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Does foot pitch at ground contact affect parachute landing technique?
John W. Whitting, Julie R. Steele, Mark Jaffrey, and Bridget J. Munro


Parachute landing fall characteristics at three realistic vertical descent velocities
John W. Whitting, Julie R. Steele, Mark A. Jaffrey, and Bridget J. Munro


The basketball-20: development of a basketball-specific field-based work protocol
Sandro R. Nigg, John W. Whitting, Elias Tomaras, Elysia Davis, and Benno M. Nigg


Dorsiflexion capacity affects achilles tendon loading during drop landings
John W. Whitting, Julie R. Steele, Deirdre E. McGhee, and Bridget J. Munro


Effects of passive ankle dorsiflexion stiffness on ankle mechanics during drop landings
John W. Whitting, J R. Steele, D E. McGhee, and B j. Munro


Preventing injuries associated with military static-line parachuting landings
Julie R. Steele, Karen J. Mickle, and John W. Whitting


A bank of stories: piloting low-fidelity student-generated virtual patient cases in undergraduate medical education
M Imison, P Harris, L Hewson, P Jones, H P. McNeil, Keri Moore, Anthony J. O'Sullivan, G Vela, and C Hughes


Near-peer teaching in Osteopathy clinical education
Keri Moore, Brett Vaughan, and A Kleinbaum


Childhoodnature theoretical disruptions
Karen Malone, Amy Cutter-Mackenzie, E Barratt-Hacking, and David Rousell


Walking with media: activating the cubewalk network as a mobile architecture
David Rousell, Alexandra Cutcher, Amy Cutter-Mackenzie, Bill Boyd, Fiona V. Fell, and Jeanti S. St Clair


Recovery of acid sulfate sediments in the Lower Lakes
Leigh A. Sullivan, Nicholas J. Ward, Mark A. Rosicky, S Li, Richard T. Bush, Diane M. Fyfe, Michelle Bush, and N Toppler


Change in the language of Tirawi wedding songs
Mahmoud El Salman and Thomas Roche


Movement and growth of the coral reef holothuroids Bohadschia argus and Thelenota ananas
Steven W. Purcell, Toby P. Piddocke, Steven James Dalton, and You-Gan Wang


Trends in small-scale artisanal fishing of sea cucumbers in Oceania
Steven W. Purcell, Poasi Ngaluafe, Karibanang T. Aram, and Watisoni Lalavanua

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