Papers from 2005


A ‘relative escape’? The impact of constraints on women who travel solo, Erica Wilson and Donna E. Little

Implementing internationalisation at Southern Cross University, Mieke Witsel

Lessons from the lighthouse: action research and learning in tourism and hospitality education, Mieke Witsel

The joys and journeys of teaching tourism and hospitality in an international context, Mieke Witsel

Young people, risk and leisure: constructing identities in everyday life: Book review, Martin Young

Northern Territory gambling prevalence survey 2005: final report, Martin Young, Ibtisam Abu-Duhou, Tony Barnes, Elizabeth Creed, Mary Morris, Matthew Stevens, and William Tyler

Formal education: a move towards professionalization of the gambling management/problem gambling field, Masood Zangeneh and Helen Breen

Papers from 2004

Assessment of tourism and hospitality management competencies: a student perspective, Helen Breen, Maree Walo, and Kay Dimmock

Employment relations in the resorts of north-east New South Wales, Jeremy Buultjens and Grant Cairncross


Industrial disputation and trade unions in registered clubs of Queensland, Jeremy Buultjens and Grant Cairncross

Horse riding in Costa Rica: an unsustainable experience, Jeremy Buultjens and Mieke Witsel

Employment arrangements remuneration and recruitment in resorts in N.E. NSW - a longitudinal study, Grant Cairncross and Jeremy Buultjens

An avenue for helping measure the true value of a holiday?, Grant Cairncross and Iain Waller


Not taking annual leave: what could it cost Australia?, Grant Cairncross and Iain Waller


Should the taking of annual leave be made compulsory in Australia?, Grant Cairncross and Iain Waller

A private journey, in the barbeque, Ros Derrett

Bed and breakfasts in the Northern Rivers – marketing opportunities, Ros Derrett

Economic impacts of the arts on regional economies, Ros Derrett

Festival audience development, Ros Derrett

What are special events? case study – Lismore City Council Event Strategy, Ros Derrett

Your regional tourism experience – how does it rate?, Ros Derrett

Commercial gambling operators on the Gold Coast and tourism business strategies, Kay Dimmock

Gambling and tourism, Kay Dimmock

Investigating links between gambling and tourism, Kay Dimmock

Managing recreational scuba experiences: exploring business challenges for New South Wales dive tourism managers, Kay Dimmock


Towards a history of tourism in Solomon Islands, Ngaire Douglas

A triangulation of tourist entities in Java, Indonesia: PhD workshop, Johan Richard Edelheim

The teaching of undergraduate hospitality management courses using a simulation: a case study of HOTS, Johan Richard Edelheim

Backpackers, independent rule breakers: a constructed myth, Johan Richard Edelheim and C Bowry

Effective use of simulations in hospitality management education, Johan Richard Edelheim and Daisuke Ueda


The efficacy of responsible gambling measures in NSW clubs: the gamblers perspective, Nerilee Hing


The efficacy of responsible gambling measures in NSW clubs: the gamblers' perspective, Nerilee Hing


Impacts of the work environment in gaming venues on staff: an exploratory study, Nerilee Hing, Jeremy Buultjens, and Helen Breen


Challenges in responsible provision of gambling: questions of efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency, Nerilee Hing and Jo McKellar


Welfare, neo-liberalism, and the tough business of being a consumer, Louise Holdsworth, Diana Sweeney, and David Pollard

Festivals and innovation in Northern Rivers, New South Wales – examination of the Northern Rivers Herb Festival and Casino Beef Week, Joanne Mackellar and Ros Derrett

Tweed River Festival, Joanne Mackellar, Margaret Tiyce, and S Pheuringer

Environmental conservation education: a resource book, N Maskey and Subas P. Dhakal

Responsible gambling features of card based technologies, Sharen Nisbet


Monitoring vegetation change in the Kosciuszko alpine zone, Australia, Pascal Scherrer

The assessment of pre and post 2003 wildfire data collected from subalpine transects in Kosciuszko National Park, report no. 35, Pascal Scherrer, D J. Wimbush, and G Wright


Australia’s innovation agenda for technology teachers: a plain English critique, Kurt W. Seemann


Capacity for abstraction and the applied technology learner, Kurt W. Seemann

Tweed Valley Banana Festival, Margaret Tiyce and Joanne Mackellar

Wintersun Festival, Margaret Tiyce and Joanne Mackellar

Wollumbin Festival, Margaret Tiyce and Joanne Mackellar


Innovation education in NSW design and technology curriculum, Angela Turner and Kurt W. Seemann


A 'journey of her own'?: the impact of constraints on women's solo travel, Erica Wilson

