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FRP-strengthened and all-FRP structures paper

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Al-Mosawe, A & Al-Mahaidi, R 2014, 'Bond characteristics between steel and CFRP laminate under impact loads', in ST Smith (ed.), 23rd Australasian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (ACMSM23), vol. I, Byron Bay, NSW, 9-12 December, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW, pp. 489-494. ISBN: 9780994152008.

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The use of composite materials in strengthening steel structures has been widely performed in the last decades. Steel structures are usually subjected to different types of loadings, and one of the most common is dynamic loading. The effect of impact loading on the bond between CFRP laminates and steel structures is little understood. Although some researchers have studied the effect on the bond between CFRP sheets and steel structures under impact loadings, this effect still needs investigation for CFRP laminates. This paper focuses on the bond characteristics of CFRP-steel double-strap joint specimens under high loading rate. The results show a significant influence on ultimate joint strength and strain under impact loading comparing to that under static loading.