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Reinforced behavioral variability in humans
Lewis A. Bizo and Kathleen Doolan


Physical and injury profiles of Australian female Dragon boat paddlers: a pilot study
Suzanne Broadbent, Rosanne A. Coutts, and Sonja Coetzee


Gambling expenditure predicts harm: evidence from a venue-level study
Francis Markham, Martin Young, and Bruce Doran


Impacts on trade
David M. Herold


Impacts of ocean acidification on early life-history stages and settlement of the coral-eating sea star Acanthaster planci
Sven Uthicke, Danilo Pecorino, Rebecca Albright, Andrew Peter Negri, Neal Cantin, Michelle Liddy, Symon A. Dworjanyn, Pamela Kamya, Maria Byrne, and Miles Lamare


Interprofessional teamwork in the trauma setting: a scoping review
Molly Courtenay, Susan Nancarrow, and David Dawson


Implementation of E-health record systems in Australia
Jun Xu, Xiang Gao, Golam Sorwar, and Peter R. Croll


Australian stock indexes and the four-factor model
Bruce A. Costa, Keith Jakob, Scott J. Niblock, and Elisabeth Sinnewe


Nitrogen transformations within a tropical subterranean estuary
Dirk V. Erler, Isaac R. Santos, Ying Zhang, Douglas R. Tait, Kevin M. Befus, Alicia Hidden, Ling Li, and Bradley D. Eyre


Doctoral level research in sustainable tourism: an analysis of growth and themes
L Ruthanen, Betty Weiler, Brent D. Moyle, and C McLennan


Lessons learnt from pilot-testing an experimental communication intervention: generation Y and park benefits
Betty Weiler, Brent D. Moyle, Monica Torland, Isabelle D. Wolf, and Mieke Witsel


Comparative response of DMS and DMSP concentrations in Symbiodinium clades C1 and D1 under thermal stress
Elisabeth Suzanne Marie Deschaseaux, V H. Beltran, Graham B. Jones, Myrna A. Deseo, H B. Swan, Peter Lynton Harrison, and Bradley D. Eyre


Jessica L. Seymour, A Chauvel, and N Lamerichs

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