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Public sector contracting: an Australian study of changing work conditions
Neal Ryan, Craig W. Furneaux, Anthony Pink, and Kerry A. Brown


Virtual workforces and the shifting frontier of control
Kerry A. Brown, Susanne Royer, Jennifer Waterhouse, and Stacy Ridge


Beyond stereotypes: an exploratory profile of Australian women mayors
Christine Ryan, Barbara Pini, and Kerry A. Brown


When the light goes on
Natalie Gallery, Gerry T. Gallery, Chrisann Palm, Kerry A. Brown, and Craig W. Furneaux


Improving employees’ work-life balance in the construction industry: project alliance case study
Helen C. Lingard, Kerry A. Brown, Lisa Bradley, Caroline Bailey, and Keith Townsend


Gambling participation in Australia: findings from the National Household Expenditure Survey
Andrew C. Worthington, Kerry A. Brown, Mary Crawford, and David Pickernell


Clients driving construction innovation: moving ideas to practice
Kerry A. Brown, Keith D. Hampson, and Peter S. Brandon


Clients driving construction innovation: mapping the terrain
Keith D. Hampson, Kerry A. Brown, and Peter S. Brandon


Government, business and society
Neal Ryan, Kerry A. Brown, and Rachel Parker


Contexts, hybrids and network governance: a comparison of three case-studies in infrastructure governance
Joop Koppenjan, Myrna Mandell, Robyn L. Keast, and Kerry A. Brown


Benefitting from innovation
Kerry A. Brown, Janet Pillay, and Keith D. Hampson


Key lessons and conclusions
Keith D. Hampson, Kerry A. Brown, Janet Pillay, and Peter S. Brandon


The Australian public service
Kerry A. Brown and Jennifer Waterhouse


Client capabilities and capital works procurement policies: a comparative analysis of Australian jurisdictions
Craig W. Furneaux, Kerry A. Brown, Donald B. Allen, Neil Adel, Sheena McConville, Stephen L. McFallan, Kerry London, and John Burgess


Key lessons and conclusions (2006)
Keith D. Hampson and Kerry A. Brown


Managing employees' work-life balance: the impact of management on individual well-being and productivity
Lisa M. Bradley, Caroline Bailey, Helen C. Lingard, and Kerry A. Brown


Moving ideas into practice
Keith D. Hampson and Kerry A. Brown


Mapping the terrain: key lessons and conclusions
Keith D. Hampson and Kerry A. Brown


Mapping the terrain
Keith D. Hampson and Kerry A. Brown


Writing surfing
Kim M. Satchell


The poetics of abundance
Kim M. Satchell


Poetic interventions
Kim M. Satchell


Belonging in the hermetic tradition
Kim M. Satchell, Jenny Ledgar, and Lynda Hawryluk


Waves, design, performance
Lorraine Shannon and Kim M. Satchell


Creative practice as pedagogy
Kim M. Satchell

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