Papers from 2009

The Prince George Metis Elders documentary project, installation (interactive video) (New Media Exhibition), Stephen GS Foster, Mike Evans, and Cheryl L'hirondelle


Social inclusion and local practices of belonging, Robert George Garbutt

Sound and music in Hammer’s vampire films, Michael Francis Hannan

The listening post, Yvonne A. Hartman

Sandalwood sunset, poetry, Lynda Hawryluk

The Imperial, poetry, Lynda Hawryluk

The sky is darker at night, poetry, Lynda Hawryluk


The sliding scale of celebrity authorship: three writers face their adoring (and otherwise) public with very different results, Lynda Hawryluk

Play School keeps it real, Lisa Hill


Linking analysis and creation: an improvised study, Matthew Hill


Art 39 Basel, Wes Hill

Jeff Koons in the palace, Wes Hill


Jeremy Deller: from one revolution to another, Wes Hill

Mangareva: Pantheon of Polynesia, Wes Hill


Michael Sailstorfer: no light, Wes Hill

Tim Woodford in coversation with Wesley Hill, Wes Hill


Indicators of community cohesion in an Australian country town, Louise Holdsworth and Yvonne A. Hartman

Imagined futures and communities: older lesbian and gay people’s narratives on health and aged care, Mark Hughes


Lesbian and gay people's concerns about ageing and accessing services, Mark Hughes


Social work practice with older lesbians and gay men by Ann Fannin, Lee-Ann Fenge, Christina Hicks, Nichola Lavin and Keith Brown, Mark Hughes


Diversity and ageing, Mark Hughes, Elizabeth Ozanne, and Christine Bigby

Advocacy: an overarching approach, Mark Hughes and Jill Wilson

Work-family balance: a contemporary challenge for social workers, Parveen Kallaith, Mark Hughes, and Peter Newcombe

Work-family conflict and enrichment among Australian social workers: an assessment of the direct and moderation effects, Parveen Kallaith, Peter Newcombe, and Mark Hughes


Interpreting feeling: Nietzsche on the emotions and the self, Erika Kerruish

Solo classical guitar performances: Arts on Tour New Zealand, live performance, Matthew Marshall


Still life with guitar, sound recording (CD), Matthew Marshall


Kenny and Australian cinema in the Howard era, Lisa Milner


Kenny: the evolution of the battler figure in Howard's Australia, Lisa Milner


Androgynous ethical intervention and living history, Baden Offord

The queer(y)ing of Australian public culture discourse: activism, rights discourse and survival strategies, Baden Offord


Echoes of a not so mythical past: memories of race in Elizabeth Jolley's The Well, Cornelius Martin Renes


Elizabeth Jolley’s The Well: fathoming postcolonial depths in the female gothic, Cornelius Martin Renes

Historical f(r)iction: the reconciliation of Australianness to its colonial past, Cornelius Martin Renes

Ten canoes and the reel representation of Aboriginality, Cornelius Martin Renes

The Bird, live performance, Bobby Singh, Barry J. Hill, Ben Walsh, and Simon Durrington

Fisherman's Village, John Smith


Coining spermatorrhoea: medicine and male body fluids, 1836-1866, Elizabeth Stephens

Queer monsters: technologies of self-transformation in Bulwer's Anthropometamorphosis and Braidotti's Metamorphoses, Elizabeth Stephens

Queer writing homoeroticism in Jean Genet's fiction, Elizabeth Stephens

On-line environments and the promotion of professional competencies, Lester J. Thompson


Disrupting the new orthodoxy: emergency intervention and Indigenous social policy, Lester J. Thompson and Richard Hil

The development of practice wisdom in social work proto-professionals: a taxonomy for explicit contextual learning, Lester J. Thompson and Malcolm R. Pumpa


Appreciable injury to health - confronting health and safety in Australia’s workplaces during the first half of the twentieth century, Rosemary Webb

Sharing knowledge, sharing experience, sharing power, Glenn Woods and Soenke Biermann

Papers from 2008


Hoby Belflower, short story, Dallas Angguish

Return of the eunuch: gender disobedience as a path to awakening in Buddhist tantra, Dallas J. Baker

Inside, outside, downside up : conservatoire training and musicians' work, Dawn Bennett and Michael Francis Hannan

