Papers from 2016


International student transitioning experiences: student voice, Sally Ashton-Hay, Peter Wignell, and Kelly Evans

2016 Journal of Academic Language & Learning 10:1 A1-A19.

Papers from 2015


Does Australia teach to the middle?, Sally Ashton-Hay

2015 TEIS News.

Papers from 2014


Book review: Academic writing for graduate students: essential tasks and skills, Sally Ashton-Hay

2014 SLW News.

Papers from 2013


Association for academic language and learning, Sally Ashton-Hay

2013 QATESOL:November 5-6.

Preparing Chinese international students for the transition to undergraduate study in Australia, Geoff Lamberton and Sally Ashton-Hay

2013 4th Annual Asian Conference on the Social Sciences.

Papers from 2012


For such a time as this..., Sally Ashton-Hay

2012 AALL Newsletter 5:1.


Uncovering EAP: how to teach academic writing and reading, Sally Ashton-Hay

2012 Asian EFL Journal 14:3.


Financial reporting: towards socially inclusive support for international students, Sally Ashton-Hay and Roslyn Roberts

2012 Journal of Academic Language and Learning 6:2 A14-A28.

Papers from 2011


Dear Madman, I need helps!, Sally Ashton-Hay

2011 AALL Newsletter 4:1.

Here's a story: using student podcasts to raise awareness of language learning strategies, Sally Ashton-Hay and Darren Brookes

2011 EA Journal 26:2 15-27.


Case study of collaborative learning in two contexts: what do students gain?, Sally Ashton-Hay and Hitendra K. Pillay

2011 Encyclopedia of teaching and teacher research 783-804.

Papers from 2010

Case study of collaborative learning in two contexts: what do English language learners gain?, Sally Ashton-Hay and Hitendra K. Pillay

2010 Collaborative learning: methodology, types of interactions and techniques.

Papers from 2009


Completing the jigsaw: ESL and EFL undergraduate views on interactive peer-based learning, Sally Ashton-Hay

2009 TESOL in Context: Pedagogies of Connection Special Edition Special edition, S2.


EAP essentials: a teachers guide to principles and practice, Sally Ashton-Hay

2009 TESOL in Context 19:2 67-69.


Presentations in English: find your voice as a presenter, Sally Ashton-Hay

2009 English Australia (EA) Journal 25:2 73-75.

Papers from 2006


Constructivism and powerful learning environments: create your own!, Sally Ashton-Hay

2006 The fusion of theory and practice: 9th International English Language Teaching Convention.


Creating positive attitudes towards English as a foreign language, Selma Elyildirim and Sally Ashton-Hay

2006 English Teaching Forum 44:4 2-21.

Papers from 2005


Drama: engaging all learning styles, Sally Ashton-Hay

2005 9th International INGED (Turkish English Education Association) Conference.

The value of education in a developing country, Sally Ashton-Hay

2005 Professional Exchange:16 6-7.


Culture and English language teaching: raising awareness, Ece Sarıgül and Sally Ashton-Hay

2005 New horizons in ELT: 9th International INGED (Turkish English Education Association) Conference.

Papers from 2004


Teaching English poetry to Turkish undergraduates: comprehension strategies matter, Sally Ashton-Hay

2004 Challenge in learning: helping learners realise their full potential: Bilkent University 9th International English Language Teaching Conference.

Papers from 1997


Patterns of participation in classroom learning: a study of Aboriginal girls from a bush setting, Sally Ashton-Hay and Penelope A. McKay

1997 Four Queensland ESL case studies 4-53.

Papers from 1996


A study of patterns of participation of Arnhem Land Aboriginal students in a non-Aboriginal urban secondary school, Sally Ashton-Hay

1996 TESOL in Context 6:2 26-32.