Most recent additions


Harm minimisation in gambling
Sally M. Gainsbury and Alex Blaszczynski


Passenger rail demand in Perth: a time series analysis
Albert Wijeweera and Michael B. Charles


Public and private responses to the December 12-31, 2006, high plains blizzard
Deborah Che, Bimal K. Paul, and Vicki L. Tinnon


Innovative networks in Vanuatu: tourism and cultural industries
Thomas Dick, Ben Farr-Wharton, and Kerry A. Brown


Singapore stock broking service quality: fifteen percent gap
Lee Yik-Chee, Geoffrey G. Meredith, and Teresa Marchant


Achieving full employment in remote settlements: subsidiarity and path dependence
Ann Ingamells, Jeremy Buultjens, and Grant Cairncross


Bilateral import demand elasticities the case of Bangladesh
Albert Wijeweera, Nur Mohammed, and Brian Dollery


Financial development and economic growth: evidence from transition economies
Alexandr Akimov, Albert Wijeweera, and Brian Dollery


A needs analysis framework for the design of digital repositories in higher education
Sue Bennett, Dominique Parrish, Geraldine Lefoe, Meg O'Reilly, Mike Keppell, and Robyn Philip


Characterisation of alleles of the sucrose phosphate synthase gene family in sugarcane and their association with sugar-related traits
C L. McIntyre, M L. Goode, G Cordeiro, Peter C. Bundock Dr, F Eliott, R J. Henry, R E. Casu, G D. Bonnett, and K S. Aitken


Denatured spirit: neo-colonial social design
Norm Sheehan, Janine Dunleavy, Tamar Cohen, and Sean Mitchell


The association between privatisation and voluntary disclosure: evidence from Jordan
Mahmoud Al-Akra, Ian A. Eddie, and Muhammad Jahangir Ali


Identifying Tensions in the Development of Northern Australia: Implications for Governance
Anne Stephens Dr, Elspeth Oppermann Dr, Jim Turnour Mr, Tom Brewer Dr, Chris O'Brien Dr, Tom Rayner Dr, Gemma Blackwood Dr, and Allan P. Dale Prof

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