Papers from 2015

Cultural frictions: ethical challenges facing Australian correspondents in Indonesia, Jeanti St Clair

2015 The International Journal of Communication Ethics 12:3/4 62-72.


Doing it for real: designing experiential journalism curricula that prepare students for the new and uncertain world of journalism work, Jeanti St Clair

2015 Coolabah 16 122-142.


Bad feelings, Elizabeth Stephens

2015 Australian Feminist Studies 30:85 273-282.


“Dead eyes open”: the role of experiments in Galvanic Reanimation in nineteenth-century popular culture, Elizabeth Stephens

2015 Leonardo 48:3 276-277.

Making monsters: bio-engineering and visual arts practice, Elizabeth Stephens

2015 Corporeality and culture: bodies in movement.

Australian Governance of Indigenous people: neo-liberal, social-conservative, social-democrat, or evidence-based?, Lester J. Thompson

2015 The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Civic and Political Studies 9:3-4 15-28.


Australian poverty: mental health and MAD policy in the age of laissez-faire self interest, Lester J. Thompson

2015 New Community 13:3 85-91.

Neoliberalism by stealth: exposing the flaw of neoliberal understandings of 'freedom', Lester J. Thompson and Jo Coghlan

2015 Social Alternatives 34:3 60-66.


A decade of change in Australia’s DBA landscape, Michelle Wallace, Cathy J. Byrne, Andrea Vocino, Terry Sloan, Simon J. Pervan, and Deborah Blackman

2015 Education and Training 57:1 31-47.


Introduction: education, intersectionality and social change, Lena Wånggren and Maja Milatovic

2015 Journal of Feminist Scholarship 7/8.

Papers from 2014


Sugar baby, Dallas J. Baker

2014 TEXT 18:1, special edn. 26.


The Burial, essay, Dallas J. Baker

2014 New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing 11:1 109-116.


University writing programs deliver, so let's turn the page, Dallas J. Baker, Donna Lee Brien, Jenn Webb, and Lynda Hawryluk

2014 The Conversation: academic rigour, journalistic flair.


#Hi Ray, J Batty, S Chua, Barry J. Hill, Matthew Hill, and R Larrieirve

2014 Vivid Festival of Light,Music & Ideas 2014.

Rejecting the secular: religious instruction in Queensland public schools, Cathy J. Byrne

2014 Secularisation: new historical perspectives.

Religion in secular education: what in heaven's name, are we teaching our children?, Cathy J. Byrne



Religious education, social inclusion and interreligious literacy in England and Australia, Cathy J. Byrne

2014 Journal for the Academic Study of Religion 27:2 153-177.


AgX, Grayson Cooke



Whither the Australian western? Performing genre and the archive in Outback and Beyond, Grayson Cooke

2014 Transformations 24.


Relocating a sense of place using the participatory Geoweb: the historical document database of the Métis nation of British Columbia, Jon M. Corbett, Mike Evans, Gabrielle Legault, and Zachary Romano

2014 International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research 6:1 24-38.

Clunes secret cellar, Moya Costello

2014 Sample Summer 2013/2014.

Harriet Chandler: a novella, Moya Costello


'The family regiment' and 'On the ironing board', Moya Costello

2014 Writing to the edge: prose poems and microfiction 50-51.


Succubus, short story, Gyps Curmi


Emily Floyd: the dawn, Jane Devery, Helen Hughes, and Wes Hill


Brighter lights on Capital Hill?: Speculations upon federal framing and policy analysis of indigenous issues, Deb Duthie, Lester J. Thompson, and David Wadley

2014 Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues 17:3 56-74.


Ensuring food security in the small islands of Maluku: a community genebank approach, Mike Evans and Semuel Leunufna

2014 Journal of Marine and Island Cultures 3:2 125-133.

De-colonizing research practice: indigenous methodologies, Aboriginal methods, and knowledge/knowing, Mike Evans, Adrian Miller, Peter Hutchinson, and Carlene Dingwall

2014 The Oxford handbook of qualitative research 179-191.

They think you're lying about your need: the impact of appearance on Aboriginal health and social service access, Mike Evans, Kasondra White, and Lawrence Berg

2014 The Canadian Journal of Native Studies 34:1 55-71.


Beyond my skin: medical scanning and imaging technologies and the spectral interior of ceramic sculpture, Fiona V. Fell

2014 Studio Research Journal 2 56-65.


Watershed, Fiona V. Fell

2014 Galeria Del Paranimf, University of Barcelona, Spain, 12-17 January.


'Halfway' Island: the creative expression of identity markers within the band from Rockall project, Jon Fitzgerald

2014 Shima 8:2 89-104.


Curating a regional, queer film festival, Akkadia Ford



Transliteracy and the new wave of gender-diverse cinema, Akkadia Ford

2014 Fusion Journal 005.


“The way all foster care should be”: the experience of therapeutic foster carers in the Victorian Circle Program, Margarita Frederico, Maureen Long, Patricia McNamara, and Lynne McPherson