Evidence-based practices with families experiencing neglect, M Berry and Elizabeth Reimer

Being human in the classroom: human rights education and indigenous pedagogy, Soenke Biermann

Found in translation: differences, tolerance and enriching diversity, Soenke Biermann

Indigenous pedagogies and environmental education: starting a conversation, Soenke Biermann

Indigenous pedagogy as a force for change, Soenke Biermann and Marcelle Townsend-Cross


Kindle, installation, Maree Bracker


Libation, installation, Maree Bracker


Raft, installation, Maree Bracker


Southern Cross welcomes Katie Noonan, Leigh Carriage

Gender: Pagan style, Angela Coco


Online and offline – locating a pagan community, Angela Coco

Paganism and commercialisation, Angela Coco


Pagans online and offline: locating community in post-modern times, Angela Coco

Using sense-making methodology in religion studies, Angela Coco

This whispering in my heart, Janie Conway-Herron

Re-placement : a national anthology of creative writing from universities across Australia, Janie Conway-Herron, Moya Costello, and Victor Marsh


Effacing the face: botox and the anarchivic archive, Grayson Cooke


Behind the short story, Moya Costello


Murray Bail, The pages; Helen Garner, The spare room, Moya Costello


Your studio, your home ground, Moya Costello

Priscilla's performances: songs and national identifiers in Australian cinema, Rebecca Coyle

Spooked by sound: The Blair Witch Project, Rebecca Coyle

Texas chainsaws: audio effect and iconicity, Rebecca Coyle and Philip Hayward

Delivering more effective community consultation and support for regional ICT programs, Lynne De Weaver

Métis imposter: a review of Donald B Smith's 'Honoré Jaxon: prairie visionary', Mike Evans

Report of the 2007-2008 ASPF Grant to UBC for the enhancement of the UBC Okanagan summer Institute for Interdisciplinary Indigenous Graduate Studies, Mike Evans


Cultural safety symposium, DVD recording, Mike Evans, R Mann, and J Gervais

University based music theory education for aspiring popular music professionals: a contemporary Australian perspective, Jon Fitzgerald

Chosen and adopted: Fred Eaglesmith, female appreciation and Australian country music, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward


The living library: some theoretical approaches to a strategy for activating human rights and peace, Robert George Garbutt

Towards an ethics of location, Robert George Garbutt

Human rights and cultural studies: innovation through higher education equity support projects and community engagement, Robert George Garbutt and Baden Offord

Landscapes of exile: once perilous, now safe, Anna Haebich and Baden Offord


Chanteuse (Amanda Easton), Michael Francis Hannan

Creativity and the prosumer, Michael Francis Hannan

Editorial: Proceedings of the 17th International Seminar of the Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM), Michael Francis Hannan

Educating Australian screen composers, Michael Francis Hannan


Educating musicians for a lifetime of learning: Proceedings of the 17th International Seminar of the Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM), Spilamberto, Italy, 15-18 July, Michael Francis Hannan

Peter Sculthorpe: The making of an Australian composer (Graeme Skinner), Michael Francis Hannan

Preface, Michael Francis Hannan


Shadow dances (Slava Grigoryan plays works by Nigel Westlade), Michael Francis Hannan

Sound design in Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Michael Francis Hannan


Star chant (Ross Edwards’ Symphonies 1 and 4-Adelaide Symphony Orchestra), Michael Francis Hannan

The sound design in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Michael Francis Hannan

Two artistic interpretations of the Eliza Fraser exile narrative, Michael Francis Hannan

Unruly rules: guidelines for Australian practice-based doctorates in music, Michael Francis Hannan

Preface, Michael Francis Hannan and D Bennett


The hidden costs of injured dignity: an exploration of one effect of Workfare policies, Yvonne A. Hartman and Sandy Darab

The Indigenous experience of Australian civil society: making sense of historic and contemporary institutions, Victor Hart, Lester J. Thompson, and Terry Stedman


Taking the drop: surfing memoirs, blogging and identity, Lynda Hawryluk

Andy Warhol in Brisbane, Wes Hill

Editorial to democratic governance and Australian civil society, Richard Hil, Graham Maddox, Lester J. Thompson, and Rosemary Webb