Papers from 2014


Next-generation technologies to determine plastid genome sequences, Robert J. Henry, Nicole Rice, Mark A. Edwards, and Catherine J. Nock


Mutation and mutation screening, L Slade Lee, Bradley J. Till, H Hill, Owen A. Huynh, and Joanna Jankowicz-Cieslak


Antibacterial anthranilic derivatives from Geijera parviflora, Qing-Yao Shou, Linda K. Banbury, Alan T. Maccarone, Dane E. Renshaw, Htwe Mon, Stefani Griesser, Hans J. Griesser, Stephen J. Blanksby, Joshua Smith, and Hans Wohlmuth


Adulteration of Ginkgo biloba products and a simple method to improve its detection, Hans Wohlmuth, Kate Savage, Ashley Dowell, and Peter Mouatt

Papers from 2013


Corporate governance in five Arabian Gulf countries, Nabil Baydoun, William Maguire, Neal Ryan, and Roger Willett


Subtle idiosyncracy: sound and music in the Australian animated short film 'The Lost Thing' (2010), Rebecca Coyle, Jon Fitzgerald, and Philip Hayward

Music in science fiction television: tuned to the future, K J. Donnelly and Philip Hayward

Upside-down world: Jerry Goldsmith's landmark score for Planet of the Apes (1968), Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward


Integrated and intersected: Kylie Minogue, Baz Luhrmann and the use of popular song material in Moulin Rouge!, Philip Hayward


Island leverage: Vanessa Quai Vanuatu and transnational career performance, Philip Hayward

Whimsical complexity: music and sound design in The Clangers, Philip Hayward

Rematerialisation: musical engagements with the British TV series Dr Who, Philip Hayward and Jon Fitzgerald

Rematerialization: musical engagements with the British TV series Doctor Who, Philip Hayward and Jon Fitzgerald


Language, music and cultural consolidation on Minami Daito, Philip Hayward and Daniel Long


Agronomic and quality attributes of worldwide primitive barley subspecies, Abderrazek Jilal, Stefania Grando, Robert J. Henry, Nicole Rice, and Salvatore Ceccarelli


Retention of the rural allied health workforce in New South Wales: a comparison of public and private practitioners, Sheila Keane, Michelle Lincoln, Margaret I. Rolfe, and Tony Smith


First report of fingerprinting dried herbal products using a subtractive diversity array, Linhai Niu, Nitin Mantri, Hans Wohlmuth, Chunguang Li, Charlie C. Xue, and Edwin Pang


A gDNA microarray for genotyping salvia species, Alexandra Olarte, Nitin Mantri, Gregory Nugent, Hans Wohlmuth, Chun Guang Li, Charlie Xue, and Edwin Pang


Parvifloranines A and B, Two 11-Carbon Alkaloids from Geijera parviflora, Qingyao Shou, Linda K. Banbury, Joshua Smith, Xiaoxiang He, Ashley Dowell, Hans J. Griesser, Michael Heinrich, and Hans Wohlmuth

Papers from 2012


National nursing registration in Australia: a way forward for nurse practitioner endorsement, Andrea Driscoll, Clare Harvey, Anna Green, Robert P. Weatherby, Danny Liew, David Prentice, Julie Lord, Geraldine Lee, Dianne Crellin, Naomi Dobroff, and Melodie Heland

Planes of illusion: music soundtrack, rendition and attribution in Sanctum, Jon Fitzgerald, Philip Hayward, and David Brennan


Sustainability transitions and their governance: lessons and next-step challenges, Niki Frantzeskaki, Joop Koppenjan, Derk Loorbach, and Neal Ryan

All mashed up? songs, music and allusionism in the loved ones (2009), Philip Hayward

A place in the world: globalization, music and cultural identity in contemporary Vanuatu, Philip Hayward


Aquapelagos and aquapelagic assemblages, Philip Hayward


Merlionicity: the twenty first century elaboration of a Singaporean symbol, Philip Hayward


The constitution of assemblages and the aquapelagality of Haida Gwaii, Philip Hayward

Sotetsu heritage: cycads, sustenance and cultural landscapes in the Amami islands, Philip Hayward and Sueo Kuwahara


The dynamics and sustainability of Ambon’s smoked tuna trade, Philip Hayward and Jacobus W. Mosse

Human machine music: an analysis of creative practices among Australian ‘live electronica’ musicians, Barry Hill and Jon Fitzgerald

Submissions from 2011


Metal partitioning dynamics during the oxidation and acidification of sulfidic soil, Salirian R. Claff, Edward D. Burton, Leigh A. Sullivan, and Richard T. Bush

Black pop songwriting 1963-1966: an analysis of U.S. top forty hits by Cooke, Mayfield, Stevenson, Robinson, and Holland-Dozier-Holland, Jon Fitzgerald


