Papers from 2002


Machine gaming in Sydney clubs: characteristics of the supporting resident populations, Helen Breen, Nerilee Hing, and Paul Weeks

Revisitando os temas de viagem e turismo para a escolha da cidade-sede dos Jogos Olímpicos usando os métodos da revisão histórica e do benchmarking [Revisiting travel and tourism themes for the Olympic bid using historical review and benchmarking methods], Arianne Carvalhedo

Tourism as cultural legacy of the modern Olympic Games, Arianne Carvalhedo

Birdsville races, case study, Ros Derrett

Catering for the overflow, in age matters, Ros Derrett

Cultural tourism, Ros Derrett

Cultural tourism, Ros Derrett

In bed with the elephant - meeting tourism challenges, Ros Derrett

Making sense of how festivals demonstrate a community’s sense of place, Ros Derrett

Partners in tourism, Ros Derrett

SIT and drive tourism, Ros Derrett

The place of wonder – celebrating the senses, Ros Derrett

40 sheds and 40 kilometres: a heritage tourism project, Ros Derrett and Justin St Vincent Welch

Tiger and rhino conservation education, Subas P. Dhakal

The importance of an international degree: a Thai perception, Kay Dimmock, Phum Photatham, and Yun Lok Lee

ESAMEG: the experience satisfaction measuring graph, Johan Richard Edelheim

ESAMEG: The experience satisfaction measuring graph, Johan Richard Edelheim

Rock carvings and graffiti in natural areas, signs of tourist visitation, case studies: Sydney Harbour NP, Australia and the Gäddtarmen Sound, Finland, Johan Richard Edelheim


The emergence of problem gambling as a corporate social issue in Australia, Nerilee Hing


A profile of gaming machine players in clubs in Sydney, Australia, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen

Improving competitiveness through cooperation: assessing the benefits of cooperative education partnerships in gaming management, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen

Club management in Australia: administration, operations and gaming, 2nd edn, Nerilee Hing, Helen Breen, and Paul Weeks


Assessing responsible gambling strategies: a case study in Queensland, Nerilee Hing, Jeremy Buultjens, and Helen Breen


A conceptual framework of the corporate management of social impacts: the case of problem gambling, Nerilee Hing and Jan McMillen

Restoration of alpine herbfield vegetation on a closed walking track in the Australian Alps, Pascal Scherrer and Catherine Marina Pickering

Walking track recovery: the restoration timeframe of a closed walking track in the Australian Alps, Pascal Scherrer and Catherine Marina Pickering


Can our schools deliver an education in technology?, Kurt W. Seemann


Constructivist vs behaviourist approaches in design computing education: implications for the innovation economy, Kurt W. Seemann


Holistic technology education, Kurt W. Seemann


Exploring alternate technology teacher education models: some preliminary findings, Kurt W. Seemann, Elissa Swan, Pat Kennedy, Sue O'Connor, and Phillip Babbage

The rainforest way: draft strategic plan, Margaret Tiyce, Ros Derrett, Joanne Mackellar, and Justin St Vincent Welch

Being regulated online, Stephen J. Toneguzzo

e-Gambling regulatory compliance, Stephen J. Toneguzzo

Where does the Australian gaming industry stand from an international perspective?, Stephen J. Toneguzzo

Towards mastery of management: a case study of Australian tourism and hospitality management, Maree Walo, Helen Breen, Kay Dimmock, and Jak Carroll

A journey of her own: exploring the sociology of women's solo travel experiences, Erica Wilson

Meaningful travel: the benefits of independent travel for women and their impact on everyday life, Erica Wilson

Negotiating the constraints of travel abroad: women and the solo tourist experience, Erica Wilson

Re-thinking tourism 'methodology': the value of an interpretive approach for researching tourists' experiences, Erica Wilson

Wayfaring women: an exploratory analysis of women's independent travel experiences, Erica Wilson

What is qualitative research?, Erica Wilson

Geographies of young people: the morally contested spaces of identity: Book review, Martin Young

Papers from 2001


A comparison of survey methods to estimate visitor expenditure at a local event, Helen Breen, Adrian Bull, and Maree Walo

The hospitality industry and wage determination: a case study of registered clubs in NSW, Jeremy Buultjens

Ten years of enterprise bargaining and the hospitality sector, Jeremy Buultjens and Grant Cairncross

Examining social relations between adolescent residents and tourists in an Italian coastal resort, Antonia Canosa, Graham Brown, and Harjap Bassan

Partnerships in education: why they are needed and how they can work, Angela Delves, Ngaire Douglas, and Kay Dimmock

Festivals: facing the future of tourism, Ros Derrett

Heritage tourism workshop, Ros Derrett

Heritage tourism workshop, Ros Derrett

Partners in tourism, Ros Derrett

Personal management workshop and regional tourism planning workshops, Ros Derrett

