Papers from 2004


Disseminating phallic masculinity: seminal fluidity in Genet's fiction, Elizabeth Stephens

Two operatic floods: Benjamin Britten's Noyes' Fludde and Igor Stravinsky's The Flood, Paul Thom and Michael Francis Hannan

The Indigenous living conditions problem: ‘need’, policy construction and potential for change, Lester J. Thompson

Industrial women: organising, strategy and community in Sydney 1917-1940, Rosemary Webb

There's no taste like home: the food of empire, Adele Wessell

Timescapes: flooding and memory, Adele Wessell

Writing home (sickness): a time and place for nostalgia, Adele Wessell

Papers from 2003

The camping ground, short story, Dallas Angguish

The book of night, novel, Karen Ruth Brooks

Case study 2: The Big Chill, Melissa Carey and Michael Francis Hannan

Australian improvisation: defining the vocal techniques of jazz singing, Leigh Carriage

Australian improvisation : spontaneous vocal inventions, Leigh Carriage


Kasey Chambers : vocal style and cultural identity, Leigh Carriage

Heartlands: Kasey Chambers, Australian country music and Americana, Leigh Carriage and Philip Hayward

Embracing uncertainty – partnerships in disadvantaged communities, Angela Coco

Ordering chaos: religious participation and belonging in the space of flows, Angela Coco

Transformation starts at home: understanding e-readiness in local communities, Angela Coco

Consumption and authentic pagans, Angela Coco and Ian Woodward

Metaphoric landscapes: writing the Rainbow region, Janie Conway-Herron


Walking Manhattan: mapping the heart, Janie Conway-Herron

Minstrels and messengers : narrative, song and the power of persuasion, Janie Conway-Herron and Leigh Carriage


A spam scam slam, Grayson Cooke

Hawaiian-style music, Rebecca Coyle

Sound Art, Rebecca Coyle

Sounding rural Australia: analysing documentary sound tracks, Rebecca Coyle

Women happy with their timetables, Sandy Darab


Consumption of traditional versus imported foods in Tonga: implications for programs designed to reduce diet-related non-communicable diseases in developing countries, Mike Evans, Robert C. Sinclair, Caroline Fusimalohi, Viliami Liava'a, and Milton Freeman

At the confluence: Slim Dusty and Australian country music, Jon Fitzgerald

North country: Graeme Connors and tropical Queensland, Jon Fitzgerald

Popular music theory and musicianship, Jon Fitzgerald


A digital agenda for music, Michael Francis Hannan

From blockades to blue moon: musical culture of Nimbin, Michael Francis Hannan

Future musicianship and training for popular musicians, Michael Francis Hannan


Harmonic colour fields (Warren Burt), Michael Francis Hannan


Mapping the Australian music industry through careers research, Michael Francis Hannan

Sonic archaeologies (Ros Bandt), Michael Francis Hannan

The Australian guide to careers in music, Michael Francis Hannan


The Room (La Chambre), Michael Francis Hannan


Water pushes sand (Clocked Out Duo), Michael Francis Hannan


X (Ros Dunlop), Michael Francis Hannan

Privacy and sexual identity expression in aged care, Mark Hughes

Privacy and sexual identity in aged care, Mark Hughes


Talking about sexual identity with older men, Mark Hughes

Fighting films: a history of the Waterside Workers’ Federation Film Unit, Lisa Milner

Wishing for political dominance: representations of history and community in queer theory, Peter Mitchell

Activating human rights, Baden Offord

Activating human rights and diversity, Baden Offord

Exile and floating, Baden Offord

Homosexual rights as human rights : activism in Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia, Baden Offord

Mapping the rainbow region: fields of belonging and sites of confluence, Baden Offord

Saving the earth from tropical fruits, Baden Offord

Singaporean queering of the internet: toward a new form of cultural transmission of rights discourse, Baden Offord

Teaching across (and into) cultures: Australia/Asia, Baden Offord and Robert Kostevc

