Papers from 2010


Fooled by randomness: the hidden role of chance in life and in the markets, Sally M. Gainsbury

2010 International Gambling Studies 10:3 291-293.


Internet-based treatment options for problem gambling: a review of existing evidence and models, Sally M. Gainsbury

2010 Alberta Gaming Research Institute's 9th Annual Conference: Emergent clinical issues in problem gambling.

Internet gambling, Sally M. Gainsbury

2010 Australasian Casino and Gaming Regulators Conference.

Internet gambling in Australia: who, what and why?, Sally M. Gainsbury

2010 20th National Association for Gambling Studies Conference.

Online interventions for the treatment of problem gambling, Sally M. Gainsbury

2010 8th European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues.


Response to the Productivity Commission Inquiry Report into Gambling: online gaming and the Interactive Gambling Act, Sally M. Gainsbury

2010 Gambling Research 22:2 3-12.

Submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Interactive Gambling, Sally M. Gainsbury and Alex Blaszczynski

2010 Australian Senate Inquiry into Interactive Gambling.


Is legalized online gaming in North America inevitable?, Sally M. Gainsbury and Robert Wood

2010 Discovery 2010 Conference of the Responsible Gambling Council of Ontario.


The global financial crisis and the strategic alignment of asset management in the tourism industry, Paul Harpur and Kerry A. Brown

2010 Deakin Business Review 3:1 46-53.

The influence of venue characteristics on a player’s decision to attend a gambling venue, John Haw and Nerilee Hing

2010 20th Annual National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) Conference.

Problem gambling and co-morbid disorders, John Haw and Louise Holdsworth

2010 NSW Problem Gambling Counsellors’ Conference: A new decade, a new direction.

A licence to gamble: are gaming venue staff at risk of developing gambling problems?, Nerilee Hing

2010 Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation Responsible Gambling Conference.

Harm minimisation initiatives in Australia by state and gaming operators, Nerilee Hing

2010 Singapore Pools Responsible Gambling Week: Enjoy The World Cup. Know Your Limits.

Problem gambling amongst youth and women, Nerilee Hing

2010 Singapore Pools Responsible Gambling Week: Enjoy The World Cup. Know Your Limits.

The evolution of responsible gambling policy and practice: insights for Asia from Australia, Nerilee Hing

2010 The Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming, University of Macau, Gaming Management Seminar.

The evolution of responsible gambling policy and practice: insights for Asia from Australia, Nerilee Hing

2010 Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health 1:1 19-33.


Respecting cultural values: conducting a gambling survey in an Australian Indigenous community, Nerilee Hing, Helen Breen, and Ashley Gordon

2010 Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 34:6 547-553.

Indigenous gambling in Bundjalung country, Nerilee Hing, Ashley Gordon, and Helen Breen

2010 20th Annual National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) Conference.

Respecting cultural values: conducting a gambling survey in an Australian Indigenous community, Nerilee Hing, Ashley Gordon, and Helen Breen

2010 International Think Tank on Gambling Research, Policy and Practice.

The influence of venue characteristics on a player's decision to attend a gambling venue: final report, Nerilee Hing and John Haw

2010 Gambling Research Australia.


A qualitative perspective on physical, social and cognitive accessiblity to gambling, Nerilee Hing and Sharen Nisbet

2010 Journal of Gambling Issues 24 101-120.


Assisting problem gamblers in South Australian gaming venues: final report, Nerilee Hing, Sharen Nisbet, and Elaine Nuske

2010 Independent Gambling Authority of South Australia.


Assisting problem gamblers in the gaming venue: a counsellor perspective, Nerilee Hing and Elaine Nuske

2010 International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 9:6 696-708.

Just renting: experiences of sole mother non-home owners living in Northern NSW, Australia, Louise Holdsworth


A qualitative study of the temporal sequencing of problem gambling and co-morbid disorders, Louise Holdsworth, John Haw, and Nerilee Hing

2010 20th Annual Conference of the National Association of Gambling Studies (NAGS).