Re-thinking tourism 'methodology': the value of a qualitative approach to tourism research, Erica Wilson

Empowerment and resistance: the benefits of independent business and pleasure travel for women, Erica Wilson and Candice Harris

Communication skills: meeting the real needs of the successful tourism professional, Mieke Witsel

Interpersonal communication skills in organisations, Mieke Witsel

Sustainability: an ecology of whole tourism systems, Mieke Witsel

Sustainability, culture and the local environment, Mieke Witsel

Synergy: strategy for survival in Tourism Academia, Mieke Witsel

Papers from 2003

University and industry cooperative education partnerships: a case study, Helen Breen

Worldwide gaming perspectives, Helen Breen

Investigate the perceived efficacy of responsible gambling strategies in Queensland hotels, casinos and licensed clubs: interim report, Helen Breen, Jeremy Buultjens, and Nerilee Hing

The responsible gambling code in Queensland: implementation and venue assessment, Helen Breen, Nerilee Hing, and Jeremy Buultjens

Business, arts & tourism: links and liaisons, Ros Derrett

Culture + heritage + tourism, Ros Derrett

Experiencing local tourism, Ros Derrett

Festivals and regional destinations: how festivals demonstrate a sense of community & place, Ros Derrett

Festivals and tourists in the Rainbow Region, Ros Derrett

Festivals, events and the destination, Ros Derrett

How festivals reveal who we really are: four regional community cultural festivals, Ros Derrett

Making sense of how festivals demonstrate a community’s sense of place, Ros Derrett

Regional tourism planning workshops, Ros Derrett

Unfinished business, in regeneration, Ros Derrett

Snow leopard, J Dhakal and Subas P. Dhakal

Snow leopard conservation awareness program manual, Subas P. Dhakal

NSW recreational scuba industry: managing the ‘E’, Kay Dimmock

Management competencies: an Australian assessment of tourism and hospitality students, Kay Dimmock, Helen Mary Breen, and Maree Ann Walo

Graffiti: unintended visitor books, Johan Richard Edelheim

Is there a function for a professional conduct system in higher education?, Johan Richard Edelheim

The explanatory authority in the selection and presentation of tourism attractions, Johan Richard Edelheim

To experience the 'real' Australia: a liminal cultural experience, Johan Richard Edelheim


An assessment of member awareness, perceived adequacy and perceived effectiveness of responsible gambling strategies in Sydney clubs, Nerilee Hing

An Australian national audit of responsible gambling programs, Nerilee Hing

Assessing the efficacy of responsible gambling strategies in Sydney clubs, Nerilee Hing

Investigating the efficacy of responsible gambling strategies in New South Wales clubs, Nerilee Hing


Principles, processes and practices in responsible provision of gambling: a conceptual discussion, Nerilee Hing

Byron Bay New Year’s Eve 2002/2003: systematic observation and critical evaluation, Meredith Lawrence and Ros Derrett

Byron dreaming: residents make choices about visitors,, Meredith Lawrence, Ros Derrett, and M McKinlay

A new model for conducting research on the partial industrialised syndrome in reference to tourism (the behaviour of tourists), Neil Leiper, Lloyd Stear, Nerilee Hing, and Tracey Firth

Are there latent markets for nature tourism in South Africa? an evaluation of non-whites' participation and preferences, Kreg Lindberg, Aki Stavrou, Erica Wilson, and Shandir Ramlagan

Women's adventurous spirit: more than a rugged experience or a fashion statement!, Donna E. Little and Erica Wilson

Develop teams and individuals, H Mol and Mieke Witsel


Basic principles in holistic technology education, Kurt W. Seemann

Innovation through diversity: beyond the know-how to the know-why and who-with in cross-cultural technology education, Kurt W. Seemann

Psychology, tourism, health and wealth, Iain Waller and Grant Cairncross

A (solo) journey of our own: discovering self and research through studying women who travel alone, Erica Wilson

Beyond the limitations: how women negotiate the constraints of adventure recreation and solo travel, Erica Wilson and Donna E. Little

It'd take a lot to stop me!: how women negotiate the constraints of solo travel, Erica Wilson and Donna E. Little

Solo women travellers: what constrains their experiences?, Erica Wilson and Donna E. Little


Discovering self through teaching in a second language in the multicultural classroom, Mieke Witsel

Establish business networks, Mieke Witsel

Interpersonal communication skills in organisations, Mieke Witsel


Teaching and learning issues in the multicultural classroom, Mieke Witsel

Papers from 2002


An investigation of professional development education for tourism and hospitality employees through university and industry cooperative education, Helen Breen