Papers from 2011

Inventing the healthy body: the use of popular discourses in public anatomical exhibitions, Elizabeth Stephens

2011 The body divided: human beings and human ‘material’ in modern medical history 223-238.

Touching bodies: tact/ility in nineteenth-century medical photographs and models, Elizabeth Stephens

2011 Bodies, sex and desire from the renaissance to the present 87-102.


Ethical considerations for international social work and humanitarian work, Lester J. Thompson

2011 New Community Quarterly 9:33 29-33.

Perceptions about traditional culture in the Solomon Islands and their potential for assisting in the protection of vulnerable children, Lester J. Thompson and Dan Baschiera

2011 International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 6:2 79-97.

Child protection consultation in the Solomon Islands, capacity building or welfare colonialism, Lester J. Thompson, Catherine Koerner, and Aaron Olofia

2011 Directions and intersections: Proceedings of the 2011 Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association and Indigenous Studies Research Network Joint Conference.


Theoretical considerations regarding social work education: do ethics matter and if so how do you teach them?, Lester J. Thompson and Malcolm R. Pumpa

2011 Proceedings of the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) Conference.

Mother's interrupted: puerperal insanity in early twentieth century Australia, Alison Watts

2011 Mothers at the margins, sixth International Conference on Motherhood.

Mothers interrupted: puerperal insanity in early twentieth century, Australia, Alison Watts

2011 School of Arts and Social Sciences HDR Colloquium, Southern Cross University.


Labour biography on screen: the case of Freda Brown, Rosemary Webb and Lisa Milner

2011 Labour history and its people: papers from the twelfth National Labour History Conference 191-203.


Dairy chains: consumer foodways and agricultural landscapes, Adele Wessell

2011 Coolabah:5 251-260.


From 'training in citizenship and home-making' to 'plating up': writing Australian cookbooks for younger readers, Adele Wessell and Donna Lee Brien

2011 The ethical imaginations: writing worlds papers - the refereed proceedings of the 16th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs 1-11.

Papers from 2010


Bubbles, short story, Dallas Angguish

2010 Polari Journal 1.


Irezumi, short story, Dallas Angguish

2010 Polari Journal 2.


Word of mouth, poetry, Dallas Angguish

2010 Text 14:2.


Monstrous fairytales: towards an Écriture Queer, Dallas J. Baker

2010 Colloquy: Text Theory Critique 20 79-103.

Cultural studies in action: principled socially inclusive pedagogy and higher education equity projects, Soenke Biermann, Robert George Garbutt, and Baden Offord

2010 Learning, teaching and social justice in higher education 85-99.


Pig: a scholarly view, Donna Lee Brien and Adele Wessell

2010 M/C Journal 13:5.


A ‘ruined or fractured’ sublime: voice, identity and agency in reading and writing the gothic/noir in subtropical regional Australia, Tessa Chudy, Nell Cook, and Moya Costello

2010 Strange bedfellows or perfect partners papers: the refereed proceedings of the 15th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs.

Beneath the grace of clouds, novel, Janie Conway-Herron



Appearing to act younger: the face of Avon, Grayson Cooke

2010 Transformations:18.


De-inter-facement:'s portraits of second life avatars, Grayson Cooke

2010 Convergence: the journal of research into new media technologies 16:4 395-410.

Outback and beyond: live media as live research, Grayson Cooke

2010 A scholarly affair: National conference of the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia 55-61.


Start making sense: live audio-visual media performance, Grayson Cooke

2010 International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 6:2 193-208.


sweet as . . ., multimedia photographic exhibition, Grayson Cooke

2010 Queenland Arts Council's Ontour onexhibition program.

Cor/respondence, Melanie Vanaria Jamieson: Trash and Treasure, Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore, NSW, 4 September - 2 October 2010, exhibition, Moya Costello



'The drink has called it into being': a year in a wine column, Moya Costello

2010 Text special issue, no. 9.

Are you there?, Rebecca Coyle

2010 Virtual encounters: Paula Dawson - holograms.

Introduction: Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity, Rebecca Coyle

2010 Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity 1-22.

Memory Theatre 1, Rebecca Coyle

2010 Virtual encounters: Paula Dawson - holograms.


Point of audition: sound and music in Cloverfield, Rebecca Coyle

2010 Science Fiction Film and Television 3:2 217-238.

Disney does Broadway: musical storytelling in The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, Rebecca Coyle and Jon Fitzgerald

2010 Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity 223-248.

DreamWorking Wallace & Gromit: musical thematics in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Rebecca Coyle and Peter Morris

2010 Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity 191-208.