A review and evaluation of China's quality assurance system for tour guiding, Songshan Huang and Betty Weiler

2010 Journal of Sustainable Tourism 18:7 845-860.

Outdoor recreation management, John M. Jenkins and John J. Pigram


The provision and role of responsible gambling features in influencing online gambling behaviour, Shaaron Kapcelovich

2010 Discovery 2010 Conference, Responsible Gambling Council of Ontario.

Remnants of Gondwana: a natural and social history of the Gondwana rainforests of Australia, Roger L. Kitching, Richard Braithwaite, and Janet Cavanaugh



Sand, surf, spa and spirituality? examination of a scoping study of medical and wellness tourism in Australia, Jennifer H. Laing, Cornelia Voight, Meredith Wray, Graham Brown, Betty Weiler, Gary Howat, and Richard Tremath

2010 Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) European Chapter Conference Proceedings: Health, wellness and tourism – healthy tourists, healthy business?.

Cycle tourism in Australia: exploring the whole tourism system, Matthew James Lamont



Guiding the way: exploring cycle tourists’ needs and preferences for cycling route maps and signage, Matthew James Lamont and K Causley

2010 Annals of Leisure Research 13:3 497-522.


Competing to compete? exploring competing priorities as constraints in event travel careers amongst non-elite triathletes, Matthew James Lamont and Millicent Kennelly

2010 Proceedings of the New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference 2010: Adding value through research.


Skyscrapers' influence on cities' roles as tourist destinations, Neil Leiper and Sun-Young Park

2010 Current Issues in Tourism 13:4 333-349.


Conceptualizing and operationalizing nodal tourism functions, Gui Lohmann and Douglas G. Pearce

2010 Journal of Transport Geography 18:2 266-275.

Point Fraser monitoring and evaluation program 2010 report, Mark Lund, Michelle Newport, Eddie van Etten, Pascal Scherrer, Robert Davis, and Clint D. McCullough


Snake bitten: Eric Worrell and the Australian Reptile Park, Kevin Markwell and Nancy Cushing



Safety and hostility at special events: lessons from Australian gay and lesbian festivals, Kevin Markwell and Stephen Tomsen

2010 Event Management 14:3 225-238.

Subterranean currents in the ANZAC myth and the life narrative of Ted Smout, James McKay

2010 Journeying and journalling: creative and critical meditations on travel writing 189-203.

Australia’s 2010 productivity commission report into gambling: implications for the global lottery industry, Jan McMillen

2010 WLA Convention: a bright future.

Problem gambling: the state of play in Australia, Jan McMillen

2010 Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor Responsible Gambling Awareness Week: know your limit, play within it.

Tribute to Dr Michael Walker, Jan McMillen

2010 National Association for Gambling Studies Annual Conference.


Impact of mode of display and message content of responsible gambling signs for electronic gaming machines on regular gamblers, Sally M. Monaghan and Alex Blaszczynski

2010 Journal of Gambling Studies 26:1 67-88.

Internet-based interventions for youth dealing with gambling problems, Sally M. Monaghan and R TA Wood

2010 International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health 22:1 113-128.


Community perceptions of tourism: Bruny and Magnetic Islands, Australia, Brent D. Moyle, W Glen Croy, and Betty Weiler

2010 Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research 15:3 353-366.


Tourism interaction on islands: the community and visitor social exchange, Brent D. Moyle, W Glen Croy, and Betty Weiler

2010 International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research 4:2 96-107.

Assessing sustainable visitor capacity for small island destinations: the case of Rottnest Island, Australia, Jeremy Northcote, Pascal Scherrer, and James Macbeth

2010 The International Conference on Sustainable Tourism.

Rottnest sustainable visitor capacity project: final report, Jeremy Northcote, Pascal Scherrer, and James Macbeth

2010 Edith Cowan University.

A narrative analysis of help-seeking behavior for recovered problem gamblers, Elaine Nuske, Nerilee Hing, and John Haw

2010 20th Annual National Association for Gambling Studies (NAGS) Conference.

