Papers from 2008

Harmonisation of OHS regulation in Australia: an evaluation of three initiatives, Kerry A. Brown

Human resource management in the public sector, Kerry A. Brown

Single firms and competitive advantage in clusters - context analysis identifying the embeddedness of a winery in the Hunter Valley, Kerry A. Brown, John Burgess, Marion Festing, Susanne Royer, Charlotte Steffen, and Jennifer Waterhouse

Clients driving construction innovation: benefiting from innovation, Kerry A. Brown, Keith D. Hampson, Peter Brandon, and Janet Pillay

Size does matter: training and service quality in small to medium Australian regional hospitality firms, Grant Cairncross, Simon J. Wilde, and Lucinda Hutchinson

Sports, music, entertainment and the destination branding of post-fordist Detroit, Deborah Che

The nature of nature: how do women define the outdoors, M Cosgriff, Erica Wilson, and Donna E. Little

Managing risk in tourist diving: a safety-management approach, Chris Coxon, Kay Dimmock, and Jeff Wilks

Crafting regional growth, assessing the value of cultural tourism: workbook, a resource kit for regional destinations, Ros Derrett

How festivals nurture resilience in regional communities, Ros Derrett

Practicing resilience within the organisation, Ros Derrett

The power of passion, Ros Derrett

40 sheds and 40 kilometers: agricultural sheds as heritage tourism opportunities, Ros Derrett and Justin St Vincent elch

40 sheds - 40 kilometres, Ros Derrett and Justin St Vincent Welch

Adoption of information and communication technologies amongst environmental community organisations in Western Australia, Subas P. Dhakal

Do ICTs facilitate social capital of community based environmental nonprofit, Subas P. Dhakal

Development, economy and culture: cultural heritage tourism planning, Liangzhu, China, Dianne Dredge

Policy networks and tourism governance, Dianne Dredge and Christof Pforr

What the bloody hell is a touristic terra nullius?, Johan Richard Edelheim

With the Simpsons family as tour guides: or how to use popular culture sources when lecturing a university tourism unit, Johan Richard Edelheim

Sober on the holiday: is it unAustralian?, Sri Edelheim and Johan Richard Edelheim

Gambling harm-minimisation measures post 1999: an Australian overview with particular reference to the Northern Territory, Chris Fogarty and Martin Young

Australian Indigenous entrepreneurship: a capital-based view, Craig W. Furneaux and Kerry A. Brown


Public values embedded in Australian public works procurement, Craig W. Furneaux, Kerry A. Brown, and Don Allan

Managing multi-objective building contracts: public art in public building procurement, Craig W. Furneaux, Kerry A. Brown, and Angela McCabe

Streamlining local government: evaluating an eGovernment initiative in South East Queensland, Craig W. Furneaux, Nik Vassilev, John Burgess, Kerry A. Brown, and Michael Ward

Walking an epistemological tightrope: the challenges of conducting funded Indigenous tourism enterprise research, Deborah Gale


Random-ratio schedules of reinforcement: the role of early wins and unreinforced trials, John Haw


The relationship between reinforcement and gaming machine choice, John Haw

Global corporate challenge qualitative research project: the effect of a workplace team initiative on participants' motivation to sustain a physical activity program, Nadine Henley, Pascal Scherrer, Ruth Sibson, Lynnaire Sheridan, Susanne Bahn, Maria Ryan, and Raguragavan Ganeshasundaram


A quantitative analysis of workplace influences on responsible gambling and problem gambling amongst employees of Queensland gaming venues, Nerilee Hing

Gambling by gaming venue staff, Nerilee Hing

Gambling by gaming venue staff, Nerilee Hing

Influences of shift work on the gambling behaviour of staff working in Australian gaming venues, Nerilee Hing

When staff come out to play: gambling and problem gambling amongst gaming venue staff, Nerilee Hing

Workplace influences on the gambling behaviour of gaming venue staff, Nerilee Hing

Gambling problems among gaming venue employees: a preliminary survey, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen

How working in a gaming venue can lead to problem gambling: the experiences of six gaming venue staff, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen

Influences of shift work on the gambling behaviour of staff working in gaming venues, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen


Risk and protective factors relating to gambling by employees of gaming venues, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen


Working in Australian gaming venues, and shiftwork, Nerilee Hing and Helen Breen

Indigenous gambling in Bundjalung country, Nerilee Hing, Ashley Gordon, and Helen Breen

Housing needs and policies for non-home owning sole mother renters, Louise Holdsworth

The impact of renting on disadvantaged social groups, Louise Holdsworth


Women and housing: making women’s experience visible, Louise Holdsworth

The importance of community connectedness for mental health and well-being, Louise Holdsworth, Brian Kelly, H Stain, Jeffrey D. Fuller, and C Coleman

Otago Central Rail Trail economic impact and trends survey 2008, Carla Jellum and Arianne Carvalhedo Reis


Election campaigns, tourism press coverage, and the Australian Labor Party: a case study of the 2007 Australian election, John M. Jenkins and Matthew James Lamont


Looking towards Asia: an analysis of Australian Asian-themed postgraduate tourism dissertations, Gary Lacey, Betty Weiler, and Jennifer Laing


Identifying success factors behind partnerships for managing recreation and tourism in urban fringe parks, Jennifer H. Laing, Aggie Wegner, Susan A. Moore, and Betty Weiler

Mind, body and spirit: health and wellness tourism in Asia, Jennifer H. Laing and Betty Weiler

Postgraduate tourism research in Australia: a trend analysis 1969-2005, Jennifer Laing and Betty Weiler

Ballina Bike Sunday 2008: event evaluation, Matthew James Lamont

Outcomes of the Regional Partnerships Benchmarking Survey, Matthew James Lamont


Wheels of change: a model of whole tourism systems for independent bicycle tourism, Matthew James Lamont

Outcomes of the 2008 Audax Alpine Classic: participant survey, Matthew James Lamont, M Axelsen, and P Faulks


A process model of small and medium enterprise sponsorship of regional sport tourism events, Matthew James Lamont and Ron Dowell

A royal tour in 1897: an indicative example of tourism's impacts in the generating regions of whole tourism systems, Neil Leiper


Aircraft contrails contribute to climate change: whole tourism systems are appropriate contexts for research on sustainable tourism, Neil Leiper, Richard W. Braithwaite, and Mieke Witsel

Identifying the most important attractions in a region by discovering tourists opinions: Australian tourists in Bali, Neil Leiper, Nerilee Hing, and Michele Day


Partial industrialisation in tourism: a new model, Neil Leiper, Lloyd Stear, Nerilee Hing, and Tracey Firth

Leisure travel and business travel: a comparative analysis, Neil Leiper, Mieke Witsel, and Perry Hobson


Alternative work schedule interventions in the Australian construction industry: a comparative case study analysis, Helen C. Lingard, Keith Townsend, Lisa M. Bradley, and Kerry A. Brown


Transporte Ferroviário de Passageiros Turísticos: o estado da arte, Gui Lohmann and Marcus VO Oliveira

Asset management and governance: an analysis of fleet management process issues in an asset-intensive organisation, Diaswati Mardiasmo, Stephane Tywoniak, Kerry A. Brown, and Kevin Burgess

Visibility in the workplace: still an essential ingredient for career success?, Paula McDonald, Lisa Bradley, and Kerry A. Brown


Pornographic eroticism and sexual grotesquerie in representations of African American sportswomen, James McKay and Helen Johnson

Internet and wireless gambling – a current profile, Sally M. Monaghan


‘Overcoming pathological gambling: therapist guide’ Robert Ladouceur and Stella Lachance Oxford University Press, New York, 2006, Sally M. Monaghan


Review of pop-up messages on electronic gaming machines as a proposed responsible gambling strategy, Sally M. Monaghan


An appraisal of the impact of the depiction of gambling in society on youth, Sally M. Monaghan and Jeffrey Derevensky