Storytelling: the hindrance of holding a raw egg: storytelling and the liminal space, Iris Curteis

2010 Local-Global: Identity, Security, Community 7 150-162.


The role of informal networks in providing effective work opportunities for people with an intellectual disability, Michelle Donelly, A Hillman, RJ Stancliffe, M Knox, Louise Whitaker, and T R. Parmenter

2010 Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation 36:2 227-237.

Here there are Metis: BC Metis land use study and historical research into the presence of Metis in BC, Mike Evans

2010 UBC Okanagan/MNBC Research Agenda Team.


A case of geocide: the political and cartographic erasure of the Island Cache (British Columbia), Mike Evans and Stephen Foster

2010 Shima: the International Journal of Research into Island Cultures 4:2 88-97.


Outskirts of flame, installation (performance art), Fiona V. Fell

2010 Outskirts of flame, Broken Hill art exchange.

Select and save a collaboration, exhibition, Fiona V. Fell and Llyndal Adams

2010 The McNaughton Focus Gallery, Tweed Heads, NSW, 25 June - 8 August.

Resilient appliances: music sound image and narrative in The Brave Little Toaster, Jon Fitzgerald and Philip Hayward

2010 Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity 160-173.

The Prince George Metis Elders documentary project, installation (interactive video), Stephen GS Foster, Mike Evans, and Andrew Connors



The Clearing: Heidegger's Lichtung and The Big Scrub, Robert George Garbutt

2010 Cultural Studies Review 16:1.


The Brian May Collection: two decades of screen composition manuscripts, Michael Hannan

2010 Screen Sound 1.


The DIY learning revolution in music, Michael Hannan

2010 29th World Conference of the International Society for Music Education 80-83.


The musician in creative and educational spaces of the 21st Century: Proceedings of the 18th International Seminar of the Commission for the Education of the Professional Musician (CEPROM),, Michael Francis Hannan



Valuing music composition in Australian feature film production, Michael Francis Hannan

2010 Proceedings of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM): Instruments for Change Conference 34-37.

Policy and the lifeworld: a comparative analysis, Yvonne A. Hartman and Sandy Darab

2010 Performing policy: the everyday experience of social policy symposium.


Writing workshops as cultural tourism: a case study and discussion on this evolving form of tourism, Lynda Hawryluk

2010 The Strange Bedfellows or Perfect Partners Papers: the refereed proceedings of the 15th conference of the Australasian Association of Writing Programs.

Lust in space: science fiction themes and sex cinema (1960-82), Philip Hayward

2010 Earogenous zones: sound, sexuality and cinema 102-124.

Polar grooves: dance music and musicality in Happy Feet, Philip Hayward

2010 Drawn to sound: animation film music and sonicity 90-103.

Zero gravity: science fiction themed porn cinema and its soundtracks 1990-2010, Philip Hayward and Emil Stoichkov

2010 Earogenous zones: sound, sexuality and cinema 125-139.


The Sunflower project at Bluesfest 2013: the challenges of technocultural transformation and innovation in a 'Green Music' festival, Barry J. Hill

2010 PopCAANZ 4th Annual International Conference.

Human machine music, installation (interactive), Barry J. Hill and Joshua Batty

2010 New Interfaces for Musical Expression.


Gender and genre: situating Desperate Housewives, Lisa Hill

2010 Journal of Popular Film and Television 38:4 162-169.

Basquiat notes: reflections on the career of artist Jean-Michael Basquiat, Wes Hill

2010 Art Monthly Australia 236 17-19.

Gilbert and George: Jack Freak pictures, Wes Hill

2010 Photofile 88.

John Heartfield, Wes Hill

2010 Photofile 88.


Katharina Fritsch, Wes Hill

2010 Eyeline 72.

Letter from Art Forum Berlin, Wes Hill

2010 Art Monthly Australia 227.

Lillian Bassman & Paul Himmel: retrospective, Wes Hill

2010 Photofile 89.

Paul Graham: a retrospective, Wes Hill

2010 Photofile 91 76-77.

Rineke Dijkstra, Wes Hill

2010 Photofile 90.

Getting it right: an appraisal of the New South Wales government apology to the forgotten australians, Richard Hil, Nick Rose, and Gregory P. Smith

2010 Surviving care: achieving justice and healing for the forgotten Australians 101-122.

Storytelling, healing and the forgotten Australians, Richard Hil and Gregory P. Smith

2010 Surviving care: achieving justice and healing for the forgotten Australians 47-64.


Expectations of later life support among lesbian and gay Queenslanders, Mark Hughes

2010 Australasian Journal on Ageing 29:4 161-166.

GLBTI people’s expectations about ageing and accessing services, Mark Hughes

2010 Climate for change: ageing into the future: International Federation on Ageing 10th Global Conference.

Older people, ageing and social work: knowledge for practice, Mark Hughes and Karen Heycox