Investment decision making for alternative fuel public transport buses: the case of Brisbane transport, Anish Patil, Paulien Herder, and Kerry A. Brown

2010 Journal of Public Transportation 13:2.

How effective are different service linkage strategies in primary mental health care?, David Perkins, Jeffrey D. Fuller, Sharon Parker, Louise Holdsworth, Brian Kelly, Lyn Fragar, Lee Martinez, and Russell Roberts

2010 Primary Health Care Research Conference.


Constructions of nature and tensions in the outdoors, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis

2010 PhD thesis, University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ.


Epistemología del Turismo: estudios críticos, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis

2010 Annals of Tourism Research 37:4 1204-1205.

Review of 'Tourism in Southeast Asia: challenges and new directions' by M Hitchcock, VT King & M Parnwell (eds.), University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 2008, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis

2010 New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies 12:2 123-124.

Sentindo na pele: corpos em movimento na experiência turística na natureza [Sensing the skin: moving bodies in the tourism experience of nature], Arianne Carvalhedo Reis

2010 Turismo de experiência [Tourism experience] 297-313.


Linking the Taieri Gorge Railway and the Otago Central Rail Trail: a survey of users demands, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, Carla Jellum, and Brent Lovelock

2010 University of Otago.


'Planting the seed': family preferences, experiences and benefits associated with outdoor recreation in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, Anna Thompson, Brent A. Lovelock, and Brent Boyes

2010 University of Otago.

Back to the future: overcoming the fear to engage, Pascal Scherrer

2010 Joint Tourism Research Seminar.


Book review: Ecotourism and environmental sustainability: principles and practice, Pascal Scherrer

2010 International Journal of Tourism Policy 3:2 177-180.

Visiting the roof of Australia: opportunities and challenges for geotourism, Pascal Scherrer and Catherine M. Pickering

2010 Global geotourism perspectives 77-87.


Employee engagement with a corporate physical activity program: the global corporate challenge, Pascal Scherrer, Lynnaire Sheridan, Ruth Sibson, Maria M. Ryan, and Nadine Henley

2010 International Journal of Business Studies 18:1 125-139.

Is physical activity leisure or work? exploring the leisure-tourism-physical activity relationship with holidaymakers on Rottnest Island, Ruth Sibson, Pascal Scherrer, Maria M. Ryan, Nadine Henley, and Lynnaire Sheridan

2010 Annals of Leisure Research 13:4 652-658.


Betting on the evidence: reported gambling problems among the Indigenous population of the Northern Territory, Matthew Stevens and Martin Young

2010 Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health 33:6 556-565.


Independent correlates of reported gambling problems amongst Indigenous Australians, Matthew Stevens and Martin Young

2010 Social Indicators Research 98:1 147-166.


Who plays what? participation profiles in chance versus skill-based gambling, Matthew Stevens and Martin Young

2010 Journal of Gambling Studies 26:1 89-103.

Disrupting the silences? negotiating the dominant paradigm in tourism, leisure and hospitality research, Margaret Tiyce, Louise Holdsworth, and Kay Dimmock

2010 Beyond the margins? the relevance of critical approaches in tourism and hospitality studies: Critical Approaches in Tourism and Hospitality (CATH) Special Interest Group (SIG) Symposium,.


Effects of emotional labor on adventure tour leaders' job satisfaction, Monica Torland

2010 Tourism Review International 14:2/3 129-142.


Byron Bay: an alternative health and wellness destination, Meredith Way, Jennifer Laing, and Cornelia Voigt

2010 Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 17:1 158-166.


Important 'ingredients' for successful tourism/protected area partnerships: partners' policy recommendations., Aggie Wegner, Diane Lee, and Betty Weiler

2010 The Service Industries Journal 30:10 1643-1650.


Development of a research instrument for evaluating the visitor outcomes of face-to-face interpretation, Betty Weiler and Sam H. Ham

2010 Visitor Studies 13:2 187-205.


Australian indigenous tourism policy: practical and sustainable policies?, Michelle M. Whitford and Lisa M. Ruhanen

2010 Journal of Sustainable Tourism 18:4 475-496.


Beyond beans and cheese: representations of food, travel and Mexico City in the Australian Gourmet Traveller, Erica Wilson

2010 Text.

Practice what you teach: using critically reflective practice in teaching sustainable tourism planning, Erica Wilson

2010 Proceedings of CAUTHE 2010: Tourism and hospitality: challenge the limits.


Gambling, capitalism and the state: towards a new dialectic of the risk society?, Martin Young

2010 Journal of Consumer Culture 10:2 1469-5405.


Re-placing geographic accessibility: a response to the Productivity Commission, Martin Young

2010 Gambling Research 22:2 20-31.

Papers from 2009

Marketing wine and wine tourism in the ‘fortunate islands': case study, Abel Duarte Alonso, Lynnaire Sheridan, and Pascal Scherrer

