Papers from 2012


The sleeping camel hosts an Indian summer squall, Lynda Hawryluk

Numinous ambience: spirituality, dreamtimes and fantastic Aboriginality, Philip Hayward

Human machine music: an analysis of creative practices among Australian ‘live electronica’ musicians, Barry Hill and Jon Fitzgerald


Cathy Wilkes, Wes Hill

Das Institut, Wes Hill


Douglas Gordon: Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany, Wes Hill


Everything falls apart, part II, Wes Hill


On post-critical art, Wes Hill


Peter Tyndall, Wes Hill


Rivane Neuenschwander & Haegue Yang, Wes Hill

Sarah Ryan, Wes Hill

The curator as all-seeing god, Wes Hill

This is what i do, Wes Hill


Thomas Baldischwyler, Wes Hill

Tim Woodward, Wes Hill


Traumatised art objects: Carolyn Christov-Bakaagiev’s documenta [13], Wes Hill


Wes Hill in conversation with Andrew Harper, Wes Hill


Wes Hill in conversation with Joseph Breikers, Wes Hill

Wim Wenders, Wes Hill


The self-exclusion experience for problem gamblers in South Australia, Nerilee Hing and Elaine Nuske


Commentary on Lessons from American social work education: caution ahead (Karger, 2012), Mark Hughes

Towards the inquiry into aged care and beyond: the promise of a new era in LGBTI ageing in Australia, Mark Hughes


When work and family are in conflict: impact on psychological strain experienced by social workers in Australia, Parveen Kalliath, Mark Hughes, and Peter Newcombe


Benjamin’s shock and image: critical responses to hyperaesthetic culture, Erika Kerruish

Solo classical guitar recital, Rotorua, Kaitaia, Paekakariki, New Zealand, live performance, Matthew Marshall

Solo classical guitar recital, Taranaki Classical Guitar Society, live performance, Matthew Marshall

Solo classical guitar recital, University of Texas, Southern Utah University, live performance, Matthew Marshall

Voice and guitar recitals, Central Queensland University, live performance, Matthew Marshall and S Court

Missa Mexicana, chamber music recital, live performance, Matthew Marshall and The Tudor Consort

Natural knowledge, sea power and the decline of hemp cultivation in early modern England, Nick Mattingly

Cinema and community: a rural Australian case study, Lisa Milner


Moving forward with an action plan: political campaigning on the big screen, Lisa Milner

Strikes online: union films on YouTube, Lisa Milner

Hands-on learning, long-distance delivery: teaching media to dispersed tertiary students: a case study, Lisa Milner and Grayson Cooke


From bananas to biryani: the creation of Woolgoolga Curryfest as an expression of community, Lisa Milner and Mandy Hughes

Laying your cards on the table: representations of gambling in the media, Lisa Milner and Elaine Nuske


Paronella Park: the dreams continues, Annie Mitchell

Raising the bar, Annie Mitchell

Salmon swimming upstream: a cross-disciplinary online encounter about autoethnographic research and thesis writing, Nollie Nahrung and Stephen Rowe

Comments: Immigrants, refugees, citizenship, international migration to the Pacific Region, Baden Offord


A scholarly affair: activating cultural studies in the wilds of the knowledge economy, Baden Offord, Grayson Cooke, and Robert George Garbutt

Peace building education: enabling human rights and social justice through cultural studies pedagogy, Baden Offord and John Ryan

What would Kant think? testing the philosophy of ‘truth claims’ against search engine results, Denise N. Rall


Connecting silos: inviting art and science interactions, Amanda Jean Reichelt-Brushett and John Smith

Supporting children's rights though the service environment: a central role for staff at the periphery, Elizabeth Reimer

Alexis Wright’s fiction: Dreamtime narrative as resistance writing, Cornelius Martin Renes


Introduction, Cornelius Martin Renes

Kim Scott's storying, Cornelius Martin Renes

The blind spot in our postcolonial eyes, Cornelius Martin Renes

Living poetics, Kim M. Satchell

Poetic interventions, Kim M. Satchell

Regaining consciousness: a field guide, Kim M. Satchell

Rereading the country ontopoetic ethics for nomadic thought, Kim M. Satchell


Sing me Byron Bay, Kim M. Satchell

Surfing and ecology: in conversation, Kim M. Satchell

The poetics of abundance, Kim M. Satchell

Writing surfing, Kim M. Satchell

Harry Potter and the house-elf rebellion, Jessica Seymour

Clockwork, corsets and fabricated beasties: women and identity in YA steampunk, Jessica L. Seymour


