Papers from 2005

Conserving emergent technologies: analysis and application of compositional methodologies at the intersection, Matthew Hill

Music analysis and the challenges presented by music production, Matthew Hill

Music creation, music analysis and new technologies: recasting old forms, Matthew Hill

Wilkins Hill: around the horseshoe, Wes Hill and Wendy Wilkins


Promoting reflective practice with older people: learning and teaching strategies, Mark Hughes and Karen Heycox

Flow: an installation by Liz Stops, Marko Koludrovic


After hours care: a qualitative study of GPs' perceptions of risk of violence and effect on service provision, Parker Magin, Jon Adams, Malcolm Ireland, Susan Heaney, and Sandy Darab

In search of the lost chord: reclaiming the element of harmony in contemporary music, Annie Mitchell

Creativity, place and growth, Baden Offord


Towards a principled exposure of sexuality, Baden Offord

A method in the madness? the claims for 'truth' in search engine results, Denise N. Rall

Exploring the range of disciplinary backgrounds of internet scholars participating in AoIR meetings, 2000-2002, Denise N. Rall

What the *&^!$# is internet research? and how the ^*#$# does it work?, Denise N. Rall

Family services assisting families and schools towards genuine partnership, Elizabeth Reimer

Show me the money: preparing your application for the Early Intervention Program EOI, Elizabeth Reimer

Submission to the NSW Attorney General’s Department Aboriginal Child Sexual Assault Taskforce, Elizabeth Reimer

Submission to the NSW Department of Education Innovation in Education consultation, Elizabeth Reimer


Social networks and tax (non-) compliance in a multicultural nation: emerging themes from a focus-group study among ethnic minorities in Australia, Maarten Richard Rothengatter


Sticks, carrots or sermons?: improving voluntary tax compliance among migrant small-business entrepreneurs of a multi-cultural nation, Maarten Richard Rothengatter

Booralee: the lost fishing village of Botany, John Smith


Fisherman's village: cultural heritage and a multi-layered art and information strategy, John Smith

Professional change agents and practice wisdom: developing rich learning environments which promote capability, confidence and commitment, Lester J. Thompson

Quasi-market irrationality in welfare servicing: the case of remote Indigenous housing, Lester J. Thompson

The social construction of the need for housing intervention into remote Indigenous communities: implications for social change in an era of mutual obligation, Lester J. Thompson


Dusting the lungs: environmental health and safety in sewers, printeries and mines, Rosemary Webb

You could go to the Trades Hall and meet organisers: labour precincts and labour women in interwar Sydney, Rosemary Webb

Papers from 2004

Arrythmia, Dallas Angguish


Entelechy, installation, Maree Bracker


Forensic silence, installation, Maree Bracker


Hurd, installation, Maree Bracker

Anthem, sound recording (CD), Leigh Carriage


Until, sound recording (CD), Leigh Carriage

Syncopated rhythms - the time factor in government/university/community partnerships, Angela Coco


History and habit in the mobilisation of ICT resources, Angela Coco and Patricia Short

Country folk: the 'voices' of John Williamson and Sara Storer, Rebecca Coyle


Light from shadow: the legacy of Chiaroscuro in spacial imaging, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia, 22 October - 29 November 2003, Rebecca Coyle

Pop goes the sound track, Rebecca Coyle

Sound and music in the Mad Max trilogy, Rebecca Coyle

Sweet sounds soundscapes project, sound recording, Rebecca Coyle

Bazza's bawdy ballads...and other aspects of the Barry McKenzie film musics, Rebecca Coyle and Michael Francis Hannan

Time and study: Open Foundation female students' integration of study with family, work and social obligations, Sandy Darab


New evidence and revised interpretations of early agriculture in Highland New Guinea, Tim Denham, Simon Haberle, and Carol J. Lentfer


Ethics, anonymity, and authorship on community centred research or anonymity and the Island Cache, Mike Evans

A brief history of the short life of the Island Cache, Mike Evans and Lisa Krebs

Crossfire: an Australian jazz-rock fusion journey, Jon Fitzgerald

White on white: surveying the boundaires of local whiteness, Robert George Garbutt

Home, school and community partnerships to support children’s numeracy, Merrilyn Goos, Daniel Lincoln, Angela Coco, Sandra Frid, Peter Galbraith, Marj Horne, Lesley Jolly, Alex Kostogritz, Tom Lowrie, Patricia Short, and Mohammad Ghoam

