Papers from 2008


Behind the short story, Moya Costello


Murray Bail, The pages; Helen Garner, The spare room, Moya Costello


Your studio, your home ground, Moya Costello

Priscilla's performances: songs and national identifiers in Australian cinema, Rebecca Coyle

Spooked by sound: The Blair Witch Project, Rebecca Coyle

Texas chainsaws: audio effect and iconicity, Rebecca Coyle and Philip Hayward

Delivering more effective community consultation and support for regional ICT programs, Lynne De Weaver

Métis imposter: a review of Donald B Smith's 'Honoré Jaxon: prairie visionary', Mike Evans

Report of the 2007-2008 ASPF Grant to UBC for the enhancement of the UBC Okanagan summer Institute for Interdisciplinary Indigenous Graduate Studies, Mike Evans


Cultural safety symposium, DVD recording, Mike Evans, R Mann, and J Gervais

University based music theory education for aspiring popular music professionals: a contemporary Australian perspective, Jon Fitzgerald

Chosen and adopted: Fred Eaglesmith, female appreciation and Australian country music, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward


The living library: some theoretical approaches to a strategy for activating human rights and peace, Robert George Garbutt

Towards an ethics of location, Robert George Garbutt

Human rights and cultural studies: innovation through higher education equity support projects and community engagement, Robert George Garbutt and Baden Offord

Landscapes of exile: once perilous, now safe, Anna Haebich and Baden Offord


Chanteuse (Amanda Easton), Michael Francis Hannan

Creativity and the prosumer, Michael Francis Hannan

Editorial: Proceedings of the 17th International Seminar of the Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM), Michael Francis Hannan

Educating Australian screen composers, Michael Francis Hannan


Educating musicians for a lifetime of learning: Proceedings of the 17th International Seminar of the Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM), Spilamberto, Italy, 15-18 July, Michael Francis Hannan

Peter Sculthorpe: The making of an Australian composer (Graeme Skinner), Michael Francis Hannan

Preface, Michael Francis Hannan


Shadow dances (Slava Grigoryan plays works by Nigel Westlade), Michael Francis Hannan

Sound design in Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Michael Francis Hannan


Star chant (Ross Edwards’ Symphonies 1 and 4-Adelaide Symphony Orchestra), Michael Francis Hannan

The sound design in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Michael Francis Hannan

Two artistic interpretations of the Eliza Fraser exile narrative, Michael Francis Hannan

Unruly rules: guidelines for Australian practice-based doctorates in music, Michael Francis Hannan

Preface, Michael Francis Hannan and D Bennett


The hidden costs of injured dignity: an exploration of one effect of Workfare policies, Yvonne A. Hartman and Sandy Darab

The Indigenous experience of Australian civil society: making sense of historic and contemporary institutions, Victor Hart, Lester J. Thompson, and Terry Stedman


Taking the drop: surfing memoirs, blogging and identity, Lynda Hawryluk

Andy Warhol in Brisbane, Wes Hill

Editorial to democratic governance and Australian civil society, Richard Hil, Graham Maddox, Lester J. Thompson, and Rosemary Webb

Closed worlds: reflections on institutional care and child slavery in Australia, Richard Hil, J Penglase, and Gregory Smith


Hello to the new interventionism, Richard Hil and Lester J. Thompson


The great screw up and the case for intellectual self defence, Richard Hil and Lester J. Thompson


Challenging social work: the context of practice by Catherine McDonald, Mark Hughes


Imagined futures and communities: older lesbian and gay people’s narratives on health and aged care, Mark Hughes


Information placed in trust: older gay men and social workers on talking about sexual identity in aged care, Mark Hughes

Variations in community affiliation among older lesbians and gays: implications for service delivery, Mark Hughes


Using observation for reflective practice with older people, Mark Hughes and Karen Heycox

Role of the interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary team, Annette James, Geoffrey Mitchell, Michelle Bissett, Lee Zakrzewski, Anthony Wright, Susan Balandin, Michelle Lincoln, and Mark Hughes

Common values, culturally embedded multiculturalism and the necessary other, Erika Kerruish, Baden Offord, and V D'Cruz

Teaching shared values and social cohesion: the necessary other, Erika Kerruish, Baden Offord, and Vin D'Cruz


Silencing of voice: an act of violence. Urban Aboriginal women speak out about their experiences with health care, Donna LM Kurtz, Jesse C. Nyberg, Susan Van Den Tillaart, Buffy Mills, and Okanagan Urban Aboriginal Health Research Collective (OUAHRC)


General practitioners’ assessment of risk of violence in their practice results from a qualitative study, Parker Magin, Jon Adams, Elyssa Joy, Malcolm Ireland, Susan Heaney, and Sandy Darab


Violence in general practice: perceptions of cause and implications for safety, Parker Magin, Jon Adams, Elyssa Joy, Malcolm Ireland, Susan Heaney, and Sandy Darab

Soundwaves: navigating the challenges of musical direction and music training, Annie Mitchell


Economic development options for island states: the case of whale-watching, Brendan J. Moyle and Mike Evans

