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Concrete and geopolymer materials paper

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Zhuge, Y, Shen, CJ, Lu, GX, Hesse, G, Chen, S & Ruan, D 2014, 'Material properties and impact resistance of a new lightweight engineered cementitious composite', in ST Smith (ed.), 23rd Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM23), vol. I, Byron Bay, NSW, 9-12 December, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW, pp. 77-82. ISBN: 9780994152008.

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Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) is a unique type of cement mixture that exhibited superior tensile strain-hardening compared to normal fibre reinforced concrete (FRC). ECC contains a mix of cement/fly ash, sand, water, chemical adhesives and a relatively low volume (typically