Creating soundscapes for 'The Flood', Michael Francis Hannan

Creative arts practice as research: a case study of 'The Flood', Michael Francis Hannan

Industry-based training in the Academy, Michael Francis Hannan


Line songs (The Cathedral Band), Michael Francis Hannan

Music for The Floodm sound recording , Michael Francis Hannan

Preparing musicians for the commercial music industry: an Australian case study, Michael Francis Hannan


Solar Max: music from the film (Nigel Westlake), Michael Francis Hannan

The flood : for 6 actor/singers, choir, instrumental ensemble, percussion ensemble and movers, notated music, Michael Francis Hannan

The Flood: writing a music theatre work for the people of Lismore, Michael Francis Hannan

Ambient soundscapes in Bladerunner, Michael Francis Hannan and Melissa Carey

Beespeak : for trumpet and digital manipulation, notated music, Michael Francis Hannan, M Deacon, and S Tinkler

Privacy in aged care, Mark Hughes


Privacy in aged care, Mark Hughes


Privacy, sexual identity and aged care, Mark Hughes

Queer ageing and social work, Mark Hughes

Promoting reflective practice with older people: learning and teaching strategies, Mark Hughes and Karen Heycox

Social work students’ attitudes toward older people, Mark Hughes and Karen Heycox


Fighting through their filmwork: the Waterside Workers’ Federation Film Unit, Lisa Milner

Jazz on the far north Queensland resort circuit: a musician's perspective, Annie Mitchell

Because children matter: making a case for addressing child poverty in Australia, J O'Brien and Elizabeth Reimer

After Farid ud-Din Attar: a conference of the birds, Baden Offord

Disability rights, pedagogy and the ethical intervention, Baden Offord

Landscapes of exile and narratives on the trauma of belonging, Baden Offord

Teaching into and across culture: Australia/Asia, Baden Offord, Robert Kostevc, and Leon Cantrell


Reply to Douglas Kellner's '9/11, Spectacles of terror and media manipulation' in Critical Discourse Studies, 1, 41-64), James Page


Locating internet research methods within five qualitative research traditions, Denise N. Rall

UnitingCare Burnside House of Representatives Family and Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into child custody arrangements in the event of family separation, Elizabeth Reimer

UnitingCare Burnside submission to the Federal Senate Inquiry into Poverty and Financial Hardship, Elizabeth Reimer

The place of social justice in strengths-based work, Elizabeth Reimer and Dianne Nixon


Fictional fears and guarded facts: an experience in writing a ficto-historical novel, Maria Simms

Putting the past into the future: re-collecting oral history as a community investment, John Smith


The politics of the skin: an interview with Wesley Enoch, Susan B. Smith

Two operatic floods: Benjamin Britten's Noyes' Fludde and Igor Stravinsky's The Flood, Paul Thom and Michael Francis Hannan

The Indigenous living conditions problem: ‘need’, policy construction and potential for change, Lester J. Thompson

Industrial women: organising, strategy and community in Sydney 1917-1940, Rosemary Webb

There's no taste like home: the food of empire, Adele Wessell

Timescapes: flooding and memory, Adele Wessell

Writing home (sickness): a time and place for nostalgia, Adele Wessell

Papers from 2003

The camping ground, short story, Dallas Angguish

The book of night, novel, Karen Ruth Brooks

Case study 2: The Big Chill, Melissa Carey and Michael Francis Hannan

Australian improvisation: defining the vocal techniques of jazz singing, Leigh Carriage

Australian improvisation : spontaneous vocal inventions, Leigh Carriage


Kasey Chambers : vocal style and cultural identity, Leigh Carriage

Heartlands: Kasey Chambers, Australian country music and Americana, Leigh Carriage and Philip Hayward

Embracing uncertainty – partnerships in disadvantaged communities, Angela Coco

Ordering chaos: religious participation and belonging in the space of flows, Angela Coco

Transformation starts at home: understanding e-readiness in local communities, Angela Coco

Consumption and authentic pagans, Angela Coco and Ian Woodward

Metaphoric landscapes: writing the Rainbow region, Janie Conway-Herron


Walking Manhattan: mapping the heart, Janie Conway-Herron

Minstrels and messengers : narrative, song and the power of persuasion, Janie Conway-Herron and Leigh Carriage


A spam scam slam, Grayson Cooke