Activating human rights in education: exploration, innovation and transformation, Christopher James Newell and Baden Offord

Social work and human service practice, Ian O'Connor, Jill Wilson, Deborah Setterlund, and Mark Hughes

Introduction in 'Landscapes of exile: once perilous, now safe', Baden Offord

Landscapes of exile: once perilous, now safe, Baden Offord

Preface to the conference proceedings: walking the tightrope of being human, Baden Offord

Surfing towards Australian androgyny: Aussie bums on the beach, Baden Offord

Introduction in 'Activating human rights in education: exploration, innovation and transformation', Baden Offord and Christopher James Newell

Echoes of a not so mythical past: memories of race in Elizabeth Jolley’s The Well, Cornelius Martin Renes

The question of the identitarian opacity in postcolonial analysis, Cornelius Martin Renes


Whose new world? Derek Jarman's subversive vision of the tempest (1979), Cornelius Martin Renes


'Taxing taxis’ - limits and possibilities for regulating tax compliance behaviours of taxi-drivers: an Australian case study, Maarten Richard Rothengatter

In praise of surf spots, Kim M. Satchell

Reveries of the Solitary Islands: from sensuous geography to ecological sensibility, Kim M. Satchell

Anatomies of desire: female bodies in fin-de-siècle anatomical museums, Elizabeth Stephens

Flesh machines: self-making and the postmodern body, Elizabeth Stephens

Pathologizing male fluidity: spermatorrhoea and the treatment of male sexual disorders, Elizabeth Stephens

Redefining sexual excess as a medical disorder: Fin-de-Siecle representations of hysteria and spermatorrhoea, Elizabeth Stephens

From Indigenous cultural recognition to economic mainstreaming: a case study of Indigenous Australian communities, Lester J. Thompson and Richard Hil

From Indigenous cultural recognition to economic mainstreaming: a case study of Indigenous Australian communities, Lester J. Thompson and Richard Hil

'Australian values', Liberal traditions and Australian democracy: introductory considerations of government for contemporary civil society, Lester J. Thompson and John Stannard

International criminology: a critical introduction, Rob Watts, Judith Bessant, and Richard Hil

Climates of fear: precarious work and the erosion of care, Rosemary Webb


Conversations on the river: engaging students in community oral history projects, Adele Wessell

Papers from 2007


A web and room-based videoconference music teaching initiative, Alan Anderson and Jon Fitzgerald

Parental bereavement: from grief theory to a creative nonfiction perspective on grieving the death of a young adult child from cancer, Sandra Arnold, Walter John Woods, and Lynda Hawryluk

Lismore’s Living Library: building communities conversation by conversation, Sabina Baltruiweit, Shauna McIntyre, and Robert George Garbutt


Ethics, hegemonic whiteness, and the contested imagination of 'Aboriginal community' in social science research in Canada, Lawrence D. Berg; Mike Evans; Duncan Fuller; and Okanagan Urban Aboriginal Health Research Collective, Canada

Online and offline – an Australian pagan community of practice, Angela Coco


Tutor and teacher timescapes: lessons from a parent-teacher partnership, Angela Coco, Merrilyn Goos, Alex Kostogritz, and Lesley Jolly


Clients, colleagues or experts? defining identities in an action research project, Angela Coco, Catherine Varnier, and Chris Deftereos


Discourses of authenticity in a pagan community: the emergence of the ‘fluffy bunny’ sanction, Angela Coco and Ian Woodward


The importance of Thanaka: narrative and human rights in Burma, Janie Conway-Herron


Aporia Australis: lies and responsibility, Grayson Cooke

Signs of life: writing, information and the human constitution, Grayson Cooke

Harriet's historical makeover, Moya Costello


In the world under a soft cover, Moya Costello


Textuality, mutability and learning to write, Moya Costello

Daniel Goldmark, tunes for 'Toons: music and the Hollywood cartoon, Rebecca Coyle


Showing some fight: Kemira’s challenge to industrial relations, Rebecca Coyle and Lisa Milner

Transition to university: female students' coping mechanisms, Sandy Darab


How the WorkChoices and Welfare to Work reforms are affecting people in one region of New South Wales: preliminary findings, Sandy Darab and Yvonne A. Hartman


Autochthony/Localization/Aboriginality and island peoples in world system, Mike Evans

'Leaving paradise: indigenous Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest, 1787-1898', by Jean Barman and Bruce McIntyre Watson, Mike Evans

Review of 'We know who we are: Metis identity in a Montana community' by MH Foster, University of Oklahoma Press, 2006, ISBN: 9780806137056, Mike Evans

Sandalwood, markets, and super-ordinate kin: property, propriety, and ecology in contemporary Tonga, Mike Evans

Black pop songwriting 1963-1966: an analysis of US top forty hits by Cooke, Mayfield, Stevenson, Robinson, and Holland-Dozier-Holland, Jon Fitzgerald

Tertiary popular music studies in the 21st century: some perspectives from eastern Australia and eastern Canada, Jon Fitzgerald

Communities: a review article, Robert George Garbutt

Community engagement: innovation through Higher Education Equity Support projects, Robert George Garbutt and Baden Offord