2014 Children Australia 39:4 211-215.

The mental welfare of children: a history of child and adolescent mental health services in Queensland, Kate Gahan and Johanna Kijas



Aquarius and beyond: thinking through the counterculture, Robert Garbutt

2014 M/C Journal 17:6.


Fleshy academic literacy, Robert Garbutt and Meredith Kayess

2014 Fusion Journal 5.


Rhetoric and reality: critical perspectives on education in a 3D virtual world, Sue Gregory, Brent Greg, Denise Wood, Des Butler, Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou, Merle Hearns, Sarah de Freitas, Helen Farley, Ian Warren, Lisa Jacka, Frederick Stoke-Thompson, Robert Cox, Patricia Crowther, Clair Atkins, Marcus McDonald, Torsten Reiners, Lincoln Wood, Jenny Sims, Scott Grant, Chris Campbell, Mathew Hillier, Grant Meredith, Caroline Steel, Jay Jay Jegathesan, Jason Zagami, Suku Sukunesan, Belma Gaukrodger, Stefan Schutt, Karen Le Rossignol, Matthew Hill, Pete Rive, and Xiangyu Wang

2014 Rhetoric and reality: 2014 ASCILITE proceedings 279-289.


The power of the wave: activism rainbow region-style, Yvonne Hartman and Sandy Darab

2014 M/C Journal 17:6.


Negotiating 'negative capability': the role of place in writing for two Australian poets, Lynda Hawryluk

2014 Axon Journal.


Takarajima: a treasured island: exogeneity, folkloric identity and local branding, Philip Hayward and Sueo Kuwahara

2014 Journal of Marine and Island Cultures 3:1 20-30.


At the edge: heritage and tourism development in Vietnam’s Con Dao archipelago, Philip Hayward and Giang TH Tran

2014 Journal of Marine and Island Cultures 3:2 113-124.

Belonging, behaving, believing, becoming: religion and identity, Paul Hedges and Angela Coco

2014 Controversies in contemporary religion: education, law, politics, society and spirituality 163-190.

Connect: research report, Matthew Hill



Live music performance in virtual worlds: six musicians' experiences, Matthew Hill, Sarah Hartshorne, and Lisa Jacka

2014 IASPM-ANZ Conference 2013 23-32.

"That sounds hopeless!": conflict in collaborative music making, Matthew Hill, Barry J. Hill Dr, and R Walsh

2014 37th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia.


19th Biennale of Sydney, Wes Hill

2014 Frieze: contemporary art and culture 164.

Archie Moore in conversation with Wes Hill, Wes Hill

2014 Eyeline.


Associates: an interview with Damiano Bertoli, Wes Hill

2014 Das Superpaper 32 36-41.

Denise Rall, Wes Hill

2014 Clothing Cultures 1:2.


False Friends, essay, Wes Hill

2014 Archie Moore, False Friends exhibition.

Haris Epaminonda, Wes Hill

2014 Frieze 161.


In focus: Raafat Ishak, Wes Hill

2014 Frieze 163.


In focus: Raafat Ishak, Wes Hill

2014 Frieze: contemporary art and culture 163.


The outmoded in contemporary digital culture, Wes Hill

2014 Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia. Broadsheet 43:2.

Living things, Wes J. Hill


Burma to Coffs Harbour: food issues in regional refugee settlements, Mandy Hughes

2014 4th Regional Food Cultures and Networks Conference.


Editorial: reflecting on ethical questions and peer reviewing, Mark Hughes

2014 Australian Social Work 67:4 463-466.


LGBT people's knowledge of and preparedness to discuss end-of-life care planning options, Mark Hughes and Colleen M. Cartwright

2014 Health & Social Care in the Community 22:5 545-552.

An evaluation framework for the use of a personalised online learning environment in a social work program, Mark Hughes and Hilary Gallagher

2014 Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development Conference.

LGBTI seniors staying connected: loneliness and support among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people aged 50 and over in Australia, Mark Hughes and Sujay Kentlyn



Report of the survey of the health and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) older people in NSW, 2013-2014, Mark Hughes and Sujay Kentlyn



Maintaining the integrity of Indigenous knowledge: sharing Metis knowing through mixed methods, Peter Hutchinson, Carlene Dingwall, Donna Kurtz, Mike Evans, Gareth Jones, and Jon Corbett

2014 International Journal of Critical Indigenous Studies 7:1.


Carers' experiences when the person they have been caring for enters a residential aged care facility permanently: a systematic review protocol, J R. Jacobson, Judith Streak, Mark Hughes, and Jared Campbell

2014 JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports 12:9 2-11.


Ensuring food security in the small islands of Maluku: a community genebank approach, Semuel Leunufna and Mike Evans

2014 Journal of Marine and Island Cultures 3:2 125-133.

Chamber music recital, Paekakariki, live performance, Matthew Marshall and J Trimmer