Regional community cultural tourism and tourism culture: a changing landscape, Ros Derrett

Regional events strategies, Ros Derrett

Regional planning, marketing, heritage tourism, community consultation, Ros Derrett

Special interest tourism: introduction, Ros Derrett

Special interest tourism: starting with the individual, Ros Derrett

The Northern Rivers festival experience – quality or quantity?, Ros Derrett

Volunteers in event management, Ros Derrett

‘What is’ and ‘What could be’ for tourism managers, Ros Derrett

Research in the real world : a guide to fieldwork for business students, Justine Digance and Erica Wilson

Special interest tourism, Norman Douglas, Ngaire Douglas, and Ros Derrett


Changing the odds: a study of corporate social principles and practices in addressing problem gambling, Nerilee Hing

Entrepreneurship and small business, Nerilee Hing

Responsible gambling: current practices and future challenges, Nerilee Hing


An empirical study of gaming machine play among club members, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen


An empirical study of sex differences in gaming machine play among club members, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen


Profiling lady luck: an empirical study of gambling and problem gambling amongst female club members, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen

A fractured paradise: a discussion of issues surrounding Fiji’s 2000 coup d’etat and their impacts on tourism, Nerilee Hing and Kay Dimmock


Choosing well when providing infrastructure, Stuart Johnston, Pascal Scherrer, and Catherine Marina Pickering

Australian regional tourism handbook: industry solutions, Ian Kelly, Ros Derrett, Karina Morrison, Chris Kern, and Iain Waller


Effects of grazing, tourism and climate change on the alpine vegetation of Kosciuszko National Park, Pascal Scherrer and Catherine M. Pickering

Monitoring vegetation changes in the alpine zone of Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, Australia: lessons from the past and implications for the future, Pascal Scherrer and Catherine Marina Pickering

The legacy of old tracks: a case study from the Kosciuszko alpine zone, New South Wales, Australia, Pascal Scherrer and Catherine Marina Pickering

Economic valuation of Bundjalung National Park: the travel cost method, Margaret Tiyce

Primex 2001: a survey of visitors and exhibitors, Margaret Tiyce

Technology by degrees: teaching information technology to tourism undergraduates: a case study, Paul Weeks and Janine Culnane

The gambling review and problem gambling, Martin Young and S Miles

Papers from 2000

Examining university and industry joint education, Helen Breen

University-business education partnerships: an examination of the co-operative relationships involved in providing university education for sponsored industry employees, Helen Breen

Gaming machine play amongst female club members, Helen Breen and Nerilee Hing

Educação olímpica: pesquisa de campo para validação de um modelo adaptado à realidade brasileira [Olympic education: field study for a model validation adapted to the Brazilian reality], Arianne Carvalhedo and Lamartine P. DaCosta

Aspectos acadêmicos e administrativos do estágio na Academia Olímpica Internacional, Grécia: uma perspectiva dos participantes brasileiros de 1999 [Academic and managing aspects of the International Olympic Academy Experience: the perspective of Brazilian participants in 1999]., Arianne Carvalhedo and Nelson Schneider Todt

All is not lost; quality heritage tourism experiences, Ros Derrett

Can festivals brand community cultural development and cultural tourism simultaneoulsy?, Ros Derrett

Cultural tourism, Ros Derrett

Northern Rivers NSW tourism, Ros Derrett

Regional cultural tourism partnerships for the millennium, Ros Derrett

Trends in regional event management, Ros Derrett

40 sheds and 40 kilometres: Heritage Tourism Project, Ros Derrett and Justin St Vincent Welch

Festivals and events: celebrating special interest tourism, Kay Dimmock and Margaret Tiyce

The Nimbin Mardi Grass: assessing the economic impact of a small community festival, Kay Dimmock, Margaret Tiyce, and Ros Derrett

Community issues in responsible gambling, Nerilee Hing

From bula to bust: events, reactions and recovery strategies for tourism surrounding Fiji's 2000 coup d'etat, Nerilee Hing and Kay Dimmock

A thematic review of hospitality research in the Asia Pacific region: 1997 to 1999, Yun Lok Lee, Helen Mary Breen, Ron Dowell, Paul Weeks, and Nerilee Hing

The business and management of conventions, Vivienne McCabe, Barry Poole, Paul Weeks, and Neil Leiper

Business and management of conventions: a teachers' manual, Vivienne McCabe and Paul Weeks

A training needs assessment of wildlife tourism operators in NR Tropical NSW, K Rann and Ros Derrett

Long-term vegetation transects in the Kosciuszko alpine zone: an update, Pascal Scherrer

Vegetation changes in the Kosciuszko alpine zone: evaluation of long-term vegetation transects, Pascal Scherrer, D J. Wimbush, and A B. Costin