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Denatured spirit: neo-colonial social design
Norm Sheehan, Janine Dunleavy, Tamar Cohen, and Sean Mitchell


The association between privatisation and voluntary disclosure: evidence from Jordan
Mahmoud Al-Akra, Ian A. Eddie, and Muhammad Jahangir Ali


Identifying Tensions in the Development of Northern Australia: Implications for Governance
Anne Stephens Dr, Elspeth Oppermann Dr, Jim Turnour Mr, Tom Brewer Dr, Chris O'Brien Dr, Tom Rayner Dr, Gemma Blackwood Dr, and Allan P. Dale Prof


Brainal pipes confusion cave
Wendy Wilkins and Wes Hill


Living things
Wes J. Hill


Emily Floyd: the dawn
Jane Devery, Helen Hughes, and Wes Hill


Identification of rice cornichon as a possible cargo receptor for the Golgi-localized sodium transporter OsHKT1;3
Paul Rosas-Santiago, Daniel Lagunas-Gomez, Bronwyn J. Barkla, Rosario Vera-Estrella, Sylvie Lalonde, Alexander Jones, Wolf B. Frommer, Olga Zimmermannova, Hana Sychrova, and Omar Pantoja


Protein extraction method for the proteomic study of a Mexican traditional fermented starchy food
C Cardenas, Bronwyn J. Barkla, C Wacher, L Delgado-Olivares, and R Rodriguez-Sanoja


Seawater inundation of coastal floodplain sediments: short-term changes in surface water and sediment geochemistry
Vanessa NL Wong, Scott G. Johnston, Edward D. Burton, Phillip Hirst, Leigh A. Sullivan, Richard T. Bush, and Mark Blackford


Enrichment and heterogeneity of trace elements at the redox-interface of Fe-rich intertidal sediments
Southern Cross Geoscience; Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts; and Environmental Analysis Laboratory Southern Cross University


Sulfur, iron and carbon cycling following hydrological restoration of acidic freshwater wetlands
Scott G. Johnston, Edward D. Burton, Thor Aaso, and Gerard Tuckerman


Arsenic mobilization in an alluvial aquifer of the Terai region, Nepal
Jasmine Diwakar, Scott G. Johnston, Edward D. Burton, and Suresh Das Shrestha

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