Teaching across (and into) cultures: Australia/Asia, Baden Offord and Robert Kostevc

A scaffold for participation in agency work, Elizabeth Reimer

Finding social justice in the strengths approach, Elizabeth Reimer

The impacts of poverty on children, Elizabeth Reimer

UnitingCare Burnside submission to the House of Representatives Family and Community Affairs Committee: inquiry into improving children's health and well being, Elizabeth Reimer

Discomforting readings: uncanny perceptions of self in Alexis Wright's 'Plains of promise' and David Malouf's 'Remembering Babylon', Cornelius Martin Renes

An evaluation of the Perfecting Healthcare Delivery Project, D Sibbritt, Jon Adams, E Southgate, R Walker, G Isbister, Sandy Darab, and M Bernard

Internet studies: building a stable brick-and-mortar program around a dynamic click-and-update field, David Silver, Matthew Allen, Norman Clark, Mike T. Hubler, Denise N. Rall, and Derek Stanovsky

A language of one's own: the possibilities of writing in French feminism and deconstruction, Elizabeth Stephens


De re modality and the new essentialism: a dilemma, Paul Thom

Caldera : narrative excursions, Heather Wearne and Adele Wessell

The 'nature' of history teaching, Adele Wessell

Papers from 2002


Embrace, poetry, Dallas Angguish


Embrace, poetry, Dallas Angguish


I never called you that, poetry, Dallas Angguish


Siberia, poetry, Dallas Angguish


The tempo of shamans, poetry, Dallas Angguish


Karin Pendle (ed.), Women and music: a history, 2nd edition (Indiana University Press), Bloomington, 2001., Leigh Carriage

Kasey Chambers and Australian country music, Leigh Carriage


Defining heritage values and significance for improved resource management: an application to Australian tourism, Ryan W. Carter and R Bramley

Authority and legitimation in a feminist wiccan spirituality group, Angela Coco

Managing shrinking time and expanding space in a virtual community, Angela Coco


Meaning and place in the informational society, Angela Coco


Meaning and place in the informational society, Angela Coco

Paradoxical manifestations of power in a pagan feminist spirituality group, Angela Coco

Understanding e-readiness in a local community, Angela Coco

Using sociological research in educational system design, Angela Coco, Gavin Edie, and Lesley Jolly

Scoring Australia: film music and Australian identities in Young Einstein, Strictly Ballroom and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Rebecca Coyle


Hooper, Antony: Culture and sustainable development in the Pacific: Book review, Mike Evans


Nina Glick Schiller and Georges Eugene Fouron: Georges woke up laughing: long-distance nationalism and the search for home: Book review, Mike Evans


Diet, health and the nutritional transition: some impacts of economic and socio-economic factors on food consumption patterns in the Kingdom of Tonga, Mike Evans, Robert C. Sinclair, Caroline Fusimalohi, and Viliami Liava'a

Another front: the impact of British pop within New South Wales (Australia) 1963-1966, Jon Fitzgerald

The impact of British pop within New South Wales (Australia) 1963-1966, Jon Fitzgerald


Deconstructing organisational politics: a causal layered approach, Brenda Hall-Taylor

Australian tertiary music education: Southern Cross University, Michael Francis Hannan


Bagarap empires (Fred Smith), Michael Francis Hannan


Burning questions, sound recording (radiophonic), Michael Francis Hannan


Inside this room, Michael Francis Hannan

Music business (Shane Simpson), Michael Francis Hannan


Music making in the village of Nimbin, Michael Francis Hannan


New music, new realities, Michael Francis Hannan

Sounds from the Stables (Diane Collins), Michael Francis Hannan


Spin (Jeanell Carrigan), Michael Francis Hannan


The Australian Album (Asmira Woodward-Page), Michael Francis Hannan


Zephyr (Zephyr), Michael Francis Hannan


Precarious stability: jobless families in the new millenium, Yvonne A. Hartman

Talking about sexual identity in social work assessments with older men, Mark Hughes