Papers from 2010


The Brian May Collection: two decades of screen composition manuscripts, Michael Hannan


The musician in creative and educational spaces of the 21st Century: Proceedings of the 18th International Seminar of the Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM),, Michael Francis Hannan


Valuing music composition in Australian feature film production, Michael Francis Hannan

Policy and the lifeworld: a comparative analysis, Yvonne A. Hartman and Sandy Darab


Writing workshops as cultural tourism: a case study and discussion on this evolving form of tourism, Lynda Hawryluk

Lust in space: science fiction themes and sex cinema (1960-82), Philip Hayward

Polar grooves: dance music and musicality in Happy Feet, Philip Hayward

Zero gravity: science fiction themed porn cinema and its soundtracks 1990-2010, Philip Hayward and Emil Stoichkov


The Sunflower project at Bluesfest 2013: the challenges of technocultural transformation and innovation in a 'Green Music' festival, Barry J. Hill

Human machine music, installation (interactive), Barry J. Hill and Joshua Batty


Gender and genre: situating Desperate Housewives, Lisa Hill

Basquiat notes: reflections on the career of artist Jean-Michael Basquiat, Wes Hill

Gilbert and George: Jack Freak pictures, Wes Hill

John Heartfield, Wes Hill


Katharina Fritsch, Wes Hill

Letter from Art Forum Berlin, Wes Hill

Lillian Bassman & Paul Himmel: retrospective, Wes Hill

Paul Graham: a retrospective, Wes Hill

Rineke Dijkstra, Wes Hill

Getting it right: an appraisal of the New South Wales government apology to the forgotten australians, Richard Hil, Nick Rose, and Gregory P. Smith

Storytelling, healing and the forgotten Australians, Richard Hil and Gregory P. Smith


Expectations of later life support among lesbian and gay Queenslanders, Mark Hughes

GLBTI people’s expectations about ageing and accessing services, Mark Hughes

Older people, ageing and social work: knowledge for practice, Mark Hughes and Karen Heycox

Diversity and older people’s care networks: research in progress, Mark Hughes and Sue Kentlyn


Concerto soloist, Guitar Concerto in D - Vivaldi, live performance, Matthew Marshall

Concerto soloist, Kapiti Concert Orchestra, live performance, Matthew Marshall

Solo recital, Academy of Performing Arts, Hamilton, live performance, Matthew Marshall

Solo recital, Paekakariki, live performance, Matthew Marshall

Solo recital, St. Peter's Music Festival, live performance, Matthew Marshall

Fridays at Five, chamber music recital, live performance, Matthew Marshall, E Sayers, R Mapp, M Medlyn, and B Greenfield

Concerto soloist with Anita Schwabe Trio, live performance, Matthew Marshall, Anita Schwabe, P Dyne, and R Seller


Lee Papa (ed.), Staged action: six plays from the American Workers' Theatre.(Book review), Lisa Milner

The Waterside Workers’ Cultural Committee, Lisa Milner


Bastardising the Waterfront Dispute: production and critical reception of the Bastard Boys mini-series, Lisa Milner and Rebecca Coyle


Education in practical music through group teaching, Annie Mitchell

Collaborations for Leadership and Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs) in the NHS in England, Susan Nancarrow

Balancing contradictions: the experiences of biological children of foster families, Elaine Nuske

Australian identity and belonging at a crossroads, Baden Offord

Darker shades of royal, Denise N. Rall


Locating four pathways to internet scholarship, Denise N. Rall

Women, craft and protest: yesterday and today, Denise N. Rall and Moya Costello


The personal is the professional: exploring barriers to genuineness in parent-family worker relationships, Elizabeth Reimer

Caught in-between: Mudrooroo's vexed deconstruction of Australianness, Cornelius Martin Renes


Sally Morgan: Aboriginal identity retrieved and performed within and without My Place, Cornelius Martin Renes

Uncommon inscriptions of well-being: writing Australia into My Place, Cornelius Martin Renes

Auto-choreography: animating sentient archives, Kim M. Satchell

Becoming-Ninja: heterodox, academic freedom and other fairy tales, Kim M. Satchell


THIS: message in a bottle to Jimmie Durham, Kim M. Satchell

Indolicious: sensuous scholarship in everyday life studies, Kim M. Satchell and Clifton Evers

Dha, sound recording (CD), Bobby Singh, Barry J. Hill, Cleis Pierce, Ben Walsh, Sukhi Singh, and Greg Sheehan


A sense of self and shame, Gregory P. Smith

A eulogy for Fisherman’s Village, John Smith


Queer memoir: public confession and/as sexual practice in Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's A Dialouge on Love, Elizabeth Stephens


