Papers from 2002


Sovereignty and the International Criminal Court: an analysis of the submissions opposed to Australia's ratification, Mary Dean

The impact of legal structures on the success of North Coast NSW rural landsharing communities, Warwick G. Fisher

Crime victims and prisoners' rights, Sam Boris Garkawe

Law without lawyers, justice without courts: on traditional Chinese mediation, Bee Chen Goh

Introducing the law, Gary N. Heilbronn, P Latimer, and Jennifer M. Nielsen


The marketing of university courses under Sections 52 and 53 of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth), James G. Jackson


Blinking dons or donning blinkers: fiduciary and common law obligations of members of governing boards of Australian universities, James G. Jackson and Jill Cowley

The rights of Indigenous prisoners, Loretta Kelly


Dealing with the dilemmas: integrity, knowledge and research, Jennifer M. Nielsen

Evaluating laws, Jennifer M. Nielsen

Evaluating the legal system, Jennifer M. Nielsen


Constraining fat cats in corporate cathedrals: neo-liberalism, corporate law and unreasonable remuneration of directors, John L. Orr


Freedom of association or guilt by association: Australia's new anti-terrorism laws and the retreat of political liberty, Aidan Ricketts

Seeds, weeds and greed: an analysis of the Gene Technology Act 2000 (Cth), its effect on property rights, and the legal and policy dimensions of a constitutional challenge, Nicole Rogers

The Gene Technology Act, Nicole Rogers

Fear of freedom: anti-terrorism laws and the challenge to Australian democracy, Nicole Rogers and Aidan Ricketts

Representation-reinforcement and Australian constitutionalism, Tom Round

Guilty your worship: representing yourself in NSW local courts when charged with drink driving, Helen Walsh and David M. Heilpern

Causation, fault and the concurrence principle, Stanley Yeo

Challenging moral involuntariness as a principle of fundamental justice, Stanley Yeo


Clarifying automatism, Stanley Yeo

The responsibility of universities for their students' personal safety, Stanley Yeo

Papers from 2001

Indigenous human rights, Sam Boris Garkawe, Loretta Kelly, and Warwick G. Fisher

Legal services in rural communties: issues for clients and lawyers, Jeff Giddings, Barbara Hook, and Jennifer Nielsen

Papers from 2000

A democracy's rite of passage: confronting the ghosts of its past, Matthew Deighton and Sam Garkawe

Trade and investment negotiation with the Chinese, Bee Chen Goh


The method of operation principle in Australian Copyright Law, Rocque Reynolds

The Forest Protest Protocol : an outbreak of participatory democracy : an historic agreement between police and environmental protesters in NSW, Aidan Ricketts

Re-interpreting democracy: an activist’s guide to the Constitution, Nicole Rogers

Papers from 1999

Restorative justice from the perspective of crime victims, Sam Garkawe


Limitation of liability for maritime claims and its place in the past present and future: how can it survive?, Serge Killingbeck


Great textbooks, red flags and judgement, Rocque Reynolds


Kant: the audacity of judgement, Rocque Reynolds


Mad mothers, over-zealous therapists and the paedophile inquiry, Nicole Rogers

Third party rights in NSW environmental legislation: the backlash, Nicole Rogers and Aidan Ricketts

Papers from 1998

Relocation disputes- has anything changed? in the matter of B and B: Family Law Reform Act 1995, Sam Garkawe

Images of the 'Aboriginal': echoes from the past, Jennifer Nielsen

Indigenous Australian peoples and human rights, Jennifer Nielsen and Gary Martin


Dicey in Cambodia: or droit administratif meets the common law, Rocque Reynolds

Green paradigms and the law, Nicole Rogers

Law, order and green extremists, Nicole Rogers

Mad mothers, over-zealous therapists and the paedophile inquiry, Nicole Rogers

Papers from 1996

Majah: indigenous peoples and the law, Greta Bird, Gary Martin, and Jennifer M. Nielsen

Negotiating with the Chinese, Bee Chen Goh

Law of trafficking in Cambodia, Rocque Reynolds

Trafficking and prostitution: the law of Cambodia, Rocque Reynolds

Papers from 1995

Greening the constitution, Nicole Rogers

Greening the Constitution (or, Who’s afraid of the founding fathers anyway?), Nicole Rogers


Wimmenspeak on midwifery lore, Nicole Rogers

Papers from 1994

Deej Faby, catalogue essay, Rocque Reynolds

A dark green perspective on environmental dispute resolution, Nicole Rogers

Stepping out of the ivory tower with contemptuous breasts, Nicole Rogers

Papers from 1993

Seeing things, Rocque Reynolds

This rose is for sale, Rocque Reynolds

Papers from 1990

Privacy, Jennifer Nielsen and Tony Pagone

Domestic violence: report, Rocque Reynolds

Report on Homicide, Rocque Reynolds

Papers from 1989

Treaty: options for discussion, Rocque Reynolds

Papers from 1986

Codifying criminal law, Rocque Reynolds