Papers from 2002


Dropping in, not out: the evolution of the alternative press in Byron Shire 1970-2001, Fiona R. Martin and Rhonda Ellis

Cultural studies in Rainbow Region, Baden Offord

Freedom of/from culture, Baden Offord


Mapping the Rainbow Region: fields of belonging and sites of confluence, Baden Offord

Meeting places and ecologies of belonging, Baden Offord

Recent arrivals, literacy for living, Baden Offord

Review of Asia: cultural politics in the global age by David Birch, Tony Schirato & Sanjay Srivastava, Baden Offord

Testing hypothesis-testing: taking Sir Karl Popper for a spin on the World Wide Web, Denise N. Rall

UnitingCare Burnside Consultation on the draft of Australia’s combined second and third report under the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Elizabeth Reimer

UnitingCare Burnside Family Court of Australia Family Violence policy review, Elizabeth Reimer

UnitingCare Burnside New South Wales Law Reform Commission Consultation on Part 15A of the Crimes Act 1900, Elizabeth Reimer

Social networks and tax compliance in a multi-cultural nation, Maarten Richard Rothengatter


Fleeing the city within: a mental health perspective, Diana Sweeney and David A. Pollard

Papers from 2001

A way to explore the concept of rhythm hooks in popular music: Burns' (1987) rhythm hooks category applied to top 40 hits by the Police, Alan Anderson and Jon Fitzgerald

Just before dawn, sound recording (CD), Leigh Carriage

Vocal education and performance realities, Leigh Carriage

Carole Park project: computers in the community, Angela Coco

Cooperation and resistance in a community computer project, Angela Coco

Determining a community’s reception of computer technology, Angela Coco

Inter-paganism study: Brisbane Community, Angela Coco

Power in a feminist pagan spirituality group, Angela Coco

Schism in the BrisbaneWitch virtual community, Angela Coco

Searching for reflections: women's paths to a pagan spirituality group, Angela Coco

Searching for reflections: women’s paths to pagan spirituality, Angela Coco

Cooperation and resistance in a community computer project, Angela Coco and Lesley Jolly


Bingo for beginners: a game strategy for facilitating action learning, Angela Coco, Ian Woodward, Kirstyn Shaw, Alex Cody, Gillian Lupton, and Andrew G. Peake

The face: what a horror, Grayson Cooke

'Half the time I go to work feeling like I've already worked a full day: 'time' and women's unpaid work', Sandy Darab and P Nilan


Persistence of the gift: Tongan tradition in transnational context, Mike Evans


Globalization, diet, and health: an example from Tonga, Mike Evans, Robert C. Sinclair, Caroline Fusimalohi, and Viliami Liava'a

Composing by numbers, Michael Francis Hannan

Defining moments, Michael Francis Hannan

Discord overplayed, Michael Francis Hannan


Flat earth (Romano Crevici), Michael Francis Hannan

Hip replacement, Michael Francis Hannan


Melodicism in Paul McCartney’s bass playing 1962-70, Michael Francis Hannan


Music for federation (MSO), Michael Francis Hannan


Rajas : cello solo, notated music, Michael Francis Hannan

Talk about critical, Michael Francis Hannan

The battle to be heard, Michael Francis Hannan


The future of tertiary music training in Australia, Michael Francis Hannan

The sound bite culture and the future of music training, Michael Francis Hannan


The sound bite culture and the future of music training, Michael Francis Hannan

Making decisions about long-term care for older people: the role of a multi-disciplinary panel, Mark Hughes and Pat Le Riche

Long-term care for older people: an analysis of placements in Greenwich, Mark Hughes, Pat Le Riche, and Deborah Mayes

Decision making and moving into long-term care, Mark Hughes, Deborah Mayes, and Pat Le Riche

Interdisciplinary panels, decision making and long term care for older people, Pat Le Riche, Mark Hughes, and Deborah Mayes

Desmond Tutu: apartheid homoseksualitas dan kermanusiaan, Baden Offord

Mapping the Rainbow Region: geographies of resistance and connections, Baden Offord

Saving the earth from tropical fruits, Baden Offord

Singaporean queering of the internet: towards a new form of cultural transmission of rights discourse, Baden Offord

The queer(y)ing of Australian public culture discourse: activism, rights discourse, and survival strategies, Baden Offord

Homosexual rights as human rights in Indonesia and Australia, Baden Offord and Leon Cantrell