Sex as a normalising technology: early-twentieth-century public sex education campaigns, Elizabeth Stephens


The pharmacopornographic subject: Beatrice Preciado’s testo junkie: sexe, drogue et biopolitique, Elizabeth Stephens

Venus in the archive: anatomical waxworks of the pregnant body, Elizabeth Stephens

Welfare colonialism and traditional culture: the case of child protection in the Solomon Islands, Lester J. Thompson and Richard Hil


Work is a human right: seeking asylum, seeking employment, Rosemary Webb


Making a pig of the humanities: re-centering the historical narrative, Adele Wessell


We are what we grow: reading a tastescape as a text of cultural history, Adele Wessell


Rewriting the menu: the cultural dynamics of contemporary food choices, Adele Wessell and Donna Lee Brien


Recipes for reading culinary heritage: Flora Pell and her cookery book, Adele Wessell and Alison Wishart

Papers from 2009

Reflections on being, and becoming, Métis in British Columbia, Jean Barman and Mike Evans

Collectivity as "muse": being public without a parachute, Maree Bracker


Zephyr, installation, Maree Bracker

Ludic action 1 and 2, artwork (digital), Darren Bryant

Barometers of institutional inflexibility: using the movement through timespace conceptualizations of Dervin’s sense-making methodology, Angela Coco

Understanding students’ reception of study materials: applying Dervin’s sense-making methodology, Angela Coco


The cosmeceutical face: time-fighting technologies and the archive, Grayson Cooke


We had faces then: Sunset Boulevard and the sense of the spectral, Grayson Cooke

At home in text on the coast, Moya Costello


Of lemon tarts: writing, culture, neoconservatism, Moya Costello

Reviving the corpus of Australian literature [review of Macquarie Pen Anthology of Australian Literature], Moya Costello

Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity, Rebecca Coyle

Hearing screen animation, Rebecca Coyle

'Now you blokes own the place': representations of Japanese culture in recent Australian cinema, Rebecca Coyle


Orchestrating the waterfront dispute: music and discourse in Bastard Boys, Rebecca Coyle


Thwack! hearing the motion in animation, Rebecca Coyle

Applying for government grants for ICT in Australia, Lynne De Weaver

Barriers to health and social service delivery for urban Aboriginal People in the Okanagan Valley, Mike Evans

BC Metis land use study and historical research into the presence of Metic in BC, Mike Evans

The historiography of a moving object: emerging understandings of the North American Metis: A book review of 'The long journey of a forgotten people: Metis identities and family histories' and 'The Western Metis: profile of a people', Mike Evans

The Metis of British Columbia: culture, tradition and the contemporary community, video recording, Mike Evans, J Corbett, S Foster, J Gervais, R Mann, P Hutchinson, Z Romano, and C Swanzey

Representation in participatory video: some considerations from research with Métis in British Columbia, Mike Evans, Stephen Foster, Jon Corbett, Erin Dolmage, Joanne Gervais, Raquel Mann, and Zachary Romano

The Prince George Metis Elders documentary project, installation (interactive video) (Philadelphia Crane Arts), Mike Evans, Stephen GH Foster, Craig Campbell, Anabelle Rodriguez, and Fiona McDonald

The Metis of BC: music and dance, video recording, Mike Evans, Stephen Foster, R Mann, J Gervais, and C Swanzey


Attitudinal divergence and the Tongan transnational system, Mike Evans, Paul Harms, and Colin Reid


Common insights, differing methodologies toward a fusion of indigenous methodologies, participatory action research, and white studies in an urban aboriginal research agenda, Mike Evans, Rachelle Hole, Lawrence D. Berg, Peter Hutchinson, and Dixon Sookraj

BC Metis research agenda: history and culture, DVD recording, Mike Evans, R Mann, and J Gervais


Creating those good vibrations: an analysis of Brian Wilson's US top 40 hits 1963–66, Jon Fitzgerald

Make ’em laugh, make ’em cry: the use of production music in Australian reality television series Nerds FC, Jon Fitzgerald

Inflamed: synthetic folk music and paganism in the island world of The Wicker Man, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

Outlier style: the Futuna sound and Vanuatu stringband music, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

The Prince George Metis Elders documentary project, installation (interactive video) (New Media Exhibition), Stephen GS Foster, Mike Evans, and Cheryl L'hirondelle


Social inclusion and local practices of belonging, Robert George Garbutt

Sound and music in Hammer’s vampire films, Michael Francis Hannan

The listening post, Yvonne A. Hartman

Sandalwood sunset, poetry, Lynda Hawryluk

The Imperial, poetry, Lynda Hawryluk