2009 Entrepreneurship and small business management in the hospitality industry.


The challenge of preserving rural industries and traditions in ultra-peripheral Europe: evidence from the Canary Islands, Abel Duarte Alonso, Lynnaire Sheridan, and Pascal Scherrer

2009 Journal of Rural and Community Development 4:2 1-18.


Community partnership for ecotourism based on an environmental education program for sustainable development in sierra De Huautla, Mexico, Gabriela Alonso and Subas P. Dhakal

2009 Utopia y Praxis Latinoamericana 14:44 117-124.

Festival attendance and the development of social capital, C Arcodia and Michelle M. Whitford

2009 Event tourism: critical concepts in tourism.

Career progression in the public sector: gender differences in career success, Lisa Bradley, Kerry A. Brown, and Jo Dower

2009 International Journal of Employment Studies 17:2 102-134.

Emerging and new insights into the outcomes and consequences of gambling by Indigenous Australians in north Queensland, Helen Breen

2009 Energising new and emerging researchers in gambling: Inaugural National Conference of Emerging & New Researchers in Gambling (ENERGI).


Senior citizen bingo players in Australian registered and licensed clubs: a case study at Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Helen Breen

2009 Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing 26:4 383-394.


What about me? avoiding fatigue and gaining personal time in the work to leisure transition in work-life balance initiatives, Kerry A. Brown, Sharine Ling, Lisa M. Bradley, Helen Lingard, and Keith J. Townsend

2009 23rd Annual Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM 2009).

The impact of employment strategies in hotels and resorts: a case study analysis of their effects on service quality and empowerment in Australian four and five-star organisations, Grant Cairncross


Tourism research to tourism practice: the need for adaptive institutions in Western Australia's Ningaloo region, Kelly Chapman, Pierre Horwitz, Pascal Scherrer, and Jeremy Northcote

2009 CAUTHE 2009: See Change; Tourism & Hospitality in a Dynamic World.


Teaching tourism geography, Deborah Che

2009 Tourism Geographies, Geography and Tourism in Higher Education, special iss. 11:1 120-123.

Techno: music and entrepreneurship in post-Fordist Detroit, Deborah Che

2009 Sound, society and the geography of popular music 261-280.


Platypus diplomacy: animal gifts in international relations, Nancy Cushing and Kevin Markwell

2009 Journal of Australian Studies 33:3 255-271.

Community engagement produces new perspectives on placemaking, Ros Derrett

2009 Strategic directions in regional engagement through business: Australian Universities Community Engagement Alliance (AUCEA) National Conference.

Cultural tourism and storytelling, Ros Derrett

2009 Guest lecture, Bond University.

Adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs): a survey of environmental community organisations (ECOs) in the Perth region, Subas P. Dhakal

2009 Australasian CRC for Interaction Design (ACID).

Are community organisations harnessing the potential of ICTs? Website content analysis of environmental community organisations in WA, Subas P. Dhakal

2009 Abstract Proceedings of the 2009 Making Links Conference: sustaining communities in tough times.


A social capital framework to assess ICTs mediated empowerment of environmental community organizations in Western Australia, Subas P. Dhakal

2009 Proceedings of the CIRN Conference 2009: Enpowering communities: learning from community informatics practice.

The contribution and challenges of community based ecological restoration within Perth NRM region of Western Australia, Subas P. Dhakal

2009 Abstract Proceedings of the 19th Conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration International (SERI): making change in a changing world.


Social capital and sustainability of urban environmental groups in Perth, Subas P. Dhakal and Sally Paulin

2009 State of Australian Cities National Conference 2009: program and abstracts: city growth, sustainability, vitality and vulnerability.

Colour and movement: entertainment during underwater marine encounters, Kay Dimmock

2009 A World of Popular Entertainments.


Finding comfort in adventure: experiences of recreational SCUBA divers, Kay Dimmock

2009 Leisure Studies 28:3 279-295.


Marine ecotourism: between the devil and the deep blue sea, Kay Dimmock

2009 Tourism in Marine Environments 5:4 339-341.

Risking comfort? the impact of in-water constraints on recreational scuba diving, Kay Dimmock and Erica Wilson

2009 Annals of Leisure Research 12:2 173-194.

The spatial distribution of gambling vulnerability in greater Darwin and Alice Springs, Bruce Doran and Martin Young

2009 Community Benefit Committee, Department of Justice, Northern Territory.