The community and visitor social exchange on Bruny and Magnetic Islands, Brent D. Moyle, W Glen Croy, and Betty Weiler

Trends in emission standards and its implications for bus fleet management: technology assessment for Brisbane transport, Anish C. Patil and Kerry A. Brown


Workplace effects of equal employment opportunity legislation: the Australian experience, David Peetz, Margaret Gardner, Kerry A. Brown, and Sandra Berns

Managing tourists on the top of Australia: past, present and future challenges, Catherine Marina Pickering and Pascal Scherrer


An empirical study of visitor conflicts in New Zealand’s Southland Conservancy: the case of hunters and trampers on Stewart Island, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis

Mega-eventos e turismo: uma breve revisão [Mega-events and tourism: a short review], Arianne Carvalhedo Reis


Transience, memory and induced amnesia: the re-imagining of Darwin, Julie Roberts and Martin Young


Employee voice and strategic competitive advantage in international modern public corporations: an economic perspective, Susanne Royer, Jennifer Waterhouse, Kerry A. Brown, and Marion Festing

Kimberley cruising: environmental and cultural aspects of a growing industry, tourism research report, Pascal Scherrer


Maintaining momentum: the challenge of a workplace physical activity program to sustain motivation and activity, Pascal Scherrer, Nadine Henley, Lynnaire Sheridan, Ruth Sibson, and Maria M. Ryan


Tourism and the Kimberley coastal waterways: environmental and cultural aspects of expedition cruising, Pascal Scherrer, Amanda J. Smith, and Ross Kingston Dowling


Tourism and the Kimberley coastal waterways: a review of environmental and cultural aspects of expedition cruising along the Kimberley coast, Western Australia: photobook, Pascal Scherrer and Charmaine Williams

Housing for livelihoods: the lifecycle of housing and infrastructure through a whole-of-system approach in remote Aboriginal settlements, Kurt W. Seemann, Matthew Parnell, Stephen McFallan, and Selwyn Tucker

“I think it is fun because of where you are‟: people's experiences of physical activity on Rottnest Island, WA, Ruth Sibson, Maria Ryan, Pascal Scherrer, Lynnaire Sheridan, Justine Nagorski, Nadine Henley, and Raguragavan Ganeshasundaram


A critical discourse analysis of in-flight magazine advertisments: the 'social sorting' of airline travellers?, Jennie Small, Candice Harris, and Erica Wilson


A closer examination of the impact of zoo visits on visitor behaviour, Liam Smith, S Broad, and Betty Weiler

Measuring emotion at the zoo, Liam Smith, Betty Weiler, and Sam Ham


The 'viability' and resilience of communities and settlements in desert Australia, Mark Stafford Smith, Mark Moran, and Kurt Seemann


The ‘viability’ and resilience of communities and settlements in desert Australia, Mark Stafford-Smith, Mark Moran, and Kurt W. Seemann


Gambling screens and problem gambling estimates: a parallel psychometric assessment of the South Oaks Gambling Screen and the Canadian Problem Gambling Index, Matthew Stevens and Martin Young


Hakatere Conservation Park visitor study 2008, Anna Thompson, Brent A. Lovelock, Arianne Carvalhedo Reis, and Carla Jellum

Healing through travel: two women’s experiences of loss and adaptation, Margaret Tiyce


When working five days a week seems radical: compressed working weeks in the Australian construction industry, Keith J. Townsend, Kerry A. Brown, Lisa M. Bradley, and Helen C. Lindgard


The silent death of food technology rigor in school curriculum, Angela Turner and Kurt W. Seemann

Challenging heteronormativity in tourism studies: locating progress, Gordon Waitt, Kevin Markwell, and Andrew Gorman-Murray

Linking a sense of place with a sense of care: overcoming sustainability challenges faced by remote island communities, Kaye Walker

Tools to enhance community capacity to critically evaluate tourism activities, Kaye Walker

Case study of, Paul Weeks and C Tee last minute selling of distressed accommodation inventory, Paul Weeks and C Tee