shi Zhou, and Ya-Jie Li


Early correlates of visual awareness in the human brain: time and place from event-related brain potentials, Urte Roeber, Andreas Widmann, Nelson J. Trujillo-Barreto, Christoph S. Herrmann, Robert P. O'Shea, and Erich Schroeger


Cross-orientation interactions in human vision, Urte Roeber, Elaine MY Wong, and Alan W. Freeman


The importance of emancipatory research to contemporary nursing practice, Jayln Rose and Nel Glass


Effect of graded fructose coingestion with maltodextrin on exogenous 14C-fructose and 13C-glucose oxidation efficiency and high-intensity cycling performance, David S. Rowlands, Megan S. Thorburn, Rhys M. Thorp, Suzanne Broadbent, and Xiacocai Shi

Child language acquisition in Malaysia: a psycholinguistic perspective, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel

Malay numeral classifiers: sketching conceptual representation from a native speaker's perspective, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel

The pragmatics of Malay numeral classifiers: an investigation of modern Malay corpus, Khazriyati Salehuddin and Heather Winskel


Modeling the effects of fluoxetine on food-reinforced behavior, Federico Sanabria, Jazmin I. Acosta, Peter R. Killeen, Janet L. Niesewander, and Lewis A. Bizo


Improving mental health capacity in rural communities: mental health first aid delivery in drought-affected rural New South Wales, Gina-Maree Sartore, Brian Kelly, Helen J. Stain, Jeffrey Fuller, Lyn Fragar, and Anne Tonna


Towards effective partnerships in a collaborative problem-solving task, M Schmitz and Heather Winskel

Developing culturally competent reflective practitioners: part 2 the culturally responsive reflective practice model, Lynette Stockhausen and A Serizawa

Critical, post-structural, interpretive interactionism: an update on Denzin’s methodology, Deborah Sundin and Kathleen Fahy

Analysing and influencing obesogenic environments, B Swinburn and Garry Egger

Getting it right under pressure: action research and reflection in palliative nursing, Beverley J. Taylor, Jennifer Bewley, Beth Bulmer, Lisa Fayers, Alan Hickey, Loretta Hill, Catherine Luxford, Jenny McFarlane, and Kate Stirling


The buccal cytome and micronucleus frequency is substantially altered in Down’s syndrome and normal ageing compared to young healthy controls, Philip Thomas, Sarah Harvey, Tini M. Gruner, and Michael Fenech

A comparison of the hand hygiene knowledge, beliefs and practices of Greek nursing and medical students (Presentation), Thea F. van de Mortel


Faking it: social desirability response bias in self-report research, Thea F. van de Mortel


Is hand hygiene linked to health benefits in the community in developed countries?, Thea F. van de Mortel


Early correlates of visual awareness following orientation and colour rivalry, Sandra Veser, Robert P. O'Shea, Erich Schroeger, Nelson J. Trujillo-Barreto, and Urte Roeber

Supervised and home-based exercise training for patients with intermittent claudication, Jianxiong Wang, Shi Zhou, Roger Bronks, John Graham, and Stephen P. Myers

Randomized controlled study of 12 week training on abdominal region by neuromuscular electrical stimulation in women with simple ventral obesity, Yongjun Wang, Liping Huang, Qiang Tian, and Shi Zhou


The influence of alcohol and tobacco use in orthopaedic inpatients on complications of surgery, Gerard Williams, Michelle Daly, Elizabeth M. Proude, Stephen Kermode, Michelle Davis, Janet Barling, and Paul S. Haber

Reading and spelling in Thai children, Heather Winskel

The importance of linguistic and cultural context in narrative development and the diagnosis of communication disorders, Heather Winskel

A comparison of the expression of simultaneity in Thai and English adults and children using short animations, Heather Winskel and S Luksaneeyanawin

Bilateral effects of six-week unilateral electromyostimulation or voluntary isometric training on dorsiflexion strength and muscle activation, Junhai Yu, Shi Zhou, and Liping Huang

Thigh anthropometric changes in response to six weeks of voluntary and electromyostimulation-superimposed voluntary training in young men, Shi Zhou, Pedro Bezerra, and Zachary Crowley

An investigation on the effects of recreational surfing on control of force and posture in older surfers, Shi Zhou, Frank Martin, Pedro Bezerra, and Zachary Crowley

International standards for anthropometric assessment (2006) by M Marfell-Jones, T Olds, A Stewart & L Carter (Chinese translation), Shi Zhou and Yuyi Zhang

Papers from 2007

'Being with' without becoming a technician of the mind: the immediate and future challenge for mental health nursing, P Barrett and John Hurley

Auditory biological motion processing: the eyes alone don't have it!, Lauren Bartsch, Rick van der Zwan, David Cottrell, and Anna Brooks

Repeated trials and age-related effects on performance in stabilogram, muscle steadiness and muscle strength tests, Pedro Bezerra, Shi Zhou, Zachary Crowley, and Allan J. Davie

Scalar timing: a test of two timing models with humans, Lewis A. Bizo

Temporal generalization and peak shift in humans, Lewis A. Bizo and Claire V. McMahon


Distinct mechanisms of form-from-motion perception in human extrastriate cortex, Olaf Blanke, Anna Brooks, M Mercier, M Spinelle, L Lavanchy, A B. Safran, and T Landis


