Papers from 2015

Applying an alternative mathematics pedagogy for students with weak mathematics: phase 1: meta-analysis of alternative pedagogies, William E. Boyd, Christos Markopoulos, Alan Foster, Geoff Woolcott, Wendy Boyd, Warren Lake, and Margie Wallin


Papers from 2012


Using WordPress and Vimeo to create a library video help site, Tracy Bruce

2012 InCite 33:8.


Crowd sourcing for conservation: Web 2.0 a powerful tool for biologists, David A. Newell, Margaret M. Pembroke, and William E. Boyd

2012 Future Internet 4:2 551-562.

'JING' your converged delivery: using screen capture software to improve information literacy in regional universities, Jann Small and Gail Moloney

2012 Current trends in experimental and applied psychology 1 116-126.


Using mobile technology to deliver information in audio format: learning by listening, Margie Wallin, Kate Kelly, and Annika McGinley

2012 M-libraries 3: transforming libraries with mobile technology 57-64.

What your teacher librarian can do for you, Margie Wallin and Jann Small

2012 Access 26:3 18-21.

Papers from 2011


Read, listen and learn, Margie Wallin, Kate Kelly, and Annika McGinley

2011 .


Student teachers and libraries, video recording (series), Margie Wallin and Jake Madden


Papers from 2010


ePublications@SCU and postgraduates@SCU, Kerrie L. Burn

2010 Cruxis Magazine:edition 7.


Delivering library instruction with screencast software: a Jing is worth a thousand words!, Jann Small

2010 Discovery! Future tools, trends and options: 7th Health Libraries Inc. Conference.


Ereaders in academic libraries: a literature review, Tracy Tees

2010 Australian Library Journal 59:4 180-186.

Papers from 2009


A professional development journey, Kerrie L. Burn

2009 Incite 30:6.


Preparing for a career change, Tracy Tees

2009 InCite 30:9 31-32.


From caveman to casebase: the evolution of legal research through the technological age, Kayleen Wardell

2009 Australian Law Librarians' Association (ALLA) Evolution Conference.


BONUS Plus: sharing content across New Zealand and Australia, Katie Wilson and Pim McCready

2009 Incite 30:9 (Sept).

Papers from 2008


Build it and they will come?: assessing the impact of 'academic-friendly' practices on institutional repository growth at Southern Cross University, Kerrie L. Burn and Katie Wilson

2008 Information Online 2009 Conference.


@yourlibrary: Grafton Public School, Tracy Tees

2008 Scan 27:4 23-24.

BONUS Plus: unmediated online requesting among libraries in three Australian states, Katie Wilson

2008 Online Currents 22:10 205-209.

Papers from 2007


Baptist periodicals in Australian library and archive collections, Kerrie L. Burn

2007 The National guide to Australian Baptist historical resources and services.


The Australian Baptist Heritage Collection: management of a geographically distributed special collection, Kerrie L. Burn

2007 MA thesis, Melbourne College of Divinity.


OPAC 2.0: Next generation online library catalogues ride the Web 2.0 wave!, Katie Wilson

2007 Online Currents 21:10 406-413.


Development of a metadata application profile at the State Library of New South Wales, Katie Wilson, Lynne Billington, Susanne Moir, and Sue Carpenter

2007 Information Online 2007, Australian Library and Information Association.

Papers from 2006


The Australian Baptist Heritage Collection: implications for the management of geographically distributed special collections, Kerrie L. Burn

2006 Proceedings of the 2nd Research Applications in Information and Library Studies.


Computers in libraries : an introduction for library technicians, Katie Wilson



Update on the Australian National Licensing proposal: Online information resources for all Australians, Katie Wilson

2006 Online Currents 21:1 5-7.

Papers from 2005


Open access publishing: free journals online, Katie Wilson

2005 Online Currents 20:5 1-5.

Papers from 2004


E-journals for school libraries, Nigel Paull and Tracy Tees

2004 Connections:50.


Open URL: linking through the maze of online resources, Katie Wilson

2004 Online Currents 19:2 3-8.

Papers from 2003


A pilot application of the Value Toolkit: assessing the impact of information services to clinicians in regional Queensland, Patrick O'Connor and Margie Wallin

2003 Celebrate the future: 10th Asia Pacific Special, Health and Law Librarians' Conference.


E-journals for school libraries, Nigel Paull and Tracy Tees

2003 Curriculum Leadership.

Papers from 2002


Use of formal and informal methods to gain information among faculty at an Australian regional university, Sansnee Jirojwong and Margie Wallin

2002 Journal of Academic Librarianship 28:1/2 68-73.

Papers from 2001


Information literacy and flexible delivery: creating a conceptual framework and model, Debbie Orr, Margaret Appleton, and Margie Wallin

2001 Journal of Academic Librarianship 27:6 457-463.


Information literacy and flexible delivery: are we meeting student needs?, Debbie Orr and Margie Wallin

2001 Australian Academic and Research Libraries 32:3 192-203.


Working with E-Books and portable reading devices, Katie Wilson

2001 Information Online 2001.

Papers from 2000

Theological library resources in the Melbourne College of Divinity: a collaborative report, Kerrie L. Burn, Stephen Connelly, Thea Roche, and Siobhan Foster

2000 Theological library resources in the Melbourne College of Divinity: a collaborative report.

Papers from 1999

Information literacy and health science: developing a comprehensive and sustainable model, Debbie Orr, Margie Wallin, and L Hinton

1999 Concept, challenge, conundrum : from library skills to information literacy : proceedings of the Fourth National Information Literacy Conference.

Papers from 1998

Promoting inquiry, library, technology and scholarly knowledge at a distance : competencies for lifelong learning, L Hinton, S McIntosh, and Margie Wallin

1998 Distance education: past, present & future: National Open & Distance Education Student Network Inc (NODES Net), 7th Annual Conference.

Studying tourism : applied information literacy, J Litster, Debbie Orr, and Margie Wallin

1998 Strategies for success in transition years: Proceedings of the Third Pacific Rim Conference on the First Year in Higher Education.

CHEMPAGE : a model for exploring the internet for professional development, Debbie Orr, Cathy Duncum, and Margie Wallin

1998 Australian Library Journal 47:2 183-189.

Student interaction in an electronically mediated classroom : results, issues and potential, Debbie Orr, Margie Wallin, and Margaret Appleton

1998 Open learning 9̀8 : offering new directions : proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Open Learning.

Information literacy : assessing the needs of international students at Central Queensland University, Margie Wallin, Debbie Orr, and J Litster

1998 Strategies for success in transition years: Proceedings of the Third Pacific Rim Conference on the First Year in Higher Education.