Papers from 1988

Gladstone environmental survey: final report, Peter Saenger

Papers from 1986

Codifying criminal law, Rocque Reynolds

Papers from 1985

Preliminary report on Fijian people's attitudes toward tourism and the tourist, Robert I. Westwood

Papers from 1983

What about me? : the impact unemployment has on country girls, Marjorie Prior, Michelle Wallace, and Julie Carr

Herpetofaunal survey of the Apsley Pump Station Project Areas, Janet A. Taylor

Papers from 1981

Tracking meaning: a radicalising spiral, Robert I. Westwood

Papers from 1980

An aerial survey of potential nesting areas of the saltwater crocodile, Crocodylus porosus Schneider, in Alligator River System, Northern Territory, G C. Grigg and Janet A. Taylor