Anita Heiss, Maja Milatovic

2014 The Literary Encyclopedia.


Cycles of violence: ancestral subtexts in Gayl Jones: Corregidora, Maja Milatovic

2014 Postcolonial Text: Special Issue: Situating Postcolonial Trauma Studies 9:2.


(Dis)placed bodies: revisiting sites of slavery in Octavia Butler’s kindred, Maja Milatovic

2014 The South Carolina Review: Special Issue: Locating African American Literature 46:2 115-125.


Fearless foremothers: matrilineal genealogies, (inter)subjectivity and survival in Margaret Walker's Jubilee, Maja Milatovic

2014 Limina 20:2 1-19.

Framing critical pedagogy as transformative practice, Maja Milatovic

2014 SCU Scholarship of teaching symposium.


Review of "Am I Black Enough For You?" by Anita Heiss, Bantam, Sydney, NSW, 2012, Maja Milatovic

2014 Transnational Literature 6:2.


The love of women, kind as well as cruel: feminist alliances and contested spaces in Audre Lorde's Zami: a new spelling of my name, Maja Milatovic

2014 Genero: Journal of Feminist Theory and Cultural Studies.

Spaces of possibility: pedagogy and politics in a changing institution, Maja Milatovic and Lena Wanggren

2014 The para-academic handbook: a toolkit for making-learning-creating-acting.


The wharfies' film unit, Lisa Milner

2014 Dictionary of Sydney.


From martyr to robo-nurse: the portrayal of Australian nurses on screen, Lisa Milner and Cathy Brigden

2014 Studies in Australasian Cinema 8:2-3 110-122.

Hip to be square: where the street meets academe, Annie K. Mitchell

2014 Relevance and reform in the education of professional musicians: Proceedings of the 20th International seminar of the ISME commission on the education of the professional musician 118-129.

Nurturing the olive tree: scaffolding jazz pedagogy through spiral curricula from conservatoire to community and classroom, Annie K. Mitchell

2014 Proceedings of the International Society for Music Education: 31st World Conference on Music Education 223-228.

Australia in the Asian century: a decolonizing and cosmopolitan perspective, Baden Offord

2014 Pacific and American Studies 14 47-60.


In the borderlands of belonging, Baden Offord

2014 Government Gazette.

Queer(y)ing illiberal pragmatism in Singapore, Baden Offord

2014 Cultural Studies Review 20:1 314-319.

Inside Australian culture: legacies of enlightenment values, Baden Offord, Erika Kerruish, Robert Garbutt, Kristen Pavlovic, and Adele Wessell



Making screen production work at the margins: path-dependent development in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Tom O'Regan and Susan Ward

2014 International Journal of Cultural Policy 20:2 186-201.

Dis(re)membering bodies: disability and self-constitution in Toni Morrison’s the bluest eye and octavia butler’s kindred, Aretha Phiri and Maja Milatovic

2014 Assembling identities 131-143.

Afterword: the military in contemporary fashion, Denise N. Rall

2014 Fashion and war in popular culture 177-179.

Costume and conquest: introducing a proximity framework for post-war impacts on textile and fashion, Denise N. Rall

2014 Fashion and war in popular culture 157-174.

Fashion and war in popular culture, Denise N. Rall


Overview, Denise N. Rall

2014 Fashion and war in popular culture 9-18.


The service environment in relationship-based practice: “it's like a community”, Elizabeth Reimer Dr

2014 Children Australia 39:1 25-33.


Using friendship to build professional family work relationships where child neglect is an issue: worker perceptions, Elizabeth Claire Reimer

2014 Australian Social Work 67:3 315-331.


Editorial: when time stands still, Cornelius Martin Renes

2014 Coolabah 14, When 'time stands still': remembering Pamela Dahl-Helm Johnston, Australian artist and academic, special edn..

Philip McLaren and the beginnings of the Indigenous-Australian crime novel, Cornelius Martin Renes

2014 Watershed: International Conference.


Reel Indigeneity: ten Canoes and its chronotopical politics of Ab/Originality, Cornelius Martin Renes

2014 Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies 28:6 850-861.


Wandering beneath the grace of clouds: an interview with Janie Conway-Herron, Maarten Renes and Janie Conway-Herron

2014 Text 18:1.

Antonio Boliva's on the edge of the fold: madness and extinction, Kim M. Satchell

2014 5th ASLEC-ANZ Biennial Conference.

Creative practice as pedagogy, Kim M. Satchell

2014 Cultural studies on the divide: pedagogies of cultural studies symposium.

Studies in coastal philosophy: surfing's soul and other cosmic concepts, Kim M. Satchell

2014 Byron Bay Surf Festival.

Higher education: creative practice as pedagogy, Kim M. Satchell and Adele Wessell

2014 SCU Scholarship of Teaching Symposium.


Interpretive practice and redifining meaning in Harry Potter, Jessica L. Seymour

2014 New Academia: An International Journal of English Language, Literature and Literacy Theory 3:3.