Autonomy initiatives and quintessential Englishness on the Isle of Wight, Adam Grydehoj and Philip Hayward

Salmon aquaculture, cuisine and cultural disruption in Chiloe, Philip Hayward

Chiloe: an offshore song culture, Philip Hayward and Waldo Garrido


Adaptive and maladaptive responses of managers to changing environments: a study of Australian public sector senior executives, Judy Matthews, Neal Ryan, and Trevor Williams

What do changes in prematch vs. postmatch, 1, 2, and 3 days postmatch body weight tell us about fluid status in English premiership rugby union players?, Rudi A. Meir, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Shane Rogerson

Abundance of East coast Australian humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in 2005 estimated using multi-point sampling and capture recapture analysis, David A. Paton, Lyndon Brooks, Daniel Burns, Trish Franklin, Wally Franklin, Peter Harrison, and Peter Baverstock

Population growth of Australian east coast humpback whales, observed from Cape Byron, 1998 to 2004, David Paton and Eric Kniest


Coral community decline at Bonaire, southern Caribbean, Brigitte Sommer, Peter L. Harrison, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Sander R. Scheffers

Continuing professional learning of teachers: is this concept more valid for current higher education?, Janet A. Taylor and Gail Wilson


Cognitive effects of chemotherapy-induced menopause in breast cancer, Katharine J. Vearncombe, Margaret Rolfe, Brooke Andrew, Nancy A. Pachana, Margaret Wright, and Geoffrey Beadle

Papers from 2010

Gender differences in motor skill proficiency from childhood to adolescence: a longitudinal study, Lisa M. Barnett, Eric van Beurden, Philip J. Morgan, Lyndon O. Brooks, and John R. Beard

Disney does Broadway: musical storytelling in The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, Rebecca Coyle and Jon Fitzgerald

Validating the salivary testosterone and cortisol concentration measures in response to short high-intensity exercise, B T. Crewther, T E. Lowe, J Ingram, and Robert P. Weatherby

Resilient appliances: music sound image and narrative in The Brave Little Toaster, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward


Seasonal changes in pod characteristics of eastern Australian humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), Hervey Bay 1992–2005, Trish Franklin, Wally Franklin, Lyndon O. Brooks, Peter Harrison, Phillip Clapham, and Peter R. Baverstock


Soil algal abundance in a subtropical saltmarsh after surface restoration, Joanne Green, Amanda J. Reichelt-Brushett, Don J. Brushett, Peter Squires, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Surrey Jacobs


A forced titration study of the antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects of Ambrotose AO supplement, Stephen P. Myers, Lesley M. Stevenson, Phillip A. Cheras, Joan M. O'Connor, Lyndon O. Brooks, Margaret I. Rolfe, Paul A. Connellan, and Carol A. Morris

Papers from 2009


Childhood motor skill proficiency as a predictor of adolescent physical activity, Lisa M. Barnett, Eric van Beurden, Philip J. Morgan, Lyndon O. Brooks, and John R. Beard


Six year follow-up of students who participated in a school-based physical activity intervention: a longitudinal cohort study, Lisa M. Barnett, Eric van Beurden, Philip J. Morgan, Lyndon O. Brooks, Avigdor Zask, and John R. Beard


Creating those good vibrations: an analysis of Brian Wilson's US top 40 hits 1963–66, Jon Fitzgerald

Make ’em laugh, make ’em cry: the use of production music in Australian reality television series Nerds FC, Jon Fitzgerald

Inflamed: synthetic folk music and paganism in the island world of The Wicker Man, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

Outlier style: the Futuna sound and Vanuatu stringband music, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

Jynweythek Ylow Kernow: the significance of Cornish techno music, Philip Hayward

Local Interpretation: music video, heritage and community in contemporary Vanuatu, Philip Hayward

Terror tracks: music, sound and horror cinema, Philip Hayward

Whimsical complexity, Philip Hayward

Phytochemical and pharmacological aspects of Australian bloodroots (Haemodora spp.), Lei Liu, Myrna A. Deseo, D Thompson, Hans Wohlmuth, and David N. Leach


Ticks associated with Macquarie Island penguins carry arboviruses from four genera, Lee Major, May La Linn, Robert W. Slade, Wayne A. Schroder, Alex D. Hyatt, Joy Gardner, Jeff Cowley, and Andreas Suhrbier


Effects of angler-induced exercise and air exposure on the mortality of mouth-hooked yellowfin bream (Acanthopagrus australis), D P. Reynolds, M K. Broadhurst, Paul A. Butcher, and Margaret I. Rolfe


Innovation on small residential builders: an Australian study, David Thorpe, Neal Ryan, and Michael B. Charles


Predictors of cognitive decline after chemotherapy in breast cancer patients, Katherine J. Vearncombe, Margaret I. Rolfe, Margaret Wright, Nancy A. Pachana, Brooke Andrew, and Geoffrey Beadle


An in vitro investigation of herbs traditionally used for kidney and urinary system disorders: potential therapeutic and toxic effects, Ken Wojcikowski, Hans Wohlmuth, David W. Johnson, Margaret Rolfe, and Glenda Gobe

Papers from 2008

Pale fieldrat Rattus tunneyi, K P. Alpin, Richard Braithwaite, and Peter R. Baverstock


Does childhood motor skill proficiency predict adolescent fitness?, Lisa M. Barnett, Eric van Beurden, Philip J. Morgan, Lyndon O. Brooks, and John R. Beard

Hempseed oil, J Callaway and David Pate

Spectacular synchronisation: songs, animation and Happy Feet, Rebecca Coyle and Philip Hayward

University based music theory education for aspiring popular music professionals: a contemporary Australian perspective, Jon Fitzgerald

Chosen and adopted: Fred Eaglesmith, female appreciation and Australian country music, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

Les méduses dans la marée de l'histoire: L'Anse aux meadows, Nan Sdins and cultural heritage agendas, Philip Hayward

Twining a maple leaf into the wattle: Billy Blinkhorn’s insertion into ‘Traditional’ Australian music, Philip Hayward

Transcience and durability: music industry initiatives, Shima Uta and the maintenance of Amani culture, Philip Hayward and Sueo Kuwahara

Black stars on a white background: 100 years of rugby league in the Bundjalung nation, Anthony Moore


The primacy of politics: intergovernmental fiscal relations in the UK and Australia, David Pickernell, Gillian Bristow, Adrian Kay, and Neal Ryan


Top-down organizational change in an Australian Government agency, Neal Ryan, Trevor Williams, Michael Charles, and Jennifer Waterhouse


Market responsiveness versus political responsiveness: change and conflict in an Australian government agency, Jennifer Waterhouse, Neal Ryan, Trevor Williams, and Michael B. Charles

Papers from 2007


A web and room-based videoconference music teaching initiative, Alan Anderson and Jon Fitzgerald

Black pop songwriting 1963-1966: an analysis of US top forty hits by Cooke, Mayfield, Stevenson, Robinson, and Holland-Dozier-Holland, Jon Fitzgerald

Tertiary popular music studies in the 21st century: some perspectives from eastern Australia and eastern Canada, Jon Fitzgerald

Dancing to a pacific beat: music video in Papua New Guinea, Philip Hayward

Mortal motivations: reflections on 15 years of Perfect Beat (1992-2007), Philip Hayward


Retaining Shima in Shima Uta: music as mnemonic expression of heritage in contemporary Kakeroma, Philip Hayward and Sueo Kuwahara


Managing musical success In a small island environment: Vanessa Quai and the Vanuatu music scene, Philip Hayward and Guy Morrow

A sampling protocol for the endangered freshwater fish, Oxleyan Pygmy Perch Nannoperca oxleyana Whitley, James T. Knight, T M. Glasby, and Lyndon O. Brooks

Papers from 2006


Incidence and outcomes of mental disorders in a regional population: the northern rivers mental health study, John R. Beard, Uta C. Dietrich, Lyndon O. Brooks, R T. Brooks, K Heathcote, and B Kelly

Bounty chords: music, dance and cultural heritage on Norfolk and Pitcairn Islands, Philip Hayward

From the top: local difference and issues of heritage identity in the formulation of music policy for Darwin, Philip Hayward


Localisation and local song repertoire, Philip Hayward


Is it worth the RRISK? evaluation of the RRISK (Reduce Risk Increase Student Knowledge) program for adolescents in rural Australia, Avigdor Zask, Eric van Beurden, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Reyna Dight

Papers from 2005

Troy Cassar-Daley and the sensitive touch, Jon Fitzgerald

Boundary riding: country music and Norfolk Island, Philip Hayward


Culturally engaged research & facilitation: active development projects with small island cultures, Philip Hayward

Hauntings: soundtrack representations of Papua New Guinea, Philip Hayward


Heavy episodic drinking and sensation seeking in adolescents as predictors of harmful driving and celebrating behaviours: implications for prevention, Eric van Beurden, Avigdor Zask, Lyndon O. Brooks, and Reyna Dight

Papers from 2004

Crossfire: an Australian jazz-rock fusion journey, Jon Fitzgerald

Alternative mixes: a comparative discussion of contemporary music programs at Macquarie and Southern Cross Universities, Jonathon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

Off the planet: music, sound and science fiction cinema, Philip Hayward

Tourism, contact and cultural commodification: a case study of local musical entertainment on the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia from the 1930s to 1990s, Philip Hayward