Aboriginal organizational response to the need for culturally appropriate services in three small Canadian cities, Dixon Sookraj, Peter Hutchinson, Mike Evans, and Mary Ann Murphy


Anatomical imag(inari)es: the cultural impact of medical imaging technologies, Elizabeth Stephens

Geeks and gaffs: the queer legacy of the 1950s American freak show, Elizabeth Stephens

Heterosexuality: an unfettered capacity for degeneracy, Elizabeth Stephens


Sensation machine: film, phenomenology and the training of the senses, Elizabeth Stephens


The bad homosexual: Genet's perverse homo-politics, Elizabeth Stephens

The queer space of the freak show, Elizabeth Stephens

Narratives of Australia: compassion or brutality for those who need help, Lester J. Thompson

Exploring indigenous social attitudes and priorities in Australia, Lester J. Thompson, Bronwyn Fredericks, David Wadley, Clive Bean, and Maggie Walter

Dirtgirlworld: corporate social responsibility and ethical consumption in the world of children's television programming, Sue Ward

Fractured motherhood: the insanity of reproduction in Australia in the 1930s, Alison Watts


Having our cake and eating it too: a reading of royal wedding cakes, Adele Wessell

Papers from 2011


A good bloke, short story, Dallas Angguish

America divine: travels in the hidden south, Dallas Angguish

Cherry blossom bicycle crazy, Dallas Angguish


Creative and critical reflexivity: queer writing as an ethics of the self, Dallas J. Baker


Inscribing the queer: review of Elizabeth Stephens 'Queer writing: homoeroticism in Jean Genet's fiction', Dallas J. Baker

Queering practice-led research: subjectivity, creative practice and performative research, Dallas J. Baker


Queering practice-led research: subjectivity, creative practice and performative research and the creative arts, Dallas J. Baker

Studying for social work, Eileen Baldry, Mark Hughes, Linda Burnett, and Ian Collinson

Knowledge, power and decolonization: implication for non-indigenous scholars, researchers and educators, Soenke Biermann


Review of 'Higher education and social justice', by A Furlong & F Cartmel, Society for Research into Higher Education and Open University Press, Maidenhead, 2009. ISBN: 9780335223626, Soenke Biermann


Facilitiating ‘storied relationships to a place’: the capacity of the university to lead communities towards resilience through creative arts activities, Donna Lee Brien and Lynda Hawryluk

Chamber music recital, Judith, Stuart & Friends, (March), live performance, J Brown and Matthew Marshall

Chamber music recital, Judith, Stuart & Friends (September), live performance, J Brown and Matthew Marshall


Repercussions of uniqueness for the 21st century vocalist, Leigh Carriage


Tahitian choreo-musical performance on cruise ships: staged authenticity and postmodern tourism, David Cashman


Using communications theory to explore emergent organisation in Pagan culture, Angela Coco

The criminalisation of asylum seekers, Jo Coghlan

Western media and Indonesian politics: gender, religion and democracy: how the western media report Indonesian politics, Jo Coghlan

Freedom to lead: narrative and advocacy among Burmese women refugees on the Thai/Burma border, Janie Conway-Herron


What is happening is real, Janie Conway-Herron


White Australia's black history: writing Australian cultural sensitivities, Janie Conway-Herron


Ethical imaginations: writing worlds papers: the refereed proceedings of the 16th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs 2011, Byron, Bay, NSW, Janie P. Conway-Herron, Moya C. Costello, and Lynda Hawryluk


Liveness and the machine: improvisation in live audio-visual performance, Grayson Cooke

Outback and beyond: a live Australian western, live performance (audio visual), Grayson Cooke

Ashley Taylor Studio 1983, exhibition, Moya Costello

Why study writing at uni?, Moya Costello


Musical modernism in Brian May's Australian film scores, Rebecca Coyle and Michael Francis Hannan

The voice in which it is told: the importance of the human voice in life stories and folktales, Iris Curteis


Psychic wounds and the social structure: an empirical investigation, Sandy Darab and Yvonne A. Hartman