Managing Editor: Assoc. Prof. Jeremy Buultjens
Assistant Editor: Ms. Amanda Shoebridge
Editor: Professor Stephen Kelly

Journal of Economic and Social Policy (JESP) is a double blind peer reviewed journal, comprising an international editorial board, with expertise across the many social and economic policy areas. The review panel also consists of both national and international academics. The journal has been operational for sixteen years, and has in this time covered a range of topical issues, as well as lively and informed debate.

The Journal aims to contribute to the discussion on, and implementation of, economic and social policy with well informed articles which can be read across a range of disciplines.


JESP is accepting manuscripts for two Special Editions in 2014:

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Submission Guidelines: Manuscripts should adhere to the submission guidelines available from the JESP website at http://epubs.scu.edu.au/jesp/policies.html.

Current Issue: 2014



Catchment-Scale Governance in Northern Australia: A Preliminary Evaluation
Allan P. Dale, Bob Pressey, Vanessa M. Adams, Jorge G. Álvarez- Romero, Mike Digby, Rebecca Dobbs, Michael Douglas, Amélie A. Augé, Mirjam Maughan, John Childs, David Hinchley, Ian Landcaster, Ian Perdrisat, and Niilo Gobius


Economic Gardening: Capacity Building for Stronger Regions
Patrice Braun, Jessie Harman, and Frank Paton