Lack of human muscle architectural adaptation after short-term strength training, Anthony J. Blazevich, Nicholas D. Gill, Nathan Deans, and Shi Zhou

Effect of whole body vibration on inflammatory markers after downhill running, podium presentation, Suzanne Broadbent

Interhemispheric differences in processing biological motion cues, Anna Brooks, Elena Clara, Alira Capararo, Coralia MacHatch, and Rick van der Zwan


Auditory motion affects visual biological motion processing, Anna Brooks, Rick van der Zwan, A Billard, B Petreska, S Clarke, and Olaf Blanke


Schizophrenia housing and supportive relationships, Graeme Browne and Mary Courtney

Consumer and carer perspectives on housing options for people living with mental illness, Graeme Browne, M Hemsley, and W St John

The value of the Australian nutrition screening initiative for older Australians- results from a national survey, S Brownie, Stephen Myers, and J Stevens


Postoperative infection rates in podiatric surgical practice: a review of the literature, Paul A. Butterworth and Paul Tinley

Social barriers to breastfeeding explored using the social representations theoretical framework, Sandra Canney and Gail Moloney


Issues and challenges in advancing the nurse practitioner role, Andrew J. Cashin

Nurse practitioner prescribing: continuing professional competence at the eye of the storm: prescribing program delivery partnerships collaboration, Andrew J. Cashin


Package deal answers to big questions: the need for nurses to reclaim their role in facilitating people's quest to find meaning, Andrew J. Cashin

The effect a collaborative exercise and health education program conducted between NSW Justice Health and the NSW Department of Corrective Services on the level of psychological distress experienced by incarcerated people, Andrew J. Cashin


Work force redesign and nurse practitioners: a case of oozing possibilities, Andrew J. Cashin

The core capabilities of Justice Health nurses, Andrew J. Cashin and Emily Potter


Clinical initiative nurses and nurse practitioners in the emergency department: what's in a name?, Andrew J. Cashin, Cheryl D. Waters, Jane O'Connell, Luke Christofis, Anne Lentakis, Monica Rossi, and Diane Crelin

A social representations analysis of hypothetical organ allocation decisions, Kylie Clark and Gail Moloney


Public health risks from heavy metals and metalloids present in traditional Chinese medicines, Kelli Cooper, Barry Noller, Des Connell, Jimmy Yu, Ross Sadler, Henry Olszowy, Gary Golding, Ujang Tinggi, Michael R. Moore, and Stephen P. Myers


Developing measures for effective service user and carer participation, Mark Doel, Chris Carroll, Eleni Chambers, Jo Cooke, Anne Hollows, Linda Laurie, and Susan Nancarrow


Why do women continue to smoke in pregnancy?, Lyn M. Ebert and Kathleen Fahy

Power and knowledge in herbal medicine, Sue Evans


An Australian history of the subordination of midwifery, Kathleen Fahy

Are minimum clinical requirements in Australia really 'too hard'? Without them new midwives would not be prepared for autonomous practice, Kathleen Fahy


Caesareans and authoritative knowledge (editorial), Kathleen Fahy


Rejoinder, Kathleen Fahy and Sally K. Tracy


Reflections on a 'virtual' practice development unit: changing practice through identity development, Carole Fielding, Debbie Rooke, Iain W. Graham, and Steven Keen

What does it mean to be identified as mentally ill: social representations, unification and differentation, C Foley and Gail Moloney

Creating birth space: a ‘theatre in the round’ workshop focussing on the four p’s - power, politics, physiology and the psyche, Maralyn Foureur, Kathleen M. Fahy, Carolyn R. Hastie, and Jennifer A. Parratt


An investigation into the immediate effects on comfort, productivity and posture of the Bambach™ saddle seat and a standard office chair, Karla Gadge and Ev Innes


Effect of obesity on posture and hip joint moments during a standing task, and trunk forward flexion motion, Wendy L. Gilleard and T Smith

Unsettling grief discourses, Janet Gilmore, Nel Glass, and Kierrynn Davis

Australia, Nel Glass

A visual herstory of the Lismore Women Health Centre (20 year history project), DVD recording, Nel Glass

Hope: through the looking glass, DVD recording, Nel Glass

Investigating women nurse academics’ experiences in universities: the importance of hope, optimism and career resilience for workplace satisfaction, Nel Glass

Ladies, please bring me a plate, exhibition, Nel Glass

An alternative approach to healthy ageing, Sandra Grace

Doctor-patient relationships in the context of contemporary social trends, Sandra Grace

Health promotion through integrating mainstream and complementary medicine, Sandra Grace

Integrative practitioner-client relationships: contemporary social trends, Sandra Grace

Primary contact practitioner training: a comparison of chiropractic and naturopathic curricula in Australia, Sandra Grace, Subramanyam Vemulpad, and Robyn Beirman

Primary contact practitioner training: a comparison of chiropractic and naturopathic curricula in Australia, Sandra Grace, Subramanyam Vemulpad, and Robyn Beirman


Consultant nurse–consultant physician: a new partnership for patient-centred care?, Iain W. Graham


Spirituality, health and the complementary medicine practitioner, Airdre Grant

Digestion and enzymes, Tini M. Gruner and Rachel Arthur


The use of body mass changes as a practical measure of dehydration in team sports, Gemma Harvey, Rudi A. Meir, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Kate M. Holloway