Diversity and older people’s care networks: research in progress, Mark Hughes and Sue Kentlyn

2010 Doing diversity: 7th National GLBTI Health in Difference Conference.


Same place, different views: exploring the Wilsons River story sites community history project, Johanna Kijas

2010 The Public Historian 32:2 51-60.


Concerto soloist, Guitar Concerto in D - Vivaldi, live performance, Matthew Marshall


Concerto soloist, Kapiti Concert Orchestra, live performance, Matthew Marshall


Solo recital, Academy of Performing Arts, Hamilton, live performance, Matthew Marshall


Solo recital, Paekakariki, live performance, Matthew Marshall


Solo recital, St. Peter's Music Festival, live performance, Matthew Marshall


Fridays at Five, chamber music recital, live performance, Matthew Marshall, E Sayers, R Mapp, M Medlyn, and B Greenfield


Concerto soloist with Anita Schwabe Trio, live performance, Matthew Marshall, Anita Schwabe, P Dyne, and R Seller



Lee Papa (ed.), Staged action: six plays from the American Workers' Theatre.(Book review), Lisa Milner

2010 Labour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History 98 272-273.

The Waterside Workers’ Cultural Committee, Lisa Milner

2010 Radical Sydney : places, portraits and unruly episodes 273-278.


Bastardising the Waterfront Dispute: production and critical reception of the Bastard Boys mini-series, Lisa Milner and Rebecca Coyle

2010 Communication, Politics & Culture 43:1 143-164.


Education in practical music through group teaching, Annie Mitchell

2010 29th World Conference of the International Society for Music Education 151-154.

Balancing contradictions: the experiences of biological children of foster families, Elaine Nuske

2010 Children Australia 35:3 32-37.

Australian identity and belonging at a crossroads, Baden Offord

2010 Change, conflict and convergence: Austral-Asian scenarios 44-52.

Darker shades of royal, Denise N. Rall

2010 Embellish 1:2 36-37.


Locating four pathways to internet scholarship, Denise N. Rall

2010 Cultural Science 3:2.

Women, craft and protest: yesterday and today, Denise N. Rall and Moya Costello

2010 Australian Folklore: A Yearly Journal of Folklore Studies:25 79-96.


The personal is the professional: exploring barriers to genuineness in parent-family worker relationships, Elizabeth Reimer

2010 Proceedings of Building a child friendly Australia: responding to vulnerable familes: Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies Conference.

Caught in-between: Mudrooroo's vexed deconstruction of Australianness, Cornelius Martin Renes

2010 34th AEDEAN Conference.


Sally Morgan: Aboriginal identity retrieved and performed within and without My Place, Cornelius Martin Renes

2010 Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense 18 77-90.

Uncommon inscriptions of well-being: writing Australia into My Place, Cornelius Martin Renes

2010 Strokes across cultures: the 15th Triennial ACLALS Conference.

Auto-choreography: animating sentient archives, Kim M. Satchell

2010 Cultural Studies Review 16:1 104-118.

Becoming-Ninja: heterodox, academic freedom and other fairy tales, Kim M. Satchell

2010 A Scholarly Affair: Cultural Studies Association of Australasia National Conference.


THIS: message in a bottle to Jimmie Durham, Kim M. Satchell

2010 Performance Paradigm 6 53-65.

Indolicious: sensuous scholarship in everyday life studies, Kim M. Satchell and Clifton Evers

2010 International Conference: Food for thought.

Dha, sound recording (CD), Bobby Singh, Barry J. Hill, Cleis Pierce, Ben Walsh, Sukhi Singh, and Greg Sheehan



A sense of self and shame, Gregory P. Smith

2010 Proceedings of TASA Conference 2010: Social causes, private lives: the Australian Sociological Association Annual Conference.

A eulogy for Fisherman’s Village, John Smith

2010 Halfway house: the poetics of Australian spaces.


Queer memoir: public confession and/as sexual practice in Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's A Dialouge on Love, Elizabeth Stephens

2010 Australian Humanities Review 48.


Sex as a normalising technology: early-twentieth-century public sex education campaigns, Elizabeth Stephens

2010 Psychology & Sexuality 1:3 262-274.


The pharmacopornographic subject: Beatrice Preciado’s testo junkie: sexe, drogue et biopolitique, Elizabeth Stephens

2010 Polari Journal 2.

Venus in the archive: anatomical waxworks of the pregnant body, Elizabeth Stephens

2010 Australian Feminist Studies 25:64 133-145.

Welfare colonialism and traditional culture: the case of child protection in the Solomon Islands, Lester J. Thompson and Richard Hil

2010 New Community Quarterly 8:3 37-43.