Homosexual rights as human rights in Indonesia and Australia, Baden Offord and Leon Cantrell


Aboriginal living conditions and response paradigms, Lester J. Thompson

Assimilation and why welfare dependency is not the problem for Indigenous Australians, Lester J. Thompson

Why would academics and professionals collaborate?, Lester J. Thompson and S Dilly

Work - organisation - struggle : papers from the seventh National Labour History Conference, Rosemary Webb and Phil Griffiths


Text and tech: coupling in cyberspace, Jenny Weight, Moya Costello, and Phillip Paasuke

Understanding differences and similarities, Heather Young Leslie and Mike Evans

Papers from 2000

The camping ground, short story, Dallas Angguish

Liquid, sound recording (CD), Leigh Carriage


The experience of contemporary Australian female vocalists: an exploratory study, Leigh Carriage


Bruce Johnson, The inaudible music: jazz, gender and Australian modernity, (Currency Press), Sydney, 2000, Leigh Carriage and Justine Lloyd

Games people play, Angela Coco

Searching for reflections: women’s paths to pagan spirituality, Angela Coco

Bourdieu, learning theory and a new game for action learning in lectures, Angela Coco, Ian Woodward, Gillian Lupton, Andrew G. Peake, and Kirstyn Shaw


An effort of non-compliance, Moya Costello

The office as a boat: a chronicle., Moya Costello

Calling Australia home: Australian film music, Rebecca Coyle


Digitising the wireless: observations from an experiment in ‘internet radio’, Rebecca Coyle

Radio VL2NI on Norfolk Island: finding the 'comunity' in 'community radio', Rebecca Coyle

Speaking strine: locating ‘Australia’ in film dialogue, Rebecca Coyle

Pacific development sustained: policy for Pacific environments by Colin Hunt: Book review, Mike Evans

Lennon-McCartney and the 1960s British invasion, Jon Fitzgerald

Challenging capacity: can the government meet its mutual obligation?, J Gilmore, Yvonne A. Hartman, and Leonie E. Jennings

Cultural identity and music practices in the village of Nimbin, Michael Francis Hannan

Sun Music (Peter Sculthorpe), Michael Francis Hannan

Terrains by Michael Hannan: piano interior ; works by Peter Sculthrope & Michael Hannan, sound recording (CD), Michael Francis Hannan


The training of contemporary popular musicians, Michael Francis Hannan

The rise of compulsory voluntarism, Yvonne A. Hartman, Leonie E. Jennings, and J Gilmour

Older people and transitions in care: report to the London Borough of Greenwich, Deborah Mayes, Pat Le Riche, and Mark Hughes

'We film the facts': the Waterside Workers' Federation film unit, 1953 – 1958, Lisa Milner

Archbishop Tutu, the apartheid of sexuality and being human, Baden Offord

Asian culture, Baden Offord

Singapore, Baden Offord

The internet as an ethical intervention, Baden Offord

The discovery of 'cyber-grounded' collaborative research: notes from the social history of a research project on tax-compliance in Australia, Maarten Richard Rothengatter and Bruce Wiegand

Tax collection in Australia's cash economy: assessing revenue implications, Bruce Wiegand and Maarten Richard Rothengatter

Papers from 1999


The Waterside Workers Federation Film Unit: the forgotten frontier of the fifties, Martha Ansara and Lisa Milner


Women in contemporary music, website, Leigh Carriage and Ellen Kronen


I can’t hear you: barriers to communication in the Roman Catholic culture, Angela Coco


Using sense-making in phenomenological research, Angela Coco


Bingo for beginners, Angela Coco, Alex Cody, Gillian Lupton, Andrew G. Peake, Kirstyn Shaw, and Ian Woodward

Willing to explode: the American western as apocalypse-machine, Grayson Cooke

Editorial, Moya Costello

Editing in electric shock: editors, tertiary education and the new electronic technology, Moya Costello, Loene Doube, John Old, Phillip Paasuke, and Leonie Portel-Nocella

Transnational fish stories: or, what tuna can tell us about the processes of commoditisation, Mike Evans

What it is to be a Métis: the stories and recollections of the elders of the Prince George Métis Elders Society, Mike Evans, Marcelle Gareau, Leona Nielson, Lisa Krebs, and Heidi Standeven

Musical transport: Van Dyke Parks, Americana and the applied orientalism of Tokyo Rose, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward